Lemmy Morgan November 2016 On Satellite & Other Tech News

This month’s updates will address issues like what is working, what has stopped working, some other tech news and a mini review of a product that is not an electrical device. Let us get started as this will be one lengthy post as usual. You can, however, go straight to the aspect that addresses your own issue.

whole 3meter dish


I will start with the most stable and the most reliable to the cheapest. So please get along with me.

  • IPTV SOLUTIONS: I won’t talk much about iptv because we all know more than enough already. Only two things are worthy of note about iptv; 1. Iptv is not for everyone no matter what. I mean you must have a reasonable amount of regular income to use iptv. 2. Iptv is not the best solutions for Africans for now even though it is the easiest and best solutions in advanced countries of the world especially europe, Asia and America. Why it is not yet up to 25% usable in Africa is because of poor internet connection and coverage, then high-cost  internet subscription. If you can isolate the two determinants above, then you are good to go with iptv. I for one, i have the account and device with which i can use iptv all day all night but, i only use it maybe once in two or three weeks when i newly subscribe. I am constraint by low income and poor preferred internet package.
  • POWERVU SOLUTIONS: By now most lovers of dongles already know a bunch about powervu. If you are new to this term, please learn about it here. I will now say what is new about iptv especially Gsky; Gsky released new software some couple of days back, I observed that the software  is not auto rolling on gsky v6. Users of V6 should perform the following operations immediately after loading the software into their decoders; Gsky V6 20161031 software only go to conditional->key edit->powervu>>select first 20 lines key and delete. Also, there is this latest patch software that was released on crosat.us for strong 4922. I however, do not think it will auto roll powervu channels though it works for tandberg channels. To learn about some popular powervu decoders, you can search the site.
  • CCCAM ACCOUNTS / OTHER IKS ACCOUNTS: Cccam accounts are the most volatile and the most convenient iks account you can ever use when unofficial solutions are concerned. However, the smaller the minimum dish you are required to use to track a particular satellite package,  the faster it is the loophole will be blocked. for now tvsat, hotbird and hipasat are working but mytv has started misbehaving. When it is time to block, mytv, tvsat and seasat will be blocked earlier than Hotbird and hipasat. The reason behind this sis because very few people watch Hotbird and hipasat owing to the fact that it requires a huge dish to install. Gshare also works on Hotbird and hipasat. There is also zap 36e which is unreliable and expensive. Canal 16e and zap 36e are not trackable in Nigeria.
  • Qsat accounts(Spycam & Dqcam): There is a rumour that qsat may release a one year spycam code that will work for canal 22w, mytv and tvsat. I for one, I think am done with qsat wahala. I cannot even sell their accounts until further notice. Their canal 22w / account is a big joke because it will go of after they must have made outrageous profits. Once they proof me me wrong, they we will become friends. For users of Q16 in MENA, i was told dqcam works. Currently, as of today, we do not know the status of canal 22w on spycam.
  • FREE TO AIR CHANNELS DOING WONDERS: with 90cm or 60cm dish, if you are on eutelsat 28 multitv position, you can get tv3 and maxtv ghana both of which shows some live soccer. Max tv is totally currently fre i don’t know if it will be encrypted later. Also, you have other channels like galaxy, Joy PRIME, JOY NEWS, CINEPLUS, GALAXY,Loveworldplus. and so on. all these are totally free on any free to air standalone decoder. FTA channels require no account or internet. FTA channels come in two forms; 1. Permanently  free to air or temporary free to air. Just of recent MBC action, mbc1,2,3 MBC max etc are working on Multitv Joyprime position using a small dish like 60cm or 90cm frequency: 12282 V 27500
  • BIG DISH ADVANTAGE: As advantageous as using a big dish could be, not everyone can use it, and it can be very expensive. When I talk about big dish, am talking about a dish that is 2.6/3meter in size or bigger. We have whole, detachable, ground mount and pole mount(pole mount economises your space better than ground mount). The overwhelming advantage of a big dish is that when there is no account for any locked channels, you will use your big dish for fta channels. Major constraint of a big dish; 1. space, 2. affordability.


In the past couple of weeks, i have talked about some products like Automobile, obd2 scan tools, heart rate bracelets, phone to tv wifi dongles and one magic oil called samsui that make you last longer in bed with your partner. you can search for the above on this site for detailed explanations.



I will leave you with a parting note as well as my signature article. My parting note to you is that, weight your options before you purchase anything dongle. Do not buy iptv if you will not be able to use or maintain it. Always read my article on factors to be considered before choosing a satellite package if you are a newbie. Bye for now until we meet next month for another major update.



  1. Allyhassan says:

    Hello sir, can i get new upgrade software of freesat v7,from tanzania

  2. pls o, my people, pls i need the symbol rate and frequency for jackpot bet satallite.

  3. Please I need help Sir My skybox 9000 is show scramble help me with power vu all to roll software please help me Sir Thankyou Sir

  4. Please LM, how can I set my multi TV with mbc channels on my decoder or do I need a software to upgrade dat please i seriously need your help oga Lemmy

  5. LM……what of qsat1+, can i use it scan MBC STATION AND HOW?, Please

  6. good day sir lemmy or any one in the house to help just a prieft on how to track sony pakege and sport 24H on 2.4m or trick to track the to birt at E in northern nigeria please help

  7. Multi tv is the Satellite name while Joy Tv, Ghana Tv, Cine Plus, TV3 are channels under the Satellite platform.



  9. It works on my multi TV decoder

  10. pls oga can this mbc work with my strong srt 4663x pls

  11. I need 4M dish urgently.How much?

  12. Please do you have 4m dish for sale.


  14. mbc channel on multitv axis is real just tracked it,hope it last long enough.Pls can any installer help wit detail on how to motorise a 1.8m dish.can’t wait to hear from u guyz

  15. Please, I will like to know if champion TV is back in action and which channels are showing.thanks

  16. good day oga lemmy this super esat which account has it come with? because some fixture luke like qsat inside

  17. Ade Oloyede says:

    Thankz for good info. Plz oga L/M which one is multitv and which one is the joytv. Thank. Gud morning

  18. Mr lemmy, does the dqcam accounts before going off works now or we have to change it?

  19. @ Henry after getting ur multi tv, input 12282 v 27500 n move ur dish a little bit up

  20. @ Henry after getting ur multi tv, input 12282 v 127500 n move ur dish a little bit up

  21. just tracked mbc in multy tv position, thanks Oga lemmy

  22. Hi boss I use 9ocm to track joy TV but I can not get MBC. Wha will I do sir?

  23. Thanks Lm for the update. I have a big opportunity for those who haven’t gotten a copy of the almighty Gsky receiver! Here is the gist; When Lemmy intruduced Gsky to us on this site, i did my best to get it. And, as an installer, i started telling some of my clients who were capable of getting it and also installing sports24HD. One of them showed interest. Then sports24HD was on 1 meter dish with scaler ring. So, we bought 2 Gsky V6 receivers from Lemmy and it was delivered to me. Eventually, Sports24 went away on 1 meter dish and he became discouraged. He didn’t even use his box up to 2 weeks. Right now, that box/receiver is for sale! If you want it you can contact me here; 08060394247 for the price and delivery details. Remember, Gsky V6 is no longer in the market. It has been out of production for more than two months now. And, it is no comparison to V5 in terms of hardware. And, that’s why i narrated this whole story! So Hurry!!!

  24. The frequency 12282 V 27500 gives the MBC chains with a dish of 60 cm

  25. Oga lemmy its bin awhile. Hope u gud. Tried tracking sports24hd @ east 57.5 but ended up getting sky sports 1,2 n skymovie. Plz want to noe if diet powervu encrypted or boss nn if u have de keys for Dem. Tnx

  26. Thanks for the updates. How nuch does a 3.6m dish cost.

  27. Hello Lemmy, I scanned my QSat/Joy TV with the 12282 V 27500 TP but couldn’t get the MBC channels. Please any other way round?

  28. Lemmy tanx, my question is, do u know anyone getting those mbc channels on multitv position using 60cm? I doubt if that is working.

  29. pls boss wat abt those scrambled free to air channels like channel tv,kennis music and d rest. any bisskey to open them? tanx for ur quick respond

  30. How about dqcam? Is it true that it’s back?

  31. hello Morgan any good news for those using q13+

  32. Reediwan Issah Ghana upper west {WA} says:

    thanks for the good work Lemmy

  33. Hello Lemmymorgan the frequency in the FTA column doesn’t seems to work on my qsat 23G.
    Any help please

  34. Gsky team has released new software again to help fix better auto- rolling of Mtn by deleting some existing old keys. Here’s the link: http://www.pctvlab.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1463&extra=page%3D1

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