Qsat 2013 GPRS DST* satellite receiver [The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I know many people would have been expecting this from me, well as much as i apologize that its coming a bit late, I assure ll my fans that you are about to get a revelation about the aforementioned decoder that you cannot get anywhere else. For a start i have been studying this receiver for the past three and a half months and am about to share with you all you need to know about Qsat. As at the time of writing this, we now have qsat g16 and g13. G16 is the one with a very ugly and heavy built and an antenna while g13 is light and without antenna, both have their pro and cons but time will not permit me to talk about this.

all about qsat

1.  Accounts embeded, all channels free for 1 year:


    35.9°E : more than 200 DST* programs


2.  IKS through GPRS(need no external dongle) and 3G networking,support USB WIFI.

3.  Support cccam,newcam,avatarcam


Main Features                                                                                                                              

²               Fully DVB-S2/MPEG-4/H.264 Decoder.

²        8000 channels memory space (TV + Radio)

²        supports DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2 and USALS

²        Selectable output for 1080P,1080i,720P and 576P format

²        Support EPG,display present / next TV program / 7 days   EPG

²        Support up to DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2 & USALS²        

²        USB multimedia files playback & PVR

²        Internet Key Sharing(IKS) through Cell phone network

²        Compatible work with all GPRS mobile system

²        Plug and play SIM card support, phone@date time, TV@night time

²        Fast Key update and channel change speed;



2 The decoder is one of the most stable iks decoder currently opening Dst* channels

3. you can utilize its inbulit account by pluging in your diret usb 3g modem

4. It supports external dongles, though its not required(the external dongle sometimes hangs on the decoder)

5. It come pre-loaded with two hidden adult channels “youporn and redtube

6. It has other internet tv and iptv embedded.


  • I personally spoke with one of their sales representative on the future prospectt of qsat in Africa, most especially, if they are going to offer software support and account renewal after the inbuilt account must have expired. and i got the following reply “All we want for now is to sell as many qsat products as possible, the manufacturers can not say if they will renew accounts or not in the future” this statement is capable of many interpretations which i will leave for you to decide.
  • Qsat generally consumes more of your airtime when used with a pay as you go sim card than any other dongle i have ever used. Please use a data bundle or your modem
  • If you can only boast of an edge network in your area (esp MTN Nigeria edge) you will suffer in the hands of qsat if you use a direct sim card
  • less features and options under satellite menu.


The design of the recommend model of qsat which is the g16 has the ugliest build i have every gazed upon in years.

The graphical user interface as a whole is also a let down with obscure EPG function.


  1. If you buy it new, insert an active sim ever before you power on the decoder
  2. If and only if your qsat stop working before its expiry time, navigate to  Menu>>setting>>Xcam setup>>AvatarcamHD>>press the green button to reactivate your code
  3. If you want to check your expiry date: Menu>>setting>>Xcam setup>>AvatarcamHD>>press the red button
  4. to enable the two adult channels In the menu>>MultiMedia→Network while you are here, quickly press play + 1513 on your remote
  5. If your Xcam setup is missing navigate to menu>>Setting>> press OK button then enter password “1512”


It is not in me to force products on anybody, but you are to decide on your own based on your income. Besides i have written a comprehensive guide on how to choose rationally. This article is more of an information or enlightenment not a campaign or propaganda.


  1. My Q. Sat has stopped working for more than a week now. Please, help me with any solution.

  2. Pls Lemmy I upgrade my qsat 13g from version 6 to version 7 but the problem am facing is that anytime i want to open youtube its always shows me XML Paser Error.. kindly help with solution.

    Many Thanks

  3. Hello Lemmy.
    My Qsat Q23g has stopped showing all Dst* channels, what is the cause. More foes q23 has youporn hidden channels?

  4. @ Lemmy
    Please, whats the cost of subscription for Q11 coz mine has almost expired…

    • @xto, you can send a request to me on info@ lemmymorgan.com

      • Thank you Lemmy.. Please, I forgot to ask you what is going on with SS3 and SS3N… Mine hasnt been showing for over two days now and the MAX1 and 2 hasnt been showing too… What do I do please?

        • @xto, there is nothing you need to do or can do.. it will be restored automatically

          • @ Lemmy, thank you very much. But unfortunately the whole thing have hardly worked since yesterday. The Internet (modem) hardly come up. Have changed modem but Husai.. just misbehaving to be precise. Dont know if this applies to me alone…

  5. Hi lenny. Thanks for the good work. My q Sat now displays scramble channel and suddenly keeps restarting. I’m using LAN so can’t change SIM card as u suggested to sherelle. Please advise

  6. It displays the video thumbnails though but when highlighted, it attempts to load and displays a triangle with an exclamation mark & “data error” Youtube works just fine by the way.

  7. Hello Lemmy, I appreciate ur good work. Anyways, How do I get uporn and redtube to start working again on my q13g? Stopped working after upgrade to V6.05 shows data error and after my efforts to get it running now it show xml parser error but the regular channnels are working just fine. Thanks in anticipation

  8. Please sir, where can i get the qsat to buy in abuja and please how much does it cost and how do i subscribe?

    Thank you

  9. Hi Lemmy, my server has expired, what can I do to receive feed again?

  10. Qn. Can i use LTE simcard on Q13G? And which steps can i take to make the LAN unscramble channels, Ive tried reactivating and restarting the device, but it didn’t work !! Thx

  11. Qsat is reviving some channels. i watch max 2 yesterday showing the match Mardrid vs Basel but not stable. also Premier movies was stable 80%. hope they will recover well

  12. Please oga Lemmy I have been trying to activate the uporn and the red tube on speed HD S1,but its not coming,please kindly elaborate it and educate me a little on how to activate it.thx for the good job done.

  13. was not able to open de red tube and de utobe omn my qsat 23 frm ghana wat shd i do

  14. lemmy, i want to renew my acct, hw can i contact u

  15. Hello Lemmy, I have been using the 13G QSAT but recently, I discovered that my simcard slot had stopped blinking the green light when a sim is inserted. Please I need your help on what to do coz I don’t have any contact with any distributor or where I can fix this problem. Please reply on my email: horoscope92@gmail.com. Thanks.

  16. Anthony Mustapha says:

    mr. Lemmy,what is the faith of Qsat.

  17. @lemmy i just got qsat 23g and will like to know why all ss channels aint showing, and the latest update on qsat generally. thanks

  18. Anthony Mustapha says:

    pls sir,all my super sports channels ar nt showing but the other channels ar working.what should i do

  19. Hi Lemmy thanks for all the good works,pls my Qsat has not being opening super sports channels, pls is there anything I can do to make them open ,some other channels are opening, I stay in Nigeria

  20. hello Lemmy,
    how can we watch D**V HD stations on Qsat 23g ?? I bought it because of the HD capabilities.

  21. Hey Mr Lemmy….I just got a modem today,want to try out 3G but am a bit stuck on the configuration settings..I don’t know wat AREA,OPERATOR and APN to select….am in zambia,and am currently using MTN

  22. countryeyez says:

    Helllo, just purchased a Q23 DECODER. Except free channels are showing – all other channels gives error scramble channel. I went to setting and cannot find XCAMP under setting. ALso i have even purchased a 3G modem but issue remain same. Is there something i did wrong and did not do? Thanks

  23. Lemmy. Am using Q13G decoder. The HD channels is not working. What can I do to open the HD channels. Thanks

  24. Bros,
    How much is Qsat renewal, and do i hve to wait for my account to go off before i renew?

  25. Lemmy my q sat23g has stop working for 3days now, its not connecting to server. What can I do?

  26. Sylvester says:

    Hi Lemmy,
    Q-SAT aka Kapersky among my colleagues in the office is the best virus that can ever be appreciated in this our generation. Thanks for all you did during the period of upgrades. Well I have less than 100 days to connect to server, also I read in ur write up that all the manufacturer had in mind is to sell to Africa, too bad anyway, but how do I renew my connection to the server if the remaining days get expired?

  27. my q sat 11 accunt is about to. it will go off soon. how can i go bye

  28. Lemmy my Q23G keeps displaying “fail to catch message” when trying to watch youtube even with direct sim and with 3g modem with airtel, mtn and glo. Even changed to 3g, ticking d “auto link”. Still no solution

  29. My q13 stop working since last 3 days is there any problem. My active code begins with 58. Tx

  30. ABDUL HASSAN says:

    Well done,i have an Azsky g1. How and where can i get and activate an active account 4 it.Thanks 4 D efforts.

  31. Hi, I’m David from Kenya, just bought a new Q15. Under settings there is no avatarcam setup, how do i activate the decoder and where do i get activation code?

  32. Hello Lemmy, I’m from Accra, Ghana. I’ve owned a Q13g for the past 4 months. However, over the last 30 days, the decoder had been re-starting very frequently on its own. At first it just writes “scramble channel” then either comes back after a few seconds or restarts (seldom). But now it restarts frequently without any message. I use Tigo network. Please what seem to be the problem?

  33. Ok thanks.but service is ok in the morning and afternoon.bad signal only occur at night.

  34. Hi,lemmy happy weeked.My Q sat ,when its morning to even like 9am to 5 pm the quality of signal will up to 75 % but it s 6 pm the service (quality ) will be come down small small and when it s 8pm no signal again till d next day.that is how is working since a month ago.any way forward sir.

  35. Hello Lemmy I just installed the Q sat decoder and after 3days it shows me invalid Eutelsat 36A,36 pls what do I do.

  36. Hi lemmy
    When I put on my Qsat it takes about ten minutes before it displays “LOAD” is it a big problem? Can it be sorted out if it is? Are there Qsat technicians around?

  37. danny sesay says:

    Lemmy Morgan rocks

  38. Mr Lemmy thanks for your effort at enlightening us. my qsat 13g has suddenly stopped connecting to network. the GPRS indicator doesn’t come on. I am unable to watch anything with it. I have tried various sim cards . pls help. thanks

  39. Sherelle Olverson says:

    Mr. Morgan,

    My Qsat 13g keeps restarting its self, and also scratches very badly what might be the problem ???

  40. Hi Mr Lemmy, pls. just wnt to find out if in any time A+ dog we be back and if some one can get the Qsat from you thanks

  41. fredrick says:

    lemmy how do you renew the avatacam account when the free 1 year access expires ?

  42. Hi lemmy, i got Qsat 11g 3days ago, has been on and off with the channels. My active code shows 00000 only. When i press green button it says cannot connect to server. what could be the problem. (2) i cant open any Multimedia >Network>Youporn/Redtube/news the message is “Fail to catch message”. what could be the issue? also the radio service does not work. Please advise

  43. Hello Oga Lemmy i tried that of the multimedia, fail to catch message popped up.

  44. Hi Lemmy,
    Can you kindly assist me with the first q13 installation details?
    I recently bought the decoder but i have failed to activate the AvatarCamHd account. All i have managed to do is watch the free channels.

    Thanx in advance.

  45. Pls lemmy, i successfully installed the adult channels but cannot watch it. There is an error message xml parse. Pls, what can i do? And d HD channels dont show too

  46. Lemmy please I used 36E but said there was no transponder. Could you please walk me through this step by step? Do I need to change the Astra to eutelsat before. Please guide me through it

  47. Hi lemmy my Qsat is working perfectly but a friend next door has his off. I Realized mine uses eutelsat 36A,36…and his comes with ASTRA…could that be the problem. if so, how can he solve the problem? His code is 59xxx

  48. jones. ferrari says:

    Azsky. Is working completely. Now u guys shud connect and. Enjoy. Thanks to azsky.

  49. Hi lemmy, I was trying to apply software on Qsat 11g when the decoder hanged at the loading stage. I switched the device off and on several times but it continue displaying “LOAd “. What shall I do?

  50. Hello lemmy, could you be clear with a little simple english on how to access youporn. What exactly does ‘play +1513’ mean? You must atleast elaborate if its press and hold ‘play button’ then key in code 1513 or press ‘play button onece and key in code 1513. Thanks

  51. frankfor550 says:

    Hi brother Lemmy can you please help me by providing the activation CODE for my qsat 11g, my
    serial number is-00110568586E. my code is not working, i don’t even see it. pls sir

  52. Hi Lemmy,
    My Qsat only shows cctv and dish channel all others are scrambled
    please advise
    Also I noticed there are some new HD channels that are also not showing
    I’m using mtn sim do I need to do any setting for the iptv to work

  53. Oga Lemmy you are really doing a great work, God bless you, pls how can i browse with my Q-SAT Q116 decoder & 4 sometimes now my dst* channels hv stoped working & the HD channels hvnt work at all, pls do well to reply me. TNX

  54. Hi, Lemmy, i m in Ghana. Please my qsat is not working for a week now. Also how can i access the iptv and lastly i need specific direction on how to access the adult channels.


  55. Please I do not know what the matter with my qsat @ 1st some channels like ss1 ss2 ss3 and lot more where saying bad signal why the other channels where okay so I decided to re scan my decoder after the re scan I notice that all those channel that where saying bad signal where all gone ha so I re scan again and again till now till can not find those channel but I got ss3Ni but on my decoder that station freeze like mad please what can I do to get back the lost channels

  56. Mr Lemmy, my Q sat Q11G stopped working for about six days now, i followed your instruction on reactivating code if and only if your q sat stops working before expiry, but it still did not work. pls Mr Lemmy, what is the possible cause of this? and how do i get my q sat to start working again?

  57. oluwalogbon says:

    pls sir i didnt get password clear.its showing wrog password pls help me out.

  58. Fomunung Dinga says:

    What is wrong with Qsat? mine stopped working since Saturday.

  59. pls mr lemmy i want to no 4 now can qsat open mytv or orther chan. is it only dstv dat qsat open

  60. please my t-900 t-link decorder has stop working for months now. is there any way forword

  61. Pls Lemmy , my Q13G with code 58xxxxxx stopped working 2days ago. Is it a general problem and or there’s a new firmware I have to upgrade to. iPTV as well as the adult channels are not working. Thanks

  62. My Oga, well done 4 all d job. u re doing. my qsat13 stop working 4 3days now and I use airtel line & I just bought it 2wks ago. pls what can I do.

  63. Hello,
    Thanks for the valuable info about Qsat. I am using Q16 and I believe that my year’s free subscription has expired. How can I buy or activate a new subscription?

  64. hi lemmy.

    i want to know if its possible to extract the account info(especially the cccam account) embedded in my qsat 13.?


  65. Hello Lemmy,
    I just bought a qsat q13g but after just 2 days of watching, all the dst* channels are scrambled.
    I have connected the decoder to a router via cable and I have setup the activation. Internet is working perfectly because I can ping and I can watch all IPTV perfectly.
    Kindly help here

  66. Hi, do u think that Dstv have finally downed Qsat for good? Does it take this long almost three weeks to fix an upgrade downtime?

  67. Can someone help with the link to download the latest software for Queen pls

  68. Helloo, If you are thinking of buying qsat think twice. I have gsat g13 but it has never been stable for two weeks since i bought it in October without showing scrambled channel. I am going to get azsky am tired of qsat their server is too weak and they are only interested in selling the decoder not the service.

  69. Lemmy, pls the iptv keeps saying “network error “and youporn and redtube also says “cannot catch the messages” . What can be the problem? Q13g

  70. I sent you an email and waiting for you reply on how you can get the Asky G6 dongle on my Qsat 13G

  71. Mr. Morgan, I would like to know if I can use the Asky G6 dongle on Q-sat 13g if Yes how can I get it from you ?

  72. Mr. Morgan, I would like to know if I can use the Asky G6 dongle on Q-sat 13g, If Yes, how can you get it from me ?

  73. Hi Lemmy bought 2 Qsat q13g both with code 52xxxxx but am stuck with the correct initial setup like what satellite to use and my supplier didn’t provide me with initial setup for dst all i can watch now is FTA and IPTV the rest are all scrambled plis if you can assist

  74. Mr. Morgan,
    I would like to know if I can use the Asky G6 dongle on Q-sat 13g and if Yes, how can you get it for me ?

  75. I av upgrade it after two days it was not workin again (11-02-2014) since dat day it stop workin uptil now

  76. Which is the more reliable decoder to get ?

  77. Lemmy which of the azsky is best or compatible with Q13G?

  78. pls lemmy thanx for the good work u r doing. i upgrade my q 13g as u said n everytin was fyn but yesterday till now it started scrambled. what do i do,?

  79. my q sat 116, is showing scramble channel and whennever i try to link the sim, it will say network connection fail. pls help

  80. Good Morning Mr. Morgan, Qsat has stopped working since yesterday. I already have the v6 firmware installed. It looks like as usual is coming from the server and they say wait patiently. I want to get azsky as my backup the down times are too much.

  81. Lemmy pls I use q13g with code 58xxxx. It has been off since 7days ago. What do I do

  82. Thanx for ur support. My Q11G has stopped working since early this morning. What could be the problem pls?

  83. Hi Lemmy.
    I’m using a Q13. i have a WIFI and a wifi USB receiver and will like to know how i can connect to IPTV or YouTube.

  84. Hi, I have seen that you have been consistent by saying press play (▶) +1513 for adult channel, under Manu>> multimedia but my own is not showing… Is there any other way?

  85. Pls lemmy anytime i press the record button on my Q11G decoder, while a usb flash is connected to it, it tells me “not valid, enter recorder” what could be the cause of this?
    Secondly, i was cajoled into buying an A+ dongle, is it better than the azsky?

  86. my qsat is not showing hd channels wot can i do to view hd channels

  87. How can i hide the adult channels again

  88. Where can I purchase this decoder in Nigeria. I live in Abuja

  89. I would like to know which of the decoders is the best ?

  90. Leader Lenny,

    My avatcam start with 57******** and I have the V6 Software upgraded to it but it has been off since Monday till today.. I have changed to the LAN but still to no avail. Is it a general problem or am the only one having problem here.. Thank you Lenny.

  91. l on my Q-sat decoder yesterday and it wasn’t able to load for the decoder picture to display .it was the red light which came on the front of the decoder.which caused that ?please…help me to resolve it

  92. you have not reply me sir,i will be happy if i can get it through you sir,pls how much is the price and howcan i get it through you sir

  93. Boss,
    Does it mean qsat is gone for a while or what is going. Can please give any update as to what is happening.

  94. pls how can i get it through you sir i need info about it

  95. thank you sir,but pls were can i get the original azsky g6 and how much did u think i can get it sir

  96. thank you sir,but will i knw the original one and how much will it cost me to get one sir

  97. Thanks my oga I have done all you said on the page u sent to me but still did not come up the azsky is a G1 super and it is new the green light is on and the data light is on but red still mt 11g did not show any chennal or do I use it only when qsat is offline or does the G1 need any kind of activation

  98. pls sir were can i buy decoder and which one is ok bt qsat and azsky,i live in lagos,how much will it cost me plss reply sir

  99. pls lemmy. there is nothing showing on the screen to indicate that an upgrade is going on after starting the process. is that how it is? or i didnt do it well. i just want to know what you will see on your screen when the process starts. tks

  100. Hi lemmy pls i need to know what is up with sat 116? I don’t think it’s working again . What do i do?

  101. major mringo says:

    Hi lemmy, I have experienced a problem in activating a new qsat q11g. When pressing tje red button the message comes ‘do not connect to server, or try again later’. What can I do to fix this problem? Please help

  102. How do I connect my azsky to my 11G and does it need any upgrade before u or is it just buy connect and start viewing

  103. Dear Lemmy, I have 2 questions please.
    1. How do i connect my 13g to wi-fi cos i have wi-fi in my house?
    2. the only HD channel that shows is Discovery HD. how do i get the sport HD channels and others to show?
    thanks in anticipation of your help.

  104. Abu Musah says:

    Pls the Xcam in my decoder is lost, what do I do?

  105. kumakech denis says:

    please i have Q SAT 11G all the HD channels are not working what can i do ? please help

  106. I own a 11g qsat. Stopped working. Sent to the seller who said he needed to work on it. Returned it working. 2 days later freezes and stopped working. All channels scrambled. For 4 days now. What to do?

  107. kumakech denis says:

    Hi professor LEMMY MORGAN, thanks for the solution to my problem I’m watching now. May God bless you.
    Now is only the HD which are not working if there is a solution to it is well come please.

  108. Please how can l link my laptop internet through lan cable to Q sat . please any help please

  109. Pls oga lemmy, am using strong decoder 4922A, what can i do to be watching DSTV and IPTV channel for free

  110. Please I want to know the difference between the Q11, Q13, Q15 and Q16. Is one higher than the other? How can I connect the the YouTube because anytime I do, it says “Fail to catch message”. What should I do?

    • @garror, they use the same server. youtube can be watched with the help of a 3g modem, wifi or lan internet.. you can’t watch youtube on your qsat with dirsim card

  111. abdul - rauf says:

    lemmy morgan how do i renew my azsky account or do i get the account. thank you

  112. QSAT is a mess cant cope with this on and off.
    The guys are fraud stars, they cant manage the
    no of users on their servers and they keep selling the
    maggot QSAT and making vain promise that it will soon be
    on after going off. This is bull shit will rather pay my dstv premium
    subsription and enjoy my SS channels no to missing interesting P League
    and La liga matches and other favorites. Qsat is a failure. Thats my opinion
    you are entitled to yours.
    Meanwhile thanks lemmy for your effort , i hope you are getting your own
    gbem for all this effort.

  113. @ suleiman please contact me for that

  114. pls lemmy help me with a link to download xman G8 software thanks.

  115. One of my friend mistakenly upgrade q11 decoder with q13 software what can he do to revive it

  116. pls lemmy help me with å link to download xmen G8 software thanks.

  117. Snipersonodoi says:

    @ lemmy morgan I’m using Q-sat 16, i don’t have the software to upgrade my firmware to 2013 and secondly my xcam/avator code starts from 54xxxxxxx pls help me………..

  118. My avatcam code starts with 57******* And I have already done the V5 Upgrade since Jan 6 but for 3 days now it has been off. Do I have to do that V6 Upgrade again..

  119. how much will any of these q sats cost? i’m interested in purchasing

  120. Please bro after I did my upgarde my decoder started working has I said before but now I noticed it has started restarting it self please Is this normal after upgrade becos it does it like 3time and stop and later I will do it again

  121. Rastafari says:

    What is going on with this Qaat? That last upgrading is not up to a month

    • Hi Clint, Is this for real another upgrade so soon.?

      • @Joe its for real, the word on the street is that verson 5 will stop working soon, and some people may be experiencing problem with it already

        • hi! i have upgraded to the version 6 but still the channels are scrambled. any advice

          • the fact is that the server is not yet stable but am sure it will be back soon i got this info from a very good of my in china

            this are his real words ( hi friend the server is a bit unstable now do the update to v6 sw ) hope this will help a bit

  122. my qsat is not showing Lemme.May I know if Azsky G2 is showing?how can i buy one from u?am in Ghana

  123. @Lemmy, when it comes to money i am ok. Please what ways can help me out of the scramble channel issues.

  124. my mmy qsat 11 stopped working on tuesday 21 4pm and has since not come.What is the problem my boss?Am in Ghana.Is G2 working?I need one, my boss

  125. thanks to my oga lemmy and i will have to say this if all men where like my oga lemmy things will be cool for us in this world.well my point here is this i will love to help ever one here but i do not know how my Good friend that work in Qsat company just told me that a version 6 is out for all the qsat and x men G8 decoder the fact is that i have done my own upgrade and on my X men G8 and my kid bro Qsat 11g and they are both working fine but the only problem i will be having here is on how to upload the software online here so if my oga lemmy will show me how to do that i will be will to help and if you stay in lag and very close to mushin area and do not know how to do the upgrade please try an contact me and i will do that for you thanks and all thanks to my oga lemmy

    i have the upgrade software for all this decoder
    1,QSAT Q11G
    2,QSAT Q13G
    3,QSAT Q15G
    4,QSAT Q16G
    5,XMAN G8

    make oga lemmy try upload them or show me how to upload them here thanks

  126. lemmy hop we no go kill u wit different kind questions…
    pls kindly explain dis cccam n how 2 get it activated… thnx

  127. Good day lemmy. I’m using a strong 4922A decoder, n m ok with it. what I need is a decoder that can browse for free or minimal amount. with d procedures…..pls ur help is needed here. Thanks in anticipation.

  128. @Lemmy Got my qsat 11g on the 4 days ago and from yesterday all i get is Scramble Chennels. I have been going through responses must say you doing a good job. In a nutshell we, the unfortunate ones what best stepwise measures would you advise to help troubleshoot or we should patiently wait on qsat to fix this issue?
    I use mtn sim. No other sim has responded.

  129. Just installed my qsat for like 4 days it has been working fine but from yesterday all my channels are scrambled and I’m using Mtn sim with 300 loaded on it though the credit doesn’t go down please advise

  130. Lemmy, if gsat is still working then it means some of us we wont have ours online.
    what do we do? do we have to buy cccam account to restore our qsat. getting sad please advice.Thank you

  131. Hi lemmy
    Desperation causes desperate act. Would you say that buying cccam is not worth it cos it only has a slight stability advantage over avatarcam?
    Am really desperate. Please help

  132. p.m lemmy
    pls i dnt knw y buh my q11 is stil showin scramble channel
    is it frm me or frm dem
    pls help a brother
    my code begins wit 56***

  133. dave shalom says:

    hello lemmy, thanks for all ur assistance. I tried to use Airtel 3g modem zte (MF 190U) with my Qsat 11g and it did not connect to the network, what could be the problem?? Thanks in anticipation

  134. Oga lemmy, God bles u 4 ur efforts… just wanted 2 knw if qsat is back online…

  135. How can I get cc cam pls mr lemmy

  136. Thank you lemmy.
    Please what do you suggest i can do?
    Should i wait incase it would be fixed or there is another option. i can send a mail if you dont mind.
    thank you

  137. Hi, Lemmy. God bless you for the time taken to reply.
    i have a q11g. The AvatarCamHD no is 56**. it was taken for an upgrade and its showed for just few days. i can see a file under ftp upgrade. should i upgrade it or what can i do to make it work.
    thank you

  138. Hi lemmy
    Please I hear cccam is more stable than avatar can. Would you recommend cccam for me? is it compatible with Qsat? please help

    • @nii, no account is more stable than the other, it depends on the price and maintenance of the server. cccam it four times more expensive than avatarcam codes so you should expect slight stability from t

  139. Lemmy……. how will i knw either my device is 54xxxxx or 56xxxx am using Qsat13

  140. Bros what I get now is an on and off type of decoder this min it is working the next may be light goes off it may not come up again for a very long time what do I do but all free channels are working fine

  141. Sorry @lemmy but I got this from a source in china ( hi friend,
    yes,and qsat server is off as well
    we have to wait these days
    so sorry ) so I will like to confirm how truth this info is please

  142. Good morning friend, my qsat account start from 56xxxx and it has been off since 3 days ago. I have done the update.can it be my account if it is please tell me how to buy a new one.counting on your usual help.thanks

  143. guys pls is the qsat q13g working??i keep getting scramble channel here in ghana

  144. Mr Morgan….Tanx for all Ur helpful info & assistance bt pls I nid Ur hlp. I’v bn wantin to upgrade my Q11g decoder bt d Q15 software I downloaded is requesting for password which I dnt av. Kindly hlp m wit it

  145. Please @lemmy is it my Qsat decoder or a genaral problem becasue my is not showing pictures the only station that shows is the free to air please I need help

  146. Hey Lemmy
    I was watching my qsat 11 then channel started freezing even now ! What must I do my ac code start with 5 if its a general problem when do I expect to have my channels back ?

  147. I dont think qsat is ready for buz althoug. Qsat 13g wit code 57 is down parmanently 2day. I assume d rest wil b desame. Pls lemmy if its no let me knw d solution. Thanks

  148. Hi lemmy
    How do I check to see if my receiver starts with 54xxxx or 56xxx

  149. Hi lemmy
    I upgraded my Qsat about a week ago but all the channels are currently scrambled.is it a server problem or it’s only my device. Thanks

  150. Lemmy, please how can i know the date or year my account will expire? I want to know more about Qsat….i’m yet to get one for ma self.


  151. My Q11G is displaying smart card removed intermitently. What can I do to stop it?

  152. lemmy thanks 4 d help. How can i connect my qsat with modem i try but i cold’nt pls help.

  153. wow!! kudos lemmy……… my 13G Decoder rocks.

  154. Ubong Umoren says:

    Gud evenin lemmy,after i upgraded my Qsat it only worked dat night after that..it has refuse to work since then i hv tried all d lines its d same n also d Qsat was 13G bt after d upgrading its now 11G pls what is d solution…

  155. Pls. How can I include joytv 2 my q-sat 11g decoder

  156. mr. lemmy,
    av been trying to reactivate my code but it keeps saying cannot receive data from server. pls wat do i do cos it stopped working for almost 3weeks now.

  157. I need q sat q116 new softwares pls

  158. Got2haveteeth says:

    Can’t connect the wifi on my qsat 11

  159. Got2haveteeth says:

    Hey lemmy, how can connect the wiffy of qsat 11.

  160. Please Lenny I want to know how to activate the adult channel cos am just not getting it.and again can I check my credit from the Qsat dongle without taking of the Sim?
    Is the adult channel activated by only the use of modem?

  161. Hello, I have tried using my Vodafone and Airtel modem but to no avail. how do I use them with Qsat. It’s not identifying wifi networks too. Only GPRS why?

  162. hi Lemmy, i try accessing the youtube and the adult channel but to no avail. I always receive this message ” Fail to catch message”
    i try using the 3G moderm but still, pls help……

  163. Hi Lemmy Morgan.

    How can i get the password to access the software.i want to upgrade my qsat 13g.

  164. pls my qsat decoder is not connecting to dstv channels, what can i do, pls i need updates. thanks

  165. @lemme bt the regular channels r showing

  166. Plse lemme, my network channels r not playing. Wen i click on any one it tells me failed to catch message. Plse help thanks

  167. I upgraded my qsat Q11G decoder without any hitch using an MTN sim on gprs. This is achieved by just following the tips and steps provided on this site. Kudos to you lemmy.

  168. bros lemmy, pls were can i get a voda sim and who is gonna activate it? and do you advise me to get a Zorrobox Z3 cos my friend said its the best…thnx

  169. Hi Lemmy kindly help me out with password to upgrade my decoder. Almighty God will bless u and your households for helping us to solve our problems. Those people I bought it for are on my neck.

  170. I was upgrading my Q sat 16 decoder and a power blackout happened in the processes. Now it cant boot.Help?

  171. I was updating my Qsat 16 and there was a power blackout.how do I restore the booting ??

  172. bernard bekoe says:

    i tried glo sim card mornin, de netwrk connectivity seems to stable but still gettin scramble channel feedbck
    also if dilema of qsat goes off n we dnt get scrambled feedbck an more will my qsat be able to unscramble some of de scrambled channel on strong too as well
    tnx bro

  173. bernard bekoe says:

    i wanted to upgrade ma version, hw do i go abt it……
    is dis qsat wrkin mine is down for abt two weeks nw, dnt knw if ma version S/W…STB V3.10.12
    @LEMMY do i still need to upgrade it n ma code is also……57xxxxxxx
    frankly i conf sef

  174. @lemmy
    am usin Qsat 13G , a diecq switch which connects to three satelite dish, my problem is one of de dish is strong n recently scanned n i got some scrambled channels. nw i want to knw if de qsat problems is resolved will those scrambled channels be unscrambled fo viewin
    thanx bro

  175. Oluwalogbon says:

    Hi Lemmy .thanks alot after
    upgrade my qsat now i m
    watch everything channel.since yestaday.And i just to contribute to every body dat hav problem of connect dey should try it to connect it at midle night around 12am.i did my own with out use 3g modern just a sim with gprs.

  176. bernard pls use vodafone sim. mtn isnt working with qsat i quess. a lot of people who wer usin mtn hv change to voda

  177. bernard bekoe says:

    my Qsat 13G isnt wrking after puttin my mtn sim card in dere wid credit sef. still am getting scramble channel for abt a week nw, its jz fustratin and also tried de adult fing too it isnt wrkin. i also tried activating de AVATARCAM…..DE RESPONSE i get is its nt receiving data from server….is dat mean my mtn is nt fualty….am in ghana

  178. I was upgrade my qsat and the light go off is it possible for me to do qsat to qsat firmware , please help me

  179. Please can I upgrade my qsat 13 through RS232

  180. Zahra Fatima says:

    @ Lemmy.
    Very Unfortunately, my Qsat 116 just went off, since then I am not able to view any scrambled channel. Please I need to know if this is a universal problem or not.

  181. good day lemmy. please i paid like N25,000 for Q Sat 11G.After 4 days of frustrating services; most channels scrambled, i called the installer who acquired the decoder for me, he asked me to pay additional N3000 for software upgrade. i am so disappointed that i cnt pay any extra just after a few days.
    Please how do i go about this upgrade or can you assist in any way? thanks.
    i can be reached at my email address or on phone on 08036546360

  182. Gudday sir, pls my Qsat 13g w activation code 57xxxxx and version 4.1x was upgraded by my installer today when all channels were scrambled but now what i can see is ‘can not get account.,please try later’. Please help as all channels are still scrambled n now can’t even get my account.

  183. Hi mr Lemmy
    Sir what is the latest version for Q11G software and how to upgrade

  184. peter utasi says:

    Or does it mean it is a plug and play kind of decoder

  185. peter utasi says:

    My oga that is my problem where is the guide please becos I can not seen to see any one

  186. Thanks so much sir,i did not toch sharing menu,i just ask u b4 i toch it.because after activate it ketp showing me scramble channel.i think ativation for d first and my activation code is 588******.pls help me out.

  187. peter utasi says:

    Please I will like to if this decoder (Q11G) is already configured or we need to configure it when we buy and what do u mean by activation and how is it been done please. My is just here and I do not know what to do with it or where to start from please help and thanks for all the help so far on this site

  188. Mr Lemmy thanks for the good work. gsat has been down since yesterday. Is it only my device or its a general issues. Please advice this on and off has been so common these days especially when you are about the watch live football matches, sometimes i am made to think DSTV has their hands in it.

  189. wole mayowa says:

    As i
    m try to activate, under d
    setting >XCAMSetup there was a
    and status was not connect.pls
    help to exaplain for how to activate it.Thanks
    Again under d setting avartcam hd >xcam i saw sharing and
    some setting there like
    active,server,user,password,key,status.etc. may i need
    to touch all dis ?.and my
    activation code start with
    588*****..pls assist me sir all d channel kept showing scramble channel.

    • @wole, you are trying to bite more than you can chew.. please only touch what you are asked to touch. i never said you need to navigate to sharing menu before your decoder works

  190. Hi lemmy
    My TV displays BAD SIGNAL after a heavy rain four days ago. Has the qsat server problems re occured or the problem is from my end?

  191. ple help me lemmy do i have to bandle e sim for internet b4 use

  192. Good afternoon lemmy, pls do attend to me, my Qsat G16 Stop working since yesterday.and my local installer say he needs to upgrade it. Is there any upgrade for G16, pls do help me mr lemmy.

  193. thnks for ur support pls do i have to bandle the sim b4 i insert it since i have try all network in Ghana n it open the channel for a day n goes off
    i m using g 13 q sat

  194. hi lemmy, av not been able to watch dst. for 3 days now and my code starts with 54xxxxx and am in ghana. pls wat do i do?

  195. do Qsat 116 need upgrade? cos mine keep going off. please do help

  196. lemmy, pls i have been trying to watch youtube or open google map but all the time i click it will say ” did not catch the message..pls how do i brawse or watch iptv? i have a Qsat 11G..

  197. Hi lemmy, I didn’t bring any problem but I have been observing and reading your response to people on this thread. am amazed at your patience and your commitment to helping solve problems of people. May God bless you very much cos without you our dongles would have been white elephants by now. Thanks so much

  198. Good sir,i brought dis q13 day b4 yestaday.when i try to connet it,its was only gprs i was able to connect sucessful but all d channel is scramble and i try to use modern for 3g but nigeria was there. and i try to input after all d process is showing no dongle device.an i search for everything b4 i saw ur work and arctle through google search and i ready mostly.what i notes is that
    there is where to found XCAM(AVATARCAM HD).Under my setting only have dis

    Enthernet Config
    Pvr Config
    MM Setting
    Pls assist me on it.again i’m not yet upgrade it because our light is not stable and i am fear for damage.Thanks

  199. @Lemmy, i try upgrading but an information pop-up ”Download from TS” and now it has failed to disappear from my screen. Is not picking the remote anymore, please help.

  200. Hi Lemmy, the scramble channel keeps on coming and am just not happy about it. please how do i stop it? is there something i can do? thanks

  201. help Lenny,how do I check the version on my qsat

  202. thank u oga lemmy, may God continue to bless u. I upgrd my qsat 11g 2 days ago n it wrkd fine but since yeaterday evenini it refuse to open any chanel. my acct wit 54xxxxxx.is it general.

  203. @Lemmy pls n pls I nid ur help in bringing out the two adult stations but cant, av tried presin play button + 1513 still did nt wk, pls giv me a mor simplified step by step what 2 do. Thanks man.

  204. Bros my qsat Q11G is working perfect ok now the account number is {56xxxx} but i never do d upgrading. Pls cn i stil do the upgrading when is working now

  205. Hi Lemmy,
    Pls can i get the software for q11g upgrade.
    Also the procedure. Thanks! Cheers!!

  206. Goodday Lemmy, a quick one pls. After upgrading Q11G will it still be able to use direct sim? Or is it only going to be using modems.

  207. Hi Lemmy, Qsat with code 54xxx has not worked since sunday. is this general? Thank you

  208. actionmiko says:

    my qsat q13g with code 55******* came back online just 15mins ago, at about 2.18pm today and all channels blazing wonderfully without freezing. I hope it will stay.

  209. Hi Lemmy, pls extend ur usual kind gesture to me. I use q13g and after the upgrade which i did because my SS werent showing remained the same. At a time only SS3 wasnt showing but later other SS more more followed. I did factory reset and more channels followed. At a time the channels came as Service xxx. I was told it was due to signal (which was around 32 on EUTELSAT 36A, 36/XXX36 0E). I boosted the signal to 50 but after several scans selecting several sats nothing is found. Transponder list, Radio, TV channels all returning nothing. i have even tried swapping the LNB but the same result. The problem started about a week ago.Please help.

  210. l am Q-sat decorder with the code 55******but isn’t working.but someone is using similar one with the code 56*****but is working.please………what is the problem give me solution to solve it

  211. Is q-sat stable at all

  212. Mr Lenny
    Is Tiger Z360 accessing same server as qsat? Cos they act same way for now. In your list of decoders you did not mention Tiger products. Your opinion please

  213. @ lemmy, really appreciate yr effort for sometimes now, pls av been trying to access d adult site but no to avail. ..how can I watch it wit my q116 thanks

  214. Please lemmy
    I read in this thread you suggesting azsky g6 to someone. I stay in Ghana. Any idea where I can get one?

  215. Mr Lemmy, pls can I connect my qsat q11g via wifi? If yes pls how.. thanks

  216. Ken Ellah says:

    Hi Lemmy, is this a usual occurrence that should some channels should go off, or is it that DST* is trying to scramble the whole channels, I use QSAT 13G decoder, an some channels like Africa Magic and SS are not working. I really need to know so as to know whether to wait or to dispose of the stuff./ Thank you so much for your advice.

    • @ken ellah it is server problems from qsat not dsthieves trying to block anything. Dsthieves only blocked hd channels successfully(though it could be temporarily)

  217. Rastafari says:

    Lemmy! What the latest on qsat! When is the problem going to b resolved

  218. major mringo says:

    Hi lemmy please I want to know when should the problem be resolved. Any infos?

  219. Bros my qsat stop working season on Sunday i try all network but is not working yet and my qsat account number start with { 56 } is Q11g but i never upgrade it with new software u give us . Pls lf do d upgrading what is d result. What con i do too make it work again pls i need your help oooooo sir.

  220. Rastafari says:

    Pls what is the latest on qsat nw… it really fucking up. Pls Lemmy update guys or we should forget about this decoder


  222. Morning lemmy. thanks for the selfless service

    I want to ask. Almost all channels are back at my end save for

    SS, AIT, Skynews and Africa magic yoruba.

    Is it the same with everyone else?

  223. Morning lemmy. thanks for the selfless service

    I want to ask. Almost all channels are back at my end save for

    SS, AIT, Skynews and Africa magic yoruba.

    Is it the same with everyone else?


  224. Morning lemmy. thanks for the selfless service

    I want to ask. Almost all channels are back at my end save for

    SS, AIT, Skynews and Africa magic yoruba.

    Is it the same with everyone else?


  225. Mr. Lemmy, how r u and d hustle, pls Lemmy is there any way I can. Connect. My qsat q11g via wifi? If yes pls what’s d method! Pls help

  226. major mringo says:

    Hey oga lemmy, is there any problem with ss channels or qsat staff are continuing on maintenance

  227. @Charles ansong
    I personally checked on the ss channels this morning and it was only blitz that was not scrambled and even now blitz is also scrambled

  228. The SS channels and HD channels are back as at this morning.

  229. Meaning qsat users wil nt be able 2 watch live matches

  230. haizenburg says:

    Yes most of d channels are back except ss and blitz

  231. Thanks Lemmy.
    I am very grateful

  232. Thanks very much lemmy
    is there a way that dst* can scramble only ss channels on qsat? Or its basically a Qsat server problem? I ask because all the channels are back with the exception of ss channels.
    Your response to questions on this thread is really amazing.in fact it really calmed my nerves as am a new user of the dongle

  233. @nii type of accounts used by iks decoders

  234. Oluwaseun says:

    But some SS Channels are still missing

  235. Oga lemmy please I need your advice on this issue. Someone told me dreambox family HD comes with german server with 2yrs account is better than azsky G6 HD. Please put me thru in this area before buying it. So that I wont waste my money. Thanks

  236. Oga lemmy please I need your advice on this issue. Someone told me dreambox family HD comes with german server with 2yrs account inside is better than azsky G6 HD. Please put me thru in this area before buying it. So that I wont waste my money. Thanks

  237. Pls how do I check my decoder to know which avatacam code is carrying. Thanks.

  238. Oluwaseun says:

    Mr Morgan thanks for your endurance and patience. The channels are back as at the time of sending this message.

  239. Hi Lemmy
    Since the 2nd January my Qsat channels have not been working, i can see the free channels, i have an active orange sim, when it was installed on the 28 December 2013 it was working great, what is going on now? my avatarcam starts with 57 and it expires November 2014

  240. Bros Lemmy, thanks for being of help to so many, I myself need serious help, my QSAT is frustrating me, all channels are scrambled for past 3 days, my avatarcam is 57xxxx. I have tried different sims. Please help! It’s frustrating.

  241. only CNBCchannel which is working on my Q-qat decorder .please….what is the problem

  242. Oluwaseun says:

    Oga Lemmy happy new year. Do you mean the channels are now completely back, including the SS Channels. Cos as at this morning I could only get MShow, SZone, SET A, DTV, DAYSTAR, TRAP SPORTS, and the FTA channels.

  243. Thanks a lot Lemmy for the prompt response I appreciate it guess we just have to wait only mnet series zone opens on mine without freezing

  244. Same here, all channels are scrambbled. Only African magic Hausa showing. I use a q13g decoder and it’s the same with all networks

  245. hi lemmy please is itnpossible to carryout a decoder to decoder upgrade or downgrade with qsat q11 my avarter code starts with 58 and after upgrading the performance somewhat became worse so was wondering if its possible to get another q11 that has not been upgraded and use it to downgrade mine thanks alot

    • @seun, don’t deceive yourself. the poor performance is from qsat not the software. view all previous comments you will see several ppl who did not upgarde at all and yet are having poor performance

  246. Please will updating my q sat solve the freezing problems?

  247. Dear Lemmy,
    Having followed your responses here, I am convinced of your expertise to attend to many problems associated with qsat. All the channels in my qsat is showing scrambled channel. I currently have about N4000 worth of credit in my airtel sim. I can watch the redtube and youporn but cant watch any of the normal channels. Pls, what should I do.

    Thank you

  248. Hi lemmy. My q sat 11g has not been opening any channels since yesterday save for DISCW and some italian channels. What can I do

  249. hello, i got my qsat Q11g dec 2013 and since then, i have never enjoyed watching dst* channels on it.
    Its either scramble channel or the program freeze while watching..
    How can i fix this problem ?

    I use my LAN cable on it while Dst* channals dont show but i get to view other IPTV channels

  250. pls sir my q- sat is freezing wat is the problem

  251. morng all.
    qsat hasn’t worked today at my end. since 7am

  252. Pls which one of the decoder perform better now Xman G8 or QStat Q11

  253. thks lemmy.

    does it mean i have to be buying N1000 for 260 mb monthly for etisalat?

  254. Thank you, also sometimes it doesn’t come up. And i use a modem, like right now. Is it from their end? Also my own decoder puts my country as Egypt at the Ethernet setting

  255. Please oga lemmy, my Qsat decoder keeps freezing, what can I do about it?

  256. Thanks lemmy what about the issue of hanging and freezing every 3 minutes. is it normal?

    also why is ss3 not showing


  257. I don’t understand what you just said. the SS channels hangs when there is a live match. what could be the problem?

  258. Mr. Lemmy, I greet u, pls since after d upgrade my Q11G keeps hanging and scrambled, I. Have switched between 3G and GPRS trying both mtn and etisalat all same result, what do u think. Must have caused this? Thanks

  259. @Lemmy, is that the last option? the same QSat decode work fine with sim card in my office, but when carry to home it start the hanging. can signal quality affect it? thanks lemmy

  260. @Lemmy, my new Qsat hangs dst. channels a lot and when it start hanging, those free channels will be showing. I have used too many Sim card, yet it persist. what could be the problem? the signal quality is 64, could it be the problem? thanks a lot

  261. Happy new year to you lemmy and thanks for the good work.

    I just joined the qsat q11g family yesterday 1st Jan and i must say it was a bitter sweet experience.

    Here are some of my challenges

    1) I use Etisalat

    2) I loaded N100 airtime for Pay as you go and within two hours, N100 was gone. I didnt do anything apart from watching regular tv channels no porn tv etc

    3) Despite having enough data thereafter, i cant open some channels as it keeps saying, scramble channels for channels like SS3 and some others
    4) it freezes intermittently. it would show picture for 3 mins and freez for 1min on all channels

    5) i was told that the box has been upgraded with the l;atest firmware

    what could be the problem

    Thank you

    • the mistake you made is for not converting your #100 to mb. please search for my post on how to optimize data consumption of dongles. qsat consumes the highest data of all the products out there

  262. happy New Year……tank so much Mr Lemmy, its working now….. but most tym it takes a long tym to display, it writes scramble channel for long …. also,pls au do I subtitle B4U

  263. haven’t use or see it anyone. i only see people on this forum talking about azsky G6 so i check it on aliexpress that is why i am asking for your advice as a specialist on this field.

  264. thanks, did you think they are aware of this? is azsky G6 better than qsat? please enlighten me more. thank you

  265. Lemmy, what is the link to upgrade my qsat software? please paste it here. will it help me out with the on/off while other qsat are working mine suddenly went off sometimes. thank you

  266. Hello Lemmy, my qsat has went off since yesterday afternoon, i had tried all sim but it’s not coming up still showing scramble while my neighbor’s own is working till this moment. what do i have to do? if i do factory reset will i lose the settings and frequency? Please advice on what to do. Thank you

  267. HI lemmy,i av upgraded with d link u posted.system has reboot and I av connected/link network successfully.avatarcam says cannot get account,pls try later..dis has been comin up all morning.pls help as -i can’t get my acct active anymore

  268. Pls lemmy, kindly help.I upgraded with the new software and my qsat has stopped working since then.I cannot get my account.Is it the software or what?

  269. boss lemmy , well done.
    what does the new software add to qsat operation? am using qsat11g

  270. Lord Posho says:

    Lemmy many thanks for the good work you are doing.

    Just last month a bought a Q-SAT Q11G and was given an activation account for one year. Just a week ago whenever i try connecting to the server it give me this message ” can not get account”. Is there a way out to fix this problem.

    Many thanks once again for your support.

    Lord Posho.

  271. Oga lemmy please how can I rescan my decoder for channels, the first scan was done by my installer. And again how can I use the Qsat for two or more television sets.

  272. Mr Morgan, I also. Use the qsat 11g, those the software upgrade have other advantage and perform task the version we using can’t perform? If yes pls what are some of them?

  273. Hi Lemmy, can d ccam account work on qsat even as the server is down? If so, can I get d ccam account from u? Tnx.

  274. Oga lemmy well done Sir. Does qsat opens B4u and Zeetv, cos mine writes scrambled channel anytime I try opening any of the two channels. If yes is your answer how can I get my Qsat to opening the channels?

  275. pls, can u help m wit d new software ver 5 for my qsat 11g. i wil b gtateful if u can assist m.

  276. @lemmy..on qsat13g…I tried using a cable to export signal from the lnb out port on d decorder to another tv but it came up with bad signal on d main tv…..any solution pls.

    how do I record live shows pls…I thot d decorder has the facility

  277. hi lemmy…u ve solved dis prob last nite.im d same guy that mailed u bout d prob last nite.tanx for the hints…now and still working perfectly….ve a nice day

  278. Pls oga Lemmy I plug in my modem my q sat is seen it as storage device have change it from the setting to 3g and I press link but is telling me no dongle connected pls how do I go about it

  279. folks,i would want to put my old account which has got some 2-3 months left also on the g11 decoder ,I have put in everything under, setting>xcam setup>sharing>sever no 1, but it is not able to connect, I even deactivated the avtarcam but still. Can anyone help me here, or is it not possible to use an account on this decoder? thank you

  280. just got a qsat 13g n it is saying msg no signal…pls wat could d problem b

  281. Goodday lemmy…I need ur.assistance.i just.installed a qsat 13g via a proxy seller but all channels remain scrambled except the one without the dollar sign.i.e dish channel and cctv.
    kindly avail me the oportunity of ur brilliancebin tackling this issue.thanks

    • @max, you need to use either a sim with active data bundle directly inside your qsat or use an active sim inside a 3g modem with qsat.
      If you use a sim directly, you must select GPRS under Settings>>ethernet config (then go back and select your network provider under config and mark the check box named Auto link)
      If you are using a 3g modem, select 3g under ethernet config

  282. As at this moment my q sat Q11G has refused to work, out of about five users it is only one person that reported his own nt workin, I hv changed different sims to no avail, do I now consider it hs stopped working and deactivate ( the scam thing)? If I should deactivate will all my settings remain? Tanx

  283. @ lemmy, i have the same problem with maze, i have change sims but still same issue.
    any oda advice. i have a q11g

    • @pepper for a reason i can’t really categorize, some qsat (especially those whose avatacam codes start with 54 or 56 has been offline since yesterday) this coud be a server problems or whatever. I will advice you not to do anything rash other than changing sim cards or switching from direct sim card to 3g modem until the issue is addressed by qsat. If however you are impatient to wait till its resolved, you can contact me through my email for further action

  284. my Qsat 13G stopped working since 3days now.. just writing scrambled channel.i have changed to different Sims but no response.. please help

  285. @Lemmy Morgan. Season greetings to u bro. my q11g sat stopped working since yesterday during the Arsenal-WH, and internet connect just fine enough but with scramble channels, i have changed all sim available including modem and wireless connection but noting yet. pls advise accordingly ! Cheers man

  286. gsat is not working and looks like its been blocked by dstv. I have used all the sim cards

  287. Boss my qsat 13g is not working any info.

  288. As at the time i was leaving the house to work my qsat was completely off and i suspect dstv is
    trying block it. Anyone experiencing it, because i have tried all the sim cards in africa.

  289. Boss since yesterday, my qsat 13 is not working. What is happening is that , both the 3g and the gprs will activate the account number but it will not unscramble the channels. I’m using mtn Ghana. Glo Ghana.airtel Ghana.second which channel numbers are the adult channels in the iptv. Thank you.

  290. Pls lemmy, my qast q11g has stopped working for two days now. I did factory reset and the necessary settings and it is still the same. Menwhile it displays “network connection success” but shows scramble channel. What could be wrong with my decorder? Or it’s general problem?

  291. Pls my Q sat is not working for some days now..pls is it nationwide or d problem is frm my decoder my location is Ikot Ekpene

  292. Hi Lemmy, Compliment of the season, Qsat has been scrambvled since yesterday, I have tried all the sims available. Meanwhile my router is a swift 4g lte provided my swift network in Nigeria. Though it shows network connection success when connected via the LAN network, the channels are still scrambled. Please advice.

    • @joe, the best thing for you t do is to wait untill the problem is resolved by qsat team. However if you want immediate account on the way forward or better still if you can’t wait, please contact me via email

  293. Hello Lemmy,

    I live in kenya,My Qsat went off since yesterday evening and it show sramble channel message.
    I have tried with three different internet connection on both Lan and Sim.
    Is currenly running ?
    If i delete the keys will it load new keys?
    Kindly advice

    • @fred, please don’t do anything that will permanently disable your qsat. The problem is from qsat server and it affects just few of qsat decoders out there. It will be resolved in due course

  294. Oga lemmy thanks a lot pls mention types modem u have tested bcos mine is not working

  295. pls what is the meaning of stb my decorder is not working

  296. Hello lemmy please my q-sat q11g is not working is showing scramble for like 3days please what will i do to it, i have try all the sim card still the same issue

  297. Lemmy! thanks for that.

  298. please which brand of 3g modem is auto detected by the qsat q13g. This is because i have vodafone k4201 modem as well as huawei e173 but when you insert and try to link it, it tells you ‘No Dongle Device’. I have even set the APN and other settings manually but still no luck. Please help.

    • @kwabena no dongle device found simply means no active sim card inside your modem. i am using huawei e173 myself

      • Thanks for your quick response. But I have an active sim card inside the modem. I have MTN, Glo, Vodafone, Tigo and Airtel sim cards but none of them works. I even have data bundles on all the sim cards. If I use Glo Modem i.e ZTE modem it works great but the decoder restarts every 30 mins or so.

  299. Hi Morgan? compliments. pls SS3 gives me a message bad signal while SS3NI is now scrambled. both these channels were working at some point even as at two days ago. Kindly advice on what to do.

  300. Pls lemmy, under which freq. And direction can i scan for aljazeera jsc channel?

  301. Oluwalogbon says:

    Afternoon boss.On d back of my Q 13 i saw some port dat i didnt understand them and there function
    1.Ethernet port:what there are function and use.
    2. RS232 port : what there are function and use.
    3.There is no GPRS Antenna at back of my Q13,what do i do

  302. @ lemmey pls sir, my dish come with 4 Lnb cable, and only one of those four is use to connect the qsat decoder,all cables was use for d DST* HD decoder previously.sir is their any chance the other 3 cables can b used or co- connected…because I av only DST, and canalsat channels ….is their any chance I could get more channels lik ajazera sports or others….and pls how do go about it.

  303. 11G was down a greater part of yesterday. I powered it up this morning and it’s showing again. Surprised that it went off for some while others were up. Could be network around the area. Mine is Akwa-Ibom.

  304. plz lemny how can i buy qsat 11g in kogi state?

  305. @lemmy,which 1 is it advisable 2 go 4 btw 11g and 13g?with reasons sir!

  306. Pls, is qsat working or had it gone off again because of aresenal vs chelsea

  307. @ lemme my g15 has not had any problem since installed for about 3weeks nw but it’s nt showing, and also my friends 11g not showing since 1:30pm today ,it shows network successful.pls are we the only ones experiencing this or are other dongles also off for now too….or do we need software upgrade…pls sir

  308. Qsat 11g is not working since afternoon. What could be the problem? It shows scramble channel msg only. My internet is working properly and in good condition!!

  309. @lemmy,thanks 4 yur reply.Am grateful!More grease 2 yur elbow

  310. Oluwalogbon says:

    Thanks alot.What of my last qustion that i ask u.wrote,can i use dish 60cm
    or 90cm to get this sat
    Al Jazeera Sport on Nilesat
    102/201 & Eutelsat 7 West A
    at 7.3°W .
    Thanks u sir.

  311. if your qsat is taking donkey years to load, glo sim is the best now, activate to glo

  312. Mr. Lemmy, may God bless ur hustle as we really appreciate your efforts to reply each post and questions. Pls Lemmy, am using q11g. And my HD channels r not showing again, and they. Use to show before now, but ryt now. It just turns dark wen. I tune to a HD channel not that it shows scrambled , what do u think I need to do? Thanks

  313. @lemmy mine is always scrambled o, what can I do?

  314. Is it true dat there are fake qsat?if yes,how can som1 know the original one?

  315. lemmy which one can i buy? q11g or q13g?

  316. Hi Boss,thanks 4 ur assist and ans my qustion.pls example of hd channel and sd channel thanks alot.
    I want to installe it 4 my self because during my service year i learn little about installenation.but i and my oga then we only installe dstv and small dish.
    But my qustion is that can i use 60cm or 90cm dish to get this sat

    Al Jazeera Sport on Nilesat
    102/201 & Eutelsat 7 West A
    at 7.3°W.
    Thanks you sir

    • HD channels are High definition channels, SD channels are standard definition channels.
      Example of hd channels on dstv frequency are: SS3HD, DISHD, MNEPHD..


  317. abeg is the decoder unscrambling jsc sports currently?

  318. Oga lemmy.Happy sunday my God stength ur heath to continue contribete assist others amin.

    Infact u try alot,because
    i read dis issues from d begin to d end and help me
    alot.i m new on d issue of Q
    sat and my q13 just arrived from chn and i need ur assist 1st what is called hd channel.
    2nd.i my need dish to watch dat dstv,.jsc etc.except fta if yes how many
    3rd.to watch all dis channel
    1. 35.9E : > 200 DSTV
    2. 22.0W : Canalsat
    3. Nilesat : JSC and other
    channels. I m need difference three 3
    dish.pls ur ans is need assist

    • @Oluwalogbon hd channels are high definition channels, they have better picture and sound quality than SD channels.
      qsat works with dst* and nilesat. you will use different dish for different satellites. Your local installer will explain better to you

  319. hi bro
    am having problems with q11g.
    it tells me the STB can not find the right serial number. how do i resolve this problem? will be thankfull.

  320. Lemmy,
    1. Will my data bundle be deducted as I watch TV using a 3g modem connection?
    2. How much data bundle do you advise I do and on what networks?
    3. Can I use a bis data bundle and configuration to connect via modem?
    Thanks for your timely anticipated response.

  321. Oga lemy, I upgraded my qsat to v4. It is able to support almost all sim cards after that. But the problem is with the modem. It tells me network connection success alright but it neva shows anything. Its a decoded modem n therefore supports all sims. B4 d upgrade d modem works perfectly. Pls what can I do to correct that?

  322. Mr.Lenny… Q sat has been of since wednesday night and j am using a LAN connection… I just want to know if its me or every where. ..

  323. Pls check well, i havent gotten any reply from you.

    my email starts with ‘big’

  324. how good is azsky and qsat? which one can i buy? can i use qsat to watch free to air chanel with dish like strong decoder?

  325. I heard aljazeera sports is having issues so does not show now, is it true?
    Also what other channels could I get apart from DST*?

  326. I notice my Qsat 13g has been off. Is it only me or its everywhere ?

  327. Today I noticed Qsat has been off. Am I the only person or its every where ?

  328. Thnx lemmy for all the replies i read from your blog.
    God bless you.

  329. It always takes about 45minutes for my Q-sat channels to show, what could be the problem. IAm not really enjoying the decoder, pls help.

  330. hello people i got the Q-sat 13g, but in only worked for one night and stopped. i have tried both LAN and SIM, the wireless is not working as i can’t direct my home access-point…….please help.

  331. oga lemmy,i was able to join multi tv to my qsat using this double lnb on my single dish.on my ds.tv both signal and frequency strength is over 70 percent but i noticed that ds.tv channels with frequency starting from 2 i.e 21050 like mnet act,discovery,channel O has no signal!others starting with 1 are ok.pls what could be wrong?i beg o

  332. Pls. Lemmy, were and how do I view. The. Porn channels? Were do I find them? What’s d channel name and were are. They located. Pls help

  333. lemmy morgan i seriously dont understand you. You told me to contact you for purchase and other related matters and now its a case of me posting my enquiries here.

    Dont get scared of anything, im a person like you. Anyway post your direct email here so i can send an equiry mail on purchase.

    lemmy morgan says:
    December 16, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    @ade you can contact me

    So how can i contact you?

  334. Hi! please must I go n activate it under settings or do some come already activated? thanchu

  335. terry louis says:

    qsat is the worst decoder i have ever come accros. connectivity problems. takes so much time before it connects. and not reliable. AZSKY is tje the still the best and reliable. dont waste ur money on this akward and terrible decoder.

  336. my problem is when I scan, it doesn’t bring the aljazeera sports channels and yet it shows on my old strong decoder, please what’s the frequency?

  337. Hi Morgan, Thanks on the tip on using the swift 4g lte. I have tried what you suggested but the channels remain scrammbled. Kindly assist. Thank you

  338. Lenny Pls I just got my Qsat13g, I have no previous knowledge on how to use it.
    Please how can I activate it?
    Thank you.

  339. jones ferrari says:

    9ce work sir lemmy. Pls can I update my azsky G1+account before it expires,and how much is the account?. From complaints on G11 16 and qsat. G1+ is the best for me.

  340. Lemmy how can i contact you oo? Ive tried sending emails to info@lemmy morgan etc.

    You can either send me a mail or give me a direct email or phone access to you.

    Thks my guy

  341. my name is gilbert mogambi osoro. i am from kenya in east africa. i am a keen reader of your blog. i have benefitted greatly from your advise. The dst* dongles are a new phenomena here in kenya. I bought AZsky from alibaba some 3 months agos. My efforts to receive the Dst* channels ,JSC sports were futile. i paid subscription for one year . My anaysis reveals that the equipment does not get the GPRS since its indicates there is no data signal.(lights red) . I read in your blog that with the use of an RJ 45 port with a wireles 3g modern the gadget will work. kindly advise.

  342. thks lemmy. How much is the q11g and where can i buy original?


  343. Hi lemmy… I use a Qsat Q116 since d begining of November and have never enjoyed it 4 a week .its does write scramble channel all d time and Never comes up. I use etisalat modem and have also tried Mtn and celtel lines . Could it be the location or something I don’t know?am thinking changing it strong decoder.pls advice me.

  344. Discovery HD showcase was the only HD channel showing on qsat yestaday ….I hope d others wil come soonest @ lemmy

  345. “sorry HD channels are no longer working on qsat and similar products from other manufacturers currently”
    I’m watching S3HD right now on my qsat q13g as I’m typing this comment. Similarly, S1HD, S2HD & other HD channels are working.

  346. hi morgan, pls how can i use a swift. 4g lte to unscrambe channels on qsat q116. thank you


  348. boss where will i see the cccam in my Qsat?

  349. hello Lemmy…I use a qsat q13g. when I try to open hd channels it says no program. my next door neighbor uses the same decoder and his own works perfectly. any help pls on a solution?
    May God bless ur efforts

    • @Daniels sorry HD channels are no longer working on qsat and similar products from other manufacturers currently

      • Hello Lemmy,
        Thanks for your prompt response. I noticed I had just Atra 1G satellite. I added Eulesat Satellite and I can now receive the HD channels.
        But like you rightly said only Discovery Showcase works on HD. Other HD channels don’t work.
        Thanks again. Let’s hope the HD channels come back soon.
        Meanwhile do you have a contact where I can refer my friends who are interested in buying the decoders or dongles as the person I bought from is no longer in that line of business

  350. Thanks lemmy for your response. I sent you an email, which you havent replied. I want to join the qsat users. Kindly advice on which to go for between 13 and q11g. Where can i get the one that would work for the first initial one year and also i;ll get after sale service?


  351. My Liberty Star T1 stop working for the past 2 weeks how can I subscribe? How do I know if its upgrade problem? I bought Qsat yesterday also and its not working pls assist.

  352. (@Yemmy, qsat works perfectly with glo lines. Please don’t use a sim with blackberry plans and also make sure you have a data bundle on your line. Don’t use your airtime, it won’t work)……………….Tried it with a data plan and it worked. Lemmy Morgan rocks!

  353. I already av a qsat 15g but none of the HD channels are showing….Oga lemme u said u av an upgrade for it..how do I upgrade it….n where to get d upgrade file

    • @Desmond, sorry no device other than normal dst* hd pvr decoder can currently open HD channels thanks

      • Please Lemmy, my qsat takes about 20 minutes to display d*tv channels. I’m using an etisalat sim for gprs. is it that using a modem for 3g is better than using sim for gprs? thanx in anticipation.

  354. and i hav anoda question, between azsky and q sat which one is easily managed here in lagos? as in after it expires, which one of dem is easily renewed after d one year expiry period?

  355. please im interested in buying the q sat directly from china, but my cousin knows how to work the strong decoder to view dstv channels free like d q sat, and he said i will only load small recharge card like N100 dat can last me to view dstv channels for lik 3 month on the sim i will use with the strong decoder, but on q sat i will need to recharge more credit on my sim card, which do u advice i buy? and if i finally buy the q sat? how will i renew my subscription after it expires?

  356. Thanks bro, will try it tonight and feed you back. Appreciate

  357. Hello Lemmy, my Qsat 11 does not work with glo lines, and this is the best network around my area. What do i do?

    • @Yemmy, qsat works perfectly with glo lines. Please don’t use a sim with blackberry plans and also make sure you have a data bundle on your line. Don’t use your airtime, it won’t work

  358. Hi. how many megabyte data does it consume averagely in a month

  359. Lemmy how do I get q16 and how much, I need it soon, I am in abj.

  360. Pls lemmy, I used d code you provided for the adult channels but all I see is the message : FAIL TO CATCH MESSAGE. So is there any other solution?

  361. Any 1 who has a working USB wifi adapter for my Qsat 13g decoder.. I would like to buy it… please send me a text in regards to this on 08053099797

  362. Lemmy,

    How doi indentify the pin to activate the xcam

  363. and also i get XML error while trying to watch the porn tv and iptv. thanks

  364. please oga lemmy how do i get the wifi adapter and how much does it cost?

  365. please i need link to the software update of Q11G

  366. hi my qsat Q11G have stop working for 3days now plus what must have be the problem

  367. hello lemmy,
    just got a Q-SAT Q116 DECODER

  368. @Lemmy, pls when i click youtube it says fail to catch message. How do i make it work am using q16

  369. Hello Boss…Which of the newtrk do u think is d best for nw to use for Qsat, though it use to be etisalat but lately now, it takes longer time for the picture to appear even after succesfully connected to the network.thanks

  370. Lemmy, how do I view d porn channels pls. My device is Q11G.

  371. Do I need to change the APN setting if I want change my sim card or is it automatic…@lemmy pls assist

  372. Hi Lemmy. just got qsat q13g yesterday, please kindly direct me on how to connect my Qsat Q13G decoder…God bless you

  373. SADIQ AHMAD says:

    my qsat16 is been showing me scramble channel since friday, i have changed sim cards several times yet the problem remains. now i have no idea what to do. please help Lemmy

  374. Pls my Oga, how do i activate q116, i have been try to do it sir.

  375. DENIS ODODAH says:

    hello lemmy,
    just got a Q-SAT Q116 DECODER
    pls help me with step by step on how to configure the system to received dstv
    thanks as i wait for your reply

  376. @harphys you have to check your antenna because so body was having same trouble ,so I have to change the antenna because the antenna has some breakage inside the box. So when I have to work on it I noticed it and changed it and it picks more faster then before. Thanks

  377. Hello Boss, why my Q11G takes 4 to 6hrs to display pictures unlike before when it comes up in about a min or less to open the DS**??? Kindly help me please…

  378. Boss can you please help me as to how to use a smart phone wifi hotspot to connect wireless network to the q sat 13g. Thank you.

  379. hello why the channels french in dstv is not work with qsat q13?

  380. what is the best network and modem to use for qsat

  381. @lemmy morgan:
    Hw long will it take for the hd channels to be restore

  382. Lemmy, ur doing a gr8 job here. Thanks much. Aside from the HD channels not showing (which u’ve explained) recently, my Q13G takes very long time to display pictures unlike b4 when it comes up in about a min. Meanwhile, ur explanation for the missing HD channels came timely cos I was going to do a factory reset (dumb), thanx again.

  383. Q sat has been pausing for some time and continue. Is it only me or everyone is experiencing it? It started yesterday..

  384. daniel okyere says:

    show me how to connect to router and modem to Q-sat decorder.why Q-sat decorder is now breaking from yesterday.

  385. Nice site. Help with these please if you can

    1. HD channels not working recently, is that just me or universal? (I may have tampered with it though, for reasons outlined below)

    2. Even when HD is available it does some ghosting

    Noticeable only on the football HD channels though. Obviously very annoying, as the whole purpose of this endeavor was to get access to HD at an affordable rate. Any tips on how to correct this (without moving the dish ie)? For instance, in that article they say one could perhaps fix it by focusing/limiting some frequency or the other, but I’m no pro so I don’t know what they’re on about. Also, my setup allows for joytv, could this be part of the problem (by allowing for extra frequencies?).

    3. Is there anywhere one can find the various settings etc for the ds*v setup?


  386. Hi I’m using q11 and has not been working all day i can not access the activation code settings area. Pls what Do i do?

  387. daniel lucky says:

    pls my qsat is showing no signal, wat should i do?

  388. hey, tried the q-sat q116 to remove the youpo*n and Redtube icons but seems not to be working.


    • @ken it is working, you must be within the multimedia menu before you can enable the channels, and you must have strong internet connection before u can watch the channels

  389. How can i get the upgrade q-116 software bc the software is not user friendly

  390. Pls sir, how do I access the PVR function on qsat…like pause, rewind,fastforward , and recording live events

  391. @lemmy…My qsat 11g is taking longer time to open, it was not like that b4. Its taking 1hr 2 open the Ds** channels

  392. Snoopy cellular says:

    Hello lemmy av posted my problem yesterday but havent seen it here
    please help i just ordered q-sat q116 from china av scanned it and gotten all dst* chanels but it still says scramble. i tried both mtn and etisalat it still says scrambled. but one funny thing is when i connect external azkey dongle in the decoder it works. pls how can i configure it to work properly without using azkey.can u be kind enough to send me step by step config.
    i look forward to ur reply

  393. please i want you to try and unscrammbled channels on qsat with the lan connection and tell me if it unscrammbled

  394. Pls Kenny, my what 13g has nut been working since Sunday. My SIM card is loaded and I tried to check the Sony expiry and it showed next year. Pls what is wrong.

  395. a friend recommended Q-SAT decoder which i bought Q13G but the dstv stations are not coming. neither is the google and other internet stuff on it working. please sir what should i do? i stay in Ghana. Thanks for your help.

  396. Hi lemmy.i tried everything to activate the adult channel.tried the 1513.it still didn’t work.is it still active and is there any other way to activate it?

  397. Pls Lemmy, recently Got q116 and it was successful installed and its working.Although most of the time it shows scrambled.yesterday I loaded my sim and watched SS3 With it.before the tail end of the match,the channel froze.I went to settings and restored it to factory settings.it hasn’t shown since then, what do I do?

    • @ywmi why will you reset a working decoder? well you have to do everything from scratch, scan your channels, activate your codes and setting your internet connection option if you can’t do all these, then get the help of a local installer

  398. victor IB B says:

    Pls Sir, I bought Q11 n d XCAM is nt dia, is d dcoder original? Cos I tried in putting d 1512 but d XCAM comes n go or what shld I do!

  399. Hello sir, am in the middle of buying a qsat decoder, q11g,q13g, and q16g, professionally sir with ur guru expertise and experience , which do advice me to buy. Bc I am using d dstv pvr hd decoder n tried paying…wich is better showing d dstv hd channels, and which is more latest upgraded sir.thanks sir

  400. hello sir i bought a new q sat 13g and i need a code to activate the account

  401. Lemmy some of us will like to have your direct Mobile number so that we call to thank u for all ur effort..keep it up

  402. Hello Mr lemmy, I personal appreciate ur effort and concern bt one thin dat barff me is dat, why qsat always off every Saturday and during a big match?…….thanks

  403. lemmy my A+ plus has not been showing since yesterday, is it general????????????

  404. Thank God qsat is up and running fine. I just pray it doesnt go off soon.

  405. Its been close to 1 week now my qsat is not up I’ve changed b/w sims and modems even azsky is not helping they are showing invalid code on my avatar cam should I call it quits on the device

  406. I installed Q13g and got all DST. station but all are scrambled. what could be the problem.?
    I am using it with my spectranet modem.

  407. lemmy am using Qsat 11g, I have tried all the networks but it’s still not working

  408. lemmy i mean mnet movie romance and reality freqency pls…

  409. lemmy help me with mnet movie romance and reality..

  410. when i try to reactivate it says “Cannot receive data from server please try later ” and i have try several times

  411. Qsat is off for so long.mine is unscreambled channels.am I the only one?
    How do I activate it.am sure dstv has successfuly blocked it

  412. francis says: