Combining Airtel Night and day data plan for one seamless browsing

Airtel Nigeria keeps proving that they are the network to beat when it comes to a cheap data plan. I love good and convenient and affordable data subscription while not sacrificing speed and reliability.  I will go for the most affordable data plan while putting speed and reliability in view. Currently, I am using a combination of Glo weekend plans, MTN monthly #1,000 data and Airtel double data plan. I opted for airtel night plan because it … [Read more...]

How to use the PVR function of Gsky v8 to record your TS streams

Yesterday, I posted some vital information about Gsky v8 HD. One of its features is the ability to record your tv program and save it to any USB device storage. This feature is generally called PVR. First of all, I will like to define "PVR". A personal video recorder (PVR) is an interactive TV recording device. This can be a satellite receiver or any set-top box. In essence, it is a sophisticated set-top box with recording capability. This post … [Read more...]

Review GSKY V8 HD(linux) DVB-S/S2 satellite receiver Features and Spec

The newest Gsky decoder, Gsky Gsky v8 HD receiver was released in early April 2017. This latest release boast of some hardware raw power that has never before seen on any standalone decoder in Africa. Furthermore, Gsky v8 is capable of auto-rolling some powervu channels(Not sport24hd) and channels encrypted with a Biss key.   Features and Specifications of V8 HD Newest Gsky decoder Especially relevant: Full specs of gsky … [Read more...]

Five Official Satellite companies receivable in Africa-shows soccer

Before I go into the nitty-gritty details of how to watch live soccer cheap and officially, I will first list the cheap official sat channels receivable in Africa.  Furthermore, the satellite that I will mention is only soccer showing satellite channels. The new season is around the corner and we are about getting busy. There are as many satellite companies as there are satellite tv channels.  The purpose of this article is to break things down … [Read more...]

Are Android TV /Set-Top boxes illegal? Learn what you must know to play safe

In my post some weeks back, I critically analysed the legal issues facing IPTV technology. Today, we shall be discussing in details, some uncertainties surrounding android tv boxes legality. Especially relevant, I mean; are android tv set-top IPTV boxes legal? Is it lawful to own and use any IPTV set-top box?. Are any decoder with the capabilities of opening channels using IPTV technology legal?. Going forward, I will first reiterate some facts … [Read more...]