I think any commercial viewing center operator who is not having a big dish(A dish that is not lesser than 3meter) is denying himself some huge profits. So many goodies are being enjoyed by users of big dish that makes me green with envy. I mean, am not having a big dish because in my current apartment, there is no where to install it. For the sake of the newbies, when i mean big dish, i mean a dish not lesser than 1meter. However, for this particular article, am talking about a dish not lesser than 2.4meter in Northern Nigeria, and not lesser than 3meter in southern and eastern nigeria.

Live matches on 22w



PowerVu is a conditional access system(CAS like irdeto, viaccess, conssat)  for digital television developed by Scientific Atlanta from CISCO company. It is used for professional broadcasting, notably by Retevision, Bloomberg Television, Discovery Channel, AFRTS ABS-CBN GMA Network and American Forces Network.

PowerVU encryption used to be only on commercial receivers. Unless you are a cable company with thousands of users, and willing to pay for thousands of subscriptions you cant subscribe to the official powervu network.  Also, there is no centralized clearing house – you do business directly with the uplinker (owner of the copyright).

The only PowerVu stations that are non-commercial technically is AFN (Armed Forces Network)
If you are in the military you can get a receiver that decodes it (D9234 last I checked) and subscribe through the military. An example of a decoder that decrypt only powervu channels is: CISCO D9865(This is their official receiver)

However, just like in the case of biss keys, powevu encrypted channels can now be opened with keys and this is hat i shall be teaching you here today. It is either you open it using a dedicated receiver(which i will review later) or through a patch software loaded on some strong decoders.

You can get different types of channels on powervu like sports, music, movies entertainment and so on.

powervu soccer 22w4.0W channels list

As you can see from the pictures above the first picture is of an EPL match between WBA vs Chelsea Fc yesterday Sunday 23rd of Aug 2015. Live on HD on strong 4922a decoder using powervu without internet connection. The second pictures is for 4.0W which is another sat package.


  • No freezing or skiiping unless maybe the code is blocked or change. It is a very perfect encryption
  • No need of internet connection
  • It is very cheap to use for those who already have the compatible decoder and dish
  • I think it should stay long before it is blocked
  • You do not need to buy extra acount like dqcam, cccam or gshare account as long as you are content with the channels you receive and you have tthe keys for them

WHAT are the disadvantages?

  • Limited premium powevu channels available for africa due to the distant to the signal
  • Only those with big dish can benefit from it in Africa
  • The keys can easily be modified(this often happens and you will look for another), the channels may go off, the keys maybe changed, the keys maybe blocked(this doesn’t often happen on powervu


  • You need a big dish: Not the normal small dstv dish am talking about a dish not lesser than 2meter in northern Nigeria  or 3meter in southern Nigeria. The rest of Africa and asia should contact their local satellite installer for the dish size needed. If you do not know the difference between a big dish and a small dish, please read this.
  • You need a powervu supported decoder like: CISCO D9865, strong 4920, 4922, 4922a (or any strong decoder that has a powervu software downloadable from crosat.us) and finally any unoffial powervu decoder like gsky(to be reviewed later).
  • You need to get the powervu keys for the channels you are able to scan online.


Am using strong 4922a as an example because thats the only software i have for now(4920,4922 and 4922a shares the same software) visit www.crosat.us and see if you will be able to get a software that will come with powervu option for your own decoder. Download and install the software on your strong

  1. Download the software here
  2. Make sure you have a cband lnb because all powervu channels are on cband.
  3. Also make sure you have the frequencies and positions for example, you can get live sports on :ntelsat 20 – 68,5 E
    4064 H 19850Intelsat 20 – 68,5 E
    3974 V 19850Intelsat 17 – 66 E
    3845 H 30000Intelsat 906 – 64,2 E 4094 L 3680Eutelsat 9.0°E 11766-V-27500 & 11804-V-27500

    Ses 22.0°W 4128v15500
    nss12 at 57degree First use 3800v20000
    But the real tp is 4147v9245(you will get sport 24 HD that shows live Epl matches)

    And for the west 4129v15405
    Nss 22 west



how to input powervu powervu formats powervu keys






  1. Amos 4°W -10934.00 H 13750Thor 0.8°W- 4175-V-28000

    MTN Worldwide TV   Ses 22.0°W 4128v15500  (  NSS-12 @ 57° East c-band



NSS 7 @ 20° West c-band Using the same keys above


powervu satellite with 1.8 dish:  68degE: 4095H3680,(keys: 00=6dadc79aad00cf , 01=9e83d4513f3b23)

8degW: 4175V28000 (keys: 00=6dadc79aad00cf , 01=9e83d4513f3b23)

20degW: 4131V15405 (Keys:  00=3302555555eeee,  00=07733333333333)

Another Nss position is:

CNN Newsource Europe]
#Ses 22.0°W 11563-H-6110

  • Another postion receivable in africa is

    HBO/CineMax (4.0°W)

    HBO/CineMax (4.0°W)
    10934.00 H DVB-S/QPSK 13750 5/6


    ECMKEY1=A6136FE787795E        OR

  • HBO/CineMax (4.0°W)
    10934.00 H DVB-S/QPSK 13750 5/6
  • Amos Amos 2/3 {4.0°W}
    10934 H 13750 5/6 DVB-S/QPSK
  • P 0000 0000 10934 13750 H E710EB08928278 ; 4.00W – HBO/CineMax
  • P 0000 0001 10934 13750 H 875470492295B3 ; 4.00W – HBO/CineMax
  • We have others like 0.8W(known as Fox news)  c-band 12380-V-28000 // (Fox-News)#0.8°W ,


  • Eutelsat 9.0°E 11766-V-27500 & 11804-V-27500
    ECM KEY1=475BE91195C2FD

To get more of these powervu frequencies and keys, visit any of the two following sites next.web.tr  or najmsat2017

4. Now scan your channels and press 8282 on your strong remote control. scroll down until you see powervu>>press ok button>enter your powervu ecm keys as shown above or anyone you maybe having>>press ok>>save and exit>>restart your decoder and you are done.



Please don’t ask questions about your size of dish because i already answered that, please do not ask question about whether powervu opens dstv because it doesn’t. Please do not ask questions about other software for other decoders because i do not have them for now because no other decoder has powervu software for now except the one unofficially developed for strong decoders. And finally please don’t come to me if you brick your decoder while ding a wrong upgrade of it; instead make use of my articles that already discussed how you can revive strong decoders or visit the nearest strong or mytv office in your localty. Thanks, and do not forget to share



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    • @paul uriem, sports HD 24 changes keys to frequently. Please to enjoy it, buy a Decoder with auto roll keys functions

      • Dear Lemmy,
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    Max 2, SET India)
    ECMKEY0= 6008F6AC7AF2D7
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    PowerVukey.rar, PowerVusoftcamafrica.aratest and PowerVuEmu2.1.zip! Thank you in anticipating.

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  98. @kaycee, go to crosat.us/upload/index.php and download version 0.99 software for SRT4930l

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    Please i need your help.

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  135. Hey! Oga lemmy, u made mention of aloud n canal plus, pls just tell me championshd decoder is not reliable bfore going for it….

  136. GOOD day mr LEMMY and well done again; please i would just like to let you know that yesterday was a sad day for these power vu channels on nss@20°W they have change keys after 10mn the match started. now all these are scrambled again. so please see if there is the way forward. thanks

    • @sibasimo; lol.. you cannot enjoy any good thing free of charge for long. i have said it countless time, if you need reliable sport channels you need to sacrifice. canalplus official decoder or ancloud. but if you need a not too stable but reliable package, buy qsat.. if you want fta, you are guaranteed all sorts of channels but real sports channels are very difficult to sustain. If there is any more information i will let you know

  137. helo guys,i only want to know if any of ds decoder especially 4920 can show champions league.

  138. @Aminu, whatapps me on 07066577378. I stay in Dakwa deidei.

  139. @Aninu, whatapps me on 07066577378. I stay in Dakwa deidei.

  140. AKANNI Idriss says:

    MTN Worldwide TV Ses 22.0°W 4128v15500 (NSS-12 @ 57° East c-band) are stop working yesterday evening. They change their code. Can i have the new code in my email (idrissakanni@yahoo.fr).

  141. pls house I just want to find out if channels on 20°W is working for mine was off for the past hour. Thanks

  142. Pls any powerVU key….for sport24 the one I have has stop working just now,,,

  143. @oga lemmy, 20 degree west Mtn package are scrambled, new key pls.

  144. Gud evening Oga Lemmy,i really appreciate all ur info may God continue to guide u always. I tried d NSS in Abeokuta with 1.8 which was successive using the PowerVU and i got d all of 13 sations working perfect wiyh 53% to 55% as d signal strength. thanks ones again and i want to ask the one that is more preferable btw d NSS and that of 68.5E. bye

  145. pls house
    I have track 20°west but I have no sfw for 4922a pls somebody come to my aid. send to d2baba2@gmail.com

    • Albert Cosmos Gershon says:

      Deetwo, which frequency Tp did u use? Am sending the sfw. Go into your mail and download, then install.
      The sfw version is 184p which is the most current. It also has the PowerVU

  146. abdulkerim says:

    How many English premier league games live on Sport 24 HD per week??

  147. @Aminu thanks very much. it worked for me

  148. sorry I mean 64deg E, not 68deg is by mistake.

  149. @isa ismail,what frequency and powervu keys did you use for the 68.5 e?provide them for us,,please.

  150. Pls lemmy permit me to shared dis frequency for those in abuja on powervu satellite wit 1.8 dish, 68deg E: 4095H3680, 8deg W: 4175V28000, 20deg W: 4131V15405. The key for 68deg and 8deg is 00=6dadc79aad00cf, 01=9e83d4513f3b23, And 20deg is 00=3302555555eeee, 00=07733333333333. Tanx.

  151. Isa Ismail says:

    Oga Lemmy..
    Discovery channels/BBC and HBO/CNN on Intelsat 20 are all using same frequency but different keys. I noticed there is conflict when I input d keys. Is there a way I can view both frequencies?
    for now I have to use one at a time(that is V or switch to H without re-inputing d keys)?

  152. Isa Ismail says:

    Hi Lemmy
    and all house members.
    68.5e can be perfectly received with 1.8 dish in Kano and Jalingo, Taraba state cos am enjoying all sports channels without freezing.
    just track it you will surely get it.
    however if u can’t get, let me know so DAT I can drop an easier tracking frequency.

  153. @Aminu pls what frequency did u used track it pls help.

  154. @ Aminu pls whatsapp me on 08064662957 or drop ur contact am in Dutse Abuja. Thanks

  155. Thanks for this great article. You’ve really saved me lots of time and money.

  156. Pls Mr lemmy help us with the information of th sport 24 hd frequency symbol rate thanks sir

  157. Hi mr Lemmy and other sat gurus who have track Nss7 @ 20 deg west,pls how do i skew the lnb and how deep do i need to insert the lnb inside the scaler.pls help.i spend 4 hours trying to track it but to no avail.pls come to my aid.

  158. Amsiq Free says:

    Thanks I really appreciate you effort bros. I try it and is working very well, God bless you.

  159. pls anybody who knw d frequency and biss key in Oyo State should plssss send it to my inbox olaolaplenty@gmail.com

  160. @ Nana kwame . am at Bawku I don’t know the dish size in meters but its a Euro vision brand 8feet dish. we are use to measuring them in feet

  161. HELLO BOSS LEMMY; HELLO BROTHER.HELLO PROFESSOR; I don’t know again how to call you because you you are number 1;2;3;4.5 in fact you are too much; only and only almigthy BABA GOD will thank you for us ; you do; you did;and you still doing, because of all this; BABA GOD will always guide you;protect you and bless you ;without limit. everything is ok and i am enjoying these power vu channels since my country TOGO: thanks again;again:again and again.


  162. guys pls can the 1.8 m dish work with the sports HD in Ghana?

  163. ibrahim kareem says:

    @aminu.pls what are d frequencies and the biss keys of Sport HD you use in Abuja?if u want u can contact me through dis gmail: alfakareem2@gmail.com.

  164. mashayabo anka says:

    Aminu what are the frequencies for that 8°e.and the keys? If you are using WhatsApp pls. And me.

  165. nice writeup Mr lemmy. Thumps up.

  166. @richie which frequency did you use to track sport hd. Am waiting your reply

  167. Albert Cosmos Gershon says:

    Lemmy, sorry am back again. With the 8degrees west its not showing. What do I type in place of the 00000 digits at the right side of the Ident? Should i type any 5 digits numbers?. For the keys, they have been keyed in as directed but its the 22dg west cband that is working but the 8dg did not respond.

    • @Albert; the key for 22w is different from that of 8e. please search the sites that i mentioned for the keys

      • Albert Cosmos Gershon says:

        Thank u. I followed your recent post and it has been very helpful. Now both 22 and 8 dg w are working. thanks bro may God richly bless you

  168. how can i get powervu software for strong 4930L and sport hd on 22deg W is it c band 0r ku

  169. Thanks Richie,it means it is possible to track here in Ghana too.Im calling ma installer straight away.

  170. Thank u lemmy, I have nailed sportHD @20deg W and 8deg E, wit 1.8 dish in abuja, and working fine. Tanx once again may ALLAH increase ur knowlege, GOD bless u.

  171. @ flex, yes i used 1.8m to nail it with ground mount dish in akure , ondo state.

  172. Albert Cosmos Gershon says:

    Lemmy, am hapyy. Thank you very much. finally my PowerVU is working. God bless you

  173. @Richie,have u succeeded in nailing Sports 24HD with the 1.8meter dish?Thanks and waiting patiently.

  174. Happy new month, dis month shal be a month of happiness for us IJN . At last i got sport 24 hd in ondo state.

  175. Nana Kwame says:

    @hajjsaeed I’m also in Ghana Kumasi, where in Ghana are u, And what’s the dish size u use to track the sky sports.

  176. Mr Lemmy hav been able to track the thor 8west which was more easier than the other 1s and i only lookin for the keys cus it was not on najmsat and the other 1 but its in your article. Thats why.

  177. pls Lemmy,will powervu interfere with my previous CCcam software?, will it works for srt4950m?

  178. Pls lemmy can I get Amos 4.w & eutelsat 9°e with my 2.4 meter dish in Ghana

  179. Oga lemmy please enlight me, I track with 4175v28000 the signal is 71% and I do as you explain but the. Channel is not coming out though am using 3m I’m living in ogun state

  180. oga lemmy I have strong 4669x and 1.3m dish pls my master can all I mentioned will do power vu perfectly? secondly I want to know about sport24Hd is it broadcast all English premier league? please sir I need ur reply now I respect u.

    • @abass, sport hd 24 shows english premier league. I do not have a powervu software for your strong 4669x so i dont know how to make powervu channels work on it without the software.

  181. sibabismo says:

    Good day boss Lemmy and well done. please as you can see everybody who is using str4922A is not able to open power vu keys with these keys; if you look well; into power vu table boad in str49922 you can see that ident is (5bits) and keys here have 4b, the keys we have here are 14bits and in the receiver we have 16bits so any time we put keys the receiver can’t found appropriate keys; since nobody has shown himself that he got it through str4922, SO globaly we have big problem with these; if anybody here got it please kindly explane us his own ways. thanks

    • @sibasimo, at least three people has gotten it right. Please go through all the comments. For the sake of those doubting, i have uploaded the screensnap showing how to correctly enter the keys into your strong decoder. So please go over the article once again

  182. Pls the keys for thor 8west,
    and other sports channels tp list away from 22w.

  183. @lemmy i fellow your instructions still i m having scramble channel on my strong 4930l @22w. My receiver shows about 15 columns for powervu I don’t know which one to edit. Assist me pls

  184. MC LANDER CEPHAS says:

    pls my q26 is having prob that is i was upgrading and there was light out and the decoder is no more booting well can you pld help me solve this prob. my email cephasd@hotmail.com

  185. Hy friends what is frequency of ses 22w c-band. Thanks

  186. hajjsaeed says:

    @ Olajide. am an installer in Ghana. using 8feet dish. track canal plus on Ku band then switch to c band with the 4128 15500 sift it a little u will find it. the signal is very low if the dish is not align well you won’t get it. thank you

  187. larex owonikoko says:

    please can I use my 4922D+ decoder with a 1.8m dish in Niger state. Also how much is 3m dish.

  188. @RICHIE and other people dat have 1.8m dish, you can track (ses 22w c-band) to enjoy ur sports hd and more wit lemmy powervu key,living south-south or not u can.

  189. Hi Oga Lenny
    It’s best HD ccam accounts available?, Tv3 in Ghana on Astra not showing what’s the problem

  190. My tv3 is working now on my q28g n i realise that d software v7.08.70 does not work with d biss keys so i downgraded it to software v7.06.86 n boom it worked.

  191. Albert Cosmos Gershon says:

    Please, I am using Strong srt 4922 with 7.5 ft cband dish. I hve downloaded the POWERVU software and installed. I have also input the the keys. I also have the signals at 66% for the 4128 v 15500, yet the channels are still scrambled. Lemmy what should i do? A friend nearby has his working but my is scrambled. Please help me.

    • @albert, you are definitely missing something. Please ask your nearby friend to help you look into yours. You are so lucky because you have someone so close who can help

      • Albert Cosmos Gershon says:

        Thanks my brother, but i have even sent the decoder to his place but still it is scrambled. Could it be the software downgrade from 182p 179p? Anyway, am still trying.

    • Albert just check each PowerVu eg 4128 when entering, only enters once if you find 2 entries delete one it will work. I had the same problem that is the way i solved the problem. Delete by using 0000 were you entered the letters and numbers.

  192. please my good friend i need your help, kindly send me the power vu keys for 4175 h 28000 on thor 5/6 at 0.8 west deg. and i have q28g kindly send me the biss keys for champion tv , top tv and redlight tv. thanks ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS YOU

  193. hi lemmy i just bought a new qsat q28g. did i need to upgrade or download any software to be able to watch supersport channel on it ? pls i need ur reply plssssss

  194. pls David,
    have u tested it urself b4? if u haven’t please do so b4 u inform d house.

  195. Mr hajjsaeed saying you have track and get sport hd 24 sky sport were you are in Nigeria how did you do it what size of dish did you use because am a installer i have this 1.8m dish cband lnb i so have Strong hd 22a i don’t no what direction that we fact maybe star times direction or canal +sport west direction or Dstv direction am in ondo state Nigeria i need your help sir

  196. Pls house, anyone dat has tracked dis powervu channels shd let us know with d size of d dish he as used. Pls we are hoping to c if 1.8m would be able to track it in southern nigeria here.

  197. @Lemmy please has anybody succeeded in tracking of any of the above frequencies in Ghana with the same tp and dish size?

  198. hajjsaeed says:

    I have tried it it worked for me on c-band @22 w am enjoying sports HD 24 sky sports and the rest. but I couldn’t track the Ku band 4•w hbo. thanks very much Lemmy

  199. For Satellite Eutelsat 16A orbital Position: 16.0E and Canal 22w

    Server Name: ns10.is-by.us
    Port : 13000
    User Name : jones
    Password : jones

    its cccam test line please house try it and get back to as. somene gave it to me

  200. Mr lemmy,any new keys code for mtn tv.

  201. and finally any unoffial powervu decoder like gsky(to be reviewed later). do we need the gsky for the strong installations?

  202. @Lemmy advice people to start thinking of way forward not clinging to Qsat and other dongles. Ancloud P5 is the only way forward. I discovered that people don’t want to spend money they only want everything free but life is not like that, to watch premium channels you must pay but the problem we have with DSthieves is that their charges is very high and too exorbitant.

  203. sibabismo says:

    Hello boss Lemmy thanks a lot;may GOD bless you. please sir i did what i have to do but in vain. i followed your tutorial and use the frequences and keys you dropped. but still showing scramble; i don’t know again what to do? or may be they have change keys? even indians package on intelsat 20 68.E I have all of theme but nothing; so we have to look into this and see if some persons are watching it.

    my good regards.

  204. sibabismo says:

    good day mr Lemmy and thanks for everything.please i downgrad my str4922a from 1.83p to 1.79p as you have adviced me,but nothing changed with these power vu channels. no channel is showng, for exemple the ones of mtn package nss 20.w has good signal, i put very well the key. but it stills showing scrambled channels, please is there any changes or what next to do?

  205. @lemmy pls since qsat is mentally unstable currently would canalsat channels be affected also. Thanks

  206. oga lemmy I want to confirm about ss3ni And ss5ni on q23g are they stable?

  207. Thank u Mr lemmy may God bless u

  208. Please,Oga lemmy the frequencies & symbol rate you posted above when inputed displays invalid frequency,please do i get rightones.

  209. Lemmy, please I have an issue. during d day, I have no issues connecting my qsat n watch ss3 and 5. BT at night, even when I the connection is OK, I all stations seem to be scrambled and it doesn’t show my expiring date. what do I do?

  210. Is there any installer that install powervu in kubwa

  211. hello house,
    l still cant understand why its always difficult to discramble ss
    5ni n ss3ni during live matches. this qsat team must sit up to resolve this issue. we’re sufffering.

  212. Hello lemmy l have a qsat 23g, I want to buy an account but if I buy dat account is d sports stable well on q23g:

  213. mashayabo anka says:

    Lemmy good morning if you look at your posting is like you said all channels are c-band but you give us ku frequency. Clear us pls. Thanks.

  214. Pls oga lemmy, which frequence wil i use.blc d one i saw in ur post.when i type it ,it wil write dat d frequence is wrong. Pls heip me with one.pls sss

  215. Is there any installer that can track powervu Abuja?

  216. My Qsat is offline. Wish to find out if its peculiar to me.

  217. mohammed adamu says:

    pls i need srt4910 software for powervu pls help me

  218. Hi Lemmy, wanter to ask whether or not the patch works on the 1.31p software version, if not which version should I upgrade to, thanks.

  219. Please help me with the link to download the q11 software update the one you release in May 2015 thank you for your great job.

  220. hi mr lemmy,
    am gonna us 90cm dish to try

  221. Pls Mr lemmy,I track some channel on 0.8w Thor c band 4176 v 27500 but I don’t no the boss key to used pls help their are powerVU

  222. God bless u bro. Pls can I watch beinsport channels with strong on 4.8m dish. Thanks

  223. David emex says:

    @EVERYONE in the house,you people should stop bein anxious of championtv Bisskey bcos they normaly change their bisskey almost every 3days.everyone try and get Ancloud P5 from lemmy and use FTA as backup.

  224. @ Oga lemmy thanks alot for ur great effort and assist. God bless and protect u.

  225. please Lemmy is it true that there is biss key for champion tv

  226. Hi LM!! I heard there is a new decoder developed by Qsat team ‘ TELBOX T1 FULL HD GPRS’ With 98 days account for dsthieves and Canal+!!
    Can you please throw more light on it for us pls!???

    And thanks for writing the article on PowerVu. With your 2.4-4M dish and 4922A(Best), you re good to go.

  227. sibabismo says:

    hello boss good day and weldone. please i would like to ask your help again. please i have tried all these channels on c band for mtn package but it is not descrambling. my receiver is str4922a with latest software 1.83p, i put all these power vu keys. thanks for everythung

  228. chimwemwe kalua says:

    lemmy u r great keep it up brother

  229. oh why all the good things are on big dish

  230. Can this work in East African countries?

  231. How can we download powerVU s/w to other decoder e.g like Qsat, champion decoder etc.

  232. tuna4maris says:

    pls lemmy how many channel broadcast live epl matches and what is d tracking frequency

  233. please those with A plus should try it and let ok i hear its working

  234. friends i just cpoy and paste from a site and i and share with u just try the key i post.

  235. Pls oga lemmy i could not download d software for d 4922a pls

  236. Mr Lemmy gudevening,truly God will enlarge ur coast and add times king Solomon wisdom to u.More grace to u.

  237. @David please drop the champion TV biss keys my email(abemjacob@gmail.com)Tanks Boss.

  238. lemmy u r the godfather of all iks and dongles. we all appreciate ur effort and God will reword u. thanks.

  239. Hi david here is d mail (shagali@rocketmail.com) tnks

  240. Gud evening oga Lemmy. I really appreciate ur efforts on fta, d highest size of dish I hav is 1.8m and I stayed in Ogun State. So, which better fta satellite can I use it for wt d frequency, symbol rate and biss key if needed. Thanks

  241. @David, please drop the biss key here (magazizy@yahoo.com) thanks.

  242. David, please this is my email(abemjacob@gmail.com)please Bros could u send me the champion TV biss keys.

  243. @David, this is my email kumahsaah@yahoo.com.PLS send meooooooo David

  244. sorry guys I copy it from a site just Google jonescccam.com and read more from there OK. also I hear a+ is working and Azsky will join soon. keep checking OK. thanks Lemmy for the platform

  245. @David,this is my email add,could u please send me the Biss Key for Champion Tv? kridics@aol.com

  246. Tank you for information dis my mail olalekanolateju@gmail.com

  247. Babalola Sulaimon says:

    Good Afternoon Mr Morgan,

    I really appreciate your effort on how to liberate us on way foward on having access to free TV entertainment and Sport. Is on God that can reward you for your effort. Please my question is what frequency are we going to use to track the MTN Worldwide TV (NSS-12 @ 57° East c-band)

  248. please boss i hear a+ is workng can u check and please let the house no thanks

  249. Champions-Tv BISS KEY

    There is a BISS KEY for champions-tv that is working with some specific model of upgraded decoder patch, if you have champions-tv on Yamal 402: 55E, you can try it on Q28G with latest firmware, how ever this was tested and only works with some recent model of HD decoders plus certain TP.
    For security porpuse Jonesarena cannot publish some working Biss keys but we our engineers can send it to your emails if you drop your emails in the comment box below.

    Redlight TV:
    FREQ: 11008 v 5000
    Sid: 0004
    Biss: A4 A9 AF FC A7 A7 A7 F5

    TOP TV:
    FREQ: 11008 v 5000
    Sid: 0002 & pid 02c7
    Biss: EE 11 EE ED AA AA AA FE

    New Startimes Channels Now Available

    Startimes sports arena, Startimes world football and Startimes sports life were all launched on Friday and they are FTA!
    BUT they can be encrypted with Biss key within a month or thereabout, This means that you can Enjoy global soccer leagues from german Bundesliga and Serie A on them for now.
    The Startimes sport premium channels are now free @ 7 east please try this house

  250. Glo Free Browsing 2015
    We are back after a pretty good upgrade on our blog and we are fully loaded to give you the very best that is available!


    1 Recharge your GLO sim with airtime of 100 Naira.
    2 Dial *170*4#, if you get a message of successful GloBounce tariff migration,
    then good for you this will really work fine for you.
    3. Dialing *127*51# to subscribe for Glo Smallie Data Bundle (cost N100)
    4. Configure your Access Point Name to Gloflat and save.
    Username: flat
    Password: flat
    How To Share Data On Glo Ng Network
    Dial *127*1*recipient Number#
    How To Un-share/Remove from data beneficiary List On Glo Ng Data
    Dial *127*2*Recipient Number#
    please this lemmy and let the house no thanks

  251. Thank you so much just upgraded my strong 4920 i have open the channel an its work thank you lemmy you thw best.


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