[LM] Mega Offer- Buy the Cheapest Etisalat SME Data Bundles

Every once in a while, we introduce a mega offer on this site especially on internet data or airtime. While my airtime reduced offer is still ongoing(you can check it out here). I present to you yet another more irresistible offer. The one I am introducing today has more poise in the sense that it is happening just on the eve of when Gsm service providers want to increase the cost of internet subscriptions in Nigeria. As from Tommorrow, gsm operators are most likely to increase their data tariff rates.

etisal cheap sme data



To start with, this is only for Etisalat Nigeria networks, this is a data only package(meaning not airtime). This is neither a cheat nor a hack. It is a legitimate data sale from a SME agent who has accumulated the data and is willing to sell to as many as possible Etisalat subscribers until his quota is exhausted.


  1.      You need etisalat Nigeria Sim card that has been registered and  internet-active
  2. You need an internet m0dem that can use the sim card be it a phone, usb modem, router and so on


  • How do I receive this data After payment? Answer:  Once you paid, you will need to supply your etisalat sim card wherein you want the data to be sent this will take between 30 minutes to 12hours depending on the queue being encountered by the seller.
  • To whom do I pay? Ans: You pay to me and hold me accountable for anything. I cherish my fans more than anything so I always take charge of all this kind of sensitive transactions.
  • How do I contact you for the transaction? Ans: You send me an email @ “info @ lemmymorgan.com
  • What are the prices and options available for this data plan? Ans: We have just two packages, 1. 8GB goes for #2,000 while ii. 15GB goes  for #3,300
  • The Validity is 30 days
  • How do I check my Balance? Ans: You check your balance using the normal etisalat ussd code “229*9#
  • Can it be rolled over in the event that I do not finish my data before expiration? Ans: Yes you can roll it over as long as your existing subscription has not expired before you resubscribed.
  • Can i reshare this services? Ans: By resharing the data, you can actually make some more out of it. For example three or five of you can contribute to pay #3,300 for 15gb and share it amongst yourselves. the only way you can reshare is through a process known as “Multi device data sim cloning” The process is as follows: Buy a maximum of like 5 unregistered etisalat sim cards(meaning, you can buy one additional sim, 2, 3 or 5),make sure you do not insert this into any phone or mobile device until the cloning is concluded. Also, when buying the sim cards, make sure the first four digits of the numbers of the sim cards are the same. For example 09081***** = 09082***** however 08091 is not equals to 09081. so please take not of this or else the cloning won’t work. Make sure you have a minimum of #50 balance on your primary line, now once the sim cards are ready, load on get the data on your primary / master sim and add the additional sim cards by dialling the following code; *215*0000*1*num*puk#  to add other numbers, change “1” to “2”, 3, 4 or 5. All the numbers added will use the data together


     If you have been previously buying Etisalat sme data from a particular supplier, please beg the supplier to remove you from his list before you send me your number. Alternatively, get a fresh sim card that has never been used with etisalat sme data. If you do not do either of the two above listed, the process will fail. I need only unpaired / unmatched Etisalat sim cards. Thanks


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  1. Hi,pls how do I sell expecially for many and AIrtel? Tanks

  2. Hi, pls how do I start selling. Expecially MTN and Airtel?

  3. Cross de Idialu says:

    Still available?

  4. Adetulatolu says:

    Can I still subscribe

  5. @lemmy, any update on this data subscription. Still want to subscribe

  6. is this ETISALAT data still working? @ lemmy

  7. my oga lemmy please help my sport24H 57E is not more working only bad signal what will be the problem others are working fine

  8. ishmael kigo says:

    great job lemmy,we appreciate,am in uganda .my ask is does a strongbox 6342,has any qsat functions if am to upgrade it with tthe latest qsat upgrades for power vu?is it inclisive in that list?someone was telling me that its qsat in a strongbox body.am eager to hear from yu sir.

  9. Pls how do i clone d sim cards?

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  12. Fokom YOU JUSTIN says:

    pls i need turksat4 africa frequence , because i want to receive TRT
    THIS MY email justinfokom@yahoo.fr

  13. Lukman Ayo says:

    how can one pay for this data .

  14. Are they monthly plans?

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