Are Android TV /Set-Top boxes illegal? Learn what you must know to play safe

In my post some weeks back, I critically analysed the legal issues facing IPTV technology. Today, we shall be discussing in details, some uncertainties surrounding android tv boxes legality. Especially relevant, I mean; are android tv set-top IPTV boxes legal? Is it lawful to own and use any IPTV set-top box?. Are any decoder with the capabilities of opening channels using IPTV technology legal?. Going forward, I will first reiterate some facts … [Read more...]

How to select compatible wifi adapters and USB modems for decoders

Android decoders and iptv boxes come with inbuilt wifi adapters. Certain advanced(Like tiger t8 Ultra) decoders that are not android are also equipped with the inbuilt wifi antenna. The same is not true for most popular fta and iks receivers.  The most exciting aspect of it is that the two fastest and most convenient internet protocols on decoders requires special hardware to work. Compatible decoder's WiFi adapters and 3g/4g usb modems are not … [Read more...]

Cheapest MTN Nigeria airtime sales get 15% off[Offer valid while stock last]

As you already know, I give out promos, discounted products and services as they are hot. Today I bring to you cheapest mtn airtime. This is the cheapest you can get and there are no known restrictions. You will be able to use this as normal recharge voucher. The cheapest mtn air time that I am talking about is no different from other legit means of buying your call cards. The only difference in the acquisition is that it is cheaper than other … [Read more...]

Solutions to Samsung galaxy s6/s7 problems[Software & hardware]

This article will address issues that bother on how to solve Samsung Galaxy microphone problems. If the instructs that will be provided are followed judiciously, it can also help to solve the problems on any Android device. The problem of a microphone on any smartphone may be either software or hardware related. I am a living victim of a microphone that goes bad due to a software a software glitch. In today's article, I shall not only tell you … [Read more...]

Why Satellite broadcast pirates are being prosecuted – 3 Popular cases

Before now, I think Nigeria is the most notorious African country. Many of us believe  Nigeria is the home where piracy activities thrive most in the world. Broadcast piracy is not peculiar to Nigeria, in fact, we do not have those who are doing the hac*king here in Nigeria. Broadcast pirates hunting has always been on the agenda of every successful pay-TV company. Nigeria serves merely as a redistribution centres to certain pirated broadcast … [Read more...]