Practical areas where Medical doctors use virtual reality

      VR is back in the 2010s and settled in almost all areas of high-tech activity - from computer games and rides to medical and aerospace industries. VR in different areas of medicine Psychotherapy    In this area, VR is used most effectively. Virtual reality technology to help people cope with their phobias(such as fear of the dark, spiders, water, heights, etc.). In the virtual space of the patient is in a comfortable environment for … [Read more...]

13 Clean & cheap alternatives to cable and satellite TV – Universal application

These lists are mainly tailored for users in the USA. However, with the help of a VPN, this can easily be used globally. The post is credited to clarkscondensed. There are at least 12 alternative 12 service packages to satellite tv as you will find out and all of them are 100% legal. As you will find out most of them are paid.   Alternatives to Satellite and Cable Television   Crackle WatchESPN PlayOn Sling TV … [Read more...]

Lemmy Morgan- July 2017 trendy updates on satellite tv and other devices

Today's article will surelly precede that of pre-season which will be coming up in the first week of August. To start with, i will want to welcome you all to the month of July and i pray we shall all prosper this month and beyond. As usuall, this post will be all about facts, rumours and gossip but it shall contain nothing that is not true as at the time of posting. It will be a lengthy post as usual so please take a deep breath and sit back … [Read more...]

Easiest way to upload photos to Instagram on Mac or PC

It is a known fact that you get limited features if you visit your Instagram page on your computer. More annoyingly, you cannot upload a video or photo directly to yourInstagram page from your windows or mac computer.      Although, Instagram added the ability to publish photos to a mobile version of your site (this is the version the user sees if he comes to the social network through a browser, rather than through the application itself). A … [Read more...]

A – Z of what you need to know about VR / AR technology

In this article, you shall be presented with the opportunity to learn everything about VR and AR. It's definition, history, uses, implications, supported devices. If you are a graphically -inclined person or you just love updating your knowledge of technology like me, you will find this article extremely useful.   What's VR and AR?      Virtual reality can be defined as the world transmitted to man through his senses: sight, … [Read more...]