PHONES HARDWARES: Problems, Causes, Symptoms, Fix and Prevention

If you are reading this article, it is either you have a smartphone or a computer or both. We have millions of people around the world who own a phone without a computer. In this generation, you can hardly do without a phone no matter how cheap it is. The article of today will centre on the first aid of any phone hardware problems. I mean the DIY or major phones hardware issues. Prevention they say is better than cure, I will also talk about how to prevent hardware damages to your phones, symptoms of a phone with hardware issues and basic fixes.

What is a mobile phone hardware?  The phone hardware components are the physical parts or components of a phone, such as the LCD(Screen), housing, memory card, battery, Printed Circuit Board.(PCB), On/Off Switch, CPU, Ram, RF / Network IC, Flas IC, Power IC, Charging IC, Logic IC, Audio IC,  and so on, all of which are physical objects that are tangible. In a layman’s language, phone hardware(just like pc hardware) are those components of a phone that you can touch, feel, and smell.

samsung phone PCB


In all honesty, I will personally advise you to prevent rather than cure. You will be better off averting damages to your phones than repairing them. This segment will be divided into three vis a vis: Causes(the opposite of this will be prevention meaning do the opposite of what caused the damage). symptoms /behaviour(meaning how you know that your phone has a particular hardware problem), Suggested fixes.





  • The power button is damaged


For anyone with a phone that opens (not an iPhone) there is a band-aid solution for you to use while you’re waiting for your repairs appointment. Pull the battery out of your phone and connect it to your computer. While your phone is connected to the computer, put the battery back in and it should turn on.


You’re going to need to get this one repaired too.


The eyes they say is the window of the body. Same applies to the usefulness of the LCD screen to a phone. The most expensive phone is useless if the screen is shattered.

Causes of screen problems:

  • Inherent factory fault
  • Accidental damages like dropping from high impact, mistakes…
  • Design flaws of the phone
  • Lack of proper handling e.g if you have a tablet, you should know you must house it inside a full pouch….
  • Carelessness; submersion, abuse…

Symptoms of Phone with a damaged screen

  • Totally blank or black screen; it looks as if the device is powered off whereas it is on. This happens where either the screen is not well connected to the PCB or maybe the display ic is faulty. At times it may be due to the actual screen being damaged.
  • Screen with ink-like substances: A non-repairable damaged screen
  • Screen without ink but with visible lines /marks: The screen is shattered: non-reparable but usable
  • Screen touch not responsive: It may be due to damage to the whole screen or just the digitizer /calibrator


Yes, you can do it yourself only on one condition; if you are 100% certain that it is only the screen that is affected I mean, nothing is wrong with the phone’s board. Secondly, if you are changing the screen yourself, make sure you order the original from eBay , amazon or directly from the manufacturer. You should also read vidoe tutorials of how to replace screens on

  • If you are not sure if only the screen is faulty, please take it to a skilled Gsm/ Computer engineer for repair.


  • The surest prevention is that you must be careful overall and also endeavour to buy a phone that is under warranty.
  • Even the best water-resistant phone will crash when submerged for long. Avoid liquid spills that can corrode the section where your screen connects to the board.
  • For iPads and tablets, use a protective wallet /pouch.
  • For other phones use a pouch cover or an original tempered glass screen protector(fake tempered glass will cause harm than good eventually)
  • Men Do not put your phone into your breast pocket
  • Women do not put your phone in a bag or purse that house sharp objects.
  • Do not put your phone in your back pocket
  • Do not leave your phone lying on a chair, do not place your phone on an unkempt bed especially when you are not lying down
  • Do not hand over your phone to your super active kid without monitoring
  • Do not place your phone on a high platform that is sloppy or slippery or unsteady
  • Do not play rough or fight while your phone is on you(In fact, why shall thou fight at all?)
  • For my athletes in the house. please buy an armband carrier for phones during your workouts
  • Do not operate your phone when you are in a mob or any crowded area

Camera Lens Is Broken, Blurred Or Hazy

This is when there is noise or distortion in pictures being captured by your phone


  • Broken camera lens
  • Dirty camera lens


  • If you have a hazy or scratched camera lens, the very first thing I would do is give it a really, really good clean. You’d be surprised how much of a difference that can make. And don’t just give it a quick wipe with a cloth. Get out the methylated spirits or spray and wipe and really make sure it’s clean
  • When the above fail to work, you have to replace the lens. This is the one instance that you should probably cough up the extra cash and make sure it’s repaired properly by your manufacturer. When it comes to a camera lens, quality is everything.


This happens when your phone is immersed in water or even submerged. No phone as at yet can boast of a permanent water-resistance. whether yours is the usual 30 minutes water resistance or not, if you found out that your phone fell into water or any liquid or soaked in your baby’s saliva, observe the following very carefully. Your phone falling into the water is not what will cause the damage in itself, what will cause the damage is the short- circuitS that will occur when your phone’s electricity meets water that causes the problems.


  • Your phone falls into a river, a deep well or a bucket of water
  • Your kid gave your phone a good deal of saliva
  • other liquids such as alcohol, chemicals and so on


  • The phone can start overheating
  • The phone speakers or earpiece may stop working or start malfunctioning
  • The screen may go blank
  • The screen touch may stop working
  • The phone may die totally in the long run.


  • Immediately you notice this, turn the phone off immediately and remove the battery if yours has a removable battery.
  • If you are a novice, rush down to your engineer asap and do not be tempt to power on the phone.
  • If you are a geek or an adventurous guy like me, disassemble the phone clean it with a methylated spirit and Air-dry it. If you do not know how to open it, watch A youtube video on it.


  • Take your phone far away from water or other liquid.
  • Women know a safe place to put your phone while in the kitchen or while doing laundry
  • Monitor things when your child insists on playing with your phone or better still get the pretty one a toy phone.
  • If you have a water resistant phone, do not stay longer than 30 minutes in the water.


While it is unavoidable that your phone gets warm during usage and normal operations, it is abnormal for your phone to get really hot to the extent of it burning your palms


This can be caused by a couple of things;

    • Factory fault
    • Water damaged
    • screen damaged
    • PCB fault
    • One or two Integrated circuits(IC) is faulty
    • Virus infection on your phone
    • Multitasking on your phone
    • Connectivity like wifi, Bluetooth, data


    Third party Apps
  • Pressing a phone in extremely hot temperature
  • Charging a phone and operating it at the same time
  • Fake charger
  • Faulty charger


  • Your phone gets unbearably hot
  • Your batteries swell up.
  • Your phone gives a warning and shutdown on your


  •    The easiest solution is to simply switch off your phone, let it cool off, then switch it on If this doesn’t work do a factory reset of your phone. If the two tricks doesn’t work, am afraid you will need to visit the shops
  • If your phone is under warranty, then take it back to the manufacturers


  • If you can afford it, buy a phone under warranty
  • Do not charge your phone and operate it simultaneously. Le tit fully charge before you operate it
  • Use original charging cables and adapters
  • Once your battery no longer hold a charge, please replace it
  • Avoid submerging your phone
  • Do not launch any demanding apps on your phone when you are in the hot sun
  • Do not stay on a particular connectivity like hotspots, wi – fi, Bluetooth, data… indefinitely. I mean immediately yu notice the hotness switch off the connection
  • When you have been running many apps on your phone, please try and close the idle ones.
  • Avoid extensive videos streaming and gaming on your phone(your phone is neither a dedicated blu-ray player nor a game console)


This happens when your phone start misbehaving because something is wrong with the memory.


  • You have overused your safe memory. If your Android phone especially has a total memory of 16gb, your same memory should be 15gb or 14.5gb. Do not use the whole of the storage capacity.


  • Incessant warnings of memory low on your phone
  • Some data may be lost automatically
  • Your phone may crash
  • Some Apps may stop working
  • Your phone may enter a boot-loop
  • Poorly-built phones may die altogether


If your phone stopped charging, it could be as a result of a couple of things among which are:


  • You are using a fake charger
  • You are using a damaged charging cable or adapter
  • Your phone’s charging port is dirty
  • Your phone’s replacement battery is fake
  • Your phone’s battery is totally damaged
  • Your phone’s charging IC is damaged
  • Your phone’s charging port is warped or damaged.


  • Your phone does not charge at all
  • Your phone charge irregularly


  • Use only OEM recommended accessories
  • clean your dirty charging point with methylated spirit
  • change damaged battery immediately
  • When the problems is within the PCB, take it to your engineer


You must first isolate distortion due to poorly recorded sound or video


  • Water or liquid damage
  • Dust Damage
  • Damage as a result of  falling
  • Damage as a result of age of the device


There is only one solution, replace the affected speaker and do it through a professional engineer


Please try and avoid everything listed under causes above


This happens when the physical buttons on your phone like volume button, mute button, home key button power buttons are broken.


  • Software solution; you can download third party apps that can replace your physical buttons. This apps are available for android and iPhone. For android, you can use “button savior “volume control widget,  For iPhone, there is an inbuilt alternative to your softkeys and buttons “Assistive touch” is under the iphone settings


  • Just handle your phone with care and do not feed it with what it doesn’t like
  • With your best handling, your phone will eventually age and things will start parking up. If this happens, it’s time to change your phone or the faulty components.


  1. I used a combined battery power to switch on a kubao android,it eventually on then in a minute it became hot and it switch off and it never switched on again;anytime it is powered,it will not on but the PCB will be hot.what will i do?

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