List of Your Freedom client Servers / ip with Their Countries and how to change freedom servers

Welcome to another explosive tutorial on your freedom client. This time around i have takentime to compile the list of all your freedom servers with their equivalent numeric values and countries of the server. this is what i mean for example we all know server one is a USA based server written as do you know you can also write it as i have done this to all 35 your freedom severs.All freedom users already … [Read more...]

Trick to Bye-pass Your Freedom Time limit / restriction and use more than the Allocated 6 hours per day

Necessity is the Mother of invention so the saying goes.When you are pushed to the wall you will develop a defensive mechanism. Your freedom client is one of the best if not the best tunneling software for pc. But there is one annoying thing about your freedom client and this is the fact that they only offer 6hours per day and 15 hours per week which  is too small. i have try all legal means to use more than this hours but all proved abortive. … [Read more...]

About Nimbuzz Chat Messenger & List of Nimbuzz Servers/ ips and ports

You may think this is not necessary, But there are millions of nimbuzz users out there who are desperately in need of nimbuzz servers to power their Handler Nimbuzz Applications.This is the reason why i have compiled the list of nimbuzz servers that you can use to power your nimbuzz Application be it nimbuzz for symbian phones or nimbuzz handlers. You must note that this servers / ips are not useful for smartphones that doesn't have an option … [Read more...]

Reasons Why Samsung i9300 galaxy-s-iii is the best Android Smart phone & Why You Should Buy it

It is no longer news that Samsung i9300 Galaxy s iii has finally arrived on the shelves. The purpose of this post is to look into the Features and Specifications of  the Samsung Galaxy S III that are not present in other phones by any other manufacturer.For example how will you rate a situation whereby for you to make a call all you need to do is to hold your device close to your ears (this feature is tagged by samsung as smart actions) Another … [Read more...]


One of the most sought after Internet service providers in Nigeria is Multilinks telecoms however the constraint most of their subscribers face is what their data plans is like before they venture into buying the modems. They have two kinds of internet modems 1. Multi-links 1x modem and 2. Multi-links Blue broadband modem i will always go for the bluebroad band modem anytime anyday because it is 3g enabled unlike the 1x which is 2g. All … [Read more...]