[LM]Updates, trends and gossips on satellite & other gadgets- April 2017

I welcome you to another monthly update on satellite tv and related and unrelated gadgets. I promised my loyal members that I will continue informing them about trends in the satellite world but in a non-promotional manner. I mean I will not single out a particular product and recommend it to you. I have also stopped selling any iks, sks or iptv premium account officially. This actions will help me to be more critical and objective in my … [Read more...]

[Tutorial] About motor / engine oil: wrong use, overfill, oil shortage and lots more

I will briefly talk about why our cars need engine oil. Vehicles need it in order to operate smoothly. The role of engine oil is to keep the moving parts of the engine lubricated, to protect them against rust, corrosion, and -- with modern detergent oil additives -- to keep them free of sludge and general engine gunk. MAJOR TYPES OF OIL CONVENTIONAL, SYNTHETIC BLEND & PURE SYNTHETIC OIL DEFINED Going by explanation: Conventional … [Read more...]

[Sponsored] What is Kodi and What Can I Do With It – Review 2

Kodi is an open source media player that offers an abundance of streaming options. Packed with hundreds upon hundreds of add-ons, you’ll find something for everyone. It offers complete customization and the ability to select what you want to watch when you want to watch. Kodi is one of the best TV streaming platforms out there — free, versatile, and powerful- Today, anyone can download Kodi—for free—for use on a variety of operating systems … [Read more...]

Tutorials on how to make money on Pinterest

Social media networks Pinterest. And, oddly enough, very quickly gained popularity among users. Moreover, the resource rating to the dizzy heights of up to a few months. What is this social network has conquered its users? What content are placed? How to make money on Pinterest?   What is Pinterest? - Is it only about funny pictures Multimedia board for "newspaper" clippings Let's first understand what it is all about. The very name … [Read more...]

How to manage your posts to Instagram: tips and tricks

In today's post, I will be sharing tips and tricks on with you the technicalities associated with posting to the social media network Instagram. On what should be the size of the photos, some video length is available to you, you will learn more as you read on:   Let's start with the photos, which make up 90% of the total content in the social. network. The most suitable real pictures, not drawn or animated images, which are all … [Read more...]