Two Ways In Which You Can Revive Your Fried / Dead Fake Strong Decoder

This post is due to popular demand and that is why it is having a title of its own. Now we have a whole lot of fake strong decoders which of course is mostly due to the fact that most people either don’t buy their satellite products from trusted dealers or they don’t know how to detect if a particular strong product is fake or not(something that can be easily checked on strong website here). Or in most rare situation, some people purposely buy fake strong products because it is relatively cheaper. So whatever your own case maybe, let us assume you are stuck with a fake strong decoder. Before i proceed, fake strong decoders have some specific chracteristic apart from you finding out on strong website; 1. They are mostly common among strong decoders with the modl number 466xxx meaning 4663, 4669, e.t.c those it has been reported that we now have the fakes among strong hd decoder like 4920, 4922 e.t.c. 2. the fake strong decoders tends to have a kind of automatic OTA Software download which people now tag as DS*V virus on strong decoders.. well this is not true because   if you buy a genuine strong decoder, you wouldn’t need to be afraid of any auto software download unless you initiate it manually.

wake fake strong dead decoder


Immediately you buy a fake strong decoder, the first thing you should do is to backup its fake software before the decoder run into problems, you can backup the software by extracting the software that came with fake strong decoder into a usb flash drive through the following means;

Insert your usb into the decoder now goto Menu>>Storage>>Data transfer>> then press the blue button on your remote which indicates upload STB to extract your software and save it on your flash drive. this works perfectly with strong 4663 and 4669x

Unlike an original strong decoder which has several ways of waking it up when its dead or fried, fake strong decoders only have two ways in which they can be revived that is they will be revived in the first place;

  1. You will look for someone who is using a fake strong decoder of your own model which is not yet dead and ask him to extract the software by following the steps above then he should send it to you so that you can wake your decoder via a computer to learn how to do this read my earlier post here.
  2. The second method which has no restriction is for you to locate the dealer or the person who sold it to you(the worst thing that can happen to you is to buy a second-handed fake strong product) then you will beg or implore him to do a decoder to decoder software transfer for you. He may charge you if the time frame is long but you must let him know that you have a fake strong decoder and only fake strong software can wake fake strong decoder if you mistakenly attempt to wake it with an original software, you may permanently loose your decoder.


  1. Lemmy pls i have this issue of waken this fried decoder of mine x4669 with the first Step u said decoder to decoder and i did as u Said when i go into data transfer i ok it and check fireware i ok it, it initialize ask me me to connect my STB And turn on pls i dont what it means help me

  2. opeyemi wale says:

    Goodday oga lemmy,pls i have install d new powervu software and the latest v 8.1 for qsat 11g but there is no audio while watching ds**& canalplus nd i have problem inputting the powervu biss key into d same qsat for mtn ,after openning d xccam setup under d setting menu, i press d green button to edit and input d powervu biss key accordingly of which i saved with d blue button after i exit and it shows nothing except that of d mtn screen, pls how much is canalplus decoder with canalsport channels subscription,add me on whatsapp.

  3. SIBABISMO says:

    hello good day my boss Lemmy; i would like to come to you to beg you to help us again; this time around , fake strong receiver was strongly attacted by strong virus after automatic ota upgrade. I did all i could to revive again but no gain. i use the same fake working decoder to do receiver to receiver, and i use the pc like usualy, receiver could not wake, i did all my best but no good result; so i beg of you to find a solution for us because these fake decoders are plenty out there to be revive. thanks for your understanding and i will be glad to read you .

    • @sibasimo, it’s so unfortunate. However, I can’t be of help simply because I don’t know what else to do to revive a dead fake strong decoder

  4. Hi lemmy, i tried to wake up strong 4669XII fake decorder using strong loader and software from different decorder of the same model. When i launch the loader, browse to select the software and click to select autodetect, it displays “power on the device or connect it properly”.

  5. Hi lemmy, i tried to wake up strong 4669XII fake decorder using strong loader and software from different decorder of the same model. When i launch the loader, browse to select the software and click to select autodetect, it displays “power on the device or connect it properly”.
    I need your help on this.

  6. Osei Yaw says:

    pls a friend of mine is using strong 4669x the old type which he has connected it to liberty T5 but recently he did upgrading and in the manu side the option which has the dongle which will help him use the liberty T5 is missing or gone but he watches multi tv on pls what must he do in other to enble him to use the liberty t5 with the strong again?

  7. Suleiman says:

    thank u sir, i’m very grateful. U hv jst done everything for me. The decoder is now working fine even more than how it was before with 1.19p. Thank u.

  8. Suleiman says:

    Thank u sir, but how do i go about it(via pc).

  9. @all,
    pls help me i was upgrading my 4922A to 1.19p software unfortunately the generately got off… So i tried to do decoder to decoder transfer i searched for firmware transfer from another 4922A but i didn’t see it. Pls what could i do to resolve the problem? Thank u all.


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