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3 Tips for Increased Male ‘S3xual Power and Performance:

*Tip 1: Stop Feeding Your Body JUNK.*

Try it for one week or two weeks!

I dare you. I know u can if you decide to. BecauseI know u are a Man. And u are strong-willed STOP eating and drinking what 93% of people eat and drink…

Alcohol, mineral (soft drink), processed fats, chocolate, cake, candy, ice cream, noodles…

All that processed are toxic. STOP eating and drinking it all.

It’s difficult but you can! Because you’ll be enjoying better erections in bed if you do.

You just have to have the courage to do it!

*Tip 2: Don’t Have S.E.X Immediately after Eating*

This is very important! In fact, it’s about the EASIEST way to instantly improve your s3xual performance: Wait at least 3 hours after eating, before you have s.e.x.

You won’t believe the difference this’ll make to your erection HARDNESS, and your STAMINA – until you try it. Imagine running or jogging immediately after eating or drinking water… You will feel your stomach tighten and pain u.

You’ll feel tired, and sluggish. Same thing happens with your erection.

If u try to get HARD and bang your woman with a full stomach you’ll be HALF the man.

You will not last longer than 2 minutes. This is what to do…

Eat, then wait a few hours – and you’ll be more EFFECTIVE!!!

*Tip 3: Think Of Yourself as a Bad Boy In Bed*

The first step to success in ANY area of life is to believe in yourself.

Before you can perform like a real MAN in the bedroom –  you must believe you can!

Same as with sports.

You are a MAN.
Believe in Yourself.

Take this same attitude with you to bed…

See yourself getting HARD erections in your mind

See yourself staying HARD, long enough to SATISFY any woman in bed.

The more you imagine this thought – the better your erections will be! Wait…
You think I’m talking nonsense?

You think I’m not serious?

Okay, consider the opposite…

Thousands of men have contacted me saying that they always release too quick.

They worry so much about this that it begins to affect their Performance too.

Worrying is a waste if time.!

To perform well in the bedroom you must have a positive ‘sexual mind-set’…

You have to see yourself as a ‘player’ As a bad boy.

When you kiss her in bed do it like you mean it.


  1. then where can I buy it in lagos ikorodu precisely

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  3. Please I want to order SAMSU.Send me ur western union details and the price including shipment to Ghana-Sunyani


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