MTN Nigeria Data Bundles Now Joint Cheapest In The Country

One thing that still sets mtn Nigeria apart from the pack is coverage and reliability. It is no gainsaying that when mtn Nigeria erss, it affects the majority and when they are doing well, majority also feel the positive impact. As much as glo offers slightly cheaper services overall, glo reliability and network coverage has become a cog in the wheels of their progress. That notwithstanding, glo has been the only network which has consistently forces mtn Nigeria to make a downward review of their prices and offer better services. Airtel and etisalat always come behind.

latest mtn data

In case you don’t know, MTN Nigeria has rolled out new but improved¬† data bundles and with downward adjustment in prices. Hitherto, we used to buy 260mb mtn plan for #1,000 now it is 1.5gb for same #1,000(same as glo package) wow!! this is more than #00% increment and it stands as joint cheapest in the country. Another interesting development from mtn is that all night / weekend plans have been scrapped. In its place is a huge 3.5gb all day all noght bundle for just #2000. (remember,night [plan used to go for #2,500 for 4.5gb with its attended inconvenience)


For full list of current mtn Nigeria data bundles,you can view the picture below or visit mtn official link here

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.48.20 PM


We have both negative and positive consequences. Infact to me, i will say we have only positive impact from this price regime which includes:

  1. More data to browse the web, download or stream iptv channels for the same old price
  2. The fear that iptv is a no go area has waned
  3. Mtn bandwidth mitering is second to none in this country. I mean the do not deduct you data anyhow. you are charged based on the amount of data transferred.
  4. The only constraint which is for some section is that SME data business has suffered. Sme data used to be the cheapest way of buying mtn data for around #1200 for 1gb. This kind of busines can not longer thrive unless mtn offers remedies for sme data retailers.


  1. Wow, are people still using qsat? I long forgotten that I have qsat, thanks to my metro open box that unscrambles metro digital and CTL. Since I started using it, there has never been a time I turned it on and it was offline. Always online. I stopped using qsat with 4 months remaining on my 6 months account.

  2. Hello guys my sony package not show i ask somebody new powervu key hi say i most upgrade my decorder witht new sortwere it is truth or not bcos now is 3 or 4 month i m not watching sport 24 bcos they change to the powervu sorptwere thanks

  3. Baruwa Israel says:

    Don’t be fooled guys, this MTN new data package is a fraud, they are just duping people, the data get consumed in the speed of FLASH. The data calculator is the worst have ever seen. I did that 1.5GB for 1,000 2 days ago and its almost gone, without downloading and updating app, just chatting and open web pages, 1.5GB is almost gone,

    • @Baruwa israel: that is not totally through. please if you are using android, you need to disable background sync If you use data from other network, you will experience the same thing. Also you must monitor your wifi hotspot. I will come to that later.

  4. ibrahim mahmud says:

    If you are in Ghana and need more data to stream online then glo weekend browsing is the solution. With GHC 8 you get 3 gig of data from fri-sun. You can stream at least 6 matches and the speed is good depending on your location. I’m now enjoying my kodi thanks to glo

  5. Orla Mii says:

    Am just praying that ancloud can have a server that hack dstv channels and they will see how peeps will port into iptv instanta

  6. Q sat marketing team should be realistic . we every two months new code comes out.

  7. Please sir how much is d new account for Qsat

  8. I can’t check my expiring date again. Why? Hmmm

  9. EVERISTO says:

    Hellow house,Can i watch powervu on telbox t1(q26g+).

  10. ibrahim says:

    pls hse which channels are currently working on canal n dstv on qsat. thank you.

  11. Akotia Donaldson says:

    Mr. Lemmy my account code cannot activate again

  12. I have said it over and over, QSat is a cheat, my code is expiring soon and it is bye bye. The data war is benefiting everyone, think of streaming either through Kodi on phone or PC or buy Android box and liberate yourself.

    • Well said Jerri. Poeple need to open their eyes and liberate themselves from Qsat daily dose of stress. In my humble opinion, Qsat team are just a waste of our time and money.

  13. ABRAHAM says:


  14. Qsat team are fraudsters they do everything to dupe their customers, they now talking about new code working, new code will work for now because it’s new n the number of subscription on that account server is low n there’s no traffic, my guys planning to buy the new should forget n use their money for something better. The more they get a large subscription on that new code trust me it will become worse n we all know after they make money out of their codes they don’t care about whether u can watch something or not.

    • You are right Nedved. Qsat team are just a disgrace and cheat. I bought a new code in February, it justbworked for two weeks and that was it. Then began the problems of failing to connect to server that everybody has been experiencing. Now they are telling us to buy new codes. That’s robbery of the highest order. Their offers always come with strings attached. As for me, I resolved to go clean and continue buying genuine Canalpus subscription and relieve myself of Qsat unending stress. Qsat has become a nuisance. People need to liberate themselves from this nonsense. There are better options out there.

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