Main factors to consider before buying a Smartphone[Special Focus; developing countries]

The mobile home in this generation has become an indispensable phenomenon. It will be so boring talking about the usefulness of a smartphone in our everyday life. We all know that there are no single criteria of choosing a mobile phone. In my article of today, I will be discussing strictly the factors you ought to consider before buying a mobile phone. Many people buy a phone that does not give them the desired utility. I will sub-divided this … [Read more...]

Great news there is a Ghana agent for Samsu Oil now

The reports reaching me happens to be a great one for those living in Ghana. The supplier of samsu oil now has an agent in Accra ghana. What this implies is that you can pay in Cedis and get your product right away. This product originated from Indonesia and up to this moment, I am yet to receive any negative reports or complaints about this health product. I mean it simply does what it is designed to do effectively. If you ever used a … [Read more...]

Bitcoins Now Sells for #520/$1 Today Saturday 7 2016

When I first posted an article regarding bitcoins, I offered sales for as low as #485 / #490 per $1. However, bitcoin being the kind of e-currency hat it is has gone up again since about two days ago. Some exchangers online sell for 550, 530, 535 and so on. I shall be selling at lower price compared to those selling online Warning Warning Warnings!!! The prices am giving you below is valid for today. the prices may even change in the next … [Read more...]

4 Effective ways Of running Android app On Windows, Mac or Linux

The android ecosystem is popular for its versatility, openness and flexibility.  I mean just about any developer can develop an application and publish it on the play store. This particular feature of the android OS enables the availability of a plethora of android apps many of which are not available on other platforms like windows or iOS. There is no denying the fact that sometimes it looks selfish when you are enjoying a video alone on your … [Read more...]

[LM]2016 Recap /Updates on Sat, E-currency and Others

Happy New year my people. The Year 2016 has come and gone with all its intrigues and intricacies. For dongle lovers especially those who depends on it solely due to lack of a buoyant income, 2016 happened to be the most frustrating year for them. We also have the issues of global, economy downturn and in my own case, I will make a particular reference to Nigeria my country. Nigeria is witnessing the worst economy recession in her history. I am … [Read more...]