Tell Your Friends That Nilesat ARJ Sports Now Live On Azsky

The azsky team are working round the clock to make sure all is set for the new soccer season. A report from an original source just told me that Nilesat aljazeera is now live on azsky and this is a great breakthrough for all those using azsky products(with the new service account) as you no longer need to go and buy a tlink decoder or buy a cccam account to your decoder before you will be able to watch all the 350+ channels on Nilesat Aljazeera including the JSC Sports channels 1-10. So if you have a big dish like 2.4meters above, you can now enjoy nilesat/ aljazeera channels on with any of your azsky devices be it g1, g1+, xman , g2 , g6 or the Upcoming G1 Super Dongle.

still more satellites on azsky

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You can follow my article here on how to manually track a satellite dish yourself. Meanwhile you can use any of the following frequencies to track Nilesat ARJ on 7.OW

  1. Nilesat/ Atlantic Bird4A (7West) Frequency: 11393 Vertical; SR: 27.500
  2. 11555 Vertical FEC: 3/4 Symbol rate: 27500
  3. After tracking successfully, you should then blind scan your decoder to get more channels from other frequencies

If you are yet to buy an azsky product now, do so now before the price goes up. Secondly if you are yet to renew your service account, i think this is the perfect time do do so




  1. hello
    l have been following yu for some time now
    I just installed c band on 1,8m dish and irib tv3 and irib vaszech are not showing on my strong 4669xii. pls can you give me the code to unlock it

  2. The footprint for nilesat can i track it from zambia. Using a 2.4 meter dish

  3. nalucha says:

    1.What about a 90cm dishm can it track nilesat? 2. Do they televise english games on nilesat channels ? 3. Is IT ku or c band?

  4. have u tried it urself? if yes..what was ur experience? how wud u rate it?

  5. How much does the big dosh go for?

  6. Please Morgan, can I use 60 cm dish to track Nilesat ARJ ?

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