Trick to Activate gprs or 3.5g Signal on your Old and New Glo Nigeria Sim (Within two days)

I have received several request and questions in my web forum on this particular post. the question is that people are finding it difficult activating their glo mobile Nigeria sim for web browsing. It is a known fact that unlike mtn nigeria, when you buy a glo nigeria sim and after registration you may not have gprs / 3g signal on your phone even if you have airtime on your phone.Anytime you try to access the internet, you will get packet data … [Read more...]


You may ask yourself, couldn't there be a universal configuration settings for all phone types? well the answer is there is a universal guide to help you configure any phone type for web access. And in the course of this article i shall be explaining in details how you can manually configure major phones for web browsing phones such as Nokia, samsung, motorola e.t.c It can be use as a guide for anyone who wishes to create a manual internet … [Read more...]

[Download] Best Antivirus Suite for Android phones(ESET Mobile Security with Anti Theft & Anti-Malware Protection)

ESET¬† Antivirus Company is a household name when it comes to protection against virus and malwares. However the good news is that this wonderful security suite has now been extended to The Android platform. It now supports tablets and the user interface has been so developed in such away that it is easier to configure. Those who have used eset antivirus on pc just like me will know how effective and efficient this antivirus is i have been … [Read more...]

[How to] Convert .jad and .jar file types into .alx and cod for Blackberry installation

  Welcome on board And in this post i shall be analyzing how you can convert any valid .jar or .jad files to .cod.alx file extension which is the only extension that is recognized by a blackberry phone. that is to say most blackberry phone will not install any third party software that does not have .alx extension. so this post will guide you trough how you can convert your downloaded files.   Requirements: 1. Download … [Read more...]

How to Hide SMS Messages from Unauthorized people on Android phones with SMS Lock & Privacy Protection Android App

There is nothing compared to having your privacy to a reasonable degree but in this post i shall be talking about sms (i mean short messages privacy on all android phones with an application called SMS LOCK) When you give out your smartphone for others to use what will be paramount in your mind is your privacy¬† , you are always concerned about your security as it contains your personal SMS, details and contacts SMS Locks is the application which … [Read more...]