Why Tv3 Ghana & BeinSports On Nilesat Stopped Working-The Effect & Way Forward

Most of my articles are inspired by popular demand. Of recent i have been receiving comments in virtually all articles on this site about the status of tv3 Ghana. Similar things happened to Beinsports 1 – 5 on Nilesat some couple of weeks back. Well In this article, i shall shed lights on why you have been denied services to beinsports on nilesat and tv3 on multitv Ghana. I wan’t all and sundry to first note that; both beinsport on nilesat(especially 1-5 SD channels) and TV3 on Multitv Ghana has been blocked officially by the respective satellite service provider. In other words, please don’t think you are the only one affected. This article will provide some relief for you though.

tv3 ghana blocked



  • Prior to the last three weeks upgrade by nilesat, azsky, dqcam account on qsat and tlink were the products opening beinsports flawlessly.
  • I was told dst* team went to report Nigerians to nilesat, and Nilesat not only block dongles from working on their beinsports, they also stopped activating their official decoders for people outside their coverage areas
  • Nilesat merely moved their beinsports 1-5 to HD and ever since, no product has been able to open beinsports 1-5.
  • The greatest impact of this is that if you are using a small dish of between 1meter to 1,8 meters, then it means you will not be able to receive any beinsports whatsoever.
  • Well if you are using like 3.6meter or 4.5meter dish(depending on your location) It means you can get all the beinsports 1-12, but you will only be able to receive beinsport 6-9 or there about.
  • We just have to leave our fingers crossed as there is no solutions for this yet.
  • As for tv3 Ghana multitv frequency, it has always been a game of encrypting and decrypting. While all other channels are free to air onmultitv, only tv3 Ghana is problematic.
  • Whatever the case maybe, the truth is that TV3 has once again been encrypted on multitv and there is no way of decrypting / re-opening it yet.
  • Once there is any biss key or strong patch software for multitv Ghana, i will let the house know about this.



To start with, i won’t say those watching nilesat are poor, they are merely watching it because of stability and due to the fact that they don’t want to miss any sport event.The only remedy for nilesat is Irib sports on Arabsat get details here.As for remedies for tv3 savor the followings:

  • Buy qsat or speed HD S1(While I agree that TV1 cccam account maybe too expensive for the very low income earner, I believe qsat decoder is very much affordable you tend to get all premium dst* channels on qsat when you buy it)
  • But if your case is such that you have a decoder already(your decoder must not be an mpeg-2 decoder, i.e it must not be the likes of azsky G2 or strong 4663x and older. it must be the likes of azsky G6 or strong 4559x and newer)
  • Then you can watch live world cup matches on joytv on multitv ghana / GTV, you can also track and scan other channels like seven on Amos 5(those 7 channels on amos 5 shows live world cup matches and will also show league games after the worldcup. Another good news is that daarsat and ininitytv are currently free to air on Amos 517.0 / Eutelsat w2 16.0e to learn about how to scan this as well as the frequency, please read the followings
  • Finally if you must still watch beinsports on nilesat, then the only way is to watch it via iptv. learn more about iptv here


  1. can i get bein sports in Ghana? and which position.

  2. pls oga lemmy can i use my cccam account to watch iptv?, hope it will not eat my normal data plan

  3. Osman Cephas says:

    Please am using Multy Tv Decoder sc-007 CA, Please these are the Decoder information:
    STB ID: 10de ffffffff
    Manufacture ID: 0x0007
    Software version: 023
    Downloaded Date: 08/06/2010
    Software: DVBS-SW-V3.1.2
    Loader Version: V4
    Please how do I update it so that I can watch TV3 or GTV or any channel to watch the world cup which is going on in Brazil. The colour of my decoder is ash with USB input, please help me. Hoping to hear from you soon Thank you.

  4. Please lemmy what is the price for cccam and avatarhd account.

  5. Debasty is az working b4? Bros az hmmm is only God that can help us d engineer never care anymore I don’t see what is there they can’t do when I have done it b4 what is different btwn b4 n nw dstv upgraded or not I don’t knw huh I am tired of dem. But I will b happy if az is back n better that is what we all want God! Bros lemmy u too much I hail u oo help us tell them abeg u bros.

  6. pls is AZSKY on now? can anyone confirm it to me

  7. kubisay says:

    oga, these a format for supersport on srt4950h?

  8. abdul-wahab says:

    let’s put our mind off about azsky because they have failed their customers around the globe, i hope azsky will soon off again

  9. @ Angazy, thanks a lot for your useful contribution .May the Almighty Allah continue to bless you and anyone who contribute to this house. But can you show me step by step on how type in the keys on strong decorders? I tried it and the code was not able to open for the keys to be typed in. Kindly do me a favour.

  10. Azdky on as @ 9:30pm. Watching France play now

  11. Az on jst ss3! Nigeria time 8:52pm hope many channels comes up n i hope wish it stays dis time. LONG LIVE AZ!

  12. SimokoJunior says:

    Plus i need help with the frequency for TV3 please..

  13. SimokoJunior says:

    Can anybody please help me with how to enter the lastest bliss key on my AZ G6..

  14. How to decrypt/ re-open tv3:


    FOR ALL STRONG DECORDERS = CHANNEL = 8082 OR 8282 = 9E37794EB97F4A82 =SAVE

    For 4950 that has never been upgraded. Press F1 6969 to activate patch. Then press F1 8280, ENTER 9E37794EB97F4A82 INTO THE COLUNM PROVIDED

    • @angazy, fantastic contribution. You along with ppl like dela, tosan etc.. Are fantastic contributors on this site, am considering you guys for the post of moderators

  15. The software you recommended was downloaded and worked commendably until it was hacked days ago. Must one download d software as a prelude to the utilization of the just released biss key. I had utilized it with a decoder that i initially patched with the software and to my chagrin it did pop up in an eye blinking speed. Can i utilized directly on 4922 without it being preceded by patching.

  16. Hi Morgan, thanks for d TV3 biss code. I entered it and bingo, am currently watching a program on TV 3 as at 1430Hrs (Nigeria time) Thanks Morgan, u too much.

  17. How should we utilize the key on strong decoder

  18. boss how far? thanks a lot for all the help u have been giving us. I want to inform u that I just tried the latest software for descrambling TV3 n it worked. I got it from crosat.us. so anyone interested can do the same bearing in mind the rules u gave us. tjx n God bless.

  19. Lemmy pls mufti Tv Ghana dont show anything better,not even Ghana Premiership,they couldn’t even show the world cup

  20. drop ur email if u need Tv3 BISS KEY

  21. Mr Lemmy and fellow house members.This Is Latest Biss Key For# TV3 9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82

  22. Please this Ait of a thing is it amos 5 or amos 2/3.Please somebody help me o.

  23. Princewill says:

    @Lemmy,I have d new biss key 4 TV3,do I post it here?

  24. thanks mr lemmy, God bless u… Someone told me dstv bribe gtv not to show world cup match and he said its bcs of dat gtv is blank… Pls is it true???

  25. Lemmy i just got an info dat there’s a new biss key 2 unscramble Tv3, pls can u verify n help us? Tnx, more greece 2 ur elbow

  26. Lemmy, how can I track nilesat nd what position shld I put the dish….. Thank U

  27. Pls @Lemmy,can u point me to just one chennel where I can watch the world cup, b/c all these ones u mentioned are not showing any live match? Thanks.

  28. Lemmy, how I track nilesat nd what position shld I put the dish….. Thank U

  29. u wrote 60cm for Amos sat,while u put 60 or 90 for some other sat
    …i just want to kno if Amos is only trackable with 60cm or wt 90 cm as well.that’s all

  30. can 90cm dish track Amos Satellite? pls

  31. What free to air channels can I watch the Worldcup on the multi-tv/d*stv side on my strong decoder? I’m using 60m dish ..thanks?

  32. Gd morning Lemmy, plz hw do i get dqiptv code to be able to watch beinsport. Again d last tym i opened iptv channels on my qsat 11G, i didnt see the beinsports channels,why is it so or do i need to scan fr iptv channels too,if so, how do i do that?…………………..Warm Regards

  33. Hello, Lemmy! What a timely info! I have been saving up for this Nilesat thing. And now it has been blocked. Sad! Pls, did the blocking affect tlink on nilesat and hotbird? And is there any arabsat on ku band? And, lastly i have one South African satelite on Dstv frequency with lots of channels but i don’t know the type of dongle to open it. Pls any ideas? Thanks.

    • @D_Noble, please visit the fta article. hotbird is not affected whatsoever. all products opening nilesat beinsports are affected. I don’t know the dongle that can open the satellite you mentioned

  34. Weldone lemmy, i heard u mentioning Gtv & Joy tv showin world cup matches, am begining 2 think u’re using a diff multi-tv cos the multi-tv we all here r using Gtv went off since on d 2nd day of d tornament, no ghanaian channel is showin d world cup, if nt 4 d free 2 air channels like Evasion tv, Galaxy & Ait, etc. I just pray Azsky gets it rite soon.

    • @ibetx, i personally watched live worldcup match on multiv using my strong decoder. as for gtv someone told me it shows the world cup. I am also aware that joytv only broadcast the worldcup matches at random.

  35. Hi Lemmy? Please give me advise here. I have TV1 account I bought from aliexpress.com but during games it is horrible… It’s off most of the time. I thought it was my internet service provider but I called him and they confirmed that the connection is good. I can stream YouTube videos very well. I even changed yesterday to another provider just to be sure but the problem still exists. I tried contacting the supplier but he will not respond. Is there a fake Tv1?the server address is tv1.dns2.us is this the real tv1?

  36. Thanks a lot for updating the house. Iam in Ghana and GTV is also down on multi tv and will be back after the WC TOURNAMENT. Please Oga, any help for my speed HD s1 decoder which write only LOAD and nothing appears the screen of the TV. Help me Oga . It was due to unnecessary update which I needed not. Help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Hope to hear from you soon.

  37. Good morning pls is avatacamhd available for speed HD 1,how much is Qsat account now & how much is speed HD 1 receiver. This is my e mail bolaji.adio@yahoo.com.

  38. Lemmy, thanks once again for opening our eyes on the current issues around us. You will not lack.

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