This is credited to a follower of this blog who dropped the hint in the comment box "mykel". H e said you can actually enjoy 2gb of data on MTN Nigeria with #500, valid for 7 days and with options of a rollover. This is the real deal and I am surely going to go for it. My mtn data validity currently expires in June 2017. This simply means I can enjoy this 2g 500ngn package with my existing validity period since it supports rollover. Now straight … [Read more...]

Vehicle’s Windshield Stress Crack: Definition, prevention & repair

Windshield stress crack on vehicles has always been an unwanted phenomenon especially in areas where we have a very high temperature like Africa. In my article of today, I shall be talking about the avoidable but difficult to repair stress crack. To understand this very well, i will list some types of crack that can affect your vehicle's windshield. Unfortunately, other types of cracks might be unavoidable but stress cracks are 100% avoidable. … [Read more...]

How to extend the battery life of your iPhone & Windows/Microsoft phones-2017

When am talking about mobile phones battery life, I do so passionately because I wear the shoes and I know where it pinches. I live in the part of the country that boasts of the most stable power supply, even at that, I know what it is like for your phones to die on your when you need them most simply because you are not close to a power source. All am saying here is that you can influence how long your battery last on a single charge. A … [Read more...]

You can get double your data subscription on Any MTN Nigeria Sim card

Last year, MTN rolled out a double data bonus on every data subscription. Towards the end of last year, this promo ended. We all missed it, but now am happy to tell you that you can still enjoy this package on new or existing sim cards. In this article, I will walk you through how you can get twice every data you subscribe to on Mtn Nigeria on any active sim card for the next Six months. WHAT IS THIS PACKAGE ALL ABOUT? This package is mean … [Read more...]

How to Boost Your Android & Blackberry Phone’s Battery Life-Part 1

We all love our respective Smartphones. However, we also all wish their battery can last forever, unfortunately, the more sophisticated your phone is, the faster it tends to drain the battery. That notwithstanding, am here to offer recourse on how you can prolong the juice in your battery on a single charge. In other words, how you can make a phone's battery that hitherto lasts up to 6hours to go for like 8 to 12hours on a single charge. In this … [Read more...]