Some Basic Free To Air Satellite Channels with their Frequencies-2017

Tracking any satellite channel/ position is location and Dish size dependent. However, irrespective of your location and dish size, “footprint and the satellite beam plays the most important role” that is why the bigest dish for personal use cannot get Hotbird 13e signal in Uganda while 2.6meter dish and above can receive it in Nigeria. This article is all about FTA channels. When I say fta channels, I mean those channels you can open with a total fta decoder like strong. I mean those channels that have no encryption sign($), I mean those channels that you can open merely by tracking them with a compatible dish and scanning them on your respective decoders. Finally, I mean those channels that are currently opening even though they may go off tomorrow.

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  • You need a skilled local satellite installer or if you want to do it yourself, you must have been familiar with the simple installation terms and their interpretation. Newbies can read this.
  • Then you need the right size of dish for this process. The standard size starts from 60cm up to 500cmcm or even more. For you not to go too low, you need to predetermine the size needed by following my guide here.
  • Finally, you need an FTA Minimum of MPeg-4 decoder. I recommend an HD decoder even if it is not full HD. Do not go below an mpeg-4 decoder if you cannot afford a HD decoder. example of a pure FTA HD is strong 4920 and newer, There are other FTA and HD decoders out there too numerous to count. for example, Tlink,superesat, freesat, openbox, dreambox, gsky, alphabox and the likes. Mind you, the mytv branded strong 4940 hd decoder is not fta. You can’t also convert and company-customized decoder into fta.


Before paytv became affordable in developing countries, we all watch important programs and sporting events on out local tv channels. Well, there are still some local channels the world over that still air live channels e.g, tvs, evasion gtv, and many others. The only frustration here is that all the best fta channels are not located on a particular satellite position. is where multiple small dish or a big motorized dish comes into play. Without mincing words, going into fta from a paytv can be frustrating but once you are used to it, you will never regret it. However, you must find the time for it otherwise, stay put on your paytv.

  • Eutelsat 36E Dstv position: this position has a couple of Christian channels like loveworld, it has chinese news channels like cctvn, cctvf, it has other african channels all as fta. The frequency remains the same 12245 h 27500 then blindscan
  • Hotbird / 13 deg East: this satellite has many channels that are free and shows live matches,however, you can only get channels on; Frequency; for skysports italia 11541 (V) 22000 tlink opens almost all channels on hotbird with its inbuilt account (hotbird with a minimum of 3.5meter dish)
  • Astra2F @28.5 degree east (multi tv position)
    this is a Ghanian based satellite tv provider. you will get over 20 channels here Gtv, GH one, Angel tv, Cine plus, Joy prime, etc, including a channel that shows live football which is TV3, african movie net, waptv and lots more.
    Dish Requirement : 60cm / 90cm dish ku band LNB
    Frequency :: 12522V27000, 11094 H 30000 once you get this frequency, Blind scan to add more channels
  • Nilesat 101 / 102 / 007 deg West: Since the departure of mbc packages from the footprint of west Africa many people have forgotten about nilesat. Some MBC has moved to a 1meter dish close to multitv position. However, you can still get the channels only with a bigger dish minimum dish 4meter (400cm) . same frequency 11938V27500. but you can still get aljezeera with this tp 10992V27500, 12265 (H) 27500, 12476 (H) 27500
  • Amos / Eutelsat16A @16 degree east
    This is the new mytv position and in fact, it is one of the hottest free to view tv stations that many tv lovers are going for.  channels like, Wap Tv, African Movie Net, Tvc entertainment, Tvc News, Channels Tv, Rave, Starmovies + , some consat channels, some free mytv channles, some tvsat free channels, some seeafrica fta channels and many more to track this
    Dish Requirement:60cm or 90cm dish ku band LNB
    frequency: use 12520H30000 OR 10802H30000, 11293 h 45000, 10804 (h) 30000
    then you blind scan
  • Eutelsat7a @ 7 degree east(Malagasy)
    comprises of most African stations especially french speaking African countries including Africa Unite Tv that shows 24hrs movie.mostly nollywood movies.
    dish requirement : 90cm for better performance, ku band LNB
    frequency: 12728H30000,Frequency; 11192(V_), 3210, 10976 (V)3333, 12728(V)30000 then you blind scan
  • Intelsat7 @ 68.5 degree east:
    This satellite comprises mostly Christian channels, and its a very easy and simple satellite to track, you will get over 100 Christian channels here including Nollywood and press tv for movies and news respectively and they are all free.
    dish requirement:  60cm dish ku band LNB
    frequency:: 12722V26657 after nailing this frequency you blind scan to get the other channels.
  • ses @4.8 degree east:
    dish requirement 60cm but 90cm is recommended  ku band LNB
    Frequency use 12014V30000 to track and once you hit high percentage you blind scan to get other channels
    channels like vox africa, LMTV, BVN, TV5 MONDE, France 24, CCTV, Sunna and so on.
  • NSS7 22 deg West no serious channels for sports here free, but you can enjoy free makossa, salsa e.t.c on lc1: Frequency; 10986(V) 30000 (size of dish = 60cm)


One statement of fact is that there is any satellite position, be it ku or c band that you will track without you finding free to air channels on them. We only endeavour to drop the details of the most popular ft channels for Africans. What is the most important is that you need a big dish if you want to dwell only on fta channels and to predetermine how much of a big dish you need, please read my article here. To also get details about frequency and satellite names, read this article.

In conclusion, you should know that the list of channels on a particular position can either deplete or increase without notice. currently, we are having enormous, increase on Amos 16 and eutelsat 28e.



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    Goodday to u all, the information in above (I.e the positioning, frequency, synborate and the size of dish) are they current update? Tank u.

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    My installer set my 3 lnbs on
    68.5E, 21.6E and 23.3E
    Now most of the channels are not showing again, can some one help me with the freq to scann to get back WAP TV and co.

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  21. Ameh Peter says:

    Oga Lemmy Please Help-ooo, Iam confuse How To Calculate Satellite Degrees That Goes Like This 100.5e ,140e , 159 e , My Master Told Me That, Satellite Degrees Are In Two Ways 3 To 80 Degree East Or 3 To 80 Degree West, That The Lower The Degrees Nos, The Upper You Face Ur Dish While The Higher The Nos, The Lower Ur Dish. But My Confusion Is This, The Above Satellite Degrees Nos Is More Than That Of My Master. Please Help This Will Go Alongway Sir.

    • @Ameh: you need to visit lyngsat. Com to know if you can receive the degree in your area. In Nigeria where I am, I have not personally tracked anything above 50deg

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  26. Adekunle says:

    Thanks for the info. Let me add this for those in Nigeria, Astra 2f for Joy TV frequency 12522H30000. Same position for Kiss TV and Max TV use 11595H30000. The galaxy TV for frequency 11675H30000. In case you were able to get galaxy, adjust your lnb till your Joytv shows. You either favour Joytv and Kiss TV or settle for Galaxy alone. The choice is yours

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  37. Hello house, please am a new satellite installer, still learning but av been tracking satellites, I have been trying to track mymtv using 60cm dish with my 4669 strong decoder but each time I hit the green light, if I blind scan it will now bring multi TV stations. This is what I used 12520H30000
    Am just not understand please help me. I really want to learn

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    Sports24hd west position hasbeen upgraded jus yesterday. Can anybody in d house confirm this?

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