Latest Powervu Software For Strong 4920_4922_4922A

I am sorry that this is coming a little bit later. There is a powervu software fro strong SRT4920_4922_4922A_decoders..Code named 190p.stb. This software will eneable you input a valid powervu key into your strong(with the above model) decoders.

If your strong 4922 with a valid powervu key is not opening the desired powervu channels then you need to install this software and re-enter your powervu keys.



  1. The software provided above is strictly for the strong decoder intended for. That is 4920,4922 or 4922a. attempt to load it on any other strong decoder at your own risk
  2. This patch software must not be loaded on a fake strong decoder, if you load it on a strong decoder, there is 99% chance of you killing your decoder with just 5% of reviving it.
  3. Avoid electricity interruption when you are upgrading the decoder so that you wont end up frying your decoder.

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  1. Muhammad kabir says:

    Hello good morning sirs ..
    I want no more about autoroll software…
    Question 1 For autoroll software to work does it need internet connections?
    If it needs..pls sir how can i connect 4922a to internet?..
    Wishing you all the best of luck sir!

  2. thanks for this post.

    • ziyaaba nabil nelosn says:

      hello am nelson from ghana and i would like to know if there is a way to get an autoroll software installed on a 4922d+ strong decoder. please i would be much appreciated if anyone could be of any assistance. thanks in advance and hope to hear from someone soon.

  3. I want to buy a open receiver. Strong str 4922 is a good receiver?it can use for cccam, bisskey, poweruv?
    Please reply me I am new for this.

  4. How can u tel wen a strong decoder is fake?

  5. Hon. Joel says:

    Need software for 4922A for joy tv

  6. I have a srt4920 which already patched for powervu viewing. Is working with latest software 195p. But recently upload a softcamkey into the receiver to view additional channels, since then it has stop working with powervu. I try to re-patch but no avail with various software from 190p – 195p but no joy. Any help within this will be greatly appreciated.

  7. Hello Mr.Moggan…Can you help me on how to upgrade my decoder through the Internet…Here is the model of the decoder,MODEL…..DEMO MODEL 0000,BRAND POWERSKY,SOFTWARE VERSION 11.278, HARDWARE VERSION U63DV01

  8. Hello Mr. Morgan how can determine autoroll decoder, I want own mine.

  9. hi…Mr.Lemmy i have this model of receiver Powersky PS-5Mini ,Satellite decoder but it does not work on PowerVu… can you help me how to fix the problem and how to get the latest software.

  10. Lemmy, Pls need a software for strongbox Srt 6420

  11. Hon. Basit says:

    Hello Lemmy. I need guidance on the Discovery chanel and Sony pix @68.5 degrees. I have key in the new keys but they are not opening please I need your help and its very urgent. Thank you

    • @Hon Basit: the keys are not opening them because the keys has been blocked. Only gsky series are currently opening sony packages currently and they do so automatically.

    • Hon. Basit says:

      Hi Lemmy it is me again I want to know if you have any new solution to the discovery channels I asked about. Thank you

  12. hi Lemmy,

    hope your are good.

    Seems powerVu keys are not working with my strong 4922 decoder,may you please assist me on how to enter them correctly?
    when i add the keys seems there are two numbers left at the end. ie 00. as keys are 14 numbers and the spaces to enter the keys are 16 numbers.
    please assist.

  13. I need mtn worldwide TV keys .am using 1.8m dish

  14. Hello Sir, i have a strong 4229A , series,with a small dstv dish my strong now as the IPTV icon after upgrading pls what else do i need to watch powervu channels

  15. please powefvu strong 4922a new soptware

  16. Hi Lemmy, pls I need powervu software for SRT4950H

  17. Contact me if you are interesting in buying scaler ring dmac lnb or strong lnb in bulk price or per pieces with fast delivery contact me on or contact me via whatsapp on +2347036691880 we can ship nationwide

  18. Anything for SRT 4930?

  19. Hi,
    Am a newbie to the site and IT literate, so no ass ole response . Please I have flashed the rom to the stron 190.b firmware. It’s my 1st strong decoder so I need an idiot guide to what to do next. Some termini,got used here is strange to me. Grateful for any. Guidelines.

    • @viguy76: the best guide will be for you to get your local satellite installer involved in the decoder. Besides, strong decoders does not open encrypted channels all on their own. you need to load some account or input some keys all of which is not done easily by newbie.

  20. good morning mr lemmy am having issue with my qsat28g, am running spycan acc on it. and it will expires on febuary. but since qsat is back my decoder is not connecting to server and not display expires date all ! pls what should i do ?

  21. son of lion says:

    Please my masters I future latest sport 24 keys is now working and I fut the latest software that u drop for us vasion 1.90 (Dec 9th 2015 pls what is the next option

  22. Hello, Lemmy which strong decoder can open dstv channels,

  23. Oga lemmy pls can you help me with tigger299 decorder software for powervu

  24. pls ,Lemmy do i stil need big dish before i can watch powervu channels on my strong decorder

  25. Gud morning oga Lemmy, pls I heard a rumour about powervu that by 22nd of January 2016 all will not work on onofficial decoder like strong. Pls oga Mi is it true,d way out and which ones are the official decoders for powervu. Thanks and God bless. Happy weekend

  26. Happy New Year To You All. Its been long i spoke with you guys hope i’m still welcome, Mr Lemmy please can you update us with the available working powervu keys and channel, position frequencies to enable us fast track them to drop feedback to you to keep the conversation going. Thank you…

  27. sir, the software (SRT4920_4922_4922A_190p_151209.stb) doesn’t opened. any solution

    • @kundi: after loading the software, you must look for the powervu keys and enter them manually before you can open any powervu channels. It is obvious you did not even read the information on the article before downloading the software.

      • oga , i do understand all the process, i have been downloading before but this time the link is not downloading at all,what is the solution.

  28. Lemmy,may God richly bless u for what u HV bn doing, please how do get power vu keys cos I’m in GH now and does it opens DST**v channels.

  29. Sir, how can I get Powervu keys

  30. star movie is bad signal any help house

  31. PLS house is any one has software for FREE SAT V7 COMBO I need help

  32. My q11g always show connect to server failed,pls I need assist.

  33. Gud eveni Mr LM, i av strong 4950h dat i use 4 powervu b4 but wen dey change software is nt working pls can u realise software 4 us dat use d same strong 4950h

  34. Good work done big brother. God bless you. Those who have 4922D+ can also use the same software for the same purpose. It was tested and confirmed by me as that’s what I have. Thanks.

  35. Mr Lemmy pls is there any power vu software update for qsat q28g. pls if there is let the house know of it please we need it badly.

  36. qsat is back with the sports channals am going to relax and watch the games

  37. Evidence O. says:

    @Nana Kwame, didn’t you read through the post and the disclaimer?
    The software for ONLY ORIGINAL strong SRT 4920, 4922 and 4922A. If you load it in any other decoder or fake strong decoder of any model, you will end up bricking or spoiling such decoder.

  38. Thanks for the update lemmy. Permit me a space here to inform akure residents and city in its viccinity that powervu accessories are available at 43 ondo rd akure. Installation service after purchasing can be offered on order. Call 08060291088.

  39. Tax Mr Lemmy. You always deliver on ur promise. May God guide n protect u

  40. Nana Kwame says:

    Lemmy what about 4930, Can i use this patch to update mine aswell..?

    • Don’t u understand English?!….. didn’t u read d article above?……… smh!!…… some people sef! Asking stupid questions!…. use d software and fry ur decoder, then come back and ask for how to revive it!…. smh!

      • Nana Kwame says:

        Is it that you have a bad eyesight or you don’t understand what others write except yours. F00l Didn’t you see “CAN” there. I think you should be use for one science experiment like a rat because you’re a waste of space on this planet.

    • Nelson Mulungu says:

      I need latest software for SRT 4930 with powervu keys. Send to my e-mail. From: Nelson Mulungu

  41. pls oga LM my qsat 26g is not opening dst* CANAL is opening pls what is de problem!

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