3 things that will change after the introduction of 5G Technology

While developing countries of the world are still basking in the euphoria of lack of depth in the coverage of the 4g network, the advanced/ developed nations of the world have already set their sights on 5g network come 2020. In this article, I shall be exposing us to what might change once 5g technology is introduced in 2020.   Some theory About 5g: Virtualization - the basis for 5G Fortunately, the 5G network promises a solution … [Read more...]

[How to]Move your iTunes Library to an External Drive or USB Stick

Often at times, you might want to save some disk space on your mac or pc hard drive. If you are an Apple iOS device user, one of the easiest ways is for you to change your iTunes library. I mean you need to move your iTunes location to another directory apart from the directory where your iTunes is installed. In my case, I saved mine onto my Seagate external hard drive. I did mine for two reasons,; 1. security(in case my harddrive crashed and 2; … [Read more...]

Buy Etisalat Airtime transfer @ 10000 for #8500 and it is transferable / resharable

What I am bringing to you today is no magic. it is clean and clear even from the get go. There is no wiping of data or fear of speed throttling. You can use your airtime to do whatever you want like; calling, sending sms, making video calls, subscribing to data, buying other Etisalat services and so on. Unlike the magical(too good to be sustainable etisalat) data share has issues of data wiping intermittently, this is like a normal Etisalat … [Read more...]

IPTV and its quest for Legitimacy / Legality – Is it totally legal?

Iptv is in the middle of the two extremes. We have dongles(powered by iks or sks accounts on one side and Free to air channels on the other side. Iptv is in between because, unlike dongles which is 100% unofficial and illegal, iptv is not 100% illegal. Similarly, unlike fta channels that are 100% free and legitimate, iptv is not 100% illegal. Today's article will open your eyes and expose you to things about iptv. As we know, the law is about … [Read more...]

2017 May mark the end of Powervu available for Africa-This is why

Just like iptv, I was one of the(if not the first person) to talk about powervu openly. Today's article is not about something hopeful or encouraging, it is all about calling a spade a spade. When we talk of powervu for Africa, we are mainly referring to sony, afn and mtnworldwide. The reason being that this are the packages receivabel with the smallest dish bearable. I am sorry to be the carrier of "a bad news". The days of powervu encryption … [Read more...]