Five Official Satellite companies receivable in Africa-shows soccer

Before I go into the nitty-gritty details of how to watch live soccer cheap and officially, I will first list the cheap official sat channels receivable in Africa.  Furthermore, the satellite that I will mention is only soccer showing satellite channels. The new season is around the corner and we are about getting busy. There are as many satellite companies as there are satellite tv channels.  The purpose of this article is to break things down so that we can all know where to pitch our tents.

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watch live soccer cheap

Popular satellite tv companies for Africa arranged in order of their sport completeness

  • Beinsports this company is not calledbeinsports for the fun of it. They are a complete satellite provider. They have the most sports channels. Bein has more than 15 dedicated sports channels They are officially in “MENA”
  • DSTV Multichoice Africa: They are second most complete satellite provider with various sports channels. They cover sub-Sahara Africa mainly. they have about 12 dedicated sports channels.
  • Canal Afrique: This satellite company has their commentary in French. They have four super active sports channel. In addition, their coverage stretches across most if not all French speaking west African countries.
  • Kwese tv: They also have four dedicated sports channels. Many African countries can receive this.
  • startimestv: They have at least 4 sports channels. Almost all of Africa can receive this
  • Canal reunion : They have up to 14 dedicated sports channels. Southern Africa mainly
  • Others like zap…. are all very complete in terms of sports but not very popular in Africa.

How to watch live soccer cheap across all major leagues officially in Africa

The easiest way to watch soccer officially and legally anywhere in Africa is by subscribing to a tv package within your footprint or area of coverage. In addition to this, you should endeavour to confirm if the official provider has an office in your region. Moving away from this, I will not list the tv provider that shows live sports and the area of coverage. My number 1 will surprise you.

  1. Multi tv located in Ghana: This is a pure free to air satellite tv company. They are in Ghana and they sell their decoders only to Ghanaians. However, in Nigeria and many other countries in Africa, you can receive their channels with an fta decoder like strong. Currently, their Angel tv is showing almost all preseason matches.  Their TV3 shows UCL. No epl
  2. Startimes: The are a paytv comapany with a ridiculously cheap subscription fees. They have rights to shows bundesliga, ligue 1, preseaosn and some more. They don’t show epl and UCL. SUbscription ranges between #1,200 to #3,800
  3. Kwese tv Zambian company: They have epl right to show one epl match every Saturdays. They also show matches from every other leagues apart from champions leagus and Laliga. They promise to add more leagues. The maximum subscription is #6,280
  4. DSTV AFRICA: They bestrides Sub-sahara africa like a collossus. Their sports channels starts from #6,300($18) and stops at #15,000($42). With their 6300 subscription, you can get epl on sat and sun and also get all laliga actions. Their champions laeugue action is on dstv compact plus and premium. They are even currently running a promo on their decoders. You buy and get 1 month free compact subscription 


First of all, let me define grey-marked decoders as official decoders that are bought and used in a location other than the one to which it was officially registered. For example, if You buy an official decoder that is designed for use in MENA and you bring it to Sub-Sahara for use, you are using a grey marked decoder.

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  • Bein official decoder: Bein decoders has been used outside middle east and north Africa(MENA) long before i developed an interest in satellite tv. People in Uganda, Nigeria and other coutries where the signal can be tracked have been using it. This season will not be an exception. But if you dey brag about am and you are caught, you are on youw own. A year subscription of bein outside MENA can cost up to #130,000($385)
  • similarly, you can also use a canal afrique official decoder outside French speaking African countries. There is every likelihood that the trend will continue until at least it becomes suffciently expensive. There are rumours that in Nigeria you can renew the decoder for between #6,800 to #7,700.


To start with, before I quit the sales and promotions of dongles, I have always shied away from selling grey mark decoders. The is because to renew a grey mark decoder is more difficult than buying it. The providers can change their policies and you will be affected. However, there are some guys out there(whom I cannot mention) that still involved in such deals. I will advise you to use grey mark solution as the last resort for your own good. You can lose on two fronts eventually.To watch live soccer cheap is no child’s play. There shall be a massive update on this in early August. Stay tune. Like I will alays say, if you can afford it, go for official solutions. If you are poor like me, then the hustle continues.





  1. Are the DSTV Nigerian decoders in Ghana also going to undergo the massive updates in August? What then happens to them? . Unable to show again?

  2. This is cool

  3. Meshack says:

    Mr.Morgan, I need Nigeria’s version of the DSTV. How am I going to get it and how to subscribe it. Am in Gh

  4. kaba Edward says:

    Dstv Nigeria subscription is far cheaper than that of Ghana hence many Ghanaians Nowadays are purchasing the niaja one bro

  5. kaba Edward says:

    Please check ur story on TV3 Ghana. They have stopped showing the one ucl match they used to show

  6. kaba Edward says:

    How will u describe a Ghanaian using dstv Nigeria decoder. Is it a Grey marked?

    • @kaba Edward: it is also grey marked. DStv Nigeria package is different from dstv for the rest of Africa. That’s why we have some special sports channels which you don’t have in Ghana

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