Trick to Bye-pass Your Freedom Time limit / restriction and use more than the Allocated 6 hours per day

your freedom configuration window

Necessity is the Mother of invention so the saying goes.When you are pushed to the wall you will develop a defensive mechanism. Your freedom client is one of the best if not the best tunneling software for pc. But there is one annoying thing about your freedom client and this is the fact that they only offer 6hours per day and 15 hours per week which  is too small. i have try all legal means to use more than this hours but all proved abortive. However, succor came when i tried the trick am about posting here and it worked. infact it is no hacking and you can use up to a total of 18hours per day just like me if not more.

i have been using this trick for closed to a year now to use more than 6 hours per day on your freedom client.

The hourly disconnection still holds but the daily 6 hours limitation is extended to like 12-18 hours per day depending on you.


-A computer that has a minimum of at least 40gb of hard disk
-Two or more usernames registered at your freedom website.(this depends on the numbers of partition you wish to create)

your freedom configuration window

Now that you are set lets take the jolly ride

Create a partition on your hard disk with the internal disk manager or a software like partition magic or easus partition manager

Besides, you can create a virtual box or environment by running two or more operating systems on one computer partition A software that you can use for this is Oracle virtual box or Microsoft Virtual PC.
Now that you have two partitions you will now install another windows on the new partition.
This means if you were once having only operating system e.g windows xp, you can now install windows 7 or windows vista on your newly created partition.
Once you have the two Operating up and running, the whole process is 95% completed all you need to do now is to install your freedom on both windows and once you have exhausted your time limit on one Operating Sytems, just restart your computer and switch to the second operating system on your same pc.

It is on this second operating system that you will use your second username to continue browsing with your freedom client. The trick is that freedom server will see your computer as too different computers not one.The trick is so simple and hassle free and for those who don’t know how to create a partition to install windows, i will post an article on this later. Meanwhile enjoy this and if it has helped, dont forget to share

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