How to create /build your Mobile App for iOS or Android with- iBuildApp

Technology has indeed made things easier for us all. Innovations that used to be exclusives of some craftsmen, professional, artisans and so on are now been made available to the general public after paying a token or for free. The joy of it is that, once you have successfully built this app, you can publish it on google play store or apple app store for approval. iBuildApp - is a new online service that provides users the ability to … [Read more...]

Quote Roller – application for creating business proposals

Any manager, salesman or other employees of the company, engaged in the search for customers and promote products and services, knows the importance of competently made quotation. But not everyone can make his own way to interest a potential customer. Quote Roller Project is aimed at solving this problem. To get full access to the capabilities of the resource, it is necessary to register. The registration procedure is completely free … [Read more...]


Welcome to my monthly updates and gossip about satellite-related happenings in the past 30 days. In this article, I will also be talking about what you might expect this month. Basically, I shall be breaking this article down into four sub-sections Vis: Satellite statement of fact, Satellite gossips(meaning statement that are true but not verified by me), satellite rumours(meaning statement that has not been verified by anyone that I know and … [Read more...]


Many of us use to hear stuff like; wow, that picture was taken in HD, full HD. That movie was showing in 3D, That video was shot in HD. To the average user of Television, camera, decoders, game consoles, computers or mobile phones, all they can authoritatively say is that HD contents are clearer than SD or VGA. Even those of us using decoders at home, you keep wondering "why is normal dstv decoder clearer on my HD tv than my gotv on smartv" Why … [Read more...]

13 Ways from preventing Damages to your Vehicle’s Paint finish- Sun damage, corrosion prevention

In today's article, I will be talking basically on how you can protect your car's paint job/ finish from damage. It goes without saying that this has been and will continue to be a nagging problem to car owners the world over. However, the impact of a car paint damage is mostly felt in continents of the world where we have extreme it due to the sun. African is among the hottest continents of the world. Therefore, this article will benefit the … [Read more...]