You can get double your data subscription on Any MTN Nigeria Sim card

Last year, MTN rolled out a double data bonus on every data subscription. Towards the end of last year, this promo ended. We all missed it, but now am happy to tell you that you can still enjoy this package on new or existing sim cards. In this article, I will walk you through how you can get twice every data you subscribe to on Mtn Nigeria on any active sim card for the next Six months.

get mtn Nigeria double data


This package is mean for users of new sim cards or those who just bought a new phone. Once you insert your new sim into a phone, you are automatically qualified. In the reverse, once you insert your existing sim card into a new phone, you are also qualified. You get double the amount of data subscribed to with every recharge and there is also an option for a rollover. For example, if you load a #1,000 1.5gb data, you get 3gb worth of data, #2000 3.5gb data now gives you 7gb in total. A good example of what I mean is below:

mtn Nigeria double data



If you want to use existing sim card for this, you need a new phone or you need to tweak the IMEI of your existing mtk mobile phone(popular mtk phones are tecno, infinix and so on) Once you tweak the IMEI, it will appear as if you have inserted the sim into a new one and you will be qualified for the bonus. Alternatively, you can insert your sim card into another perso’s phone to be able to qualify(warning, please take permission from the person you want to use his phone) Warning!!!, “before you tweak or chaange your imei, please note down the original IMEI by dialling *06#. This is important so that yu can revert the imei whenever you deem fit”

Once you have inserted the sim card and you have received series of messages from MTN, go ahead and subscribe to any data of your choice and get double the value of data subscribed to. Share this with a friend if it makes sense.


  1. Please admin, I’ve been using the 3.5gb since November but now I they’re not doubling the data for me again and I called the customer service so they said it’s only available on a line for 6 months and that I’ve reached the maximum. Pls how can I re do it again? How do I tweak my phone?

  2. I’ve been using this since September but the best of it all is #500 for 2g for one week. This how it works, dial *131# then select your one week for #500 @750mb just continue after you finish they will give you 1024mb and another 1024mb for device bonus making it 2g. Since it can be roll over, just enjoy yourself.


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