Sybla TV: The Best Android Mobile Tv App To Stream Live Sport, Live Movies & News

I don’t even know where to start with the review of this wonderful Live TV App for Android Phones, There are Tv Apps and their are tv apps but when you talk of free live streaming television application, there has being nothing compared to Sybla TV. As i was saying i have downloaded many free television applications from googleplay store but there has being nothing compared to syba tv in terms of speed, consistency, smoothness and features(some of the tv applications that i have tried include Spb tv, crystal tv, handy tv, online tv, mobile tv, Football live stream, watch football live streaming) but one thing i notice is that, if you are trying to watch live matches on most of the above mentioned app, then you will be given with several links and you will be asked to patiently try the links one after the other to see the one that will work out for you. another annoying thing is the way they dispaly their adverts that will tend to slow down the video and even cover part of what you are watching. Others don’t will not either show live matches or lock the channels that show live matches.

Live soccer channels streaming on syblaNews and Events channels on Sybla TV

movies documentarie and music channels on sybla TVMind you am not saying sybla tv doesn’t run adverts, but all am saying is that their ads are re sized in such a way that you will not even notice it and the video streaming is so smooth because it doesn’t even use flash player, it uses MX Player for android that you can download from google play store. And as you can see above, the application has premium channels and it is divided into three categories namely:

1. Divertissement

2. Sport

3. News

And immediately you open the application for the first time, it will prompt you to download MX Player from google play before you can start watching the channels. to view the categories on the mobile tv application, you only need to swipe to your left.And once you are under the sport category, the most recent matches will be listed for you viewing pleasure in HD format. Like i said the manufacturer of this tv application survives on advertisement shown in the application. The application is in arabic and english and i will give you a summary of the channels you can watch on it below.

Download Sybla TV Here



Under the Sport category we have the followings;

  • JSC SPORT +2, +5, +8, +10, +3
  • Aljazeera Sport
  • Oman Sport
  • Eurosport HD
  • Eurosport HD 2
  • ESPN
  • SkySport 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Canal + Sport
  • Real Madrid TV
  • Chelsea TV
  • Dubai Sport
  • Pro Wrestling TV
  • Dubai Racing e.t.c

Under documaentary, movies and music we have among others the followings

  • Islam Channel
  • B4U Music
  • Virgin 1 Music
  • Kiss TV Music
  • National Geography
  • Aljazeera Documentary
  • I film
  • MTV Liban
  • ON TV
  • 2M
  • MBC
  • MBC 2
  • MBC 3
  • CBC +2 e.t.c

While under NEWS as expected we have;

  • CNN
  • BBC
  • Aljazeera
  • Euronews
  • Sky news
  • i TELE
  • Russia tv in English e.t.c


And once you have a stable 3g connection on your android phone, it is a no hold bar situation for you because you will just stream and straem until you run out of your data plan. so what are you waiting fro get it now and share this post with your friends




  1. Oga Lemmy only less than ten channels am able to watch from sybla tv and am unable to wacth any from bein sport channels other because when i to open it say “can’t play the link”.what could be the problem? It a problem with a player or my position coz am same in southern African. Please Lemmy help!

  2. owodefemi says:


  3. God bless you Mr Lemmy. thanks for the information on sybla tv.

  4. @ Lemmy, I have tried so many times to internet Tv on my Qsat11, I tried to connectg via laptop i used a direct SIM on the decoder but yet it is telling mre network error. I am asking this question maybe there is something I am not doing right. I remember you said that Etisialat isnt a good idea, but yet I switched to MTN but the same problem. Can you help me through the process at which I need to do this. Thanks

  5. Pls how many megabyte can it use 4 just 2hrs. Thanks


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