Remember-An App that teaches you Foreign Languages

Many people, who learn a new language, keep forgetting words they translated. Remember app solves this problem by creating a solution which helps people to remember everything they learn. Therefore, do not be surprise to see your friend or colleagues who are not a native of France speak french fluently.  If you teach a foreign language, you probably often face a number of challenges: - to write translations of words in a notebook and … [Read more...]

How to detect if a LCD/LED/OLED television is original or fake Before buying it

Fake products are copies of original products and are used to make money by selling the cheaper versions for a very high price. Most of the time people buying fakes are unaware of buying a fake. Those who produce fake products have fraudulent intentions of producing such products. Fake products cut across all consumer goods. China is said to be credited to be the brains behind the manufacturing of most fake products(please do not blame china, you … [Read more...]

Foreign websites where you can earn clean money on the internet

There are a lot of legit ways of making money online from the comfort of your home. However, the majority of this methods are time-consuming. The article you are about to read today will talk about selected foreign websites where you can make cool cash reading emails, completing surveys, creating opnions and loads of other things. Some of this sties are accessible only to US residents so take note. You need to devote your time towards this before … [Read more...]


If you know how to navigate well through youtube or you can use in an advanced way, you will be able to watch virtually any program online live. In my last article on satellite, I asserted that in a case of emergency, what I use is iptv and I use free iptv not paid one.  I use kodi or live event streaming sites. This method has never for once failed me as long as I have my internet connection(this must be relatively fast and stable) … [Read more...]

Toyota to creates an alternative unmanned cars – a “smart” driver assistance

We are obviously in the era of Artificial intelligence and robots. we are so far behind in Africa, things are changing rapidly in the world out there. This article will interest you even if it is not yet happening like now.Toyota, says that despite the many projects to develop unmanned vehicles from Uber, Alphabet, Ford and others, truly autonomous systems will be developed only after a few years. The company believes that long before this moment … [Read more...]