Simple trick to Update your Facebook Status via Blackberry, Iphone, Android, e.t.c with your Opera

This trick has been on for a while. I mean you may have one time or the other seen your friends facebook wall been updated via blackberry, Android, iPad e.t.c when you know fully well that he or she only owns a Nokia phone. Well i will expose the trick here as you to can do the same and update your facebook wall with the device other than yours. Their is a site that offers this service free of charge For example i'm using nokia N8 bt each time … [Read more...]

How to use Opera Links / Sync to Backup your Browsing Data on Opera & Opera mini

  This post contains an information that will help you to keep tab on all your browser and opera mobile browser history, bookmarks, cookies e.t.c Opera links or synchronization serves as a kind of backup for Opera Link allows you to share data between all your computers and mobile devices that run the Opera browser. It can synchronize your browser information, such as bookmarks, Speed Dial, passwords, and notes, so they are available … [Read more...]


Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you have more than enough bandwidth in your internet usb modem or data card? or do you feel like. you want to share your internet connection with your mobile phone or other mobile device? Or you feel like networking two or more computers so that you can easily share your data and files among them? do you want to run a low end or medium cyber cafe with about 10 or more computers? Then this topic … [Read more...]

How to Download all file formats like .apk, .rar, .zip, .mp3, .doc, .xls on Android phones

            As an Android phone user who loves media files such as music, videos e.t.c... the best way for you to get your favourite music or videos is on the internet.However the is still this issue of going through the files one after the other before you are able to download them.This undoubtedly is a long and monotonous process.That is why in this post am bringing you an application from … [Read more...]

Simple Trick to Increase your Browsing Speed on Opera mini browser

Opera nini browser is undoubtedly the fastest browser on a mobile phone. However you can still increase the speed of your opera mini and also increase your general browsing experience with opera mini on your mobile phone. In this post you will learn the trick to increase your loading speed, reduce waiting time e.t.c. TO INCREASE THE SPEED OF YOUR OPERA MINI BROWSER, COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING your opera miniĀ  Browser, 2. In your … [Read more...]