Welcome to my monthly updates and gossip about satellite-related happenings in the past 30 days. In this article, I will also be talking about what you might expect this month. Basically, I shall be breaking this article down into four sub-sections Vis: Satellite statement of fact, Satellite gossips(meaning statement that are true but not verified by me), satellite rumours(meaning statement that has not been verified by anyone that I know and it’s not even coming from a source that I can trust) then my projections for this months. I will start with the statement, of facts.

satellite news and gossip


  • I have not lost interest in satellite related contents but I have reduced interest in dongles. The reason is not far-fetched. Dongle is not what it used to be, man needs to look for other means of sustenance. What I have stopped doing is to sell or promote dongle. However, I will not stop talking about satellite related contents and tutorials as long as am not promoting or selling dongles and Iks accounts. I will continue selling every other thing that is related to satellite apart from iks,sks and iptv unofficial accounts.
  • Why we have fewer satellite articles of recent is because there is no new happenings that warrant a new post. I cannot simply continue publishing an article simply because there is a new cccam(I now do consolidated satellite updates) However if there is any software or tutorial or new confirmed satellite event, you will surely hear from me.
  • MTN Worlwide sportshd 24 is still very much dead( rumours had it that the owners change their encryption away from powervu). In other words, no auto roll software for it yet, no new decoder that opens it yet and no keys yet.
  • METRO AND CTL  terrestrial official decoders air every match including Epl, laliga, UCL… however, it has limited coverage in south-south, south east, Abuja, and some south west states
  • What I personally use currently are free iptv(via kodi xbmc) and FTA channels. I also stream live events using free URLs available online as at the point the event is being broadcast live. In a nutshell, the two most reliable unofficially and relatively cheapest means of watching paytv are now via FTA and IPTV
  • It is a statement of fact that there exist a qsat q19g decoder which is rumoured to open canalsat, tvsat and mytv using an account known tcam. However, this is not popular because Africans believe it is a fraudulent move on the part of qsat team for not making it work on previous models
  • It is also a known fact that when there is a problem with a particular dongle, every user is affected. In other words, if your sports HD 24 is off, mine is not expected to be working as well. You need to switch to other alternatives or wait for a fix.
  • Powervu is still working. I mean official powervu decoders and some packages on unofficial powervu. The only one that is off and that affects Africa is sports HD 24.
  • Like I said above, iptv as a technology can never die. However, unofficial iptv solutions may be blocked intermittently… Learn more here
  • Free to air channels(do not get this wrong dongles are not free to air. free to air are those channels that are not encrypted either permanetly or temporairily) will be available indefinitely nothing can ever change this.
  • You can get any sports or any event live via Iptv. That is the only technology that currently guarantees that.


  • There is this rumour that there is a new decoder /dongle for dst*. I also read it that it was quite expensive in the region on #100,000 +. My advice: think twice before considering such device even if it exists. Why will one buy an unofficial product for that much when it can be blocked within a few hours? Anything dst* is serious business when it comes to illegal / unauthorised access.
  • There is a rumour that installers and dealers have the following accounts for sale(please do not contact me for any purchases related to dongles or dongle accounts. for other inquiries, my email is always open info @ lemmymorgan.com): Jscam for alpha box, tcam for 19g, dqcam for qsat, and cccam for every cccam-enabled decoders.


We all know that “gossip” is defined as casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people(In this context it is going to be gossip about satellite), typically involving details which are not confirmed as true. According to the explanation, these are details that are true or maybe true but they are not confirmed as true. Let us get it started:

  • That kwese sports is still working off and on
  • That AFN Sports shows UCL
  • That there is no dongle that uses a  small dish below 2.6meter(260cm) where you can watch guaranteed EPL matches.
  • That you can only get EPl randomly on small dish as leaked signal,feed, test transmission channels or fta channels but you cannot select what you want to watch. However, with the biggest dish, you can get most soccer events as Fta.
  • That metro and ctl has a cccam account. Please do not contact me about this, I no longer sell dongles and iks accounts. I nearly have high blood pressure during tvsat cccam account era. you can do your further research on this.
  • Cccam that are currently availbe out there includes but not limited to: Hotbird 13e, eurobird 9e,Nilesat 7w, hispasat 30w, thor 1w, astra19.2e, astra 28.2e and so on.


Just as I stated above, regretabbly I have stopped selling dongles and I have stopped marketing or promoting dongles. I take this decison because dongles are no more reliable and I cannot keep giving myself high bp. However, you will still keep receiving hotest stalite gist from me as long as it has nothing to do with promoting a particular dongel or selling it. If yo searcgh this site or www.google.com, you will get so many articles about past dongles. For those who are new, your local satellite installer is the best person for you to contact in other to get what  you want. I remain yours sincerely lemmy Morgan.



  1. David Edet says:

    Please what size of dish are you using to get it?

  2. I got tired of Dongles, Azsky bla bla .. I just have to admit to my self DSTV had won the battle and got the Their zapper decoder and subscribed premium 13,980NGN.. Its a whole lot but at least i have peace of mind and great entertainment.

    Lemmy thanks for those times of Azsky.. It really helped..But for now i DON PORT…

  3. Mr Lemmy, please what’s the link I should use to download qsat23 software, please

  4. AJIBOYE says:

    Oga lemon ,Does Bein HD 1 to 10 show EPL ? can 2.4 m track it? and finally tell me the frequency. Thanks am waiting for your reply

  5. Oga Lemmy, metro TV is off or scrambled on Multi TV Ghana. How can we descramble it??

  6. I found this key for mtn Sports24 & Colors Tv (india) on…
    Nss-12 @57.0East. Those who have the signal should confirm if it’s working
    Freq- 4136 H 15580
    —Power Vu Key–
    00: 9EAB 7FFD 1C86 8600
    01: 61AA 343D F8F0 C800

  7. Ariko Abdulsamad says:

    Oga lemmy, pls i have 2.4 dish, where can i watch atleast one epl, pls type me d frequency and symbol rate.

  8. i have canalsat 16e

  9. if the internet isn’t unlimited and very fast, IPTV is crap!

  10. Hello Mr Morgan, so it seems that we have no hope for Sport 24Hd to come back to live…

  11. Hi Lemmy.Does it mean 1.8 m dish is now useless as Sport HD24 is off or what next can one use it for?

  12. Lemmy kindly educate me on Dstv zapper decoders or if you have already posted an article on it kindly direct me to it. Thank you.

  13. Hi Lemmy, pls which upgrade of gsky v6 auto roll kwese sport and which one auto rolls AFN . thanks.

  14. Lemmy. I’m using an 8 ft (2.4 meter) dish. On what angles exactly can I watch Epl matches. I already watch sony at 68* east. Thanks

  15. nana yaw says:

    can you please us update on IPTV? some of us have moved from dongles and decoders to IPTV. we want to know more on current trends

  16. Amadu Conten says:

    Hello Lemmy, do you know if there’s a way we can get reception for Eshail sat here in Nigeria. I can already watch Bein HD1 to HD10 because they are on Nilesat. But all other channels are on Eshail Sat. Any ideas ?

  17. we are dead that u won’t promote any dongle but i once owned view centre but due to high cost of dstv subscriptions in ghana i had stopped.pls i want to buy big dish for fta live soccer and distribute it for my town;pls what equipments do i need to succeed.pls reply.

    • @enoch: please read my article on factors to be considered before buying a dongle

      • nana yaw says:

        @ Enoch : i think you should consider IPTV if you are in accra. internet these days are becoming cheaper and faster. contact the manufacturers http://www.pctvlab.com for a homelive account, and get unrestricted access to over 800 channels including more than 100 dediciated sports channels

  18. OJO HYACINTH says:

    thanks mr lemmy for ur updating us God will help u in jesus name thank u very much

  19. Dan-Benghazi says:

    oga why you not say something about Nigcomsat 42.5°est

  20. Totopic says:

    thanks LM for the update.
    Please note that Q19G is already not opening anymore canalsat as per chineses informed me (not confirmed, but informed by the source)

  21. Abuja residents can contact 08064662957 for AFN sports on 9e. The channel airs live Champions League matches on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on full HD. all you need is just a 1M dish and an autoroll powervu decoder.

    You can also make enquiries for Metro and CTL terrestial, other satellite installations and technical support.

  22. Aziz patel says:

    Hi lemmy in Zambia I am unable to open Discovery network by strong 4950 e or q sat 13 g outoroll software some where I read that at 3740 H you can open
    But false to get signal
    Plz help

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