Now In Stock HAME A16S With Built-in 3G Wi-Fi Router,SIM Card Slot & RJ45 Adapter + Powerbank

This is not a tutorial but an announcement. In one of my previous articles,  i highlighted the numerous advantages of having a wifi or 3g router as your companion if you are an internet user. The advantages of a mobile broadband router or a wifi router is there for all to see as long as you make use of more than one device to connect to the internet. To read about the full details  of what a router does, please read my tutorial here.

hame_getting strarted

Now back to the subject matter, I told you that a mobile broadband router majorly differ from a wifi router because a mobile broadband router has more features like powerbank, portability, and sim card support. The mobile broadband am going to introduce to you is HAME A16S. Hame A16S is different from other hame mobile broadband because it actually, saves you a whole lot of expenses. for example, it acts as a powerbank(thank can charge your apple iphone or non-bb10 blackberry phones), it also acts as a 3g modem(this is because, unlike other routers, you don’t need to buy a 3g modem before you can use hame A16S. all you need to do is to insert your sim card directly into ham), it acts as your wifi hotspot to which other wifi devices can connect and finally, you can use it as a source of your valid LAN internet. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, contact me through my email or by filling the form here.

The stock available is limited so please only contact me when you are fully ready. Now relish the features and pictures of HAME A16S below. Once I get a source of buying T1 mobile broadband, i will also tell the house.

HAME A16S Built-in 3G Wi-Fi Router 21.6Mbps with USIM Card Slot RJ45 Adapter



Portable and Mini WiFi, built-in 3G wireless router
Helps you surf the internet and online office at any time and anywhere
Supports 802.11n , transfer rate up to 150 Mbps
Supports USIM card
Supports HSPA high-speed data transmission, download 21.6M

Support 3G convert to wired network,for computer, POS equipment
Supports WiFi repeater to extend WiFi coverage

Supports ADSL, family cable broadband, hotel broadband cable access (WAN/LAN switch automatically)
Equipped with a Mini USB to RJ45 interface and you can easily go to the wired mode

Plug and play, no software installation necessary
With built-in 1800mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, can work for 3-5 hours

hame_getting strartedhame A16S AccessoriesHAME_LAN_ADAPTER_AND CHARCHING PORT


  1. bros i need hame router is it still avaliable

  2. dear mr lemmy,
    i was upgrading my q sat 15q and then power went off, now if try to switch it on or finish the upgrade it is showing a sky blue page with information (“DOWNLOAD FROM TS” find upgrade info fail.)

  3. Pls lemmy add me on your yahoomessenger ray….is urgent pls!

  4. Mr lemmy is no longer a joke since all dis years… U kno longer reply my mails again…have I offend u

  5. Hi Lemmy,

    I am interested in purchasing the HAME wifi router. How much is it? Can I use it with all sims….CDMA sim(Visafone) included. Cheers

  6. Osita-Jah says:

    Please Lemmy
    you recommended that I upgrad my new QSAT23g. when I check the version , it is V6. do i upgrade to V5 or what.
    the problems is that.
    1. its new and have to be activated
    2. it accept all sim card and write “network connection success” but CANNOT UNSCRAMBLED Dstv channels
    3. it recognized MTN and Airtel modern but can not connect. that is “network connection fail”

    4 no server message wit sim connected directly

    pls advice me

    • @Osita, you don’t need to upgrade a qsat q23g it already comes with the latest firmware. please keep using mtn 3g modem, wifi or lan internet with mtn or airtel. Eventually you will get it activated

  7. hi oga lemmy
    please I went to buy wifi adapter and they asked about its volts. so I would like to know how many volts wifi adapter can be used on qsat 23g. also which one is the best connection for qsat 23g, WiFi or 3g because im considering using a wifi adapter to connect with my qsat wirelessly.thank u

  8. where i can i get one to buy i mean HAME A16S.

  9. hi lm, pls can android phone like cube talk 9x work with glo bb plan and if yes, can it work when connected to qsat.

  10. callistus says:

    Pls lemmy my qsat g116 have stopped working it doesn’t open any dstv channel even after network success

  11. Hi lemmy, still haven’t heard from you as regards the HAME router and wireless adapter price tags. Please inbox me as promised.

  12. @lemmy is it bad to show someone my avatar codes

    can someone eles use it???

  13. @lemmy Please any idea on the status of qsat been offline??? can you please elaborate and explain to us whats happening with their server?

  14. the boss, I need ur urgent help…….my local installer disrupted my dstv connection after installing MYTV and multiTV for me and he is taking forever to come fix it. in fact he has refused to pick my calls…………please help me with FREQUENCY and TRANSPONDER SETTING. I am using Q11

  15. Please my code 45****** on q23g is not working as at 2pm this afternoon. But lemmy just quoted it among the code online. Mine refuse to display the server welcome message. Pls is anyone else’ own working?. Pls the house should help confirm this. Thanks.

  16. Weldone Lemmy. Pls, is it possible to Crack (make Universal) MTN Huawei e303, or Glo Huawei e303, or Etisalat Huawei e303? thanx

  17. Husseni Habu says:


  18. Hi lemmy, gr8 wrk u’re doing. I wan to know if this HAME A16S router works with networks like swift, Visafone or spectranet, as i hav sim cards for each.

    I wnt tu also ask if the cheat used for airtel bbm for android data plan will wrk on this router.

    Thanks lemmy.

  19. Oga lemmy, thanks a lot for your service to humanity, God bless you, please i am using two dish for my qsat, one for qsat and the other for multi-tv, i want to blind scan my decoder again and please i need these info on both my qsat and multi-tv

    LNB type:
    LNB frequency:
    LNB power:
    DisEqC mode:
    DisEqC 1.0:
    DisEqC 1.1:

    Then for Scan
    Network search:
    Scan type:

    Please Oga Lemmy, i will plead you painstakingly reply this. This info is for both qsat and multi-tv. Thanks.

    • @franco, the best solution is for you to simply call your local satellite installer to help you fix your channels / dish settings in no time. he is the one that wil have direct access to your dish, disecq and decoder.

  20. George Grant says:

    please sir, is there any update software for qsat. links me

  21. 57,58,46 are also working

  22. Pls mr lemmy my q23 is nt working since wen I came back 4m traviling dis moring pls wat can happen is it a general problem or wat some week ago I try 2 upgrade it wit the software I download 4m ur site and it works but wat I realise is dat d version I hav b4 was v6.8.someting But now it change 2 v6.07.63 pls help me out tanks

  23. D bb 10,wil it wk as wifi wit bb subcription on d decoded,or u need 2 be on data bundle? What abt all htc phones?

  24. sorry Oga lemme….wat is the status of qsat?

  25. George Grant says:

    please Sir. my phone is giving me problem oohh, l can’t even store number on it . please send me firmware to upgrade my phone. ( T-mobile my touch ) version 2.3.6, l need latest firmware and how to load it the phone .thank u sir.

  26. George Grant says:

    please Sir. my phone is giving me problem oohh, l can’t even store number on it . please send me firmware to upgrade my phone. ( T-mobile my touch ) version 2.3.6, l need latest firmware and how to load it the phone

  27. Oga Lemmy, pls I have a ZTE HSPA MF190 modem, will it work on my q23g?. Thanks.

  28. Pls, can i get the price and details by mail, i’m interested.

  29. gud aftanoon. Mr. lemmy i tried connecting my fone as a hotspot to my qsat g13. buh it doesnt even show wen i on it. buh wen switch on my laptop it shows n i can connect buh nt showing on qsat wen i try.pls help me out

    • @hubert, your qsat will not recognize it because you don’t have a wifi adapter for your qsat. you need to buy a wifi adapter and attach it to your qst before you qsat will start detecting wifi connections

  30. can i get the cost in my email thanks am very interested

  31. i have model,E270 HSPA USB MODEM can it work as well

  32. hello mr. lemmy, can one use it on qsat23 decoda? if so does it stop the frezing and srammble chennels things?

  33. equow israel says:

    Mr. Morgan my Q15 just started given me flickering menu. The remote control is OK. I suspect the detachable control panel bcos when I detach it the flickering stops n channel starts showing. what shd I do? help pls.

  34. Dear lemmy, can this support the use of already subscribe go bb sim? What am trying to say is this, if I subscribe for a glo bb plan for a month and I remove the sim into this device…will it be able to work on the device and transmit the data as wifi?

  35. Hi Lemmy,
    Can I use this my speed hd S1, does it accept all sim (mtn, glo or etisalat)
    and how much it cost, and what’s the delivery way.
    I want to know more

  36. Mr Morgan, thanks for ur infor. God blessed u.

  37. Where can I purchase HAME A16S Built-in 3G Wi-Fi Router Mr Lemmy please I need one

  38. hi lemmy, thanks 4 all ur blogs here, pls i just want to know the credit consumption of 3g modem in qsat without data plan(just only airtime credit) compare to direct sim, are they the same?

  39. meant how do I use BB 9300 as a hot spot?


  1. […] It is strongly advisable that you either buy a router or get a smartphone that has wifi mobile / portable hotspot feature if you want to use your internet on your decoder. When I say smartphone with mobile hotsport, i am talking about android phones, apple iphone from iphone 4s and newer, blackberry 10 phone e.t.c. And you should also not that if you opt for a router instead, then you must buy a compatible 3g modem along with your router unless you buy a router like hame which uses sim card directly. […]

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