Many of my followers / readers know my style, i give authentic information but am not always too forward about dishing out the information though the sources of all my info are authentic. The reason why am always initially reserved before giving out information is to wait and see how event unfolds. my previous post where i uploaded the latest final stable V5 software for qsat q11g, q13g and q15g was met with a mix reaction. I was so amazed and shocked at the way some people queried and commented on that article some go as far as saying that i caused their decoder to stop working with the software i provided. Well i kept my cool for only one reason; as at the time i released those software, qsat server was so bad that even the software upgrade didn’t help any issue.

how to enable cccam on qsat In similar fashion, am using this medium to tell you my esteemed readers the support i give on azsky products when compared to qsat is ration 100:70%. With azsky, i have all my questions answered promptly and solutions provided almost immediately. I remembered when azsky was freezing so badly, i attacked their staff under the hood and today am so happy to tell you that azsky can now work for hours without freezing they have improved on the number of channels too. As for qsat, i will have to wait for them to contact me with any new development before i can pass it across to you.


Info from a very very reliable source claims that starting from today 9th- January- 2014, all qsat still running on any software earlier than the V5 which i uploaded in my previous post will experience service denial. To simplify this, if you have not upgraed yur qsat to the latest software which is V5, your qsat may stop opening scrambled channels and will not open them until you upgrade to the latest firmware. This leads us to our next question;


In my post here i said a lot about what you need to be conversant with be form you attempt to upgarade your qsat or any decoder via usb device. Let me quickly go over them again;

  • You should know that you are responsible for your own action
  • You should note that on no account should there be power failure while you are in the midst of upgrading your qsat (Your generator must be stable or your electricity must not go off if you damage your decoder while upgrading, it means you will have to wait until qsat releases a pc loader before u can wake it up)
  • You should not use a partly damaged usb device or a usb infected with virus(i will advise you format the usb drive before use)
  • You must read the upgrade steps here so that you can now how to upgrade
  • Download v5 software for qsat q11g here
  • Download V5 software for qsat q13g here
  • You must have at least two internet connection type useable on qsat. For example i have all the four connection that qsat uses; i have Lan internet via router, wifi connection via my wifi adapter, GPRS via my mtn, glo, etisalat or airtel sim and finally 3g network via my hacked Huawei 3g modem. you should have at least 3g modem and also make sure you have at least two sim card that can be used with your qsat.
  • Once you meet the above requirements, then upgrade your decoder via usb after upgrade you may have the following challenges;


All other things being equal, upgrading your qsat will reset your decoder to factory default. In other words, you will have no channels, your xcam setup will be hidden, your two adult channels will be hidden and last but not the least, your connection will be reset to lan internet. The consequences of these are; you will have to scan for your channels, you will have to re-enable your xcam setup menu by dialing the password 1512 under setting, you will have to reveal your adult channel by pressing PLAY +1513 on your remote under multemidia and lastly if you use other connection apart from lan internet, then you must manually change to that connection under Setting>>ethernet config>>link type. oncd you perform all these after the upgrade, simply reboot your decoder.


1. I have done the right settings, and am trying to reactivate my avatarcam code by pressing the green button, but i keep on getting “cannot get account, try again later” . This is the most common error after upgrade. The solution is has follows, The most potent solution is for you to use a router or wifi to do the first activation of your qsat after upgrade, Alternatively,  if you are using a sim card to activate the account, please put the Sim inside a 3g modem and try again. Better still change the sim you are using or take your decoder to a location where you know data network signal is strong, after the initial activation, everything will be cool.Always reboot your decoder after applying settings.

2. How can i rescan channels on my qsat decoder: to rescan your channels, goto installation>>password is 0000>>Antenna Setting>>Change Satellite to Eutelsat 36A, 36/ 036.0E>>press blue button on your remoe to start scanning>>another window will pop up change scan type from manual to Blind scan>>press enter and wait till everything completes.

3. Help After Upgrade my xcam setup is missing: It is not missing, it is being hidden, to reveal it press>menu>>setting>> 1512

4. Help I want to use GPRS network not Lan Internet: on your remote press Menu>>Ethernet Config>>Under link type choose GPRS Network>>then Select Config>>Under GPRS Network Window>Area>>Select your country>>Operator>>select your provide>>>Mark auto link and reboot your decoder

5. I want to use a compatible 3g Modem with qsat help: To do this, press Menu>>Setting>>Ethernet Config (Link type = 3G), Scroll down and select config the from all the options, only mark the check box named Auto link then reboot your decoder

6. I want to use wifi internet: Read the article here and apply the methods.

7. How can i check my firmware version on qsat: Menu>>Setting>>System>>Version

8. When trying to activate my avatarcode, i got “STB cannot get the right code“: please change your sim card immediately, this error sometimes occur with glo nigeria sim card

8. when trying to activate my avatarcam code i got the following error “wrong activation code” and my decoder has never been used before: Solution, please press the red button before pressing the green button

9. How can i reveal my avatarcam code, i want to write it somewhere: Menu>>xcam setup>>avatarcam HD>>green button

10. I get “no active network and cannot connect to server when truing to activate my avatar code on qsat : the two errors are interrelated, please get a better internet connection.

11. How can i manually shutdown internet on qsat>> If you don’t want to turn off your decoder and your don’t want your qsat to continue consuming your data bundle in your absence, simply complete the followings: Menu>>settings>>ethernet config >>config>>blue button

12. Under iptv and adult channel, i always get Xml parse error while trying to watch: please change your connection type to wifi, 3g or lan internet, put differently gprs network cannot stream iptv on qat same way gprs nwtwork cannot watch YouTube video.T he above tweak fix all messages related to iptv error messages

lemmy (666 Posts)

Am a Fun blogger from Nigeria, and also a Student with an irrepressible flair for sharing any info i have on Mobile Related Stuffs and Computer stuffs. My other area of interest is in Satellite television. You can follow my tweets on Twitter or add me to your circles on Google+! You can as well grab my feed and get updates through email


  1. Pls I experienced power failure during upgrade, wat can I do to remedy d situation

  2. paeffiong says:

    Am really impressed with your latest update. Mine is working perfectly well but SSHD1 TO SSHD3 is yet to open.

    • lemmy
      I still have problem with my 3g orange modem,every time i press the auto link option it display NO DONGLE DEVICE.what do i do coz the same sim card if i insert it direct it successfully connect the network but open only weather icon.Still not able to watch scrambled channels or iks provided.heeeeeeeeeeeeelp.

  3. @lemmy,thumbs up for this explicit and elaborative solutions to trouble shooting that may arise after an upgrade.
    God bless you.

  4. oga lemmy, thank you for you response to my last mail that patient is require to get my qsat back really all two decoded is back with all channel running; q11 & q13 avamcad id 55xxxxxx & 57xxxxxx respectively but i just discover my qsat is still running on version 3.1
    oga lemmy wat do i need to do to get it to version 5. ? please reply

  5. Good one Lemmy but I will wait until my qsat q11g cannot connect to the server before updating

  6. Gudmornin lemmy, I posted my msg here ystrday but it was not approved, dnt know y! But just wanted u guys to know dat my own qsat. Q11g is workin perfectly since ystrday nite, I can even view ss3 dis mornin nd its not freezin either, am not try to castigate wat u sed above, my code starts wit 58xxx. Tank U

  7. Chief lemmy, your no far from a lecturer….at least you av answered the recurrent questions peeps post on this forum .but sir am on 3.**** SW version on Q15g though all channels came up yestaday, but this issues of V5 recommended for all qsat ….what is my faith from time beyond…bc seems the sw is a geese chase.

  8. Lemmy i think is had 2 c som1 like u in dis our tym dat is so honest. Though am nt avin Qsat bt i did d upgrade for my frd n it work perfectly.n all d channel ar showin. As u said after d upgrade d Qsat d nt no bak 2 fatory settin , al d require settin stil remain. Wat i jst did Wz 2 insert my sim ca rd n it started workin again. So sir my question is why is it dat my qsat did nt go bk 2 factory settin as u said .

  9. You sound like a teacher this time. Thanks, I appreciate

  10. dear Lemmy

    I bough
    t a dongle X5 and now the account is over and want to renewal by a new account.
    I don’t know how to do it. Is it possible to help me.


  11. Innosaint says:

    Surprisingly I posted a comment xterday but was not approved, my Qsat 13G have refused to activate the code even though am using a 3g modern that works with the iptv but the avatarcamHD could not retrieve my codes and as such could not open any of the conventional channels, any assistance folks???? I need help.

  12. Hi Lemmy, thanks for everything. My qsat with code 54*** has not been stable @ all. The whole of yesterday late night and this morning, its off. My active code is active n all of that. Im on v5. I try ur trick by watching iptv though sometimes they tell me data error but when the iptv is working n I go back to the channels, still they r scrambled. I hv tried every other trick but still its off. I think ur code also starts with 54. Am I the only one experiencing this?

  13. I experienced power failure during upgrade my Q-sat Q-11g receiver what can I do.I can send the image i take from my Tv

  14. pls explain more on how to connect android hotspot with qsat

  15. lemmy, i just want to thank you for sharing information that is well researched and factual.you are doing us to great deal.

  16. Good job, carry on

  17. @Akanya @lemmy, i want to say, is there any need to upgrade to V5 from V4 when our receiver is Showing all channels?

    i would say no need till everything fails to open to confirm that an upgrade is indeed needed.

    The info that Qsat will block V4 may not be true till they do so

  18. Lemmy, concerning the upgrading i got everything right and i watched for 2day b4 it stopped working up till moment its yet to back. My cod started with 54xxxxxxxxxx. I don’t know what to do again.

  19. Hi Lemmy, I did the upgrade yesterday n it was successful. However, my Q11G did not reset to factory settings as my channels were still intact after the reboot. Its been working well so far. I hope they will sustain d service dis time. Thanks 4 ur continous assistance.

  20. James St:Michaels says:

    1. My Qsat 13G is becoming very unreliable, please what’s d best dongle I should add as a back-up. 2.Please I need to contact you via telephone.
    3.Keep the good work going…

  21. paeffiong says:

    Thanks for the updates.

    I want to state that i had upgraded mine since 31*12*2013 and its now working perfectly well.

    But i have just upgraded a friend’s own perfectly well but it has refused to unscramble channels.

    My settings are okay and i have also tried it with airtel 3g modem but its not working.

    What else should i do please?

  22. Mine is not working. Pls lemmy help. I did the upgrade and it worked yesterday but the whole of today it didnt show. Pls help my acc is 54xx

  23. i cant make the Qsat use 3g with etisalat moderm i just purchased. it keeps saying no dongle found, but i have fixed all the right etisalat config settings. im using MF190A moderm. pls help

    • @emmy, try and browse with your etisalt modem on pc… secondly try an force your etisalat modem to use only 3g network. If it still doen’t work, then it means m190 is not a supported modem on qsat

  24. What is the solution to ‘Network error’ when I want to watch IPTV channels?

  25. pharmtasy says:

    you have put everything in clear and simple terms. don’t think we can get better explanation on the web than this. thanks

  26. Thanks for the information. But for two days now the qsat with active codes of 54xxxxxxx and 56xxxxxxx are not opening ds*v channels even with v5 update. What could be the problem. Because all other things in the decoder is working even with its activation code but will not unscramble channels. Please we need your help. Thank you.

  27. Hey Lemmy nice work … btw up loaded new software on jan 1st on two Q13 g and now nader , all was working with the new sofware when it went off on the 9 th and not to return … before that system was fairly stable for a few days … when loading software the channels did not reset …thing is … i was wondering how many have the same problem and is azsky down too?

  28. hi lemmy, i can not use my 3g etisalat MF190A moderm for my Qsat, i change to 3g and included the setting for Etisalat and rebooted but it keeps saying no dongle found so can not connect and i cant activate my decoder. plz what can i do ?????

  29. hi lemmy,
    u hav been so helpful. I did an upgrade on my q11g this afternoon following ur guide and it was successful. the hd channels are now shpwing too. God bless u pally.

  30. Pls lemmy… How can i get the positive sign on my remote to get the adult channels. I can’t find the sign on my qsat q11 remote. Thanks

  31. hi lemmy,
    This eliud again from nairobi kenya.Also let me know why safaricom line and airtel sim cards are not respondind when inserted into my Q-SATQ11 DECODER.

  32. pls i wnt to no if gprs wil work wit v5.11

  33. since day before yesterday my q11g size to work andi have done the upgrade since the day u post it, what do I do pls

  34. AKEEM OYEJOBI says:

    hi lemmy, am in a delimma nw after upgrading my qsat q11 dis afternoon,on rebooting it came with a TS DOWNLOAD PAGE, requesting for anoda server download. please kindly assist with possible solution.


  36. Innosaint says:

    Wao! At last !!! I was able to activate my avatarcamHD codes and expiry date, so grateful to the GENIUS LEMMY, God bless you in a million folds, it became active few minutes ago via a 3g modern help, U re simply the best….all channels working perfectly well without freezing except for HD which am yet to check.

  37. Hi Lemmy,i av upgraded my q13g and my channels are now showing..its just dt it freezes terribly..i av never experienced it this bad.pls what can I do

  38. dear sir, until this afternoon my Q sat 11 with activation code 58xxxxx was working perfectly and then it went off. do i have update or it a general problem from Q sat? thanks

  39. Have updated my qsat q11g it seems only yellow can unscramble channels on it all others work but cannot unscramble any channel

  40. my q-sat q11g not work on 1/11/2014 now what can i do i should updated the software Download v5 software for qsat q11g

  41. Pls Mr Lemmy can you in the name of God give me the ver 5 software upgrade for QSAT Q15G. I do not know if you have it or not. You said in you post that people who need it should contact you. I contacted you since but you did not reply. Mine is not unscrambling any channel since 2 days avatarhd code is 58*****

  42. Thanks Lemmy for all your useful advice. Please my Xman G8 stoppde working since Jan 9. Is there any solution to revive it? Thanks

  43. sir pls I need software to upgrade my srt4663x so that I can use it with azsky and d process to install it tnx

  44. @lemmy, yesterday wn i came back home @ 8pm i discovered dat my v3 wnt off so i Upgrade it to v5 nd it started showin bt my ss hd nt showin. pls any help

  45. Thanks Mr. Lemmy,just upgraded and it worked like magic.

  46. @ Lemmy, my Q-Sat Q11G is not showing anymore. It keeps showing scramble channel. What do I do? I’ve tried to do what can, but it’s still not coming up.

  47. @ done lemmy, pls wish modem is suitable 4 qsat

  48. Thank you Lemme.God richly bless you and continue your good works.My decorder has been off since the whole of yesterday but after i did the upgrade everything is working perfectly fine.

  49. It said d software is upto date…Which yellow are u talking abt plz?

  50. @Lemmy u av not respond to my question, Lindy assist pls

  51. Tn x alot lemmy for your effort ,
    am happy cause after the my qsat q11g is working fine

  52. how can i get g1 service accout

  53. Hi lemmy. I have upgraded to v5 and I can get my active code which is 55**** but displaying ‘ no channel found’ pls help.

  54. @lemmy God bless you for this free guide. I was able to do everything succesfully but how can I access the avartaHD . I set it up fine and got the code through Xcam setup. But don’t know how to view the stations. Plus adult channel not showing. I press Play +1513 under Multimedia but nothing came up during and after the activity. Not even the usual password box

  55. Thanks a lot Lemmy, I did upgrade my decoder and it’s working perfectly well now. Thank u.

  56. Thank u bro may God protect us

  57. Thanks a lot Lemmy, I upgraded it, and its working perfectly well. Thank u so much.

  58. Thanzk @lemmy pls does upgrade will make my qsat g11 work as normal

  59. @lemmy tanx a lot man u saved me som blushes. upgraded nd it works lik a charm.

  60. Did an upgrade last night using mtn sim/ GPRS config following ur tips. It took me less than thirty minutes for everything to go well. It was even the reactivation of my avatarcamhd that took up to 18mins it would have been less. Kudos to the genius lemmymor!

  61. well done, i must say your efforts to liberate people from rip offs is great.
    i have installed and scanned for channels. i am on gprs setting with etisalat sim but getting active code is the problem. CAN NOT GET ACCOUNT . PLEASE TRY LATER is what i get after pressing the red botton.
    please advice

    • @seun use a 3g modem with another sim card…, use gprs or use lan internet. make sure you use all connection modes / sim card at your disposal, and you will get there

  62. Thanks @leemy I was able to do everything succesfully but I can access all the HD channel but the rest there working perfect on Qsat g11

  63. isa mohammed says:

    You are the best. My qsat is up and running.

  64. wat i discovered is dat Qsat can work witout seeing d xcam,so y ppl ar disturb about avatacam. jst Upgrade nd do d rest set den it will come up.

  65. I have upgrade my XMaster with V5 but nothing has changed, it’s still displaying V3. What next

  66. I hereby pronounce u as IGWE OF PAYTV, it works, even my installer now consult me for upgrade. though my HD channels are not up, but am ok.
    pls which of the huawe or zte modems support HSPA+ technology, dats the highest speed for now.thanks
    once again pls address morgan as IGWE.

  67. thanks for your good work i have 2 problem i want shear with u please i need your advise on how to go about it
    1. my Qsat stop working since 9 Jan .2014 and am using a code that start with 56********. thou i have not upgrade my Qsat .pls help i need your advice.
    2. am using two satellite dish on my Qsat. joy tv and dstv please can u teach me the way to scan joytv on my Qsat when upgrading my Qsat decoder.thanks bro

  68. @lemmy pls where do I access the avatarcam HD after reactivation. I’m confused. I can’t find any adult channels as well

  69. lemmy, beingban adherent follower and a FTA satellite installation guru myself, I followed all ur instruction and sucessfully upgraded to V5.

    The pro afterwards is no account could be found under avatarcam HD.

    at 1st, I tried 3 different sims, to no avail and later used the etisalat MIFI dongle which also failed.

    whilst using the etisalat, it keeps saying no dongle found even though there was a data sim in the dongle. whatelse can I possibly do?

  70. bros please i dont a 3g modern.am only using sim card ………sir can i use my sim card when upgrading my Qsat. chairman? thanks

  71. pls lemmy ma problem is with ma qsat decoder it was working perfectly and i had a lite out and da only tin its writes is download from ts.pls any help for me cus da remote does not work as well

  72. Great work Lemmy, just wanted to confirm one thing, Is this upgrade reversible?
    What do to in-case i want to revert to my original version?

  73. Pls I did d upgrade and it went fine but my stations flauntuates @times it will show and sometimes it doesnot after using the whole sim cards. Am using Q11g.

  74. Amymorgan says:

    Lemmy plzzz help me,read & reply my mail plz,post my comment too,can’t see de last 1 I posted b4.kip up de good work & God bless u

  75. nattygray says:

    Thanks so much Lemmy, I am in Ghana and had an issue with my qsat q11g decoder, it stopped working in January and by following your directions I have been able to upgrade to v5, and done a full setup, the only thing i wasn’t successful with was activating the the adult channels. I followed your tutorial anyway but I don’t know channels they are so I cant identify them among the lot.
    I would appreciate if you could help on that.

    Thank you for the good working you are doing.

  76. pls lemmy if i blind scan my qsat will it clear all

  77. For Those of you who face a fault encounter while upgrading QSAT here is a software(Roam Flash_mountain ) file.
    you can download it here http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g523856907973211b9994432084ff4436532af85e0

    the rar pass is 0109

  78. oga morgan i thank u very much my dstv is work perfectly …….but my HD stations like(discovery HD,dishHD) are working but my my SS1HD,SSHD2,SS3HD,movie preHD etc are not showing any solution sir i dey fill you bro

  79. Alade Sunday says:

    Bro, really your good work. Keep it up. Ve upgraded my qsat as instructed n it’s working fine. Please how do I open the Adults channels. Will it work on gprs. Help sir

  80. Hello Lemmy. I must commend you for the great work and service to humanity. I was having issues wt my q sat q11g shortly after new year and i had to give an installer 2k for him to work on it. Actually the decoder worked but just for some hours. I later thru my google search stumbled on ur site, downloaded the upgrade software and strictly followed all your instructions. after this, my decoder came back stronger than before with little or no freeze or scrambled channels. In fact, i later have to help the so called installer in resolving similar problems he is having with some people’s decoders at no cost. Thanks a lot and keep the good work going.

  81. Laz Okafor says:

    Thanks Lemmy, for the above priceless information. My Q11g got frozen since the beginning of the year & my technician was @ his wits end, only confirming that several people had the same problem but not advancing any solutions to it. That was until I stumbled upon the above post and applied your detailed instructions. My DS** channels are now fully functional, even the HD!
    Pls, I need more info on using wifi on my q11g. Do I need an external wifi adapter too? How do I get one?
    Thank you for your help.

  82. Hi lemmy
    I upgraded to v5. My decoder rebooted but did not reset. I get “cannot get account when I try to activate code” any help?

  83. Honey Plange says:

    Please thanks for the good help you are giving out, but please l have a little problem that l need your big help in here please,whiles upgrading then they made lightout and it has giving me a blue screen telling me,downloading TS.
    so please sir what should do please now

  84. lemme my qsat 11g hardly shows. it only comes on very late at night and early in the morning.. i’ve upgrded to v5.. and used the 3g modem as well but no avail.. i’ve tried like 5 different sims but still. my account starts with 54xxxxx

  85. i did the upgrade successfully and it restart to factory settings i also reload back my channels bt still the channels are scramble i also checked on the gprs setting, everythng is working normal coz it shows me connection success. but what suprise me is when i take it to a close by engineer, he installed his driver thesame way i did mine but at this time it did not reset to factory setting but its working now

  86. Pls lemmy i just bought my qsat 13g, it has been upgraded to version 5, all hd channels and other ones are showing pretty well. My challenge is that i cant view adult channels even when i press play+1513. It is writing wrong input. Pls i need ur help

    • @ mr henry, it is not play + 1513.. for you to display the two adult channels on your qsat press the followings: MENU>>MULTIMEDIA>>NETWORK>>then press the play icon on your remote followed by 1513

  87. kennedy smith says:

    mr lemmy…after blind scanning my qsat q13g… no hd channels were displayed..any solution?

  88. nana kwasi says:

    pls sir, am using Xman G8 gprs deccorder. can i also your use your method to upgrade

  89. Twumasi Eric says:

    pls lemmy help me my Q-SAT Q13G is not working since 11-01-2014 mid-day

  90. how do i get a g1 service account

  91. i have power faillior when am upgrading my Qsat, l red ur commet that there is no solution for now, but a guy in my place here in nigeria revived some Qsat dat has such problem, but his asking price is high, pls tell me do u know how to do it now?

  92. Pls to reveal the two adult channels when u press menu >> multimedia; no network under multimedia for me to press. Am using q 13 g. Secondly, can l use the same software to upgrade q 16 g? Pls l need help

  93. Lemmy can I use this update on my X man g8 decoder?
    Mine is still on version 3.09.16
    And also I cannot enable avater can HD on my decoder with the above code

  94. hi thanx very much mr. lemmy…..for real u have helped me alot….my q sat 13g is now working very nice…and i have got new more sports channels like canal sport, and sport+…..am from Tanzania

  95. Please can you tell me what this avatarcam HD is and how it works? Pls@lemmy

  96. Thanks lemmy, the i have done play+1513, two channels are up, youporn and redtube. My challenge now is , when i press any of them including news, youtube and dlna, it will write ”Fail to catch message”. Any solution pls?

  97. pls my qsat is show my ts pl wat should i do

  98. @All: I wish to commend Lemmy for his patience and tolerance,sincerely some of the questions people ask him are so heart provoking, kindly help us and dnt make him get annoyed and punish everybody we still need his unequal kind gestures very rare in the world at no cost, I STRONGLY Suggest people should read others peoples Question and the response he provided which answers most of the repeated Questions rather than dragging his feet back, U must not ask and seek personal answers to your own question except its unique and different from what others have asked and answer. No hard feelings Meant any way just a Candid Opinion.

  99. thanx lemmy for all ur good work.now all my qsat q11 channels are showing, including all HD channels.thanks again.

  100. 10x so much Lemmy unlike the .rar file the .zip file opened & downloaded successfully :-) and i did the upgrade without any hitches ..ure the best mehn safe!!

  101. @Thanks Lemmy. I have upgraded my q11G and its working perfectly. I had to change my source of power to Generator to avoid issues of power failure.

  102. olochesoft says:

    Thanks very much
    Lemmy I just download the zip file but I cannot extract it for a password is requested which I do not have. Pls can u help us with the password?

  103. Tosin
    After restoring back my qsat 13 that had a TS problem when upgrading through your wonderful tutorial,my qsqt 13 is still not unscrambling any channel up till now after following your instructions carefully and also i tried restoring back the xcam menu under setting by using the numbers you gave us 1512 still it never displayed and i cannot even access my avatarcam account to activate it.The decoder is not unscrambling any channel.what do i do pls.

  104. Kenny Wiz says:

    thanks for solving alot of qsat related problems. if i had your number i would have scattered you with recharge cards. thanks a million.

  105. Hi lemmy,

    Just purchased my q11g 3 days ago & immediately did the software update. Everything shows well but my issue is that the box doesn’t respond to the remote well at all. Sometimes it works well but 70% of the time I hv to get up & put the remote directly in front of the box to get the channels to change.
    Is there anyway to fix this? I live in Abuja & unfortunately I bought this box in the South East so I can’t easily return it. I have tested with a friend’s q11 remote, same issue. I have also reinstalled the software, same issue. Any hope?

  106. george ghansah says:

    please can you give me the software for qsat q15g. thanks in advance.

  107. Lemmy thumbs up for the good work to humanity God bless , regarding the adult channels i did everything as you directed but they are not showing ip but othet channels are there already. Am using q11g. Thanks

  108. please sir since morning Q sat q11g has stopped working is there any problem please because l have used all the networks and still it not working,what should l do now because it was just 3 days ago that l upgraded it.

  109. Tosin
    This one you are saying i should read inbetween the lines,i dont understand or does it mean that my qsat 13 G is finished and cannot work again.Please be spacific so that i know what to do.

  110. lemmy….my q13 stopped working dis afternun. i upgraded days ago. pls any solution?

  111. Dear Tosin
    I am still waiting to know the position of my Qsat 13 G.Is it doomed or can anything be done for it to show again .After the upgrade it hasent shown.Please help me

  112. Mr Morgan since yesterday the Qsat that begins with 54xxxxxxxxxx are not working. Anyway out.thanks

  113. why does the channels goes off when there is a sudden black out????

  114. Good day mr lemmy,my q11g stopped working and i upgraded it with v5 software u provided,now my qsat is doing well and working fine.thanks and God bless

  115. Kubiat Andy says:

    Hi mr Lemmy, hope you are doing great today? please i just upgraded my Qsat 11, but it didn’t reset to factory default, but started playing, but after a power change over it stopped playing uptill now. Please kindly advise, and is it normal for it not to default after upgrade?

  116. Mr lemmy, pls help me i need your assistance. my Q11g has stop working now and i just upgrade three days ago. it always connect normally but it will not display. Also i have use different sims for it but it still the same. Pls what is d problem. Tanx

  117. @lemme,,,please am now using a glo 3g moderm for my Q11g but then anytime connection success comes,it doesnt take too long for network connection fail to also appear…please what seems to be the problem…

  118. Mr Lemmy, what has gone wrong with the Q13G????
    The Q11G are showing ok but Q13g decoders are not showing.

  119. OLUWASEYE says:

    what is happening with my qsat 54xxxx it is only making noise ke kek eke kek as if it wanted to connect though it says network successfully connected but it can’t unscramble channels, I have use all da simspson, help oga lemmy.

  120. l.amakiri says:

    Lemmy pls, what’s the password to ur soft ware q15g, I downloaded it here bt it requires of password pls help

  121. hello Lemmy, pls i just bought my q13g. i used etisalat and activated it but all i can viewis all this cctv channels, others are giving scramble channel. what can i do?

  122. my qsat 13g is not working sir after upgrading what can I do

  123. Oga lemmy i hail ooo, pls my 11g couldnt unscramble any dstv channel even afta it connected successfully. My avacam code is 59****. Pls help ooo

  124. hi lemmy,
    tanx for ur good wk.my qsat 11g i upgraded to v5 but after restting and rebooting the qsat when it has upgraded,it till refuse to unscramble channels and when i checked the version of the software it till v3.i use the v5 you uploaded.plz help and post my comment.tanx

  125. Hello mr lemmy, thanks a lot for ur information I jst wnt to knw wht is d prolm wt my qsat 11 va upgraded it to V5 and I can watch single channels, avatarcamHD is 56xxxxxxx pls any info or any solution to it….

  126. Lemmy, I happened to upgrade both Q11G and Q13G for me and my in-law with the help of one of the gsat agents here in ghana who charged us a high price. It worked well and we were even getting the HD channels but since sunday, the channels can not unscrambled. we ve used different sims, mtn, vodafone and glo modem sim, top up credits, bundled but still nothing. its very frustrating and wish u cld help us since the guy has put his phone off.

  127. hello lemmy, my q 11g is updated to v5. it worked for a fews days after the update, but for the past 3 days now, all the channels have been scrambled . pls what is the solution to this. other AZ sky users are doing ok .

  128. please after activating my avatarcam code what next should I use the code for.do I have to use that code and enter it some where?

  129. Qsat is back and better Enjoi ur view my pple

  130. pls i need ota software to upgrade my qsat

  131. q sat is down since last Monday in Ghana can u please help us how to reactivate

  132. Galley Gilbert says:

    Pls Morgan, after the upgrade, I used the device for abt one month …..bt now it has stopped working for almost one week now…..it is only showing free channels like CCTV and CCTV4. Please come to my aid.

  133. weldone oga leemy. Oga leemy it seems qsat is d most frostrating decoder ever.it has neva wrk 4 3weeks successfuly. It seems dey ar nt ready 4 buz. Or has anybody got a solution if yes roll it ova. Thanks all

  134. Dan Gombe says:

    @everybody: is it that all Qsat decorders are offline or juz some? Mine is Q11G with code 54xxxx, stil not working as at 0603hrs 24012014.. Pls fans of LM (myself inclusive) let’s keep updating ourselves. Tanx

  135. heard that the source that this Qsat product came from is China.that presently they are on holiday since in china there isnt xmas break.They usually have there break within 3rd week of January to mid of February.Just want to confirm how true is that?

  136. Hello,
    Infact almost all the 58******* and 54******** are offline in Ghana and I am forced to get 59********. So I am now enjoying my 59******** with just little freeze. I pray that all those offline would come online.

  137. Lemmy pls I download V 6 software and I use it to upgrade my qsat what I see on my screen NO MATCH FILE pls help me o

  138. pls i just started using the qsat after following the steps where can i find the two adult channels

  139. dead qsat decoder

  140. lammy i have been trying to extract the downloaded file with winrar but all i see is a VLC player file. what do i do my broher. i need your help. have downloaded the files

  141. my t1 has stopped working for 3 months in ghana please help

  142. Hi Lemmy,
    I upgraded to ver 6. My channels were intact, nothing was reset. But the channels are still scrambbled. My AvatarcamHD starts with 56*****.
    Secondly, whats d diff btw eut 7A and 36A. Just want to know for knowlegde purpose.
    Thank you

  143. baba Lemmy my qsat is working perfectly well and d avatarcam code is 58***** but I want to ask dat may be I can upgrade it to v6 bcus I have d software I want to ask or I shld live it in v5 pls

  144. Hi Lemmy, my Qsat Q13 went off yesterday, it came on this morning and went off again till this time. am using 5 and my AV number starts with 55. Please what can I do? thanks always.

  145. thank baba Lemmy I have don it and it work so am really Happy with what u are don 4 us thank very much my guy

  146. good morning oga Lemmy. i have a Qsat 13g decoder. since i bought it, i had v4 on it which freeze when watching any channel and in a matter of minutes it comes back. i upgraded to v5 but still the freezing didn’t stop. pls oga Lemmy what can i do to prevent my decoder from freezing during transmission. Thanks for your help

  147. Lemmy, just realised that one of the agents whom i bought the decoder from has used the Q13G software for my Q11G decoder. It worked for a day but for 2 weeks now its not coming. I have downloaded ur version for Q11G but cant unrar bcos it ask for password. Pls help by sending it to my email. thanks

  148. After downloading it on my phone it still can’t upgrade on my decoder please what can I do next

  149. thanks to you lemmy morgan for your concern it really helped me i am so pleased how can i have your number so i can call

  150. Mr lemmy I just want to greet you how is everything generally please sir if there any latest information on a qsat please send it out for us and God will continue bless you in Jesus name

  151. Long live oga Lemmy…hope u r wel sir? jus wantd 2 say bigup 4 al ur great wrk.

    pls my qsat jus went offline, is dis mine alone or is it a general thin? any1 wit sam isssue holla….peace!!

  152. Oga Lemmy @Lemmy, I’ve upgraded to v6 and it was working well until last night when it started going haywire (rebooting itself after every 2 minutes) I got scared that it maybe virus so I turned it off. Now all the channels except CCTV are scrambled. Please help me

  153. denicelaurence says:

    hello MR lemm my Qsat11g shows scramble channel im at east Africa how can u help me sir
    coz i already install version 6

  154. Mr lemmy
    , what can we do now? This tin has stop working since day b4 yesterday nite, I mean my Q11g decoder. Pls help us. I upgraded to V6 just about 5days ago, now it has stop working. Pls help me out

  155. hi Mr. Morgan my q13 was working perfectly after upgrade but last Tuesday day i was when i was watching the Chelsea match it scrambled till date only cctv is working

  156. Hi lemmy, my hubby said he upgraded our q11g to v6 i do not know if dat is out but it was working nd after a week it kept rebooting itself nd da channels aren’t shownin now except for the free ones. Now it keeps flickering. We did all we could as directed above but nothing changed plss help my kiddo is on my neck 4her channel

  157. boss lemmy well done and thanks for helping African people. i downloaded my qsat15g to new version V6. but after finishing everything;i can’t found my country area in gprs setting. it means there is no my country which is togo. and only moov me are using. i have 3g modem huawei zte but even i connect it nothing is shoming. please ineed your help in this metter. thanks

  158. Solomon Ossai says:

    @Lemmy, I have been trying to connect my az sky G1+ (double light) to Open box S11 HD PVR decoder but it doesn’t unsramble channels, although it does for strong decoder, and my open box works well with azsky G1+ (single light) and worked well with avatar. What should I do to use the combination?

  159. Asuo Chales jnr says:

    Please Lemmy i need help. I was upgrading my Q11 with the new v6 software and the lights went off in the process. I swiched the decoder on when the lights came back but it has continuously been showing me blue screen. Please what should I do? I was told i need to get a software to wake it up. Please help me

  160. Lemmy Morgan
    Pls see to ! My qsat just stopped working its in it v6 upgrade and the credit on it ! Pls help

  161. Please Lemmy i have done exactly what you told me to do, but the blue screen is still showing. its getting to about 1hour now since i inserted the drive with the software into the decoder, but the decoder has not yet auto detected the software or the process you told me to follow. Please what should i do?

  162. pls Lemmy I see v6.03 can I download it to upgrade my sat pls.

  163. Augustine tarimo says:

    any one to help me why qsat q11g not working three days now

  164. sir since three days now my qsat is not working sir and I have upgrade it to v6.03 and is remain scramble what can I do sir because you are our solution sir pls heip me

  165. sir since three days now my qsat is not working sir and I have upgrade it to v6.03 and is remain scramble what can I do sir because you are our solution sir pls heip me my avatarcam code 58*********

  166. master Lemmy pls sir i want to ask,if qsat will still come or is off finally pls and pls cus all my customer are worry about it or I should stop selling it for now pls master Lemmy advice me o

  167. HUSSENI HABU says:

    pls when will qsat be back. thanks

  168. Good evening Lemmy Morgan i was the one that am from Ghana and after the G1 AND G1+ account .Please i want details of the medium to pay and the details of the price .Thank u

  169. Hi Lemmy,
    Pls i had a power failure while im upgrading my decoder, after restoring the power i noticed that my decoder is not booting properly, pls help me on what i can do to restore it back to live.

  170. Mr Lemmy please qsat come today in the evening but scramble again when he came is just 8 minutes and is scramble back and since that time is not come again please is any addition that we are going to do sir pls and pls help us

  171. baba Lemmy I want to ask why qsat is working like a liberty.is not open all channels like b4 and d channels dat open is normally scramble and qsat is not working like dat before sir what is d problem now sir,And I want to ask may be he will still balance or not pls if us any solution pls tell us sir our hope is ur hand pls

  172. baba Lemmy Gud evening sir how is everything generally hope is fine pls if dere is any latest information on qsat pls send to Mr sir am not enjoying qsat again like b4 pls and pls

  173. sir I want to ask which network is the best in 3 model and GPRS am using GPRS but I was told to use 3 model pls Mr Lemmy dont say I too ask question pls

  174. Nana Takyi Rolla says:

    how can i activite the adult program on my q-13

  175. Nana Takyi says:

    hi!, Mr. Morgan, I install v6.3 on my working Q-13 but now it not working but at first it was v6.00.22

  176. sir I can say in all decoder is only qsat that worst because Liberty work close to a year before he stop work and Azsky still working now but qsat is fumble not up to 5 month and starterd fail Mr Lemmy pls help us on qsat and God will support you in Jesus name

  177. Nana Takyi says:

    hi Morgan, I want to if Q-sat is working

  178. baba Lemmy Gud evening sir how is everything generally I just want to say hello to u sir

  179. pliz i need your help i have downloaded a software for my Q-sat Q13 and done all instruction but i cant watch? were am i failing please?

  180. pls Lemmy my qsat just stop unsrambling from yesterday. it will give u network connection successful and my activation code is active in the avatar and but not connecting for me to see Day of expiring countdown and still scramble. i have down grade it to v6 but still and upgrade it back to v6.3 but still. am using q11. pls any idea.

  181. Dre Andy says:

    Is there need to upgrade xman g8 sn201311****?

  182. Lemmy, I downloaded the V6.O5 but still not showing. Please assist my code start wit 59****

  183. oga lemmy pls after upgrade my q sat 13g latest software 6.05 yestarday wash load load i off the q sat he still load tell me the solution thanks

  184. lemmy, my qsat 13g version 5.11.2 works alright but it pauses openg dstv for every 3 days in a week.
    whats next?

  185. hi!, morgan I upgraded my q13 from 6.00.22 to 6.05 but now it refusing to start. it’s just loading restart loading restart it don’t know what to do. pls help

    • @nana, maybe u downloaded the wrong firmware. You may need to flash your Qsat with ROM.BIN you can get this tutorial on this site nd the title of the tutorial is how to revive a dead Qsat decoder

  186. Pls. I. Tried uPgrading my Qsat and electricity went off. Is there any solution?

  187. long time to say hello to you Mr Lemmy am not arround dat is why u dont see my messages how is everything generally hope is fine thank u for d latest software u post am very happy for what u are done for us and God will continued to bless u in Jesus name I have download d v6.05 but when I use it to upgrade my qsat 13g I upgraded it finish and is not showing anything my screen is just black but I format d qsat with soft ware u gave us and I upgrade it again and is work perfectly so I want to thank u Mr Lemmy thank u very much

  188. Nana Rolla says:

    hi!, morgan I downloaded the rom reviving dead Q-sat decoder but after exacting the rom as u said unto a pendrive it is refusing to respond to it. am using q13

  189. Nana Rolla says:

    hi!, morgan I have changed pendrives but my problem is still the same I even downloaded a new rom but still.

  190. Nana Rolla says:

    hi!, morgan thank u for yesterday. I used serveral pendrives but I was getting same result so this mornin I tried with my htc phone and it worked perfectly. thanks once again

  191. my goodness,plz can any 1 tell me watz going on wif qsat? 4 d past 1 month nw,i cant watch anyfin

  192. Hi am getting ‘wrong activation code’ message on Qsat 16.Any soultion will be appreciated.

  193. Hi am getting ‘wrong activation code’ message on Qsat 16.Any solution will be appreciated.

  194. Nana Rolla says:

    hi! Morgan, is Q-sat currently working cos my is not working since this morning. and about my adult channel I have seen you-porn and it says failed to catch massage

  195. Hi Lemmy,
    My Q-sat q11g is currently not working since early today. Could u please confirm if they are down. thanks,

  196. william says:

    please none of my hd channels are coming. I get only 129 channels what should i do

  197. pls sir am having serious problem with my qsat q11, it connect successfully but can’t open and when l check the settings and went to XCAM Setup then AvatarCamHD. but when l try to ping it it tells me that wrong active code number and am disturb sir so what should l do now pls

  198. Rodrigo Vera says:

    Estimado, agradeceria guiarme en lo siguiente.
    Tengo un qsat q13, un mes mas o menos.
    Resulta que quise descargar canales desde un pendrive.y deje la cagada.
    Resulta que estaba descargando y se corto la energia.
    Cuento corto, me quedo la pantalla celeste Y dice
    Download From TS
    Find Upgrade info Fail

    He sabido que algunos equipos si se corta la corriente mientras se actualizan quedan inservibles.

    Agradecere su tiempo saludos desde Chile.
    Le ruego me conteste.

  199. Mr Lemmy pls Azsky is not working pls what next pls

  200. pls Mr Lemmy what is the next thing for Azsky over a month we don see anything to watch pls what is the next step now pls

  201. MICHAEL says:

    my qsat g15 just keeps starting then loading all the time….anyone can help

  202. pls Mr Lemmy my qsat is connect and well come to server but he will not open d picture and is avatacode 58******* what can I do pls

  203. Wale Bello says:

    Bros Lemmy pls my qsat13g not showing any of the channels, but it was working until Monday morning and I really don’t know what the persons is and my HD channels as not been showing for very longtime and heard its all working now.
    Pls what can I do? B’cose I know I still have data on my Etisalat sim and have also tried airtel line too on it it was the same.

  204. hi!, since Q-sat came back my ss3, dsny and some channels are scrambled. it’s Q-13 and on version 6.05.12

  205. hi, since q-sat came my ss3, dsny and some channels are not showing. it q13 and on version 6..5.12

  206. please assist me connect my qsat via WiFi. i only get connected via 3G and GPRS. kindly show me how to connect through WiFi.

    thanks a lot.

  207. snr rich says:

    lemy can u pls giv me or link me to someone in ghana to do the uprade for me?
    I hve no idea abt it an am afraid to do it myself
    qsat 13g

    CALL ME +233541444835

  209. pls Mr Lemmy I want to ask if there is account for qsat because my account remain some days to expire pls

  210. Aremu Lawal says:

    I’m happy to join this discussion.
    My Lemmy has been of great assistance to me.

  211. I bought a Q-sat Q13G decoder but i only watched it for a few days nd it stopped wrking, wen i tried to change d settings i put it to factory reset. Nw wen i put it on it doesnt shw ”network connection success”. Wat can I do. Pls help

  212. az is not working sir is that the end of the Az pls help me Mr Lemmy

  213. is that the end of AZ SKY because is not working again pls Mr Lemmy tell me more about it

  214. I bought a Q-sat Q23G 2 days ago and since then i can’t activate nor get an activation code, when i press the green or the red i get: please wait…..then cannot connect to server, try later.
    i’m sure there is no problem with my internet connection and i can watch youtube without delay.
    i don’t know whats wrong ? help please, i need to watch the rest of the world cup badly.
    P.S: my software version is : 6.07.63

  215. pls Lemmy my qsat is not working yesterday till dis morning is 13g with avater code 58******* and I activate d code everything is okay and with version 6.6:52 pls what can I do now baba Lemmy u are our solution pls

  216. pls how do i reveal the two adult channels? the code is 1513 but where in multimedia do i press the code biko?

    • @nighalo, open multimedia, once you are in the window where you can see the Youtube Icon, press the PLAY button followed by 1513 on your remote. Automatically, youporn and redtube will appear beside your youtube

  217. Where do I download the latest version of software V 6.7 13g qsast site pls I want to use it to upgrade my 13g

  218. Oga morgan thanks for the good work u are doing. my qsat23 always shows Xml parse error when I use 3g connection. I tried inserting different sims but the same message appears. what should I do.

  219. Hi, I would like to know which decorder is best to sell to guys in Kenya. Stable with minimum interruptions.
    between Q-Sat Q23g and Azsky G6 DVB-S2

  220. Hi Morgan,
    Can you Please assist me to reset my q16 decoder which is not booting. it displays only a page that requires download from servers.

  221. Gud day Lemmy Morgan how is everything generally pls any latest information about qsat pls informed us ooo

  222. hi lemmy can you pls help me with Qsat 23g revival software?

  223. Thanks Baba Lemmy for your updating us God will continue to help u in Jesus name Amen

  224. adio olawale says:

    Good day sir please what’s the way out my qsat scrambled alot.

  225. what happen to qsat baba Lemmy pls help us is bit working for 4 days what next

  226. pls Baba Lemmy my qsat 13g is surcess but is not connect server 58******** by account

  227. pls baba Lemmy I wan to download software v6’06:54 where to download it pls I have v6.06:52 so I need v6.06:54 I see it on my frend qsat 13g is d one dat is using pls Mr Lemmy give me the link

  228. Countryeyez says:


    Thanks for the support – I bought a new Q23. After setup, only a few channels (free channels) rest are are scramble channels. Do I need to activate my avatcAM which does not show under setting – before these channels can show?
    Or I have to do something?


  229. my prof can sim configuration for qsat 23g help in showing dstv channels thanks for ur help

  230. Baba Lemmy pls what is happen to qsat now is not working like before.for example he can open in the morning and in the afternoon he will scramble till next day pls what can I do

  231. @Lemmy morgan, i was upgrading my qsat 23g bcos it wasn’t connecting to the internet and de light went off. I backup de machines firmwork and database before upgradin. Pls lemmy wat should i do. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

  232. Hey Mr lemmy….I upgraded my Q11g to V6 yesterday but am still experiencing the freezing….I have however just gotten to know about you and apparently I downloaded the upgrade from some other site…some channels are not even showing eg SS3…..wat shud I do???and if u have to recommend for another upgrade,could you please help me with a link????thanking u in advance boss……

    • @francis, no upgrade us required just use strong 3g network. And wait for qsat team to do the rest. With all this your constant and unwarranted software upgrades, you may end up permanently damaging your decoder

  233. thanks once again. have now done it but unfortunately the message I received was failed to catch message

  234. Baba Lemmy pls can I use Glo 3g model in my qsat 13g

  235. I`ve just started using Q23G but it persistently freezes and displays the messages”SCRAMBLE CHANNEL”.The message will stay on for very long time before the pictures start showing but within very period the message then bounce back.Pls I need your urgent attention to find solution to the problem.

  236. Allahfans says:

    pls is any of your super sports stations coming after using 3g modem bcos mine is not. pls help me

  237. my qsat is some how stable with other channels but fails to open any of the super sports stations pls i am using a 3g decoder what is happening to qsat

  238. pls baba Lemmy any new again about qsat either good or bad pls to no where we are goin to

  239. pls Mr Lemmy u always solve our problem wen we encounter problem and u no much dan us so u are our messiah pls Qsat is dead or he will come back pls

  240. Pls my q23g has stopped working for two days now,is there any latest info or any latest development on this current situation on ground.

  241. Pls is there any hope for us using q13g because mine stopped working since last month, its not even connecting to network no matter what sim/modem network I used. I heard there are many users with similar problem. Pls educate us, thanks nd God bless!

  242. Hi Lemmy, great work trying to reduce the unhealthy monopoly in satellite market. Pls my issue with my q23g is this freezing. Stays on 4 less than 3 mins, however my etisalat refuses to work and am in a 2g network area. Pls I look forward to ur reply

  243. Baba Lemmy pls answer my comment dat I post now so true true na 419 all dis China dey do we dey ear say anoda decoder go come out so den no go do d qsat solution so dat we go buy d new one my guy na lie we no go buy anything on less den find solutions to qsat

  244. No body go buy any chinco product again.Baba Lemmy I beg u dont say anything about esat cus na 419 be dis o from Avatar to liberty to Azsky to Qsat we no be mugun again so we don soji

  245. Hi,Lemmy
    Can i upgrade my qsat 13g to the firmware of 23g ,infact is there a difference between the 13g and 23g,if there is please can i know

  246. Hi lemmy, almost all channels on my qsat shows bad signal and doesn’t show. The satellite is on Eutelsat 36A,36/036.0E. Pls help me out with what to do. Thanks

  247. Please lemmy my Qsat Q23G has stop working since 3 days ago, pls I want to knw maybe its a general Problem or there is something I need to do. thanks

  248. Oga Lemmy, u re indeed awesome. Thanks for ur prompt reply.But xcam setup is no more there after the reset.i ve read thru the article. It’s majorly on q15.my own decoder is q23g.Pls help and I won’t do such again as u ve rightly advised.Thanks.

  249. LEMMY thanks Guy, kuddos to u.weldone fro this good work u are doing.Please I want to confirm if I’ve done the right thing.After loading my ccccam acct it still show welcome to server you ve 300 days left and the person that sold the account to me says it is 3 month so I’m confused.is it the ccccam act that is working or old Newham acct.Thanks Lemmy.opolo e ko ni joba. THE Lord will enrich ur Knowledge. THANKS.

    • @david, please switch off your qsat avartarcam account because that is what is reflecting on your decoder. You need to learn about how to troubleshoot, install and manage a cccam account. There are many article on this site to help you out thanks

  250. Dear Lemmy, good evening .Pls I want to ask if I can connect 3g Huawei modem directly to my qsat to watch ccccam. I ve a stable netwk in my area.Thanks.secondlu u said in one of ur article that connecting and disconnecting of ccam can lead to banning. But decoder can’t be on power 24/7 couple with inconsistent power supply in the country.pls how do we address his.Tbanks for ur usual support. Bye

    • @david, switching off your decoder is not connecting and disconnecting. i mean auto-connect / disconnect due to your unstable internet connection. As for your second question, yes you can indeed use a 3g to watch iptv and cccam

  251. Please where n how can I get d latest upgrade for q11g and how much to renew my acct. C 55**

  252. any information baba Lemmy about qsat sir

  253. baba Lemmy pls qsat is down for 3 days now any information on it pls

  254. see the message i got when trying to reactivate the decoder: active number expire pr bos hasn’t account.
    Please wat do i do?

  255. hello
    i not know what happen to my Q13G decoder,network connect but not connect to server,it asking for activation code,but don’t know how to get the code,how can u help?

  256. lemmy are will fight no answer to my own question pls ordinary 13g is not working us only 23g and 13g+ dat is working pls any latest on it code us 58 and is 13g

  257. Lemmy,
    I cannot get activation code to activate my q23g – when I tried its telling me that “could not connect to server, please try again later”
    what does that mean?

  258. Thanks Mr. Lemmy,updated my q11 wit software u posted, very splendid, can now open iptv. But did a blind scan on Eultelsat 36,can’t find any D’s*v channels, just few fta & astra test channels. My subscription will expire may next year, could help plz

  259. Great job Lemmy.. I need to organize my channels after the upgrade.. i.e sports channels, entertainment etc
    How do i go about it?

  260. Good day Lemmy,
    Please my Qsat 13g account has expired how can I get a new account on it am in Ghana. I kindly need your help.

  261. Good day boss,
    I have Qsat Decoder Q23G. it was working fairly good untill recently where it displays the number of days to expiration but never display picture afterward for scramble channels. it is working perfectly for free to air channels. pls i need your passionate assistant. thanks

  262. pls Lemmy my qsat always write NO DONGLE if I put Airtel and mtn is working if I put mtn

  263. lemmy i ran the rom.bin file on q11g now it shows me this screen written

    Download from USB
    Upgrade Main Code Loader
    Upgrade Success, Please Reset System.

    i thot from here my qsat will be revived. im stuck i have tried everything how should i proceed? how do i reset system from here?

  264. Baba Lemmy pls I need a link to download 23g ROM pls I need to upgrade dead qsat my generator trip off during the upgrading

  265. […] Boss Lemmy, please I need your help. I tried upgradng my q13g today and suddenly the power went off. My qsat refuse to work and stucked at load. Please what can I do. Help me please. […]

  266. i was upgrading my decoder light went off is now on load but display antenna settings on the screen and can not continuous it remains on load pls help me

  267. ojo Henry says:

    pls Lemmy no ss3 and max 1 that showing pls Lemmy is any solution for it because league will son started pls Lemmy

  268. ojo henry says:

    pls I need Qsat account Lemmy

  269. ojo henry says:

    Baba Lemmy am very grateful thank u so much for d Qsat account God will continue to bless u we depend on u cus u are true man thank so much

  270. hi, l just bought Qsat 26 and it shows for about 5min and scrambles for about 5min continously what can I do

  271. Ojo Henry Olakunle says:

    pls baba lemmy pls is any latest on our Qsat pls


  1. […] If your decoder returned to factory settings or you encountered problems reactivating your avatarcam code read this […]

  2. […] How to setup 3g modem on qsat and how to scan your channels on qsat. […]

  3. […] started working. If you don’t know how to check your avatarcam code on qsat, please read this.  Secondly, if your qsat is still not working as at the time of reading this article, please […]


  5. […] The first pointer here is that, qsat is partially online and working with amazing stability(though not as stable as tv1). Another thing worthy of note is that the strongest avatarcam codes starts with 54******* and 44********. Some qsat decoders with avatarcam code 40**, 41** etc have been offline for the past five days while some qsat with avatarcam code 59*** 58** went of day before yesterday. Am saying it with strict confidence due to previous experience that the fact that some qsat are offline is not due to dst* upgrade, but it is rather due to qsat server overload and as at the time of writing this article, no software upgrades is required to get you qsat back on track. In other words all you need to do is to fold your arms and wait until it is resolved by qsat. There is only one way for you to know that your qsat is affected by this code problem; You must have used all sim cards available to you and all 3g modems available to you and you must be sure that your qsat connects succesfully to the internet but it couldn’t connect to the server. to learn about how to activate qsat server or display your qsat avatarcam code among other tweaks please read my tutorial here […]

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