Latest Biss Keys & Software To Descramble TV3 Ghana On Strong / G6 / Qsat & Multitv Decoders

Just about three days ago, a new biss key / patch software was released for all major supported decoders. Majority have gotten this from my previous post. Why am creating this particular article is for two reasons; 1. to upload a software for original mutitv Ghana decoder that will open tv3 on it(credit for the supply of the multitv decoder software goes to a member of this site by name angazy), 2. to give directly links to download the patch software that will open tv3 on strong 4669x and newer decoders.

tweaks to open tv3



I don’t personally have a multitv decoder. However, am very sure that usb upgrade isnow know to all of us. Please download the already extracted software, copy it yo your virus free USB flash drive, located where you can perform a usb upgrade on your mutitv decoder, and you are good to go.


Warning!! Don’t attempt to load any of this software into a fake strong decoder, to detect if your strong decoder is fake or original please follow this link

Note: Per adventure any of those software above is not working on your strong decoder,(this is very unlikely) you can manually enter the biss keys that will open tv3 on your strong decoders as follows:

1. For strong 4922a and older; Dial 8282 on the decoder and then enter the following biss keys: 9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82

2. Key for SRT4950, 4950M & 4950H.
Press F1 8280
Go to slot number 86 (or teh right slot showing TV3: 12525:27500:V)
then edit the key as per below:

No. 86
Prov ID”: 00 1F FF
Index: 1C
Key: 9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82.  


Add the freq 12525 under the biss key menu Of your qsat.
Go to xcam setup. Open patch . u Will see biss key edit it or add frequency 12522.
Key: 9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82


Guys if u still have problem with multi Tv3 after upgrading. pls do this
manu = settings = xcam = patch = edit or Add Tv3 biss key = freq= 12525 = key = 9E37794EB97F4A82 = SYMBOL RATE = 27000 = OK. AND U GOOG TO GOO.


  1. Good day Oga Lemmy pls how do input biss key for kwese sport 68.5e into my super esat

  2. Hey, I tried to unscramble channels on my openbox v7 combo via USB but it says “no match file”
    What should i do?

  3. For DigiSat 9800 HD, what is the code for insert CS???

  4. hi Morgan, pls, how am i going to get my xcam account active? where can i buy d stuff ?, d guy that did d installation for my qsat q23 had been running away from me and even refused to pick my call. i will be happy if you can help me out.

  5. isaacui says:

    Pls Lemmy & house, one should help me on how to retrieve my found ‘cccam and patch’ to enable me to input biss key

  6. Pls Sir am using multi tv new decoder srt 4950e. And i need intruction on how to bring tv3 on.

  7. allsat technologies says:

    can d same software open sonysports on 4922A

  8. Kenneth Gorvie+ says:


  9. Aguti Reuben says:

    I have SRT 4915 decoder, it both satellite and teresteral. how do I open the biss key

  10. matthew says:

    pls my boss i try downloading the tv3 software specifically the strong decoders software site but when ever i try that file not found. my boss help me. —–Matthew from Ghana

  11. Alex Williams says:

    Lemmy I have strong SRT 4330 but cannot get TV3. Any help please. Thanks

  12. Gabriel says:

    I have strong box 6924HD. How will I edit the bids keys.

  13. i am using SRT4950H(black) my tv3 is not working after following all the due processes
    some body help me

  14. Emmanuel says:

    Good day Lemmymorgan
    I am using SRT 4955. My tv3 not opening and want to ask if you have idea about it.

  15. CLE, CLE GH says:

    hi lemmy whatsapp, pls do you have any knowledge on streaming sticks? if ys pls give me the prones and cones about this device cos i want to purchase one for my flat screen HD tv. i learnt is the cheapest, fastest and up to date way of watching live sports contents and series. But since you are the Boss i need some confirmation before i jump onto this. Pls hit me back cos i need to know thnx.

  16. MR. Lemmy please am using STR 4950H decoder,but after doing the upgrade.when i press the f1 key on my remote menu pop up for me to enter the biss key which is 8280.pls what should i do to enter the biss key.pls help me

  17. judesky says:

    Please master is DIGISAT DX-786 Full HD a good satellite receiver? I just bought one and it has a biss key icon for TV3 but I don’t know how to input the key? I am receiving d TV3 on three different satellites: must I use d TP of 12522/V/27000 on Astra 2 satellite to descamble the TV3? Thanks.

  18. g&g sat says:

    OGA Lemmy pls I need 69z software for tv3

  19. Pls help me me decoder garexig hd

  20. zealot nelson says:

    what is tv africa biss key

  21. How do I get tv3 to work on digital television which have inbuilt satellite receivers in them and can actually track satellite signal

  22. sir hope any of the uploaded software can be used on strong decoder?

  23. please i switched my strong tv 4922 and it started downloading and upgrading. after that, my tv3 is no longer working. what will i do?

  24. Hi lemmy, I edited the biss keys on my srt 4950e to enable me watch TV3 which was very successful. However, whenever I restart the decoder, I have to do the same thing over again (edit the biss keys) because the changes do not save permanently. Please I need your help badly cos I’m thinking of getting rid of the decoder…

  25. please mine is strong decoder 4915 i want de software to descramble tv3

  26. when i upgrade my 4950m it change to old decoder like 4669

  27. hello lemmy

    please can i get Qsat 23 latest updates ,mine has gone off o a long time

  28. Guys, i need your help, am using a Shineco FTA “HD DVB-T2&s2 combo” and it happens to have the Bein Sports channels but they are scrambled, can you guys help. …

  29. Majen wayya says:

    Can my digisat 222hd receiver open tv3?

  30. I’m using str 4922a. After upgrate i can’t see the BISS KEY MENU anymore; even if i press 6969. I even do Factory Reset but nothing. Help please.

  31. pls teach me how enter bisskeys into strong decorder srt 4950h

  32. The biss key cannot unscramble on qsat 28, i have entered exactly hows it was explain, but still? Any help?

  33. I’m ashamed of myself. I’ve been using Qsat for almost 2 years, I’m lemmys fan, YET I CANT UNSCRAMBLE tv3 on Multi tv!!! Pls lemmy or anyone, help me with a biss key to do this thing. I’m highly embarrased.

  34. Thks Mr Lemmy I finally descramble tv3. Pls can I get rrsat promo 1and 2 boss key and rrdat ou HD boss key. Thks in advance.

  35. Dear Lemmy, is Tv3 still opening, if yes, what is d latest Biss Key / Code ?

  36. Mr Lemmy I put the biss key for the tv3 is not showing . I followed the due step . no picture . nothing show. Please help sir

  37. Bros Lemmy, I’ve been following but got confused on d step enter biss keys into srt4922a – (MyTv) to enable open Tv3 (Ghana). Also, I can’t find d following software “” to download. Please, how do I go about them?

  38. Please how can I open bein sports channels on my strong SRT4653x?

    • @ameer, if your strong decoder is an HD decoder, it will be able to receive and scan the channel. However, you can’t open it just like that because it’s not a fta channel

  39. am using somotex multitv mtv-1722 and want to have tv3 on it. can u pls help me with software or keys to unscramble tv3 on it?

    • @peter, software for tv3? well that decoder is not a popular one. You can however check if there is a place to input biss keys in the decoder. I doubt if you will get a software online for that purpose.

  40. pls any help with my sc-101 52 decoder? tnx

  41. limey winslow zola says:

    please for the latest biss key for beinsport on eutelsat 7 degree east

  42. Ayamga John says:

    pls LM,hw can I get the code to open my patch menu on SRT6342 .Any help pls.tanx

  43. please help me mi just upgrade my qsat 23g and it not showing ghana stations please what can do advise me

  44. Pls. i try to open tv3 on my q sat 13g i dont know how sir because after pressing menu then to setting i can not find xcam & pitch their sir, what can i do? in order to key in biss key sir thanks.

  45. Hello. pls how do i unlock tv3 on mytv strong decoder, srt 4935.

  46. actually i have problem with my decoder getting signal for tv3. i entered the biss keys 8282 but nothing shows so that i can continue. plis i need your help

  47. hello, pls my qsat is not showing a space to enter the key, help?

  48. Change the SID(Decimal) to 00000. Tv3 will open I just did mine and make sure u sue the same frequency and symbol rate you used to scan ur multitv

  49. Hello big bro please you will have to kindly exercise patience with those of us using SRT4950H. The BISS for TV3 when entered manually or by default doesn’t work. Please what else can we do again bro. Could there be something that we are not doing well? Please help us out bro. Thanks

    • @hetz, you can only upgrade your original strong decoder with a compatible patched software downloaded from if you want to restored patch option to your strong decoder. Mind you, the frequency used to scan the tv3 channel on multitv position must corresponds with the frequency and symbol rate that you enter along with your biss keys

  50. Dear Lemmy, i just upgraded my SRT4922 S/W version to 1.45 (Apr 14 2015) and now TV3 is no more showing, i cannot also access the BISS key using the remote control (8282, 8280 and 6969 all doesn’t work on the remote control). How do i get back access to the BISS key. The patch is downloaded from Strong Technologies Download Section. Thank You.

  51. Michael Hertz says:

    Please I have updated my strong SRT4950H receiver with sw version 3.20p and the BISS is not working even though it has the correct keys in place. I have tried downgrading it to a lower version too, the receiver is not allowing me. It keep telling me the software is old. Please kindly help me on how to go about this. Counting on your usual support. Thank you

  52. NB it is a Strong 4922

  53. Frank Jude says:

    Thanks a billion Lemmy it just opened now, now am looking to opening the bein sports and MBC HD

  54. Frank jude says:

    How do I get tv3 to open on my qsat q13g? There is this sid (hex) option there what do I do about that? Pls help!!!

  55. Thanks for good ideas lemmy, i got everything specified successfully but the tv3 is not showing, does the biss key still open it??
    I use qsat11G.

  56. Gabriel Ashong says:

    please am having QSAT and one of the icey is burnt please do u know some one who can repair for me?

  57. Hi Lemmy … Please is there a way of opening TV3 on BEST HD 4U? Or if there’s any patch software for it .

    Anxiously waiting for ur reply. Thanks much

  58. lemmy how do i unbrick my xman decoder…. i loaded thr rom.bin file . it says upgrade success restore system but then i cant go anyway. wat should i do?

  59. abdul-azeez says:

    Hello Lemmy,

    Please i use DIGISAT 9800 HD receiver and the Upgrade/Biss key is not working for me please help

  60. Oga pls im using Best HD decoder. I want help to unscramble tv3 on it. Thanks.

  61. Ancesta1 says:

    LM, I’ve learnt a lot from your various posts on your blog since I came accross it when I was looking for a satelite decoder solution. I just got a qsat 26g and after following this thread, tv3 is up and smoothly running. thank you very much for the good work.

  62. @t Lemmy:wch channel r currently showing on Azsky Dongle as @t 11.45pm today 10th of March,2015?lkwse post d code for TV3 on Multitv&d frequency of d Dst*|Multitv|Mbc Combination on a 90cm Dish 2geda using single LNB.10ks a Great Deal 4 al d latest update satellite news,rily aprc8te.Xpctng ur rply Snst.Rgrds 2 fmly&frnds out der.Takia&do ve a Plsnt dai…Cheers!

  63. Pls my srt 4651x only de audio is comin but de video s nt, frm Ghana .multitv

  64. Lemmy there is a column tagged SID(hex) what do I input into this column? because mine is not still showing. Thank you for your anticipated consideration.

  65. @ Lemmy, thanks for it worked without the SID code

  66. nurudeen tankas says:

    hello boss so how can i open tv3 on multi tv with openbox recciever and how to connect Azsky with Qsat ????

  67. pls lemmy, is any Way I Can get ss3 free on the srt4669xii decoder?? pls..

  68. Lemmy i ve tried da patch on my srt 4950h put tv3 is still scrambled, i tried to key the f1 8280 as well but the bliss key isnt showing, please help

  69. Mr Angarzy can u pls help me decramble tv3 on quality decorder series 2? pls message me on facebook Gyasi Samuel Nyanteh,thanks

  70. Pls, TV3 go scrambled after showing for few days having open it with Biss key.
    Pls, help.

  71. My oga lemmy I greet u. My tv3 ghana has refuse to show even with the biss key installed in my decoder Qsat 11G+. Pls I need ur help

  72. abistylove says:

    pls LM can i get the software or any biss key to unscramble tv3 for quality QC-Xplus series ii? thanks.

  73. yusufibbi says:

    please any biss key for channel5 multi tv? Please

  74. pls can some one help me on qsat13 decryption tv3. is it that you firts install the software be4 entering de biss code or only biss code

  75. My tv3 is scrambled again jux this morning!! Can anyone confirm it??

  76. Oga, pls i have try 8280, 8282, 8082 and factory reset is not working for me on my strong 4669XII and my strong decoder is not fake is original please help me

  77. LoveDInstaller says:

    I am talking about the TV3 biss code on Tlink decoders.


  79. Pls LM help me i just installed strong decoder 4950H and tv3 is not on it. Upon several scan i did not get. What shd i do?

  80. plz orga anybody help me to unlock ericsson router w35 imei mail iam in Togo

  81. pls i want to have other foreign channels on my srt 4330 i av double dish with diseqc n pls help me with the settings on my decoder

  82. I mistakenly press delete all when I wanted to key in the biss for TV3 in the patch section of XCAM SETUP. Though the TV3 is now working all other remaining 120 codes that came with the Qsat 23g is gone. So How do I get it back. Does it have any implication if it is not there?

  83. Kindly assist on how to insert biss key on d new speed Hd s1

  84. thanks its working on multi tv

  85. my strong decoder is 4669z, can i unscamble tv3 on it n how…Pls Pls oga

  86. perfect! I have tried second time and its working…hahaha..
    thank you oga.

  87. Oga Lemmy, my decoder is Multitv MDVB-S9800. Kindly help me to get into the biss mode. No USB port.

  88. coz I only ve less dan a month for my accts to expire.Any help

  89. CHris Owen says:

    Hi Lemmy …

    Pls How do I enter Biss Key into openbox s10 for TV3… or Anyone here knows?

  90. @Kwaku, press menu on ur remote, then scroll to settings…make sure the 1st option PREVERENCE is highlighted then enter the code 1512 it will come back again

  91. pls LM,hw can I recharge my qsat accts? coz I only ve less dan a month for my accts to expire.Any help pls.tanx

  92. xcam patch at de setting can’t not b found on my qsat 23…
    I woke up but found dis morning found is not dere…
    plz help me

  93. Mr big boss, am using multitv decoder G77x, this one the software to install to discramble tv3 wasnt known what can l do

  94. pls am using mtv 9800j decoder n i dont know how to unscramble tv3 on it pls help

  95. Nana Kwame says:

    Lemmy enlighten me the DISH size i need to buy if i want to watch SKY SPORTS UK…

    • @nana you can’t watch skysports UK, no matter the dish size. However, you can watch other skysports channels E. G skysports Italia…. On hotbird with a 3.6meter dish

  96. Nana Yaw Fianko says:

    Oga Morgan i have this ‘sc-001CA and cd cas encryption ready slot’ in front of my old decoder. can i use the CA SERIES PLUS 2 software to decramble tv3? if not what should i do? am from ghana is u would mind to know

  97. CHARISMA says:

    Good day bro people hv been saying that biss keys work on azsky g6 decoder but i hv tried mine and am not getting it so if is true please bro help me out.

  98. please i have a quality decoder “QC-XPLUS SERIES II ” is a DVB _S /& T .please i need it software help.
    some one gave me series IV and it install but now only sat channels are coming. the terrestrial channel are not coming . please help with “QC_XPLUS SERIES II OR 2. CONTACT ME ON +233277004817 OR INBOX ME ON FACEBOOK. MY NAME OVER THERE IS VINYO ABOTSI.

  99. please i have a quality decoder “QC-XPLUS SERIES II ” is a DVB _S /& T .please i need it software help.
    some one gave me series IV and it install but now only sat channels are coming. the terrestrial channel are not coming . please help with “QC_XPLUS SERIES II OR 2.

  100. A . K 99 says:

    master lemmy,any hope to watch chelsea pre season matches,even wit dstv i was unable to watch d two matches played so far.can i get chelsea tv wit my 1.8m dish in south west of nigeria.

  101. Pls. Oga lemmy. I discovered that stv1 & 2 are no more on my decoder(srt 4922). I did rescan but to no avail. Pls. I need the frequency so that i can mannually scan it.

    • @oladibash1 you mean on amos 5? am afraid i am not on that satellite at the moment i don’t have the frequency. However you can blindscan your decoder in other to get all missing channels and frequencies as long as the are still operational on that satellite. However you must make sure that your dish is well positioned. hope this didn’t happen after a heavy rain. Furthermore, you should hope st1 and st2 has not gone off from that frequency same way espn abandoned dstv frequency

  102. paapilo says:

    Pls lemmy, can u help me with link to quality tv decoder flashfile. Thanks. God bless you. Mine is stuck on boot.

  103. paapilo says:

    gud morning boss. pls I used the multi tv software to upgrade my Quality decoder to descramble tv3 but all I see is “locking TP” and I can’t have access to anything. Pls help!!!

  104. pls folks as of writin dis article gh tv ghana is bak.

  105. osei ofosu says:

    with the multi tv old version sc-101 s2. can I get the software to unlock the tv3 ghana

  106. Please can someone help me, I mistakenly deleted all the biss keys, how do i get them back pls

  107. pls can some1 help me d biss key for ssl tv

  108. Hi LM, my Qsat 13g has been unable to connect to the server for a week now. the sim card is loaded and it successfully connects to the internet. how can u assist me please?

  109. Pls how do I watch live IPTV channels on qsat Q23G, its only showing free IPTV which are few in number compare to SRT 4922

  110. Oga Lemmy, please help me to connect my fon to laptop tro WiFi. after entering the security keys the feedback is incorrect or it cannot be connected to dis network. wat shd I do?

    • @edi, you need a software called connectifyme to be able to do that on your personal computer. however if you are trying to login into an unknown secure wifi, then you need to get the correct password from the wifi administrator

  111. tank lemmy bt pls on wat frequency can i watch live matches such as epl,champion legueas m others on my muti tv hd.pls im new to sattelite.n d procedure. pls

  112. pls oga lemmy wit 2 lnb pls hw do i watch supersport on muti tv hd pls d procedure involves pls

  113. pls oga lemmy and anagzy pls can u educate us more on multi tv on hw to watch super sports n ways of updating.pls.

  114. please generate a software to unlocked tv3 for those of us using MPEG 2 too.thanks. I need reply. good morning.

  115. Thanks Oga Lemmy for your reply, pls I have try two different original flash drives and not was detected by the decoder.

  116. ohipeni says:

    please if i enter the key 8082 on the strong decoder it thus not give me the key me the option to enter the necessary key please help me .i tested it and is original too.i dont also know where to locate the slot number 86

  117. Please @Lemmy help me my strong decoder 4922A can no longer detect any flash drive recently since I upgraded the firmware to (SRT4920_4922_4922A_MultiTV_HS_158p_140526) the previous update to unscramble TV3 before this one. I just don’t know what is wrong with the decoder now, everything is working well just that it doesn’t recognize any flash drive,I have tried d/f flash drives without success, because I wanted to install this your update, but it doesn’t recognize any flash drive.So I just followed your direction tho input the biss key manually.Please help me solution to make it start recognising flash drives again.Thanks


  119. my oga lemmy,pls can i get BEin sports here in ghana with my 1.3m dish on my SRT4922 HD decoder? Also,which type of LNB am i going to use,C-BAND or KU-BAND?Tanx in advance……

  120. my oga lemmy,pls can i get BEin sports here in ghana with my 1.3m dish? Also,which type of LNB am i going to use,C-BAND or KU-BAND?Tanx in advance……

  121. To ANGAZY and LEMMY, please I will be grateful if you can provide us software to descramble tv3 Ghana on multi tv decoder SC 101 and sc 105 series. tanx

  122. Hello,
    Lemmy, pls which of the link do i download for qsat 11g. and also how gtv has not been showing for a while on my multi-tv. pls how to i make it show.


    • @ffo, pls if you need a software for your qsat, go to qsat article. Beside there is no tv3 software for qsat. You can only edit of add a biss key to your qsat to watch tv3 on qsat

  123. pls Mr. Lemmy my phone has been lock and i want to do the formating. pls what is the procedure. any software for that… thank you

  124. Mr lemmy pls I want to get qsat but I don’t know how

  125. kofi Mensha says:

    Please my is MTV 9800J ,Please i want to ask if it can be decode to watch TV 3

  126. oga lemmy how do install new srt 4992a to support wi fi and 3g

  127. Olamide oyewole says:

    pls sir update us qsat’wen
    check d code of qsat it 40******,wen l called my friend his qsat is showing. pls update us.

  128. pls mr Lemmy any account for azkay G2. thank you

  129. kindly send me ss3 biss keys.

  130. benjamin says:

    pls. lemmy kindly send me the latest software for srt4940 to descramble tv 3. because my srt4940 don’t have any access to enter 6969 and biss key code 8280 and no options under the OTA MENU to set the dongle. please help me . you send through my email;

  131. dj dels says:

    lemmy, my tv3 went out yesterday…….any update yet? or should i reinstall the software?

  132. @famous I need your gmail to send you an image for calculation. the inscription on it is too much. Need to send u an image on the moderm. 6 attempt left. Hope to hear from you soon.

  133. Yea Oga Lemmon ! TV3 x exposed again !..thanks 4 d keyz! Q116 ! ….what’s the future of these AVTCM ?hope we can renew somedays when it happens… 2 enable?.. AVTCM exp. JULY 2015… Hope to get your post as to watch VIASAT channels..Setanta Afrik,Dubai Sports and others …I use 3 dish CanalSATS (YOTOMI,FAAJI N CO)(INF DICE,KILONSHELE N CO VIA NILESAT..),DSTV,MULTI TV ..thanks !!

  134. @musah your unlock code:16685159

  135. Your unlock code :16685159

  136. @famous Thanks, I have just unlocked it through the help of a friend . Thanks and hope to contact you later. As for our electricity issue, only God the Almighty Allah can intervene. I greet lemmy and the house . Long live Lemmy, long live Angazy etc, long live

  137. @musah, it’s lights out here so I will do for u as soon as it’s restored.u know the current issue in Ghana now

  138. @famous please calculate this imei for me : HUAWEI MOBILE BROADBAND E3O3. imei 868988018678232. Model E303s-1. The network is tigo. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  139. please oga Lemmy, my qsat account has expired can i get some to buy?. and how can i do the transaction. thank you. waiting for your reply…

  140. @Nicholas please post the IMEI and let me help you with the unlock code.but make sure you have not wasted the 10 attempts

  141. Nicholas Essuman says:

    I am in Ghana and have Airtel network modem that seeks for NCK code before I can make it universal to use other network card. Any software and assistance to generate the NCK code for the modem to unlock?

  142. Tanx man, works perfect. Pls are der some ways 2 get more channels?

  143. Pls master lemmy the 4669xii is in txt format, pls i need the software

  144. Boss which numbers can i press to edit the biss code on multi tv decoder 4900j and c0007 or which firmware can support them. help me

  145. pls if download the firmware it is not working. pls help me. looking forward to hear from you.

  146. pls anyone wit biss key of sabc 1,2&3 shld pls help it went off two weeks ago.

  147. Mawulando says:

    Plz Oga Lemmy can u take me through the process for SRT 4950H strong decoder to get tv3?thank u

  148. Mawulando says:

    Plz Oga Lemmy can u take me through the for SRT 4950H strong decoder to get tv3?thank u

  149. Please Mr. Lemmy, during the upgrading of my multitv decoder, there was a power cut and the decoder has since refuse to boot. Please is there any guide line to wake this decoder up with the original firmware.

  150. yh lemmy i noe but only pleadin wit u 2 help me out recover de original software for srt 4996z multi tv.. I wud be mch grateful tnx.

  151. Emmanuel says:

    Lemmy how can I buy account for my qsat?

  152. plz lemmy help me out. I used mytv version software on srt 4996z multitv decoder but de sound of some channels are not working. Plz do i nid a software update or wat?.

    • @tiago, i didn’t upload any software for 4669z. please go and search for the original software for yur strong 4669z then downgrade / upgrade your decoder with.

  153. myKuye9ja says:

    Pls,Oga Lemmy infinite no show again on Amos, Did they change their frequency and how can we get it back?

  154. Lemmy,pls can u get me de software my multitv decoders SC-001CA,G77X,SC-101 CA,MTV9800J.I really need dis help pls.l strongly believe u can help me.tanx in advance…..

  155. blinker says:

    lemmy pls can u get me rom bin for multi tv decoder ca plus and srt 4950 h?pls


  157. SimokoJunior says:

    Goodmorning Mr. Morgan, i need your help here been trying to set-up my new Q15G but after everything i do in terms of confirguring it they channels still cant show.. When i try to active my dqcam account it says please enter a correct activation code.. What code is my decoder be asking for?

  158. Lemmy Morgan. can i get manchester tv biss key and frequency on my srt4950H?

  159. @tiago, press 1 and press 8280. after that, go to the biss and edit the first one and put the biss keys inside and press ok and press exit. and the biss key has been saved. after you finished all. go to menu=>manual scan=>edit the frequency and put this freq(12525V27500). you must scan this frequency, press the yellow button(that’s the search key). when you finished, go to menu=>usb. then you go for the 4950H software to upgrade it.

  160. pbambam says:

    it is amazing l can not still descramble tv3 on my azsky g6 with the key provided and the instruction on dis platform. pls and pls again those of u who have been able to descramble thier azsky g6 should pls help. thank from GH.

  161. plz lemmy i tried to use de software n de biss keys on ma srt 4950h but ma tv3 didnt show up after i manually scan it. Dnt noe why?

  162. ONYINYE says:


  163. i have str4663x how do i go about it i have tried the above step not working.pls help

  164. Abraham says:

    Wud u pls help me revive my ca plus series ii?
    it keep showing locking tp!!!

  165. hello Lemmy i am still waiting for your reply pls answer me……pls how can I enter
    the biss key on my SRT 4329 with patch menu because on the biss
    menu I can see prov ID, key No, and
    key data. pls help

  166. oga, after the decoder to decoder data transfer, the inscription:
    connect your STB and turn on
    when i press exit and turn on the decoder its still dash dash on the front panel
    pls what should i do again?pls

    • @you don’t need to press exit, you ought to have turned on the dead decoer and connect it with rs-232 cable. I mean connect it with cable before turning on.

  167. bros kudos is working for my qsat 13g

  168. Abraham says:

    Wud u pls help me revive my ca plus series ii? it keep showing locking tp!!!

  169. Abraham says:

    can anyone help me revive my multi tv decoder ca plus series ii? after upgrading it kept showing locking tp.! pls teach me how to restore my decoder.
    thank you.

  170. What about multi tv sc-101 s2

  171. please how do i wake a dead CA plus s2 multitv decoder up ??????

  172. kaba edward says:

    pls lemmy if u can kindly get kweku to explain into detail how he went about de factory settings for de 4330 decoder becos it looks as if many of us have problem with it.thanks

  173. john bitiyong says:

    Gd aftn. Mr. Lemmy. I am new to Qsat decorders. Could you pls help me with the steps and procedures to enter the BISS on my Qsat Q23G decorder. Am waiting for your favourable resp[onse.

  174. thanks for your response Oga Lemmy. but how do i factory reset, because i still need to acess menu options to do that

  175. hello Lemmy pls how can I enter the biss key on my SRT 4329 with patch menu because on the biss menu I can see prov ID, key No, and key data. pls help

  176. good job Oga Lemmy and brother Angazy. i appreciate your efforts. i have a situation on my 4330. when i press menu, it ask for password. but the default password 0000 didnt work. any solution please..

  177. Pls
    I need de software for Classic HD decorder to get Tv3

  178. Pls
    I need de software for srt4900 n srt4900. I downloaded from strong site n upload it to the receivers but it didn’t open tv3.
    the biss code 8280 doesn’t respond.

  179. pls what of those using the SRT4330

  180. Thanks Mr lemmy God richly bless u

  181. Kanbeunan says:

    Oga Lemmy if i want cccam acounnts how can i purchase it from you, am in Ghana.

  182. Kanbeunan says:

    if i want cccam acounnts how can i purchase it from you, am in Ghana.

  183. Kanbeunan says:

    @Angazy i want to know if there is any code for CA Plus 2 series like we have 8082 for multitv Hd. thank you

  184. bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!………..Lemmy, God richly bless ya for not been selfish….
    tnx a lot….

  185. kaba edward says:

    i have entered 8282 and 8280 on three different 4669×11 decoders and the biss key will simply not appear on de tv

  186. @ Wessie. u get mouth. I just follow ur description n it worked on 4669XII dt I thought it was fake. well done guys. triple Tuale

  187. please i need gtv software.

  188. Oga lemmy pls help how can I used mytv card with strong 4922a decoder

  189. Thank you Lemmy, I tried the BISS KEY on my q13g decoder and it works alright, but when I switch channels and back it indicates scramble. it makes me keep entering the KEYS whenever I select the TV3 channel. any help?

  190. for 4950H. when u entring the biss key. then you come back to satellite scan and edit the freq and put this keys(12525v27500) then scan it ??????

  191. Gudmng lemmy, pls under d current Fta channels i noticed Ait is nt showin again particularly d 1 dat shows match. Do u’ve an idea on wat is goin on?

  192. pls lemmy i entered 8282 on srt 4669xii and srt 4222 and it open but i cannot find the biss menu on it to enter the key. wat can i do to find biss

  193. paulluvay says:

    multi tv decoder is not working with ca plus 2 software pls help

  194. Its kinda confusing for STR 4922a
    where should the key be added and what should be done to the others

    • @zeus you don’t need to enter any biss key for most strong decoders because I already provided the software for them

      • jahstech says:

        the decoder i have is a fake one, so i dont think upgrade it with the software you provided would do me any good, on my 8282 menu i see 4 space provide and the four has different BISS keys by default, so where do i enter this on you gave us?

  195. Mr I hav clss hd 2010 and 9000
    How can I get the cod to unlock tv3

  196. @ poundzranty and chief lemmy morgan.l use azsky g6 l have entered the biss alright and even rescaned but l cn not still descramble tv3. pls u show me how u poundzranty was able to do yours. am in ghana any way

  197. kaba edward says:

    pls kweku kindly be clear with de factory procedure for de 4330.many people seems to have problems with de4330.

  198. @Samuel, i believe you could not see any “SC 101 Series in the uploaded softwares here. Working around the clock to provide help if one is hatched. @Ibetex, there are different types of strong decoders in w/africa if i may say so and you commonly see 1). Strong MultiTv (with MultiTv inscription on it/its box &/ background) & 2). Strong MyTv (MyTv inscriptions on it/its box &/ background). Kindly check ur SRT4922A very well to note where it belongs & download its compatible software from this link after which you must extract (winrar) it before installing:

  199. Lemmy pls if the code number of strong 4669xII is showing none. does that mean my decoder is fake?

  200. Lemmy…I have added the biss key manually on my qsat 13g decorder. But I did nt notice any change ….cant see any new there any step I have to take after d manually adding it.

    • @max pls scan with the frequency provided inside the article after adding the biss keys. Besides as a qsat user you don’t need tv3.

      • jahstech says:

        Gud evening boss Lemmy, pls boss this BISS code you guys are talking of, if i enter the key 8282 on my strong srt 4669XII decoder where do i enter the BISS key is it on all the slot provided or just the first slot? Pls note that i already selected tv3 before i entered the code 8282, so where does the BISS fits in? pls help i need your reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • for srt 4669xii and srt 4922 and others dial 8280, de biss keys will apear, edit de first one by entering 9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82. repeat de key to complete de first line, press exit, save and enjoy

  201. plz oga lemmy wat r the steps to descrble tv3 on SRT4330?

  202. Abdul Bashir says:

    Hello Mr. Lemmy, pls how can I descrambled TV3 in my Daar Sat Receiver, and I need d software to upgrade it.

  203. pls where shd i enter the biss on srt4669xii after inputing 8282

  204. Olumide says:

    I mean all d biss key dat was der is gone

  205. Olumide says:

    abeg,I pressed d blue button on the remote instead of red while trying to add d biss key on qsat. pls what will happen and what can I do

  206. LM, how can I restore my Qsat menu to show Xcam option when I go to settings? it got lost after upgrading. thanks

  207. snr rich says:

    pls lemy, can I watch the redtube chanells with my gprs account?
    I use mtn sim card in ghana if yes how?
    pls ur emediate responds will be well apreciated
    thanks in advance

  208. my q sat is opening tv3 without puting no any biss key

  209. Please After upgrading my MutiTV sc 101 series the decoder went off with an inscription “App error”
    Any help please

  210. Lemmy…I have added the biss key manually on my qsat 13g decorder. But I did nt notice any change ….cant see any new there any step I have to take after d manually adding it.


  211. Angazy, thanx a lot 4 ur help. I jxt followed ur procedure and TV3 has been descrumble on my multi tv decoder

  212. thanks Mr Lemmy it work…. the key on my qsat.

  213. SimokoJunior says:

    The lastest one is v6.6, you can also go to you’ll find the software..

  214. SimokoJunior says:

    At last i’ve finally got it right, am now watching tv3 on my azsky.. Thanks Lemmy and thanks house for all your comments they really help.. God bless

  215. SimokoJunior says:

    @Poundzranty: How did you manage to catch tv3 on your azsky bro, please i need your help thanks..

  216. gm mr Lemmy. pls wat is de latest qsat q13 software upgrade. is it V6.05.16? tnx

  217. for the 4950H. when you press the EXIT to save it, only the biss key save. but the freq(12525v27500). when you press the EXIT. it cannot save. and when you finish the whole show and you want to save it. that one it can’t not be save.

  218. hi.. thanks 4 d code was able to watch matches in my house.. just wantd tu go on a limb n ask if its also possible tu get d code 4 ss3..?

  219. if you edit the freq(12525:27500:v) on 4950H. where should i go to save it? because, it cannot save.

  220. @Tijani, menu = usb or press usb button = select software from ur external device (ok), upgrade starts after which the decoder reboots and tv3 is descrambled. NB THE MULTITV SOFTWARES ARE FOR ONLY ORIGINAL MULTITV DECODER AND SELECT THE VERY COMPATIBLE SOFTWARE TO AVOID “FRYING”

    • mine is multi tv ca plus series 2….from syndicated capital. it states LOCKING TP everytime i switch but dont boot afterwards. pls help me on how to get my menu back. this happened when i renamed the new software to upgrade. thanks

  221. Oga the decoder dasnt indicate any thing when it doesnt save the editted biss
    pls what shd i do to save?

  222. poundzranty says:

    tanx lemmy i jus descramble de tv3 on ma azsky GOD bless 4 ur gd wrk hope azsky ap again n stay cheeers

  223. Thanks brother lemmy for your good works. Pls enlighten us on how to do the upgrade on the Multitv decoders. Anyone who knows can help the house.

  224. @muda perform factory settings too and see cus mine too had the same problem and it worked.thanks

    • Nana BOADU says:

      @ kweku, pls can you help me with how you you did factory setings to enter bisskeys on your srt4330? This srt 4330 doesn’t respond to 8280. Pls is there any help?

  225. Please, hw do i get biss keys for tv3 on fte decoder.

  226. thanks for your time and effort mr lemmy

  227. Pls oga how can i save editted biss key in 4950H

  228. pls Mr lemmy i have enter 8082 8282 n 8280 but nothing appears on de screen on my str 4330 any other option pls

  229. pls where should I go first
    before I can enter d biss keys…the procedure

  230. Lemmy my TV3 from the previous configuration on my Q11G is still showing, hope I don’t need to upgrade or change anytin

  231. oga Lemmy pls where should I go first before I can enter d biss keys

  232. Thanks. The biss code is working perfectly.

  233. Please how is d code dialed on strong 4669xll

  234. Boakye Tijani says:

    pplease, Mr Lemmy i want to how i can enter the biss keys onto my multi Tv decoder. Please i want de procedures

  235. Kwasare says:

    it working like magic. oga Lemmy thanks for the support please check the article you posted there are two frequencies you stated 12525 & 12522 for QSAT

  236. mudassir says:

    pls Mr lemmy what is de corresponding code for 4330 and how do i enter it manually? sorry for the disturbance

  237. mukoro tega says:

    please,how can I restore my qsat q11 decoder after carrying out restore and the preloaded account of 1 year displays that the account have expired. thanks.

    From Tega

    • @mukoro, if your account has expired, you need to buy another account

      • mukoro tega says:

        Please, i mean the qsat q11 account was still active before i did the software restore for the qsat.
        after that, i discoverd that the qsat q11 account was displaying account have expired. what can i do to resolve this problem.

        • @mukoro, did you modify the codes? If yes, hope you noted down your code before you flash your decoder. Besides, both software upgrade and factory reset doesn’t always have any effect on the embedded qsat account. So your case is peculiar

  238. @Lemmy. What of azysky g6. Pls hw do put dis biss key on it? Help me out

  239. abistylove says:

    pls lemmy do u ave any Idea on how to open TV3 manually on multiTV CA plus series

  240. @sly no alternative than d software installation currently. will update when furnished. @ ibetex, kindly read in between the article carefully pls. @ lemmy, what’s ekow’s problem as i can’t see his post/comment/question here? Regards.

  241. mudassir says:

    pls oga lemmy any idea about str 4330

  242. Hello house which numbers do i press on my remote to display where to enter Biss key manually with my strong 4669z. ? Pls help.

  243. Andyclev says:

    my srt 4922A HD is still not catching TV3

  244. Startimes now comes with a decoder and dish of 1meter.

  245. Amegah Alex says:

    Oh sorry i got srt 4669X but it left with 4669XII

  246. Amegah Alex says:

    i can’t get srt 4669x and 4669XII what about them?

  247. am using multi tv quality decoder qc xplus series 2. can i get new update for it?

  248. Hello, Lemmy tanks for everytn. Bt which one is for Strong 4669z? Datz d one i use. Which of the softwares will work for it?

  249. Pls Angazy, am using strong 4922A. I added d biss key bt its stil nt showin tv3, do i’ve 2 scan again n wit which frequency pls?


  251. thanks lemmy i got it.

  252. I just did the update on my strong 4922 decoder and entered the biss key. But cannot access tv3. Please help me

  253. pls im using srt 4950H but when i press F1 8280 nothing comes… pls help me

  254. pls Sir morgan gve me steps on how to enter d biss keys on my srt4922a pls

  255. king fullstory says:

    how can i descramble tv3 on the new strong decoders str 4330

  256. Lm any body asking for startimes freqency is a mad man he does not like development of nigeria satelite pls don’t tell them how much is startimes. We are doing this for dstv who come to exploit our money

  257. my Qsat 13gstop working just @ the beginning of the World cup. but after updating it with your software( update) it works for a day, now it stop again . any solution?

  258. Thank you very much for the good work done.please after entering the boss key on Q 23 what next.because I can see any save or OK there.thanks.

  259. Wat is the tv3 biss key for Orton hd x403p decoder and do I need to upgrade

  260. @Karim, tv3 is working on all decoders that currently re-opened it. @Lemmy thx for the new update especially for that on MultiTv decoders. Another means for Multi HD users: select tv3 =enter password (8082) = enter biss key (9E37794EB97F4A82) = save

  261. pls, oga lemmy ,this avatarcam code is it the same with account? ,cause my code is 400**** and hanging too much even with modem

  262. TV3 Ghana off again as at yesterday around 11 pm

  263. halilu umar says:

    pls help me wit startime frequency nd there posision

  264. LM u are God sent. Just tried it on my qsar 23g and its working


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