Tested methods of reviving all bricked/fried / dead Strong decoders

I have posted something similar to this in the past. However, there is a need to replace some old links and update the article, sometimes, you can run into a software problem with your strong receiver. This can stem out of various causes like; power interruption during upgrade, loading a fake software into a genuine decoder, loading a wrong software into your strong decoder, inserting a virus-infected usb storage device, or uploading a corrupt software into your decoder.

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In this article, I shall be discussing two methods of reviving your dead genuine strong receivers. These are:

  • PC via rs232 cable method
  • Decoder to decoder data transfer method


For you to do this via a computer, you need the followings:

Now the process

1. power on your decoder
2. connect the rs232 cable from your pc to your decoder
3. open the STB-TOOLs you installed

4. select auto detect to detect the com port for your decoder, note: your decoder must be on for it to detect it

5. Locate the path of downloaded .stb software by clicking on browse and select. note: it must be in .stb format

6. thereafter, you should click on connect button on the tool and wait for it to transfer.

That does it, your decoder will be back to life all other things being equal.



This is a full proof no mistake process as long as you follow instructions.


  1. You need a rs232 serial cable
  2. You need a working strong decoder of the exact model. Meaning if a strong 4922a is dead, you need a strong 4922a to wake not a 4920 even though their software is very similar.


1. Get a rs-232CABLE

2. Get another working decoder of that same type

3.connect the two decoder via rs232 and remember to switch off the fried one

4. Switch on the good one. 

5.Go to – system setting

6.Select data transfer 

7. Choose firmware and press ok. Wait till it finish loading.. please read more here




  1. Pls what does CN means when verifying a genuine strong decoder i filled the space for serial no Email but i don’t understend what CN means.

  2. Jackson Quioh says:

    Hello to all I just notic now that mtn WW package stop autoroll on strong srt-4950H receiver I don’t know what is going on with others receivers your please check your to see what is going on.

  3. sir the steps u give can only be found in 4669 series

  4. Sir Lemmy pls how do I transfer software from srt4922 to another srt2922? I go to system settings>> but I can’t find data transfer pls help me Oga Lemmy

  5. Qsat blazing on Intelsat 7, all all sports channels working

  6. Hello, @Ishmael you mean you loaded the last Qsat software V8.09.28 and it refused to work? Pls do this; After loading the software, connect to Sport24 at 57’E or 34.5W or on the AFN locked channels (News/Sports) for atleast 20 mins and then give me feed back. Ohh My! I almost sold my Q23 with dat powervu software inside!

  7. lemmy,thanks. those of us in Kumasi,the second city of Ghana is finding it difficult in getting the samsu oil as your agent in Accra is not willing to send it to us thru bus. please do something about it. thnks

    • Sir Lemmy pls how do I transfer software from a good SRT 4922 to a dead 4922. I go to menu>>system settings >> but I can’t find data transfer…. secondly assuming I have downloaded the software on my flash pls how do I run it on the dead decoder….. pls help me … Thanks

  8. Honourable house members,
    Is sports24hd west position move?

  9. @Hajjsaeed, download 4955 loader software from wizkid.persiang.com website to revive ur decoder thru computer.

  10. I have it sanusi

  11. ishmael kigo says:

    hi house,i recently upgraded a qsat 23 with the latest software for autoroll,but to my surprise it failed to open anything on 57e,what could be the cause lemmy/

  12. guys is qsat working on pass 7/10ku

  13. Mr Lemmy , thank s for this update l have a dead srt4669x which have tire to wake up with another decoder of same model but is not working each time connect the decoders via rs232 cable & on the good one , settings >> data transfer>> firmware and OK it will not transfer. What should I do?

  14. hajjsaeed says:

    please Mr Lemmy am having a dead strong 4955. it get stacked at booting. I tried to used a working 4955 but can’t find data transfer on the decoder settings. Any help
    thank you

  15. Is there an powervu auto roll sw for srt 4922A yet?

  16. abdi abdule says:

    please can i get software that open idman azarbajan and qtv on eutelesat 7E on gsky v6 or LEG 25A RECEIVERS?

  17. Rabiu Law says:

    Mr. Lemmy, Please where can i get the rs232 Cable?

  18. ishmael kigo says:

    yes oga thank yu for yo great work,am in uganda recently i upgraded 2
    qsat 23 with the latest autoroll software u gave us way back in sep,they have been woking fine since the upgrades.then i upgraded another qsat 23 but it has failed to open anything,sir what next should i do to rectify my problem/

  19. Pls how do i get super esat receiver

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