Review GSKY V8 HD(linux) DVB-S/S2 satellite receiver Features and Spec

The newest Gsky decoder, Gsky Gsky v8 HD receiver was released in early April 2017. This latest release boast of some hardware raw power that has never before seen on any standalone decoder in Africa. Furthermore, Gsky v8 is capable of auto-rolling some powervu channels(Not sport24hd) and channels encrypted with a Biss key.

Newest Gsky decoder


Features and Specifications of V8 HD Newest Gsky decoder

Especially relevant: Full specs of gsky V7

•G- linux OS
•DVB-S/DVB-S2 Satellite Compliant (MPEG-Ill MPEG-IV/ H 264,H265, AVS+)
•SCPC & MCPC receivable from Ku and C band satellites
•Blind search supported
•Flexible capture engine. various multi-picture browser and screen-capture functions supported.
•7 days Electronic Programme guide (EPG)
•Storing memory 100 satellites 4000 transponders and 8000 channels
•8 favourite groups and parental lock supported
•Teletext output through VBI and OSD
•True-color OSD and 2D graphics accelerator. anti-flicker filter supported
•High-speed searching mode for blind channel/symbol rate or/and code rate acquisition
•USB for firmware update
•USB device PVR/Timeshift supported,Pause. Slow. Fast and Skip
•Multi-language DVB Subtitle output
•All of the PAL and NTSC analog TV standards supported
•32bit CK610MF CPU, the frequency up to 660MHz
•TS peak input rate: 15MBps
•Embedded AES/DES/3DES engine and OTP, advanced security feature supported
•PowerVu Autoroll,support network online upgrade



In addition to the above technical specifications, I will list some special exclusive features of v8 Newest Gsky decoder.

  • To start with, V8 comes with one free IPTV app for movie lovers. This app uses relatively slower internet according to the producers. You get more from the picture below:

Newest Gsky decoder

Newest Gsky decoder

From the above, it is obvious that the most outstanding internet app on the v8 is the super theatre app. Furthermore, the super theatre comes with some adult channels that are password locked by default. No live sports of any sort on Gsky V8 iptv solution.


To begin with, i need to reiterate that v8 favours South americans than africans with its biss and powervu autoroll. It goes without saying that we have less of meaning channels encrypted with biss keys in Africa. In the opposite, v8 can open channels on 78.5e . This, satellite has many TPs on Cband and Ku band. The channels are mostly available in  SouthEast Asia(Thailand,Burma,Laos, Nepal, East Africa(Somalia,etc.  78.5e Cband has about 200 biss channels, while 78.5e Kuband has about 96 biss channels.

As for the powervu:

  •  powervu auto roll,  58W TP 3921H30000, 58W TP 3880H30000, 115W TP 3780V30000, and  91.5e TP 4004 V 5000 CPhilippinesnes.

TANDBERG v2: 3702V30000: IMG ASIA channel is on 100.5 AsiaSat 5, it is Tandberg V2

Note: You need to connect your V8 to the internet via 3g/4g or wifi for it to auto roll any biss or supported powervu channels. I addition, I will say I do not know or I cannot say as of now if V8 is opening sony powevu package.


  • You can use the same remote for v5, v6 , v7 and v8
  • This newest gsky receiver V8 also supports AVS+ demodulation.  AVS+ is modulated standard like DVB-S2 but it works in some Asian countries and South America.
  • V8 is Linux operating system.
  • Gsky v7 lacks super Theatre while v8 has it.
  • The v8 HD works better with poor internet connection.
  • Huge movies for downloading
  • Auto pushing video support
  • V5/V6 and v7 do not support H.265 decoding, it means many movie/video file base on H.265 can play by GSKY V8.
  • GSKY V8 has more hardware power, can do powervu auto roll and at the same time, the PVR function works perfectly.
  • The GSKY V8 decoder has been tweaked have very strong internet search engine for online movie seeds, and also can download to USB stick/disk for playback subsequently.


In conclusion, I have been able to explain in details all the features of v8. I am not selling and i do not have anyone selling this product. However, if you need it and I mean, if it has a feature that you need, you can order it directly from the manufacturers through their website:

Noteworthy, let us not forget that gsky v8 which is the newest gsky decoder does not open any channel that broadcast EPL in sub-Sahara Africa. It’s iptv solution does not also contain sports channels. but if you are not particular about EPL, then you might want to give it a shot.


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