Intergalatic Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Galaxy S II (which one should you buy)

There has been Two glorious chapters in Android history, two milestones on Samsung's rise to the top.As it boast of the two world best Android Smartphones. In this post (which is an excerpt from we are going to look into a complete review and comparison between Samsung galaxy s 2 and samsung galaxy s 3. Putting in mind issues like timely upgrade and, ultimately, money. To get the obvious out of the way, the Samsung Galaxy S III … [Read more...]


This post is definitely going to be useful to someone out there. this trick will be specifically usefull to you if you are using a nokia symbian phone and everything is working perfectly but all of a suden or one day you woke up to try to access the internet via a third party browser e.g operamini, ucweb, qbrowser or whatever browser you might have installed  but lol and behold all your browsers are no longer connecting to the internet.It keeps … [Read more...]

How to Use your Dialpad as a joystick on Nokia S60V3 & S60V2 Phones with AJoy (Anti-Joystick) Symbian

Do you own a nokia symbian s60v3 or s6ov2 phone? if yes is your phone model the type that uses a joystick instead of a D-pad or a five way navigation key. If yes then you must have one time or the other experience your joystick malfunctioning infact joysticks on smartphones are pain in the ass this is because their disadvantages outweighed their advantages advantages the major disadvantages is that you cannot uses it consistently for a long time … [Read more...]

Solution to problems of Extracting links from and with Opera or mobile phone’s browser

This very topic was born out of the fact that most people find it difficult downloading or extracting files from and with their opera mini browser and other mobile browsers. The solutions to the  problem i want to profer in this article is on how to  download from and with with your  mobile phone or mobile browser possibly opera mini. now i have compiled this post with screenshot and i tested … [Read more...]

Run Android Applications on Non-Android Devices(like meego maemo, and Apple Ios) with Alien Davlik

The world of technology is a dynamic world with loads of surprises. Android being an open source operating system has offered more than the expectations of the users and the developers  I have been longing to see the day when there will be interaction and coordination among different phone manufacturers. I mean if they can cooperate to the extent of making softwares that are compatible with OS A to be also compatible with OS B. E.g android to run … [Read more...]