[LM]2016 Recap /Updates on Sat, E-currency and Others

Happy New year my people. The Year 2016 has come and gone with all its intrigues and intricacies. For dongle lovers especially those who depends on it solely due to lack of a buoyant income, 2016 happened to be the most frustrating year for them. We also have the issues of global, economy downturn and in my own case, I will make a particular reference to Nigeria my country. Nigeria is witnessing the worst economy recession in her history. I am only praying that it does not turn to depression. Our currency hit a record low last year and we all know that anything that affects Nigeria’s economy, affects the whole of Africa.


This same 2016 witnessed little or no innovation in satellite dongles. What we saw was slight, expansion on existing solutions. In 2016 some local satellite companies like dstv and startimes improved their services by either slashing tariff, adding channels or both. This same 2016 heralded the rumour about my arrest. Still, on 2016, we had iks solutions for mytv and tvsat. I also added a sponsored post that has to do with health /performance enhancement. In A nutshell, let me summarise the events of the immediate past year and expectations of what will happen this year.


Disclaimer: by a recap, I will be talking about events that happened this does not mean all of the events are still happening currently so please do not take this as an update about everything that is working. Please read between the lines. God bless you.

Free To Air Channels In 2016

By free to air channels, I mean channels that are receivable without spending any more on any account or internet package. These channels are majorly recognised with their trademark “no dollar” or let me say no encryption signs. This channels also includes some channels in test transmission mode. You can get some of this channels using a small or big dish. Some notable ones in 2016 include channels on multitv frequency with the addition of waptv, leaked mbc channels . also on multitv, we now have Africa movie channels and fox sports, get tv among others as FTA. Also Es sports and kwese sports have resumed transmission(as FTA channels for the now) on Eutelsat 7B @7 deg E KU BAND. Frequency; 10846 V 30000. Minimum, dish is from 1 meter to infinity. if you are buying your dish new, buy 1.3meter or above. The channels are kind of a leak for now so their names are service 143 and 107 respectively. For more insights use www.google.com and also  read this

IKS Highlights In 2016

We had more of a setback in iks in 2016 instead of a head way especially as far as premium sports channels are concerned. The new events as regards iks was on cccam for tvsat, mytv and seaafrica(Note as of today, no known popular cccam that is still working well for the above listed channels). Qsat also released software for powervu auto roll on sme of their decoders, they also added mytv and tvsat to their account. They claimed to add canalsat 22w but it turned out to be a total failure after few days. Those who bought accounts ten because of canalsat on qsat wasted their money. Qsat now has a new unpopular new model q19g which claims to open canal(It is unpopular because of suspicion and the huge price).

Powervu In 2016

Unlike in 2015 where we had the popular innovative trend of using scalar ring with 1 meter dish for certain powervu, 2016 witnessed a powervu blow because some of the popular packages reduced their beam and forces people to get at last 1.8meter dish to get any chance. However, in 2016 more companies joined the powervu auto roll list and the monopoly of gsky was broken. Now there are as many as there are powervu channels. listing the decoders is useless. they are everywhere. Getting a powervu decoder is so easy, however getting the needed powervu channels can either be difficult or impossible(difficult if you are using a relatively small dish and lnbf. Impossible when you do not have a space to mount a 1.8meter dish). Pctvlab team just explained how you can get afn package for those complaining that their gsky is not opening AFN anymore. You can easily check the explanation out here.

IPTV IN 2016

Iptv is the only aspect of alternatives to satellite tv that I found so difficult to talk about in Africa. My reasons are as follows: Iptv works, it is working, it will continue to work, it is getting better, it will continue to get better. Iptv is popular, you do not need any tech blogger or satellite geek to talk to you about iptv because the knowledge is everywhere and nothing is coded. More iptv solutions came into play in 2016 and more might come in 2017. However, the big slap is that; Iptv is not yet for Africans and ultimately Iptv is not for the poor like me. The history of dongles dated back to the very poor and less privileged trying to enjoy paytv. Am boldly telling you here now that iptv is not yet for the poor and not yet suitable for Africa. Am giving iptv success in Africa a 28% success for now(yes it is as bad as that). We still lack fast internet in Africa and even where available, the cost of internet subscription is a piss off. good iptv account costs a fortune. 


This product was reviewed as an off topic. And since then it has been more interest and testimonies. you can have a look here, and here 


Four or three years ago in Nigeria, Nobody would have predicted a near total fbt(free browsing cheats) drought as w are experiecing today. About four years ago, free browsing cheats was a norm. In fact, some last for as long as two years. The reason was because unlike today, internet subscription was simply unaffordable for the poor. I remembered that I used to download a java game of not more than 524kb with like#700. Today, #500 gives you 1gb or 500mb. The death of FBT was made easier when all major internet service providers in the country slashed their prices, we also have new entrants,

I predict some similar happening to the pay-TV world. Local satellite companies subscriptions will get cheaper, more companies will come into the market and we will witness more dongles frustrations.

I foresee a revolution in data subscription in Africa. However, in Nigeria case, it may be a sad story due to the recession. I pray the ploy to make an upward review on data fails in Nigeria anyway.


In this site, we follow the trends. in 2017 I shall be introducing to you my loved ones many on products that are 100% clean. Also letting you into activities /initiatives that can result in cool income for you. I will be focussing on my tech news and devices that you may thin are unreachable for Africans and the likes. I will also talk about many (DIY) and app reviews. Just things that are lively and trendy. Away from only satellite news and tutorials. This is just to strike the much-needed balance.



  1. Lemmy, e sport and kwese sport,are they still showing presently,i mean hope they are still unscramble. Thanks

  2. @Lemmy, my initial question is, I have a 1.8m dish for sporthd24, mtn channels, and I did this early December. It was working fine but after a week or so, I couldn’t watch them again. I called my installer and we were able to get them again but this time the channels are skipping and the signal quality is 89%. I live in Ibadan. What is the cause and solution please. Thanks.

  3. Mr. Lemmy and other gurus kindly help. I have 3 dishes 60cm 1m and 1.8m. I used the 60cm for hotbird, 1m for MBC and the 1.8m for mtn package (sporthd24) through autoroll. Now the installer did everything well last year early December but after a week it lost quality and couldn’t watch those channels. He came yesterday to resolve it. He was able to get signal quality of 88-90%(not stable) but the channels keep skipping. I reside in Ibadan. What can we do? Thanks.

  4. Please sir. I have a 3d tech 9900 hd decoder how can I get the software upgrade

  5. Again ,is champion TV still working on yamal 402.

  6. New sport24HD 34.5’E
    4097 V 16913

  7. mr lemmy, pls , edakun answer my question. hw many channels are free on kwese and pls mention the names of the channels for me

  8. LEMMY,
    I’ve heard that Homelive have increased their channels to 1100. please can you confirm?

  9. please i need the new frequency for sports 24 hd

  10. pls, how many channels are on kwese and their names

  11. pls, how many channels are free on kwese and their names.

  12. thanks may god be with u amen

  13. hi lemmy how do i unlock channels on kwese sports with my alpha box x6

  14. jean jacques says:

    what news about cccam?

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