[How to] Convert .jad and .jar file types into .alx and cod for Blackberry installation

  Welcome on board And in this post i shall be analyzing how you can convert any valid .jar or .jad files to .cod.alx file extension which is the only extension that is recognized by a blackberry phone. that is to say most blackberry phone will not install any third party software that does not have .alx extension. so this post will guide you trough how you can convert your downloaded files.   Requirements: 1. Download … [Read more...]

How to Hide SMS Messages from Unauthorized people on Android phones with SMS Lock & Privacy Protection Android App

There is nothing compared to having your privacy to a reasonable degree but in this post i shall be talking about sms (i mean short messages privacy on all android phones with an application called SMS LOCK) When you give out your smartphone for others to use what will be paramount in your mind is your privacy¬† , you are always concerned about your security as it contains your personal SMS, details and contacts SMS Locks is the application which … [Read more...]

Best Mobile Tunnelling Applications for Android, Nokia, Maemo 5 and linux(to encrypt your internet connection)

In my earlier post on Best Vpn / Proxy Tunnelling Software for your Computer i promised i i shall post something on tunneling applications on Major mobile phones too. in this post am fulfilling my promise by posting a detailed tutorial on internet tunneling applications for Android, nokia, and maemo devices Apart from this, that i shall be reviewing four tunneling applications that are presently available for mobile phone...Namely: Your … [Read more...]

Best Vpn / Proxy Tunnelling Software for your Computer (to hide you identity online)

¬†Because of the increasing menace of unscrupulous internet users, Am writing this article so as to introducing you to some wonderful pc softwares to help you stay anonymous on the internet or in another word softwares to protect your online identity. We all love the internet like mamma's breakfast but the internet is not without its disadvantages. We have both good and evil internet users just like we have black-hat and white hat hackers.I … [Read more...]