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lemmy search 1Screenshot_2015-05-16-02-49-04  from the pictures above, you can see that the very first result was what i am actually looking for.








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Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 5.31.43 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 5.32.16 AM










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  1. adebayo adewale says:

    wake up q28g soft-bricked

  2. adebayo adewale says:

    Wake up soft-bricked Qsat q28g

  3. Gud day sir & member in d house.pls my strong decoder 4669x is showing lnbf on decorder screen,pls help me out.thx

  4. oga lemmy i think i could decode all your messages and the pain behind it.i really credit u boss.

  5. Mr lemmy is there a new software for Q15G for 3 months l ve not watched my Qsat, its just showing connect to the saver pliz help waiting to hear from u.u can watsup me on +0968368571


  7. Ahmad Babayo says:

    qsat q26g is not connecting to the server you will see network connection success then it will write connect to the server .Any help ?

  8. Pls sir my Qsat 23 account has expired Pls how do I get another account, Pls is urgent

  9. Hi prof Lemmy!
    Hi everyone!
    Am in Ghana and have decided to buy another dish so i can be connected to canalsat on my qsat g28.Please is it stable ? & how often do they telecast live epl matches?

  10. hi uncle lemmy!
    got my qsat g28 installed in late september.It doesn’t connect to the server though the Network connects successfully.Please what is the defect?

  11. how to load the spycam on G13

  12. how do i know my q-sat account is spycam not avacam pls email me

  13. My q23g aren’t working as at 20th September, hope to see it working soon. Lemmy how much is ur gsat v6 decoder

  14. babstunsy2k says:

    Hi Lemmy, help to create new section for latest FTA channels and frequencies. Thanks.

  15. Sir Lemmy,
    my qsat 13g stopped displaying channels since 16 September. Even though it displays networksuccess and connection to the server, yet it fails to display all dst* channels.Any assistance?
    Thanks in anticipation

  16. @Lemmy Qsat has been excellent this past weeks. I write just to say thank you Lemmy and Qsat team.

  17. please how can i update my q_sat 26g decoder.

  18. Thanks Ahmed

  19. Goodday mr lemmy,pls i want to know if factory resetting my decoder will result to losing my subscription,bcos i want to try that to know if it will show.

  20. @Godsway Issah contact me so that i can put you through

  21. Godsway Issah says:

    my blackberry curve 9360 has loading appeared on the screen after restarting the phone. This has ceased operation of the phone. i cannot even operate the phone. Please help me

  22. @Phil,Biafra tv is on Yamal 402,55°E and use this TP 11045V39980

  23. i need biafran tv frequency pls position and satlite name

  24. @ANDREW contact him via his email for account info @

  25. @Damilare please you should use 3g modem, bcus is stable with it you won’t be experiencing this network problem Bcus qsat server is working perfectly. on the transfer deadline day i watch supersport all day guess what? It has not frezz for one minute. Please use the network that is working with your qsat with the modem.

  26. Hello sir ,
    thank you sir, how can i do dat sir and my q11g is not workin too both my brother hd s.sat5 is not workin too sir. how can wil make dem work sir?

  27. @fidel am in Kumasi i will call u morrow

  28. HELO!!
    SIR my decoder is not working q23g i upgraded it but it has expire sir what can wil do?

  29. @Lemmy, thank you am in Ghana, those in Ghana can contact me but anyone outside Ghana who is also interested can can also contact me too and we will see how possible can we arrange for this thanks. +233207621710.

  30. Thanks Ahmed, few channels are showing but they scramble after a minute or 2. I have tried mtn Airtel glo and Etisalat, guess something is wrong with q26g.

  31. Members of the platform I bought Ancloud p5 which I was using for a months now and for about two week’s now the internet service become very very poor so I now go in for the Cannal+ sports channels, am selling the Ancloud p5 for an affordable price please anyone interested can contact me on this number 0207621710 thanks.

  32. @Damilare im using Q11G currently 11:50 AM Nigerian time im watching and is working perfectly please as said by our hero it must be network problem, please you should try all networks sim card until you get it working cus i experience the same issue in my area airtel network is highly erratic and Etisalat is the best network but i didn’t work for me but luckless i tried Airtel but it work but etisalat did not work.

  33. Lemmy pls my Qsat 11g Avarta Cam account expired yesterday, pls how do I buy and load a new account???

  34. @Ahmed, what model of Qsat are you using? My q26g is not showing at all.

  35. hi mr lemmy thanks so much for all your assistance,but nothing i did worked i bought mtn 3g huawei modem yet it didn’t work,my local installer who took the decoder said he loaded anoda account which doesn’t even show going by the date of expiration,except the code i purchased from you that shows it will expire sometime in february,but everything to no avail,after spending almost 20k without any solution,i decided to park-up the decoder till when i recover i can go for another decoder bcos i can’t think if what else to do,but thanks so much for all the help.

  36. pls i need frequency for canal and satellite to choose, have go through all ur writing stuff i don’t see anywhere u list or mention frequency to search canal, pls oga lemmy help out

  37. Qsat is currently working lyk mad throughout today im watching super sport and music e.g soundcity BET HIptv and so much more for 1 minute iit has not freez keep calm have a cup of tea chill? another amazing thing is that every day new channels are opening.

  38. @prince iyke if you can get this two software on your phone im sure you will be able to change your IMEI in no time. First is XPOSED Installer and the second one is IMEI Changer. You can find both application on Google play store. When you download the two applications, open XPOSED Installer and click on framework and install update the fone should restart. After booting go back to XPOSED Installer and click on module and check the box beside the IMEI Changer and go back to IMEI Changer and input your new IMEI and soft reboot your fone and you’re done. You can find soft reboot in your XPOSED Installer under framework.

  39. Pls Mr lemmmy, what is the state of qsat

  40. Goodday Lemmy.Thanks for the work you do. My problem is I have a Qsat Q28g using a 3g modem. I get connected gat a few channels showing but even with that it shows for about 1min and it scrambles for about 5mins. I have change networks but still same issue. Please can u help me

  41. Nwinimaa LeBari says:

    Lemmy sir, after upgrading my Qsat 11g for one and half month today it stop working for one week today.I also use Airtel as my network. Pls help me thanks

  42. Lemmy,
    I have just realised that recently if you record any video at all on qsat, you can play it directly on your pc without having to convert it. What a relief.

  43. Oga Lemmy, I’m a newbie to Qsat.. My bro gave me his Q11g box. i’ve upgraded n done the necessary settings but i dont know where to subscribe or how much.. Pls, can u render any help.?

  44. prince iyke says:

    Oga Lemmy av been a regular user of ur blog, intact u re too moch. I must commend u for ur post.
    I av a challenging issue on my pad, I bot itel prime note 1701, but am finding it difficult tweak it that is changing the imei, so I can use glo bbm on it, plzz any help. Tanx

  45. Sir lemmy, was qsat down generally?……… M using qsat 11g,mine is nt working, I will receive welcome to server mssg, bt won’t display anything….. Pls help

  46. gm lemmy. I tried to upgrade my qsat g13 to de lastest version buh upon trying to download de file on ya page is not working. Can u help me with de update link or can anyone help me out. Thank u. I avnt been arnd for six mnths pls pardon me. Dnt no de lastest version.

  47. Sir lemmy,which cccam works on amos 16A and on which satellite channels?if there any dat can open consat or mytv,i can give a try.hope to hear frm u soon.thanks for ur good works

  48. Lucky Man says:

    Bro Lemmy thank you so much for your good work,
    But with what i see on this comment box i don’t
    know if you do have time to rest?
    Pls do devote some time to have some rest.
    We need you so much please,
    May God bless you..

  49. Oga Lemmy Sport channels on Qsat are now not working anymore? And what must be the problem?

    • @Flexis, what do you expect? attack from dstv or qsat internal problem. either of the two sir!!But they should be able to overcome it though

  50. hi mr lemmy and the house pls any one with an idea of what i shud do,bcos i’ve done an upgrade on my q23g decoder,recharged my account,tried etisalat,glo,airtel&finally mtn which eventually brought network to my decoder to show welcome to server,but for close to a wk now only disney junior channel shows&it come after every 20-25mins the ut went off. No other channel shows,not even a single sport channel,don’t know what to do as my installer couldn’t fix it,each time he brought it from his shop he will tell me it showed at his shop,but it doesn’t show in my house&he said my connection&dish&it’s setting has no problem,pls lemmy&the house what can i do to salvage that decoder,cos out of frustration i thought of parking up the decoder.PLs anyone i need help.

    • @ihuoma, please use 3g it is so obvious 2g / edge / gprs of all the sim cards you mentioned are dead in your location. Alternatively, stay up at night to watch your channels between 12:am to 6:am. Am just kidding, but am afraid your internet is bad. get official mtn huawei 3g modem and try it

  51. Hi lemmy
    My QSAT 11g display and remove the setting menu and that continuously.
    I tried to do last updated decoder of QSAT 11G but it always repeats.
    How can I remove it because its prevents me to better view channels.

    Regards !

  52. Oscarlink says:

    sir, Lemmy I do sent u Message on u did not respond since yesterday. & i nid ancloud P5 for God sake.

  53. Which qsat decorder is preferable if am to get one..

  54. Hi Lemmy, is speed hd s1 working perfectly?

  55. Pls lmmy, is it true dat dstv wil launch anoda upgrade of their decorder?

    • @twins, expectedly so. You wont expect them to fold their arms while qsat continue to spank the a** . But i think qsat team will be ready for them

  56. Mr lemmy thanks so much,you’ve always given such a big relief,am most grateful for the assistance.Pls now i’ve successfully done the upgrade,recharged my account,got my internet back,but cannot get welcome to server which i believe is why dstv channels cannot show after scanning the channels,pls what else should do?

  57. Jonathan can possibly do a Factory reset. For Gprs to work again.

  58. plz @ lemmy i wnt to buy a QSAT DECORDER PLZ WICH 1 DO I BUY PLZ ANS ME

  59. Hello Lemmy
    Qsat is on restart mode ooo. Keeps restarting itself repeatedly n displaying welcome to server so so n so. Im using q23g. Any help?

  60. plz lemmy i nid frequency n symbol rate to track DAARSAT ON AMOS PLZ URGENTLY WAITIN

  61. goodevening lemmy,pls i want know if it is possible to add a new account code to replace one already in existence,bcos i told my local installer that i subscribe to a new account&when i finished&pressed the red button it showed me the existing account&when it will expire that is next year,but bcos the decoder was not showing any dstv channel i invited him to help,but he said he will have to input anoda account that will replace the 1st account i loaded. So pls is the replacement possible?

    • @essy, that is not necessary. all you need to do is to upgrade your decoder’s software to the latest available one. search the site for the latest software for your decoder

  62. hi goodmorning mr lemmy i tried to use etisalat it didn’t accept,even glo failed too&out of frustration I finally invited a local satelite installer who tried with his own etisalat&the internet came,but he said he doesn’t know the account recharge to come in alphabets,but i guess he doesn’t know how its done.When he left i tried with another etisalat it failed&the account failed to enter.

    • @ihuoma, use mtn or airtel. etisalat is not compatible with qsat iks and iptv solution, your glo is poor in your area or maybe no bile data bundle on your glo. so use another network.

  63. hi goodday mr lemmy,i read your atticle on how to load the code into a qsat decoder&i did everything&it didn’t show when pressed the red or green button it says active failed,what should i do? pls help me

  64. francis munyigi says:

    Thanks Lemmy ss5 is not working in Eastern Africa

  65. The epl is back, however dstv have changed the channels from ss3 to ss5, anyone who can assist with getting ss5, am able to watch all supersport channels apart from ss5

  66. hi lemmy goodday,could you pls check your email cos i sent you a mail awaiting a reply. Tanx.

    • @ihuoma, please resend the email i saw you paid #300. put you need to send a confirmation email to me sir. I have not yet received your mail.


  68. Gunner14 says:

    Hi boss, please can’t q sat team release a software for models 11 – 23 to also work with spycam like the case of speed hd 1? Because most people are also interested in the canal sports channels.

  69. Kingssimp says:

    @lemmy today 31st July, i have confirm SS3N and SS5N working perfectly well on Q11G+ wow am ready for the sunday Match….so happy , thanks Lemmy for your update and the good work, keep it up please, thanks

  70. hey brother Lemmy,I’m sorry for asking you alot of questions and thanks alot for answering,I’m so guilty not contributing even a cent towards your efforts!!, anyway I need help-what happened to cbst(bein sport) 12520/27500? kindly pls send me keys or solutions,

  71. ridalas says:

    oga lemmy qsat is working perfect since wednessday both ss3, ss5 and ss7. any stability?

  72. Jonathan says:

    Lemmy, pls I just want u to work around this for me. I was using q11g b4 I switched to q23. For q11g, when a movie has subtitles n u press subtitle n enable it on the remote, d subtitles will start appearing. But for q23, it will neva appear. It will only appear when u record d movie n replaying it. Wht can be done to show subtitles in live movies ie watching it as it is being shown. Thanks a lot in advance.

  73. It seems only Hiptv is showing. Lemmy, would you please update the house about the list of channels working. Thanks

  74. Lawbohe says:

    Hello People
    How come no sport station showing on Qsat13G, any Qsat with sport station?
    I would like to know and see if I can get it on mine, there are games coming up later today 25/07/2015 I would like to see them kindly update.

    Thanks All

    • @lawbole, well you are not alone on this. I will advice you to get a big data for iptv if you actually don’t want to miss live soccer action. Qsat may or may not open sports channels today. But other channels are working perfectly on qsat

  75. kareem ibrahim says:

    pls house we need biss key 4 beinsports.anybody with it?

  76. What site can one track the beingsport

  77. please can any one in the house help us with biss key for beinsport HD b/c they were now scrambles them. i scan it by 24 July 2015 ,11:30 am

  78. Being sports is gone

  79. Pls wats d biss key b4 I scan. Am waiting expectitiously

  80. kaba Edward says:

    I just scan using de genno’s frequency and bein sports is blazing without any biss keys.

  81. @Lemmy I’ve confirmed it Beinsports is working now without biss key. the same frequency and symbol rate

  82. @Lemmy I’ve confirmed it Beinsports is working now without biss key.

  83. kaba Edward says:

    Lemmy will u kindly comment or write on de coming back of bein sports channels.thanks

  84. jeffs satellite solutions says:

    31847528068163ae.(beIN sports biss @ w3a @ JEFFS SATELLITE SOLUTIONS, GHANA)

  85. please Lemmy,my qsat is not working since yesterday evening , i want o know if it is general thing. thanks

  86. Hi my brother, please help me with software to fix freezing of multtv on strong 4940 and 4930

  87. Lemmy,I have confirmed bein is back in another name (cbst01,02,03,04)freq12520/27500 eutelsat7a,but require biss key.pls we in house have trust n hope in you,we’re expecting much from you for keys.thanks

  88. hey!Lemmy,is it true that beinsport is back on eutelsat7?

  89. goddfatherng says:

    @lemmymorgan & @half-d, even if we believe spycam has replaced avatarcamhd, the spycam tag does not have option of inputing new account or responding to either the “RED” or “GREEN” button to reveal account details and expiry. I believe a new software update could be essential to fix this problem. Please help!

  90. @goddfatherng,am also facing the same problem after successful upgrade of my q26g.after dialing 1512 under settings u only see PATCH,SHARING and SPYCAM.i don’t know why the avatarcam HD is not showing..please mr Morgan help us.thanks

  91. Pls can u help with a software to change strong receivers boot logo, or others receivers

  92. goddfatherng says:

    Hello to the house. I noticed that under my Xcam Setup, there is no Avatarcam HD options after successful upgrade of my Qsat Q26G decoder. After dialling 1512 under settings I only get Patch, Sharing and Spycam as the only options. Anyone here with a similar challenge or knowledge on how to reveal the AvatarCamHD options???. Please share. Thank you.

  93. From my findings, i heard that azsky was tested in june, worked perfectly and the system was deliberately switched off till the beginning of d next football season. This is bcos the operators want subscribers to renew their subscriptions. Now, this sounds logical bcos you(Lemmy) once confirmed that azsky accounts only last for 6 months. Considering d fact that d service went off around February, its been almost exactly six months since the service went off and if this is true, every subscriber will b compelled to renew their subscription once d service is up. I don’t know how true this or my deduction is anyway, but i don’t know if u’ve heard anything close to this of recent.

  94. But I asked for ancloud p5 the price but you doesn’t send the other time I asked you to send to my inbox. Pls can u inbox me the price, thanks

  95. @lemmy. So now that max1 and max2 is not showing, and again no SS3. Dat means no premiership league football for us anymore. Am using q23g. Wht is our faith

  96. lemmy,I was out of network for some days and thanks for using CCcam account can I view DST* channels with srt4950 receiver?,Q 2,how much an account cost in( US dollars)?.Q 3,how to pay you?..I’m in kenya ,my you for giving me attention.

  97. please mr.Morgan i said the only thing i see after upgrading my q26g are:
    no option for avatarcode.or can i impute avatar in de SPYCAM?please help

  98. Please how much is Ancloud P5 Iptv Media Box. That’s my email, Secondly how can i disable one account on qsat 26g. Because i uses surfline 4g lite to my q26g, but if i used it for q23g it’s normal. I have upgraded my q26g with version 7.06.12 i don’t why

  99. @lemmymorgan. so dat mean we will not watch premier league again cos max1 and max2 is not showing. wht is our faith. am using q23g.

  100. Please what has happened to iptv on qsat or have they canceled theirs because only the free ones are working, Mr Lemmy can you tell me what happened hence you didn’t give update about it. Thanks

    • @Judasdoo, qsat premium iptv can go off and on anytime it wants because it is not top-notch. you have options to buy a premium dedicated iptv box and a more expensive one like ancloud.

  101. Hello lemmy, i need to buy avatacamHD code for Q11g ASAP, mine just expired. Any help

  102. supersport channels have disappeared. it started with ss3ni then s5n now remainin ss7ni. how do we bring back these channels. east africa kenya

  103. please mr.Morgan can i load avatarcode into my q26g?because i only see spycam after upgrading my decoder.thanks

  104. lawrnwaegr says:

    it works for me!!!!!, Thanks sir, more grace to your elbows.

  105. MR LEMMY
    Please how to load and activate speedcam / canalsat account code into SPEED HD S1
    Thank you for your reply

  106. pls Nii contact me on 0554342525 am in takoradi for the account.

  107. Gd day Lemmy.well done in your passion for satellite problem solving. I live in Calabar, what will it take to watch mbc channels and fox movies channels. I have a qsat 23G decoder, a satellite TV and 3 satelite dish of about.45m. Thanks

  108. Please Lemmy, what is the status of iptv on qsat, for over a week now its hasn’t open “data error” is only message on screen when you try though free ones are working fine. I need a good iptv android box that can consume little data from you please send me the price in my inbox with the brand, love you.

  109. lawrnwaegr says:

    Thanks for your contributions to mankind, God will continue to bless you. Pls sir, before using 3g Modem, should I insert the sim card inside the modem first before inserting the 3g Modem to the back of the Q-sat?.

  110. Pls Lemmy my ss3, ss3Ni max1 and max2 are not showing more than a week pls is it a general problem. My account too will be expire soon. I need new account am in Ghana.. can u help me

  111. Mr Lemmy some body said there is a new software for true is this. Thank you

  112. Jephthah says:

    only ss5n showing on qsat and ssbliz

  113. Please i need an account for qsat q23g how do i get one

  114. Lemmy,can strong srt4950 use accounts? and how to get it pls?how much?.

  115. Am from Sierra Leone lemmy thank you for ur contribution in Africa in helping out I have 4.4metre dish on Qsat11 and some individual wanted me to pay him $50 for Irib Tv biss key to watch all leagues across the world. Is this feasible?

  116. Good morning all. Pls i want to confirm if it is same with other people, my q28 box is not showing stable, it will like 1min and stop and start again. It has not shown like 10mins without stopping pls i want to know if it is same wit others dat uses q28. Thanks

  117. goodday lemmy,pls for close to 2wks now i sent you a mail through your contact page&has been waiting for reply,pls can you check it&give me a reply.Thanks

    • @ihuoma, please send the email directly to info @ if you are having problems making use of the site’s contact page

  118. Olaoluwa says:

    Thanks for ur prompt response. Pls what is the settings and frequency of anytin i can set up on my qsat 23 to what free. Just anytin i can watch free on my qsat23.thanks

    • @olaoluwa, for free to air channels on any free to air decoder, contact your local satellite installer. You can as well search this site for some fta frequencies and symbol rates that you can give to your local satellite installer

  119. olaniyi says:

    sir,i live in abeokuta nd wanted to buy it but my concern is that which network can give me much data nd stable 3g nd also as u mentioned we dont ave spectranet and swift here in abeokuta.pls i need ur advise

  120. Olaoluwa says:

    Good evening lemmy. Thanks for u r doing here. I have qsat 23 and its working fine except wen d prob is from server, i use 2 dishes on it which permited me to watch daarsat, waptv and channels tru amos or hotbird, since almost 2 months now, i cant watch channels, waptv and even ait tru d other dish. Pls can u giv me d step by step settings and frequencies to bring dem back. I also call on any one dat has solutions to me request to pls offer it. Thanks at all

  121. @ olukoya Samuel try downgrading the decoder with older version not v7.06.79 by renaming the older version in ur flash drive as ROM.bin then after completing that, then switch to dvbs2 before upgrading to d latest version of the qsat I mean v7.06.86

  122. Oga lemmy,pls can u give me ptv sport frequency and their BISS key, and which location pls lemmy I want to install it now on C-BAND

  123. Olukoya Samuel says:

    Please sir,can you refer me to an engineer that can fix it for me in lagos or Ibadan? Thank you sir

    • @Olukoya sam, i only know that we have many of them at alaba intl market in Mile 2 lagos Nigeria. However, i cn’t point a particular person to you sir. You can try you local computer engineer to help you troubleshoot

  124. Olukoya samuel says:

    Thank you sir. But the problem with that decoder Q28g was that it didn’t show anything or enter menu or setup atall. What is just showing when I on it,it just the open logo Q28g and it will be rebooting on and on with just the open logo alone and it will off and on itself again. Please help me sir

    • @olukoya sam, then the decoder has crashed. it is either software or hardware problem. for the software aspect search for my article on how to revive qsat decoders. But am afraid only a smart computer engineer can help you with hardware issues

  125. weldone lemmy, pls I have updated my qsat26 wit ur latest software u posted, but I can’t renewed my avartacam acct on it, pls help me for solution. Tanx

    • @aminu, after upgrading qsat, you must buy a new account if your preloaded account has expired before you can continue enjoying your qsat decoder

  126. Olukoya says:

    Weldone lemmy,please I scan gotv and startime on my q28 and after it done the decoder started rebooting please what can I do?

    • @Olukoya, load the latest software for your decoder, also do not disturb yourself for terrestrial channels on q28g for now because they are off.

  127. lemmy thanks for the valuable resource you have here.,pls am using q23g, it stopped working 4months ago,even though is yet to expire.i have successfully upgraded it to the latest version, yet it connects to network, but does not display expiry date or welcome to server sort of message.pls what do i need to do to get it back and running.regards,mike

  128. Jephthah says:

    no super sports channels showing on Qsat

  129. Lemmy morning, do some1 need to insert any renewal-software for any qsat series b4 loading d 16numbers in it to activate d account OR I just load it straight in xcam option. Pls I need ur reply. Tanks

  130. samson haruna says:

    My Qsat account has expired, nd I brought a new a/c from a lagos guy, its works d first time but now is not working anymore, what could be the problem is it that he hacked my A/C or what?@lemmy

    • @samson haruna, ask all i know is that as the time of replying your comment today sunday 5-07-2015, qsat is currently working. Those it is opening few channels

  131. Pls bros I need q sat 13g account

  132. @lemmy, i want to renew my 23G QSAT. how much does it cost and how do i get it?


  133. chiedozie says:

    @lemmy, i want to renew my 23g account…. can i get it from you and how much does it cost dear?


  134. I can authoritatively tell you is gone for good on Arab 5c and the reason has nothing to do with Dstv. Just today Al-jazeera announced that Saudi Arabia had warned the Iranian broadcasting network about a program they deemed offensive and told them to pull down, but that was not heeded to and that has lead us here. irib was pulled down with immediate effect. Saudi controls the Satellite Arab 5C were we got irib tv3 and varzesh from. So our biggest options remain other satellites were irib transmits from aside Arab 5c. Thank u.

  135. Lemmy, pls do well to update us on azsky na. even though we know it might not b back yet, abeg help us do some under-g research to enable us kno d cause of d delay and to let us kno if its ever coming back instead of so many of us just waiting for this long. abegggg

    • @larry, azsky is not back yet and i do not think they will come back if no good solution that will be better than that of qsat.

  136. @Lemmy my q11g was showing cannot connect to the server after it has succesfuly connected to the network and I upgraded my q11g with the softwere u uploaded May 8 or something and imediately after upgrading it, it display my account expiring date but after that it has back to cannot connect to server. Have used glo, mtn and airtel sim but the results were the same. I even used modem. Pls, help me out Oga.

  137. For the past weeks max1 has not been showing. What may b d problem

  138. goodday lemmy,pls how do i get a new account for my qsat q23g

  139. Pls is irib gone bcs thier signal is no more coming

  140. @Lemmy, pls tell me the best qsat receiver you think is the best for decrypting channels and stable.

  141. Lemmy is your SSNI3 on Qsat working? Because mine have been off since this afternoon and is not yet back.

  142. Habu husseni says:

    Pls is qsat q13g back? Mine has expired and I want 2 renew my account. Is it safe renewing now Mr. Lemmy morgan?

    • @Habu husseni, all i know is that qsat is working and has been working for the past two month. I can say if it is safe or not to renew. you should be a judge of that. maybe you should ask people around you that are currently using qsat about it’s performance

  143. Gudevnin oga lemmy and pls is there any update on azsky? Thanks

  144. pls can anybody in the house tell us more about irib installation on 90cm dish if is possible or not. thanks

  145. Gud morning boss, for sometime, my decs screen only indicates Lnb and cant identify the signal from the dish. What should I do?

  146. hello is any body in the house that can help me out with this problem or is facing the same problem ..I have a speed HD decoder with the account of avatarcam code but when ever I on it the expiring date of the speed cam appear on the screen that prevent me from enjoying the picture of my avatarcam code and Mr Lemmy said there is no way I can off the speed cam account only I can off the avatarcam account which prevent me from also enjoying and as at now the speed cam account is not working now pls help what can I do ……

  147. @Omojesu,do u have their official HD decoder,if not u have to get ot before u can watch their channels.

  148. U can only watch Champion tv Channels only if u have their decoder.

  149. pls sir I search fr q13g upgrade to download n I saw it but wen I try to download it not deer pls help me sir

  150. @kumah champion tv has been scrambled as at the time of this post gh time 5pm please. Regards to Lemmy Morgan. Thanks!

  151. mr lemmy pls text me de price of 6 mont avatarcam dis is my gmail

  152. champion and MBC 2 are all scramble ,I check it yesterday evening

  153. plz lemmy I sent u a msg b4 BT u couldn’t reply plz I need a qsat q23 account mine had expired how can I renew it plz reply here.

  154. omojesu says:

    Good day Flex. Pls wat is d frequency of Champion TV. I want to track it too. Thanks.

  155. omojesu says:

    Good day Flax. Pls wat is d frequency of Champion TV. I want to track it too. Thanks.

  156. Hi Lemmy and house is champion tv still FTA or it has been scramble

  157. Lemmy how can I track champion TV on my q23 decoder

  158. @Solar,Champion Tv is showing the Copa America.Im currently watching Colombia and Peru on their champion channel.

  159. Oga lemmy pls i was told that we can track irib on 90cm dish in lagos pls if is possible help us share more light on it because of we tenant than can not use big dish. Thanks

  160. oga Lemmy pls I want to download upgrade my q13g I search for it n could not find it pls help

  161. Hi house, which free to air channel can we watch copa America

  162. hi Lemmy my qsat account has expired pls how can I buy a new account

  163. Blinker says:

    pls is there any special step for loading 2 or 3 accounts on Qsat?

  164. hi Lemmy my qsat account has expired pls how can I buy a new account

  165. Jephthah says:

    my Qsat has been off for about two days now. just want to know if it general

  166. faraday says:

    Good evening house is q sat off?
    my hav not shown for some time now

  167. hello lemmy thanks for the nice piece of message
    after the upgrade of my g26 …when i put the decorder on..and its start showing 5 mins then i get network fail message ..just wan to know if its normal or a problem with my decoder

  168. “Before you ask any question pls read here” Pls boss Lemmy I have searched for this answer to no avail. But for the sake of some of is in house am pleading for an answer. What can u achieve with a 3.6m dish scan with a Qsat?

  169. judivan says:


  170. Reginald says:

    can srt4922a work for ses5(starsat).

  171. judivan says:

    plz house and lemmy i hv a SKYSAT DECORDER SK 201 i wnt 2knw wht i can do with it plz hlp …waitin in anticipation

  172. Good morning Mr Lemmy and the house, pls how can I activate the T2(gotv) channels to open on Q28? I’ve scanned and got the channels, I got a “welcome to server” and expiry message but it display scrambled channel

  173. David emex says:

    @ADAMA thanks for ur reply,pls can u help with Hispasat frequency n symbol rate,but did u mean dat qsat can descrypt hispasat channels?

  174. Gum a.m Mr. Lemmy n every 1 in d room, pls guys, w@z d freq to track TVC, Channels?

  175. Lemmy I’m using q23 and champion TV is not displaying in my channels, can you please help me how I get champion TV on my decoder now

  176. maximos says:

    @Adama, pls what is the position and frequency of hispasat.

  177. Good day Everyone,

    I have an issue I would love for the house to assist me with. My SS3Ni n SS5Ni signal quality on Q23G has not been stable for a while now, I have deleted n rescanned it using d frequency I got from my search through lemmymorgan website. As it is right now am clueless about what step to take,please guys I need your help.

  178. I used 1 meter dish to track hispasat.

  179. Hi Lemmy, I just bought a new Qsat q26g and it doesn’t show cam/spycam under settings. Do I need to upgrade new software? Then again under the regions, my country is not indicated. I’m in Kenya. How do I select the region and the network provider? Please help

  180. @Muyiwa:
    i think i ave a solution for when ur qsat goes off switch it off n on. or on your remote u can see recall botton.

  181. Hi Lemmy
    also is 68.5E working in Ghana-Accra i did try but could not get quality. pls what is the frequency for 68.5E.
    Thanks very much

  182. blinker says:

    hi Lemmy pls is there any free to air where we can watch copa america on Ku band 60 or 90 cm?


  184. Hello lemmy pls my q23 is not displaying welcome to server but I can check expirer date I changed my sim to glo was using airtel but no network.pls is ot a general problem thanks

  185. Good morning Lemmy, I noticed too that most of the newly up graded qsat 13g are not showing, please kindly confirm thank you, as mine has been off air since yesterday.

  186. David emex says:

    @ADAMA pls which size of dish do you use to track Hispasat? Posted june 10th,2015

  187. Yetunde says:

    Lemmy dear, I checked again on my Qsat 13G its still same story I can see my expiry date and account but its not welcoming to server.
    What can you do for me dear.

  188. ofori jeff says:

    yes guys, champion tv is free to air again at Tamil 402. they did announce it Will be free to all decoders on the day of champions league final on their official decoder, but they will scramble it again because it seems they are adding new channels and also for marketing purpose.
    So enjoy as long as it will be free.
    live now is ufc fight.

  189. maximos says:

    Pls Oga Lemmy, is it true that Champions TV is free again.

  190. Pls oga lemmy why is qsat q11g and q13g not displaying image i tried to active the red button the account number and expiry date displayed very well but the image is not displaying since yesterday but i tested q23g it was working very well.
    help me pls whats wrong ?

  191. Yetunde says:

    Lemmy how do you do ?
    I want to know please if Qsat is working mine with the latest software and acct number 483138xxxx is not connecting to server again since yesterday evening, I quaried it and it gave me my acct details and expiry. Yet is not connecting to server again and I saw yoruba movie on it yesterday 08-06-2015.
    Is the offline general or just related to me kindly assisted dear.

  192. plz whts new i need any free to air station apart 4rm multi tv tnx

  193. Good day Oga Lemmy,
    I have issue viewing Nilesat. I just (02-06-2015) bought a Strong decoder SRT4950 to upgrade from a very old one. The issue is that all the channels(MBCs City7 Huddah Peace Dubai Zee CNN BBC Euronews etc) that I’m used to are not there. The installer was there all day trying to do the setting, all to no result.
    Is there anything I need to do? My dish is 1 meter type on the ground and my location is Kubwa in Abuja.
    Anticipating your response.
    Hassan HHB.

  194. Dear Lemmy.I and my friend have qsat q26g but I discovered that some of the Hispasat frequencies are having zero signal on q26g whilst they are working fine on q23g. Channels like barca tv, Chelsea tv, syfy etc. Pls is there any way you can help me solve the problem.

  195. Thanks sir, but i want to confirm if qsat is offline generally as at 16:00 hrs today?

  196. Bros lemmy is qsat generally offline? Because mine isn’t displaying welcome to server, and yesternight it says i still have 80days left so its not dat my account has expired, have tried off and on it to no avail and am using a airtel line. God bless u sir

    • @Muyiwa, once you confirm your internet and account is ok, it simply means qsat was offline as at the time you last checked

  197. Good morning bro lemmy , please i want to know if q sat is offline generally ?

    • @dosu 1, qsat is currently online and most afrian magic channels are showing as at today 06-06-2015 9:40am Nigeria Time

      • General Pay says:

        Hi LM
        I upgraded the q23 to the latest software ,scanned for channels and was able to pick channels using an office DUAL lnb dish. Funny thing is if i take home q23 some of the channels i see while in office show “Bad signal” or “Service not available” at home see Uppercase: MyAct, BaBaCar,Alljez, Animal Plays ). If i blind scan again q 23 picks all channels i already have but not the ones in uppercase (They are not showing even now) while the others are showing. What is the problem Oga? 🙂

  198. pls Oga LM.. is irib tv sport (irib1,2&3). stil working wit biss key??.. nd is 3963 v 27500 d ryt frequencies to track it?.. tnks

  199. Jerry Whitman says:

    My account is already been activated for one year subscription on my Qsat decoder but after downloading the New Latest software for Q13G which is compatible to my device , it doesn’t locate the server to display my account validity for DSTV to start operating . Please help

  200. @lemmy, i need you to tell me how to track, and i also want to ask maybe 60cm dish can track it. Sirius 4, 4.8 deg East: T.P: 12605(V) 29950

  201. Sir Tee says:

    Hi Guy, do you market Qsat Codes? If yes, details pls, if No, please lead me through……. Thank You for all your updates…..

  202. omo Jesu says:

    Hi mr Morgan. A friend of my just call n say dat azsky is blazing like made now. I just want 2comfam if dat is true. Thanks n Remain Blessed.

  203. Mr. Lemmy, i updated my qsat23g with de latest software but it is still not coming.

  204. Please Lemmy, I need the frequency to track SES 5 at 5.0°E.
    and the satellite name to track it on strong decoder with the direction that the dish face.. thanks.

  205. Dear All,
    please is there any issues with qsat – q23g precisely.mine is not showing up to the time im sendimng this message which is 7pm nigeria time.It is not even connecting to the server.
    God bless

  206. Timothy says:

    Greetings Lemmy, Pls Kindly help out. My QSAT DST* works fine, But my Canal which was working well before seems only shows SCRAMBLE NOW. Am i alone on this or is it a general problem. thanks in anticipation bro

  207. Please Lemmy, good morning to you is dstv still showing on q13g the thing stopped this morning thank you

  208. twins

  209. @Ridalas….New Members – Before you ask Any question, Please Read this!!!……the answer to your question is in this very same article!

  210. @lemmy i have can i activate it?

  211. Hello Mr Lemmy
    God be with you. My q11g has a problem I used to watch joy tv and dst* but all of a sudden the channels with freq. 12525 and above says no signal but those with freq 11674 on joy tv are working. Only those Astra Astra channels are showing up. Please help!!!!!!

  212. Timothy says:

    Greetings Lemmy, Pls Kindly help out. My DST* works fine, But my canalsat which was working well before seems only shows scramble now. am i alone on this or is it a general problem. thanks in anticipation bro

  213. Teju2wise says:

    @Yannick, azsky est pas encore revenu.

  214. Teju2wise says:

    @Lemmy, in case u no sabi French!!! Below is wat Yannick wrote.

    good day all I have a little problem with my decoder AZSKY G6 that I have, I want to know what account is capable of decrypting DSTV, CANALSAT AFRICA or CANALSAT REUNION with my AZS.


  216. Martins says:

    Hi Lemmy.
    please do you know how to track hispasat west in Nigeria.

  217. yannick says:

    bon jour a tous en-faite je un petit soucis avec mon décodeur AZSKY G6 que j’aie,je veut savoir si quelle compte est capable de décrypter DSTV , CANLSAT AFRIQUE ou encore CANALSAT REUNION avec mon AZSKY G6 merci a tous

  218. hi Lemmy pls can a spectranet or smile dongle via wifi work with Qsat to stream iptv? since its 4G

  219. last time i post a comment here twice and i was told my “comment is awaiting moderation”. so since then i have been silent waiting to see if there has been a changes. this is because i have a lot to contribute to the house and also a lot to learn. i am a guy who do install sat. dish as my part time job, so i really want to help many guys out there who are newbies. thks.

  220. Hello Lemmy, what’s your advice on using dishpointer (android version) to track satellite? How effective it is and can it work in this part of the world? And possible tutorial.

  221. Lemmy Good Afternoon. My qsat q23g youtube has stopped working. The screen message says “youtube is upgrading to a newer version, and that my device does not support it ….”. Is there any remedy to this situation? God bless you.

  222. Sup Lemmmy, I saw the Dqiptv channel links that can be mannually inputed in2 the iptv menu to view those channels free without the Dqiptv official account.

  223. Bristone says:

    pls Lemmy i was trying to update my friends q23g decoder with the latest software and his generator went off. is there any hope to bring it back to life? pls help

  224. Ss3,4,5,7 now working as at the time I am typing this message, 27/05/2915,5:16 am

  225. Welldone mr lemmy and hw r u? I heard from a friend that azsky did come up but I don’t knw hw true dat is. Do u hv any knowledge?

  226. Hope this dqiptv glitch is a temporary thing. Would be very much disappointed if it isn’t.

  227. @mugabe please your credit is low kindly topup more credit

  228. Norbeth says:

    @lemmy, my supersport stations r not showing. Just max1 and max2 on qsat. Pls, is it a general problem or just my decoder.

    • General Pay says:

      @ Lemmy Job well done.
      Q sat q23g is showing max 1 only here in Ug land. Movies channels i can see 2 channels only! 🙁 Is it a general problem?
      I suggest you set up menu titled “status” where we can get updates on what is working and not working so that we do not eat your time for answering more technical issues. 🙂 You could allow forum members to post updates directly for status of what is working or not working. 🙂

  229. lacream says:

    Guess BLITZ working… not tried all stations yet… most not showing tho…@Qsat

  230. Hi Mr Lemmy, I have Speed Hd S1 with both speed and avatar cam accounts, but it keep on remembered me welcome to server, you account will expire in 15 days, it comes every 5seconds and it’s always on the screen, I don’t know what to do, pls help me bro.

  231. Please l have Q26 and update it and it work some days and it only come connect to serve

  232. Jephthah says:

    what is the hope left for AZsky users.

  233. hello Mr Lemmy …has out now writing to u qsat is not displaying any channels i would want to know if is a general meeting ..hope to hear from u soon .

    • @khalid Larry, Qsat went off yesterday. But it’s back today with few channels like amshw. my official email is currently having issues please you can contact me on ray4fame@ while it’s been resolved

  234. bros lemmy i have a modern but is not linking with qsat 23g wat can i do.

  235. hi Mr Lemmy, just updated my q23g, now have forgotten the password to bring back xcam, please assist me…..

  236. olumide oyewole says:

    @ chimzy before l can say anything l want to kwn ur status,even rich people in nigeria use always think before u say anything in this oga lemmy may God bless u.

  237. wake up dead qsat

  238. @Ken just get a new account frm LM ur current account has expired

  239. @Ken pls get another account from LM your current account is expired.

  240. HATZONNE says:


  241. francis says:

    please can someone tell me d price of qsat account in ghana cedis. Thnx

  242. Chief LM, I upgraded my S. Sat (S5) with latest software of q11g, it was successfully upgraded but when I tried to activate it with red button, I was getting this message, “Active number Expire or Box hasn’t account”. Pls what is d way forward because my s.Sat box hasn’t expired b4 it all went off? Thanx in anticipation of a quick response.

  243. SundayRobert says:

    Hello members in the house,am jst asking if qsat is on and if on,which channels are running? Cheers, thanx.

  244. Before u reply to a post you read through…only the chima guys said something reasonable…one,i neva said i worked nor even patronize dstv ….is there any diff btwn someone who steals from you and you going to steal from some1 cos dey stole from you….am not saying using dongles are bad nor good…all am saying is wen u come here to post something dnt just open your silly mouth and say pple are thieves…u copy!!..mind u i also use donglez..lmao..if u have a p with wat i post…deal with it

  245. @ Chimzy or CHIMPANZEE, people like you should be in the forest where civilisation is yet to comb…

  246. @Abdul…I think you are making use of bad or corrupted flash drive,use a good and clean flash drive.

  247. maximos says:

    Pls Oga Lemmy, what version of software can I use to upgrade S Sat s5 to make it work as Qsat.

  248. olutola says:

    @chimzy, u should ask yourself when HITV was operational, how many people think about dongles and iks. Also ask urself how is dstv subscription in South Africa where they came from?.so don’t come here with ur holier than thou attitude and say rubbish

  249. @Chimzy…i understand perfectly well what u are saying,but we can’t afford it in this tough economic situations.We need to watch sports anyhow,that’s nature!We were taught to maximize utility or enjoyment with a minimum cost.That’ simple law of economics.

  250. Lemmy thanks for the Qsat avatarcam account i bought from you,almost all dst channels are working this morning 18th may apart from some sports channels.I used 3G to view some of these channels,i hope it stays like this for long.

  251. @Chmzy, please leave us alone,

  252. Abdul-Razak says:

    Hello Mr Lemmy, i tried updating a Qsat 13g+ but it always shows NO MATCH FILE. i have even downgraded it but still i update it.pls any help for me?

  253. @chimzy pls keep quit!

  254. @ chmzy or wadeva!.. mtcheeew! to dat ur nonsense statement.. u tink al fingrs ar d same… ninny

  255. LEDESMA says:

    @Chimzy.Are they tired of blocking dongles that they sent you to this forum to throw tantrums. This forum is for people who know when they are reaped off. You can go sell all you have and donate to multichoice.Tv right you mentioned is only for football without which they will be useless.This dongle war will continue till they start charging reasonably.

  256. we cant realy blame him cos all the politicians here in ghana will rob us the poor in the name of tax to get all what they want so for people like them they dont realy feel the impact cos is not a direct consiquence of thier sweat that gave them money to pay those bills

    dstv reason oooo
    the poor are more than the rich
    so if u reduce all of us will patronise and say buy to dongles

  257. All I just wanna say is that @chimzy u are a Bigger FOOL another xenophobic in human skin….. Oloshi omo

  258. @chimzy, your ignorance is a typical example of what is wrong with some Nigerians.. Why can’t you ask yourself the real reason people are going to this length to watch satellite tv before passing judgement. You don’t even have an idea of how much you’re been ripped off and you’re here passing judgement on those that are finding alternative means. Its your choice to remain whatever you want to do with your money,don’t just come here and start saying rubbish and pretending you’re not taking sides. Its pretty obvious which side your on.

  259. @chimzy, for the first place what are u doing on this site if u are capable of paying Dstv fees I am not ready to pay that huge amount to them I have Dstv decoder and I use to pay but now I can’t afford it so if u are part of multichoice then advice them to reduce their subscription to meet the poor Africans if not we will continue to be part of this dongles and I have all the dongles and I will continue to part till Dstv advice themselves.

  260. @ chimzy please if you have money go and be subscribing to DSTV and leave us and Lemmy alone. DSTV is not thinking good about Nigeria. continue to support them in order to exploit your fellow countrymen. Beinsport premium package is $180 for 12 months which is about N3,000 per month in the Northern Africa and middle East but is it that DSTV is charging us N13,980 which is equivalent to N14,000. chimzy do you know how much environmental pay those women that sweep streets every morning? why should DSTV keep exploiting Nigerians? for what reason? is it because we do not have good government to fight for us? if I have the chance to close down DSTV and give other company the license to view premium channels including sports I will do so. in other country people pay for satellites TV stations pay per view but here it is not so and it is at very high price. chimzy please leave this page

  261. You people that come here to insult dstv for no reasons shld be mindly of what you say…you think to get football viewing right is easy….you are going through other means to hack their channels….whats the difference between you and dstv…am not taking sides just saying fact. .

    • @chimzy, why is beinsport subscription not half the cost of dstv subscription? Why will dst*? I can see that you are indeed not taking sides

  262. Thanks

  263. A better way to tackle dst* upgrade is by software for software.A mastermanpiece is az sky(in July 2013)but not when accounts cannot be secured after software upgrade.we prefer g6 lite(qsatlike)cos stability and universality is az.

  264. Lemmy, a friend fried his q13 by putting software for q23g on it, and in the process of loading, he switched it off from the socket bcos he realized it was the wrong update.

    I had tried your method that had working for me ever since. But it is not reviving this current issue. I just don’t know why. I need help boss.

  265. U’ve said it all Mr. Lemmy, tanx 4 ur patience even wen sm pple ask silly question intentionally, u still explain 2 dem… U’re jst tooo much keep it up, may God continue 2 bless u wit more knowledge.
    Long live Lemmy, Long live dis room. Remain bless…

  266. We are so grateful Lemmy. God bless you greatly

  267. Boss… remain the boss, our boss. Yes its true, many copy your articles ditto ditto without giving credit. Whilst I laugh each time I come across it, in another breadth, I think they are just promoting your dream; sharing the information to reach as many as possible.
    So as usual keep up the good work. At least, some of us talk to people about YOU and the blog as if I have met you personally.

  268. please can u help me revive ma q23 I all the rom. bin with the softwares of the q23 but nothing. the only thing u see on the screen is download from Ts

    • @cudjoe, you can’t revive a qsat q23g decoder by renaming the qsat q23g software to rom.bin. You have to download a qsat q23g software and rename it to “rom” before it can work. Please search for the article on how to wake dead qsat decoder

  269. LEDESMA says:

    Hi Lemmy! Goodwork allround ur doing.For newbies and some questions that startle you, I suggest you write FAQ ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ close to the search box so that whenever questions of such nature come rather that writing for long you just say ‘refer to FAQ’.Thanks

  270. please i’m not best in english, i apprecied your good work and thank GOD to continue blessing you.
    I wanted you to help me, beacause i upgrated my Q11G+ and succes, but it stell put sramble channel on screen…
    I all so have Esat E23g, i’ve tried to upgrade it, but it put NO MARCH FILE on screen…
    Unfortunely i upgrated my speed h s1 with no problem…
    Please help me…

  271. Mr Lemmy weldone, may God continue to be with you and increase you more in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. If not because of you only God knows what we would have been passing through in the hands of our dsthief.
    Talking about those copy copy, since I join your site years ago I’ve never seen any other site that deal precisely on matters like yours and my belief is that everybody share my belief about you. If I see your post on another site I always laugh. But don’t mind just keep up your good work. Concerning people asking duplicate questions, don’t border yourself just respond to those one you can and leave the rest.
    Please what qsat can you recommend if I want to buy? And please as you said last week that Azsky worked for like five minutes, do you have any updates them now? The iptv you said you’re going to talk about next week I can’t wait to see the article, remember I sent you a mail about it asking you if you know about it cos it can only be reliable if it comes from you.

    • @jossy,our fingers are still crossed about Azsky. Yes I will review a quality iptv set top box shortly. Thanks for your suggestions

  272. Jedidiah says:

    Hi Lem, I totally agree with you. I sometimes wonder why a lot of people copy your article without any recommendations a although you have the copyright showing there.

    please let’s give some recommendations to Lem for all these articles he has been posting.

    Lem God bless you.

  273. faraday says:

    Thank u n indeed u are our great hero

    • RIDALAS says:

      @lemmy my joy tv stations wipe-off immediately i upgrade my qsat, pls what step can i take?

      • Charles says:

        Please can anybody assist to proffer solution to load avatar account into Q26G. I uploaded the new software here that has spycam and loaded the account but it kept saying ‘no data or wrong data” Please what software will be ok to enable account load? Thanks


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