Comparison between a plasma, lcd, led, oled and Qled televisions

I am of the habit of researching every bit of an electronic device before recommending or making purchases. In one of my earlier articles, I talked about television based on their resolutions /  such as vga, hd, fhd, qhd and 4k. TodayI shall be discussing in details various television display technology that we have. My focus shall be on LED, plasma, oled and qled. Buying a television may be influenced by your personal preference, image or taste. … [Read more...]

Techniques on how to write about 5 books and 1,000 blog entries within the shortest period possible

One of the greatest challenges of any blogger is getting fresh and original contents. In this post, i shall be providing clues that can help you as a blogger or a publisher. Most writers have problems with their work on a surprisingly simple reason. They think that writing - it is a single-stage process, while it has three stages. When I decided to become a blogger and gave myself a promise every day to write a minimum of 500 words(way … [Read more...]

How to determine the difference between a KU Band and C Band Frequencies

In one of my articles recently, I discussed how you can setup a C-band or a Ku band lnb on your decoder. In today's article, I shall be talking about ways by which you can identify(at a glance, the difference between a Ku Band frequency and its, C band counterpart. For you to be a guru in free to air channels, you need to be versed with the ku band and Cband frequencies. Many Free to Air satellite TV newbies usually struggle to know the … [Read more...]

How to spot the difference between an offset and a prime focus dish

Many free to air satellite TV lovers can easily tell the difference between a Prime focus and an Offset dish, they can even correctly predict which satellite a certain dish is facing just by looking at it, even from a moving vehicle. Well if you do not know the difference between a Prime focus and an Offset dish then continue reading. Take a look at the image just below the heading, it shows two satellite dishes that you will know which one is … [Read more...]

[Sponsored] Avoid counterfeit Samsu oil, get the best results from original and solve common erection problems

Even though this is a sponsored post, I will add my little contribution based on my knowledge and experience in this field being an adult myself. Samsu oil is about the man, Samsu oil is about extended/ prolonged ejaculation, samsu oil is all about my brothers out there who has a hypersensitive organ that is so active to the extent of ejaculating even before the action begins.  Now let me break it down: Must read: how to use samsu oil Must … [Read more...]