Qsat Releases Software For Three Additional Models

Several weeks after qsat released auto roll software for only two of their models, they have deemed it fit to extend the gestures to three other models; q11g, q13g and q15g.  Just like the software for q23g and q26g, This software is designed to perform the following functions. Or, let me say offer the following solutions.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 6.51.17 AM



The first thing to note is that the software offers no live soccer solutions on its IKS features. However, it is equipped to be an auto roll features for MTN Worldwide using a minimum of 1.8meter dish. You should also note that you must be careful while uploading the software into your decoder so that you do not brick your decoder especially in the event that there is power failure. Powervu does not require internet to work and it doesn’t require qsat account or any other special codes for that matter.

Secondly, the software is said to open m-tv and t-vsat channels on 16e using a small dish via their iks solutions. By iks solutions, I mean you need internet and qsat code to get the packages above. We should not forget that qsat codes are still as expensive as ever despite the fact that no real meaningful packages on it. I mean, its very difficult to see who cannot afford mytv subscription out there. Tvsat is also a complete french package without sports. Only entertainment.



Download Q15 here =>  https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhghr1hfxw4bgsf/1512_SDB3_Q15G_MA_V8.11.28_2016112813.zip?dl=0

Download Q13 here => https://www.dropbox.com/s/umj4yi7a9r9t402/1512%20Q13G_SDB3_MA_V8.11.28_20161128.zip?dl=0

Download Q11 here => https://www.dropbox.com/s/z56dtxa891ogd0q/1512_SDB3_Q11G_MA_V8.11.28_20161128.zip?dl=0


  1. Neck~beard says:

    I have updated the new software on qsat 28.. the problem is whenever i scan for 68.5 i only receive HBO and discovery network channel but sony pix , sony six and sony espn are not on the list i cant get them whenever i save the scan…


  3. chambeshi wappima says:

    Good evening. I don’t seem to download the auto roll software for qsat11. What can I ? Please help Lemmy.

  4. Dear Guys am in a big mess now, i just upgraded my qsat 15g now and it refuses to boot pls help me out……


  5. Pls help me on my qsat23g my own is not work well. My kwesesport is talkin but not show and i did not get sport24.
    Pls help me for both kwesesport and sport24, thanks

  6. Michael o says:

    Oga lemmy thanks for all the response, I erroneously deleted some channels like precious Tv , Mogpa, and some stations like dat, it’s been difficult getting back, I have scan n scaned tire, pls dos stations are precious to me, pls what do i do

  7. Hi Mr Lemmy I’m in Maiduguri how can I get 4 metre dish and the price

  8. In fact,sport 24 is fantastic n u will 4get ds, u should all try to get big dish n no subscription n u will get value 4 ur money

  9. Kenneth Cephas says:

    Can some one please help me with the Software. i am not able to download it from Mr Morgans’ page.

    my email is fwoloshick@gmail.com

  10. Hello…i tested it on my Q15G and it opened ds** channels here in southern africa with great stability.Thanks

    • hi,
      you’re very lucky Sam…
      Here, we are receiving ds*** africa only, not southern beam, and it is not running at all on 36E. (and not working too for can*** on 22W)
      When Chinese are going to take care of their clients, to make them ALL happy, and stop to ask for money and money?
      Anyway, they have not issue any update for Q28G, what I’m using… SO ad for us.

  11. ishmael kigo says:

    great work lemmy we appreciate.am in uganda my issue is does any of the latest software release conply with x-master,i tried 15q and it failed,
    any hope for x-master at the moment sir?

  12. can anyone help me with the new software for qsat 13g. my email is Abdulaiibrahim87@gmail.com

  13. So no hope for qsat series it is really bad

  14. Solo home for qsat series it is really bad

  15. Mr lemmy, what is the difference between qsat 13 and qsat 13g? Because the one in the post, q13g is found in qsat 13. Have used it for my q13g n the decoder cannot load again, what should i do please??.

  16. hi guys i have sw for q13+ and 11g+ if interested email me at jacobmndhlovu@yahoo.com

  17. Mr. Morgan, still q- sat team have forgetten q-sat + users. There is no new software to up grade the q-sat +. It is crime to use q-sat +,

  18. Lemmy can I use my phone instead of flash to upgrade my Qsat 1. How?

  19. what about Xmaster 2& 3 qsat model. Any powervu autoroll software soon.

  20. What about qsat Xmaster series (Xmaster 2 &3)

  21. jean jacques says:

    pls i have a problem to download SW. someone can hellp me?

  22. Fawn Diddy says:

    Dropbox works well for sync. Though I am reluctant to store stuff on cloud these days. Have switched to Binfer. Here’s about direct file sharing

  23. what about qsat13+…pls

  24. my fta MBC channels has been off since this evening ,please is any one experiencing the same ?

  25. we hope to the return of dqcam

  26. Do we need data or GPRS ,for it to activate ,and which network pls

  27. thanks my Oga lemmy

  28. pls. Help i downloaded the q13 software and then extracted it. After i upgrade my receiver and it completed 100% it’s started loading but it hang on LOAD which out completing the booting.

  29. Dear Lemmy
    What about 16°E cccam (mytv, tvsat, …). Sounds like it is dead ?

  30. I have tested with my QSAT 13G and it MTN packge on 57e opened. Thanks lemmy.

  31. Thanks lemmy. Is there going to be an auto roll software for srt 4922 sooner?
    Is the etv Africa at 3*w working .

  32. Does this apply to Q13G+

  33. Thanks a lot Lemmy for that update.
    It means they are not working for East Africa (ds** & cn***) at the moment 🙁
    Have you some news about?

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