Get more 30 totally free to air channels on Nigcomsat Nigeria

According to the Minister of information in Nigeria(Mr Lai Mohammed)The switch over from analogue to digital television is ”irreversible” because the DSO is a ”game changer” that will bring immense benefits to Nigerians and help the government to achieve one of its cardinal goals, which is the diversification of the economy. I even learnt that a world organisation gave the Nigeria government until July 2017 to complete the switchover from … [Read more...]

7 qualities of a successful entrepreneur

The world around us is changing so rapidly, and every time you can not help thinking about that now both be buried on the turns - do not have time to hold the steering wheel. It is relatively easy to start up a business be it online or offline, however, it requires great efforts to keep growing and expanding. Most recently, I wondered why someone, no matter what, continues to go forward - And someone - breaks down and stops moving. What … [Read more...]

Check out these 14 useful iPhone features that you might not know

The iPhone has a lot of hidden features, which may not know even the most advanced users. Here are some of them (available in iOS version 10.3 and higher). View weather forecast for the next few hours without having to run a special application If you are looking for a place on the map, you can immediately see the weather on it in the next few hours. Just open the Maps application, find the right place, and then press and hold the … [Read more...]

How you can easily install and use BlueStacks App Player on PC

This is a guide to getting yourself started with bluestack app. In one of my previous articles i listed some methods by which you can run an android app on your windows computer  or even Mac. Join me today as if walk you through how you can play your favorite games or run your favorite android apps on pc.    For sure, absolutely every Android user thinks about which will be more convenient, installing on your tablet or smartphone of any … [Read more...]

How to install apps and in .XAP extension on Windows phone 8.1

Gone are the days when as a windows phone user, you are at a disadvantage in terms of getting 3rd party apps or sideloading apps to your wp. In the past, I have talked about how to sideload or install an already downloaded .xap(which is, of course, the supported app on Windows phones) to your windows phone 7 and 8. In this tutorial, however, i am happy to talk about how to do the same thing for windows 8.1 users. Read along and take note of the … [Read more...]