Airtel Nigeria unlimited data plans-All you need to know

It is no gainsaying that every unlimited data plan is indeed limited in some regard. I mean, even in developed countries of the world, we have few data plans that are absolutely limited. Some fair usage policies always apply. The limits placed on the so called unlimited plans are always evident in the speed after you cross the allocated data threshold. Enough of the preamble. Airtel Nigeria unlimited data plan is following the footsteps of the … [Read more...]

[2017]WhatsApp tips, tweaks and tricks that every user must know

The popularity of WhatsApp continues soaring so high. About 1 billion users currently use WhatsApp worldwide. This app is definitely the most popular messaging app in the world. Very often, WhatsApp usually releases updates. My tricks and minor ha*ks are fully updated to be useful even in the coming years. Some of the things I am going to mention are already popular while others may be new to you. There is definitely no exhaustive list anywhere … [Read more...]

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How to manage the reputation on the Internet. Fundamental rules

Managing your online reputation is as important as sourcing for traffic to your website. A big website may lose huge traffic if the reputation of its owner is in question. Similarly, a website with a small number of visitors may increase and gain huge popularity once the owner(s) has a good reputation or integrity. That is not to say you can be 100% perfect on the internet. In a nutshell, the belief and the opinions your readers form about you … [Read more...]

Turn WhatsApp Into a private store for your documents & notes

WhatsApp is a fantastic messaging app for staying in touch with family and friends as well as business contacts. It is super-fast, works on nearly all phones (including desktop computers) and Facebook has no plans to charge WhatsApp users. I will give an important  WhatsApp media storage trick here today. This trick will be beneficial to everyone who sends the same set of files frequently. Related: cleverconnectivity- The best free Android App … [Read more...]

Combining Airtel Night and day data plan for one seamless browsing

Airtel Nigeria keeps proving that they are the network to beat when it comes to a cheap data plan. I love good and convenient and affordable data subscription while not sacrificing speed and reliability.  I will go for the most affordable data plan while putting speed and reliability in view. Currently, I am using a combination of Glo weekend plans, MTN monthly #1,000 data and Airtel double data plan. I opted for airtel night plan because it … [Read more...]