Taking care of your startup costs with a mobile monitoring software

Getting along with an idea, and working on it effortlessly to make it a reality, requires a little more than a team of hardworking and smart individuals; it asks for more than that, like honesty and dedication from the whole team. What if your employees don’t have it what it takes to make your company a success? What if you never know that your employees have been unproductive and disloyal? There are too many questions and too little answers.

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Being the CEO of your company/startup, you would want to ensure that your idea isn’t replicated by someone on your team. While replication is one thing and may have lesser consequences on your business plan, but what about an idea that you worked on, but your colleague steals it and patents it before you? There are too many risks involved and even with the patenting technology, there is no guarantee your ideas won’t be copied.

Companies like Rocket Internet who ruthlessly copy Silicon Valley ideas already has a market cap of $3 billion. Startup cloning is a business itself; once a clone startup captures a market, it’s sold to the company they cloned it from. it’s sinister, but it works!

If you have a startup, your best bet would be to protect your ideas beyond patents. Mobile monitoring software is an easy way to do the surveillance at your workspace and that too at a more personal level. But this would require you to setup a platform that would allow you to effectively and legally do the smartphone monitoring. These are a few things that you need to do.

1. Ditch the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture at work. Allow your employees to use smartphones or computers that are provided by the company. If you don’t provide them cell phones and if they aren’t allowed to bring their own to work, you still have nothing to fear about.

2. If you own a piece of hardware that’s used by your employees; for instance, a smartphone, everything, even personal calls and private photos are owned by you. Apart from Delaware and Connecticut,, you don’t even have to inform your employees that they are monitored.

3. It solely depends on you how you want to do the monitoring (assuming you want to). The debate between covert vs. overt spying is still inconclusive.

4. Get a mobile monitoring software that you can rely on. We will talk more about this later in the read.

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But why use smartphone monitoring?

For some businesses, it might not make sense to use smartphone monitoring when they have CCTV surveillance at their site and office. Actually, for tech startups and business with unique ideas, it does make sense.

The single biggest constraint that most startups face is that of funds. Investments are low, while cash outflows are high. Working out a security plan is not even on the list of many new business owners, because either it’s too expensive to pursue, or undesirable.

Smartphone monitoring might not give you all the drills of professional employee monitoring, but it does make it easier for you to keep tabs on your employees.

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The other issue is that startups have to protect their unique ideas and without proper monitoring, this can’t be done. If employees have personal devices, they can take photos, record videos or email every bit of corporate information to their personal accounts without even giving a clue to the employer. But with aforementioned prerequisites into practice and with the use of a smartphone monitoring software, it’s possible to take care of this issue.

How does mobile monitoring work?

How does mobile monitoring work?

Smartphone monitoring apps, at large, work with all electronic devices like cell phones and tablets. Employers will be required to install a monitoring app like Xnspy on their employees’ cell phones. This could either be done by manual accessing a device (on Android), or remotely, using the iCloud credentials of your employees (on iOS).

Once you have Xnspy (like the one aforementioned) on your employees’ cell phone, this is what you can access:

* Phone logs (call history, contacts, SMS, calendar entries)

* Emails

* Photos, videos, and audio stored on a device

* Social media activity (you can monitor shared multimedia, chats and call logs)

* GPS location

* Recorded calls, etc.

This is just a fraction of what most of these apps are capable of; also, all of these logs are stored on a secure server that you can access only.

The benefits

Xnspy can really lower the surveillance cost. The one-time installation cost is also considerably low and there is no maintenance; you just have to install a software.

Then, you also get a better control over employees’ activities which is quintessential for the success of your company. And lastly, in the worst case scenario, you will have a proof of your employee’s dishonesty, if there will be any such attempt.

The idea of mobile monitoring could sound a little vague and unprofessional, but with the right positive attitude, it really has the potential to improve the digital safety of your office.


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