Remember-An App that teaches you Foreign Languages

Many people, who learn a new language, keep forgetting words they translated. Remember app solves this problem by creating a solution which helps people to remember everything they learn. Therefore, do not be surprise to see your friend or colleagues who are not a native of France speak french fluently. 

remember foreign language app

If you teach a foreign language, you probably often face a number of challenges:

– to write translations of words in a notebook and forget about them;
– Receive homework on learning the words that are unnecessary in practice;
– Just do not have the free time to study.

Great news for those wishing to learn a foreign language level! Using Remember the application can translate the words. After the transfer, they are automatically saved, getting into “training”. For efficient storage in the annexe at the moment there are three types of exercises. Each of them has the ability to play the word to.

Main advantages Remember?

• Study the words, the right for you. Do not waste your time memorizing words that do not use in my life.
• Translate into 23 languages. In addition to the popular European languages, words can be translated into a little popular, such as Polish, Estonian, Turkish and others.
• Simple, minimalist and intuitive interface.
• AutoComplete helps to add the unknown word without error.
• The application is free and requires no registration.

The application is available on the Apple App Store. In the nearest future, they will be launching new training mode, ready to add to the thematic groups of words, version for Android, and more features.

Remember app – it’s a useful tool for learning foreign languages, which helps translate and memorize the most necessary words.


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