Mega Iptv / Downloads with The cheapest Internet Bundles in Nigeria

Just as we are enjoying the unbelievably cheap glo internet data bundle, Mtn rolled out a super weekend package on all its mobile plans and believe you me, it is first of its kind. Let us talked about the fact that you do not need a special subscription to get this package. I mean you only need to subscribe normally as usual and you will be given the appropriate weekend data bonus for your data plan. The name of this promo package is called “WowWeekend”

As i said in my last preseason updates, the overall most reliable unofficial package you can use to watch premium channels is a premium iptv service package, followed by kodi and then powervu. The only restraint to iptv is internet but Nigeria networks are doing great now with healthy competition.


What is worthy of note is that, no matter how huge, or how small the data is, it must be used during the weekends. that is between friday and sunday midnight. The followings are their basic subscription and the bonuses that apply to them:

  • if you buy their #200 100mb plan, you will get 500mb as bonus which is to be used within 24hours
  • if you subscribe to their weekly #500 750mb plan, you will receive a 3.5gb extra bonus valid for weekend
  • if you go for their #1000 plan, you get  7.5GB as bonus for the weekend
  • if you go for their #2000 3.5gb you will get a whooping 17.5gb extra  data valid for the weekend.

Other things to note: To subscribe to any mtn plan, dial *131# on your phone and follow the prompt and to check the wowweekend bonus, dial*131*4#



By default, we all know that iptv is always data hungry. with this, especially now that we are entering a new season where most matches across the leagues of the world(excpet UCL) are played during the weekend, it means you can stream until the weekend is over and your data will still be left. Also for those who love downloading movies, applications and so on, your time as come.

Another implication is that more people across the country will be able to utilize iptv since majority only have stable connection on Mtn Nigeria network. As cheap as glo is, their data network is ultra erratic and unstable. But anywhere  mtn is working, it works steadily.


Cheaper, faster or better is relative and no single plan in Nigeria qualifies. We have othe plans including tweaks as follows:

  • Glo; this boast for the singular cheapest all round data plan in nigeria for some mega subscription of liek #2500 for 10gb and 3000 for 24gb. Good for you if glo is the best network in your area.
  • ntel Nigeria has a #9000 4g network in very few big cities in Nigeria. Good for you if you are in one of those cities\

Note: there is currently a cheat that works via tweakware vpn on ntel Nigeria and glo with 0.0kobo. you can use to get relevant links that explain more about this and use them while they last.



Choosing a internet data subscription for your internet / iptv needs is relative. it majorly depends on the fastest most affordable network in your area. I however, believe that except if you are in a core village, it will be difficult for you not to have either mtn or glo network. And as you can see, they are doing wonders. Soccer viewing center users who have good internet connection with mtn, ntel, or glo should be preparing to switch to premium iptv package like homelive account this seaons. Those with bad internet connection should be thinking of powervu solutions. Do not forget to reshare this article. Rumor of tvsat account is out will give more details when fully confirmed. also am being told south Africans are still enjoying qsat. This is not verified though.


  1. If you need internet subscription for tweakware and Ntel . pm me on 08056966382

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  3. Lemmy, if I subscribe for that of a month, while the bonus giving me is 3.5g for weekend; can I use the bonus in all the weekend (4 wkend) for that validity period just incase I didn’t finish the data for the first weekend?

  4. Hi how to download iptv solution on qsat please?

  5. Please can i track 9east with a 60 cm fish? Thank

  6. house please is iptv still working on strong decoder? thanks

  7. sir are u saying iptv is not work on qsat?

  8. sir are u saying iptv is not on qsat

    • @timsonx: qsat had capabilities for iptv. Premium iptv is not easy to buy for qsat because it’s now very unpopular due to their buying policies and the instability of the iptv code in question

  9. os how can i get iptv decoder

  10. I need a IPTV codes for my Qsat 11

  11. Hi lemmy, been a while i checked here.. please, can I use qsat23g to track multitv with 60cm dish?

  12. Lemmy pls how can I get IPTV account for my qsat q23. I’m in Lagos

  13. how can I connect my ancloud to this mtn plan.

  14. it seems those of us in ghana are always left out when it comes to affordable and whooping data benefits.
    lemmy please help those of us who cant subscribe to the huge data bundles in gh.
    thanks for the good work you are doing.

  15. so canal+ is dead finally

  16. Nice update for iptv fans. Call for installations in Port Harcourt. 08060394247. Pls, don’t call if you are not serious and ready.

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