Kodi Sports Ad-dons – Free on Ancloud and other Android

In this tutorial, i shall be taking you through the method/ techniques of installing Kodi addon that can allow you watch live sports(including soccer, tennis, golf and so on) globally without paying iptv service subscription. This is made possible possible by an open source program known as KODI / XBMC. You can learn more about kodi  this here.


Before i proceed on this, i must sound a warning that, the kodi app is a very heavy and resource hungry app. You should not install on a device with a low hardware configuration. You should also not install the unofficial version. The following devices are certified to be able to run kodi:

  • Android OS (32bit/ Arm x86)(Recommended android iptv boxes like aNCLOUD, AMAZON FIRE TV,… Or android phones from a brandname like samsung, huawei, htc, sony, oppo…) To get kodi fro an android phone, download on google play store
  • Windows PC
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Kodibuntu (64 bit)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • You can download kodi installer for any supported device from this link: download kodi

ss7 kodi iptv


You can get unlimited sports channels on sports devil repo and areswizard. this ranges from bt sports, sky sports, ptv, eurosports, espn and even supersports 1 to 7(the same one on dst* multich*ice Africa). All you need is patience because you need to navigate your way to the channels overtime you power on your decoder. you should aldo always be equipped with the fact that any kodi ad-on can go off anytime without apologies. The major relief is that ” soldier go, soldiers come, barrack remains the same” if one ad-on dies, you can still get other ones and new ones are added. Some few months ago, “No dst* supersports on kod / xbmc. Some days to this time, all the sss channels maybe pulled down. This alone is my main motivation for posting it so that you can enoy them while they last. Now to the Business of the day:



  • In XBMC / Kodi, navigate to System >> File manager, select Add source from the left side of the screen (on PCs you may need to double click it).

INSTALL SPORTS DEVILS add-source-red-728x384

Click on the text box that says <None> and type (using the on-screen keyboard) “http://iwillfolo.com/iwf/” then click on Done to the side of the keyboard.

Enter-file-source-path-728x384setting-iwf-repo-728x380. Now, go back to the main menu and navigate into System >> Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file, choose the source folder you’ve just added, e.g. iwf.

selecting-iwf-728x380 Inside there, select repository.iWillFolo.xbmc.zip and enable it. Enable it by clicking.


After you’ve enabled the needed repository, press the X button to the top left side of the pane. Now go inside Install from repository (on Kodi versions lower than 15 its: Get Add-ons) >> iWillFolo add-ons >> Video Add-ons, and enable SportsDevil by selecting it then select Install.

To acess sportsdevis aftaer installation is easy, just navigate from the main menu to VIDEOS >> Video Add-ons, there you’ll see it waiting for you to explore its many channels and features.



The Ares Wizard gives you access to a large number of builds. There are currently over 30 builds available in the wizard. It also has lots of add-ons in the Browse Add-Ons section making it similar to the Community Portal add-on (Total installer).

This add-on is not supported by the Kodi/XBMC foundation. Please do not post questions on the forum.kodi.tv website relating to this add-on.

To Install:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM > File Manager

0B-9ewpmLdTHqZnVweDhMcjZKaUk0B-9ewpmLdTHqQTF3bk5nTWIzSXMSelect Add Source

Select None

0B-9ewpmLdTHqLW9vWTVSRkpqaEU0B-9ewpmLdTHqeHNnUVVHaXJKVmMType the following EXACTLY http://areswizard.srve.io/aw_zip and select Done

Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type ares and select OK


  • Go back to your Home Screen
  • Select SYSTEM
  • Select Add-Ons
  • Select Install from zip file

0B-9ewpmLdTHqOXlZNURwLUdubUUSelect ares

Select script.areswizardx.x.xx.zip

0B-9ewpmLdTHqRW9td3hoN1VPbjgWait for Add-on enabled notification

0B-9ewpmLdTHqaloweDIyTnhOLUUThe Ares Wizard is now installed and can be accessed via the PROGRAMS (or Apps) menu from your home screen.


  • Goto home screen of kodi
  • open program
  • launch ares wizard and you will see something like the pic below
  • Now press “browse builds” and select Apollo 7, 6, and 5.2
  • 20160309_235017
  • It is worthy of note that the ad-ons is at least 400mb in size so you need a stable and fast internet to download.

kodi file manager

  • Once you have finished installing this, you can access it under add-ons and enjoy ss channels on iptv.

ss7 kodi iptvIMG-20160303-WA0001


Open kodi>>video>>video add-ons>>scroll all the way down to zemTv.com>>Sports>>super Sports>> here you will see ss1, ss2, ss3,4,5,6, 7 and ssB(blitz) open and enjoy



As much as this has been tested and working(if you view the later part of the article you will discover that i used my cell phone and my computer. Lemmy Morgan is not liable for any damage you might incur as a result of not following the guides here judiciously, negligence, wrong application of instruction or any damage whatsoever. If you have a problem that we can help you solve, we will kindly help out not that you will hold us responsible for any eventualities. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.



  1. Baba gana says:

    Oga I hv download and installed kodi from play store on Android Tecno L8 plus but if create d file and browse it will show me (couldn’t be connect network server ) what is d problem oga

  2. Mohammed tanko says:

    @dama please what’s the frequency and symbol rate for MBC 1,2,3 and MBC action…. Direction


    • Thanks Marshall.
      If i use Glo will it still be the same settings as you explained abinitio?

    • Marshal can u guide me on how to make me stream kodi using my bis on mtn wat needs to be changed I try it out.

      • So guys 4 not responding ASAP had to relax. Anyways, if you are having issues with glo bis then i guess you fly back to mtn bis with SS. If you are using that then google an app called proxycap, it helps apps like kodi and bluestack etc that do not have a means to configure proxy bypass and use SS. If you have that, holla back i will give the work around to configure the proxycap…But please NOTE, proxycap is a 30day trial app….As naija pesin na, i still the find the FREE version…

  4. Lemmy i know you are a very busy person so i know replying my message will be hard but i have finally found a way to use my SS with KODI…thanks for the app, blazing on my pc now

    • Pls Marshall how did you get it working becos i did what LM instructed but SS stations have refused to work. Pls tell us.


        • Good evening Marshall.
          I really appreciate your quick response.
          I use etisalat network(I also have other networks in case).
          I subscribed the etisalat 3gb bb plan as you proposed. I have a bb phone to hotspot from.
          But to get it streaming on my laptop and/or android device was a problem.
          I downloaded psiphon app on the phone but it wouldn’t connect after following your configuration steps.
          I later tried to stream direct between the two phones but it kept freezing.
          Could you give me the best description on how to nail all these pls. Thanks.

          • Yes i excellently did all the configurations as instructed by LM.
            It works perfectly on Spectranet with my laptop. But i need a cheaper data option like what you kindly tried to explain.

  5. Nahna Quophi says:

    it would be nice if we can get a browsing cheat so as to stream well here in Ghana

  6. Is there any way of reducing bundle usage on kodi coz it’s consuming big tym on my s4 is there a cheaper way. Zambia

  7. Mohammed tanko says:

    @Audu please where have you gotten it. Please let members of the house enjoyed from you.. Like we all enjoy from lemmy Morgan. Please the frequency and symbol rate.. And the direction…… Can’t wait to watch movies +

    • @Mohammed Tanko instead of looking for where star movie is, why can’t you track MBC 1,2,3,4, MBC Action and MBC Max etc that’s more stable and trusted and have a rest of mind

  8. Good people, instead of criticising, let us always learn to prefer solution

  9. @Audu where did u get it? pls let us know

  10. Qsat is still queen and we all know that but for now powerVU is d best and its working brilliantly but d truth of d matter is that d Chinese are trying to market items like d gsky decoder, scalor ring, cband lnbs with other items and once that is done we all will be left from where they saw us.so let’s pray for it to last bcos we all can not change d tricks and moves of d Chinese bcos you and I like things that are cheaper and free and that is why I dont criticize but only spit out d fact.

  11. I sincerely appreciate Editor and Reuben for their expatriate knowledge to solve issues with my HP laptop. it is now connecting to hotspot thanks and God bless you

  12. i have find new channels star movie is back

  13. q sat are thiefs they are off again

  14. @francis server nack maybe either someone is using our account or is because of d network

  15. francis munyigi says:

    Thanks Lemmy for the info anyway house Q sat has be off and server is not welcoming it is saying server NACK and it remains that way ,if anyone knows what could be the problem let me know .have a lovely afternoon

  16. hello Lemmy thanks for this update. Please how can i use simple server to work with kodi?

  17. Akin,can l use this etisalat BlackBerry data on Android phone.

    • @Don yes sir. Go to your access point setting and add new APN in APN name you can enter anything. In APN enter blackberry.net proxy enter port enter 8080. To tunnel your whole phone so that social apps can work download the psiphon in Google play store. Region select united States. Go to more options and select use connect through an HTTP. Under it select use the following settings. Enter in host address then 8080 in port. It’s very fast. You can use it to stream mobdro and also kodi. If you have any challenge, you can ask as many questions as possible and I will be glad to respond so that others can benefit. I’ve benefitted immensely from this site, the least I can do is to contribute my quota also

  18. Hello Mr Lemmy, my installer just
    made the connection for sport24 for
    me, and the signal strength is 53%,
    but most times it freezes and the
    channels dont ‘t show smoothly.
    Can I use signal amplifier to boost
    the signal.

  19. @fred: are those channels you mention still working on your qsat as at today pls?

  20. The introduction of PowerVU is a serious threat to qsat and can even bring down d financial status of qsat and qsat is aware of that bcos they know powerVU is free, but yet still qsat brought powerVU softwares for qsaters in other for them to track powerVU. I want u all to know that in the satellite sector conflict and tricks are like twins from d same parents and we all must accept it.let us pray for them to last instead of us biting our selves

  21. how many channel are working on q sat

  22. pls is trace urban working on q sat

  23. pls my brothers can i track canalsat on mbc position 1.8 dish using scalar ring and two lnb pls

  24. pls my brothers can i track mbc and canalsat on 1.8 dish using scalar ring and two lnb pls

  25. pls is star movie back

  26. Yes oh qsat is not welcoming to server but working. Mine started working today without welcoming to server. Blitz, ss3, amepic, amfam. I wanted to query mine code but it showed cannot connect to server but its working

  27. @kunle
    Do you please think that sports 24 has come to stay forever? it’s downtime will soon come. You need to praise qsat because for me they really did well.Thanks

  28. To all the wonderful guys on this information supplying site. I dey hail o. My main reason for having Qsat is sports. Whenever Qsat is off, I watch matches on my laptop with data. I bought 24gigabytes Glo from oga Lemmy. It’s far faster in modem than phone. You can also subscribe for etisalat 3gigabytes blackberry for 1k. Dial *499*3# to subscribe. If you exhaust it before expiry date, dial *399*2# to cancel previous subscription before resubscribing again. To use it in your laptop, set your Mozilla proxy with port:8080. Your modem APN:blackberry.net. if you want it to tunnel your whole laptop, down psiphon for PC and set it with the same proxy and port as above. If you want to watch live matches with normal subscription (not blackberry subscription) go to Google and search for firstrowsports. Click on firstrowsports.eu you will all the matches lined up for the day with time schedule. With etisalat blackberry subscription, go to Google and search manutv online, click on cricksfree you’ll find all the major online sport channels there ranging from all the sky sports channels, BT sports channels, etc. For clarity feel free to ask questions. I hope this info will be helpful to some people

  29. @Mark which Qsat model r u using?

  30. Abdul Samed says:

    May be some codes

  31. my Qsat 13g is not welcoming me to server

  32. @Eric n Fatokun q sat is showing now

  33. I want 2 know if q sat is back

  34. Gm Lemmy pls I want to ask if Qsat is back

  35. Qsat is really the queen because it is back. If anyone does not want to use Qsat again, fair enough. Don’t condemn those using it as well as the Qsat team. When Qsat was blazing in those good old days, the was no complain. Human love is very shallow. If so called mighty powervu begins to mess up, all those shouting it’s praise now will begin to condemn it. NA WA O. Oga Lemmy I hail joor. You are really a rare breed. Please don’t let criticism make you to relent. I am really enjoying Kodi, all thanks to you

    • @Akin that is fair enough but paying for six month account and enjoying just one month out of it and you just want people to keep shut and be happy. Please let’s stop that attitude of condeming others bcos money is hard to come by. I don’t have powervu or sport24 even though I can do it in the blink of an eye but let understand how others feel.

      • @Mark there’s never a time that any of the Sellers of Qsat account has deceived us that Qsat will serve one as DSTV. We’ve always been aware of what we are getting into. One month DSTV premium is 14k while six months Qsat is 6k. If you’ve been following Lemmy Morgan on this blog, you’ll discover that Qsat has always gone off time to time. People have never been forced to buy the account but rather on their own volition. I’ve bought Qsat account three times and within these times there have been good times and bad times. It has always been by my choice. It’s not that I’m rich but it’s a far cheaper alternative to DSTV. I’m still likely to buy it if my current account expires even though I know all the problems associated with it. #choice

  36. Well I will say Qsat is back

  37. Sometimes last week there was a Jubilation by some people here that qsat is back! before that, I make a comment that it wil never last as its never going to be consistent but some think it was just joke. One point I’m gona make here is that qsat wil still come back but it never going to be consistent as it was in those days! Qsat teams are gradually making their decoder compatible wit powervu, this is why powervu software is released by qsat to enable qsat users to make use of powervu successful. Soon the qsat wil release software for the rest model and also make it an auto roll. Qsat teams believe that since dstv is not stable. People wil continue using qsat for powervu.

  38. Femi ur signal is okay but just that it drop a lot and the reason is because u re using 90cm dish. I advise u to use 1m dish and ur problem wil be over! Meanwhile u re using one of the best lnb. Eurostar lnb is very good to track Powervu.

  39. Pls Lemmy, can I downloaded the ApolloXXXTreme on ARES WIZARD? What does it contain?

  40. Kumle, well said but u forget one thing, u didnt ask for people’s bank account number so u could deposit moneys in them for the accessories and I.am sure everyone will go for it u do so.

  41. S.O, click on the start button and type RESTORE and u will see RESTORE TO EARLIER … and click on dat follow to the steps to restore it the previous state.

  42. It does immensely amaze me that people cant be satisfied with what powervu offers in this current dispensation. Sport 24 services of late deserve immense praise! Anticipated matches had been broadcasted, being broadcasted and will be broadcasted in the foreseeable future. Hacking of dstv service is a sheer fraud and dependant on this fraudulent service will not rest as qsat and dstv battle for supremacy. The possibility of fierce battle being won by dstv is a glaring reality. Why cant you track mtnworldwide and deploy qsat to viewing sport at its best on sport24. Only 1m dish together with sound lnb and scalar ring will do the justice. I tracked in akure and its proximity yet my clients have never uttered any sordid words of displeasure. Surprisingly, viewing centres are taking its full advantage.
    What is inhibiting you from,if you strong decoder-4920 series and qsat, installing and tracking sport 24 in the face of its confirmed satisfying service.
    Am heading for ph from akure to install for clients@ easter. Many residents in ph had call indicating interests. You still have chance now to reach me
    Get in touch now-08060291088 for required accessories and installations.

    • Amazing, you call Qsat fraud. Powervu is pure and you go through the ordeal of getting all the materials. Are you really supposed to be watching powervu? Please, watch your tongue. If people choose to watch Qsat, it’s their choice. Don’t utter statements through emotions. Keep your emotions under control

    • Tinkorang says:

      @KUNLE. Is that how u advertise ur products, didn’t u advertised Qsat wen it was first introduced? Is everyone a fan of EPL, how don’t you make ur customers make their choice. And using qsat or strong to watch sports 24 is not hacking abi

  43. Good day Lemmy and other pals on this Web. pls. I need help concerning my HP laptop I bought some months past, it did use to connect to Bluetooth, share it and hotspot, all of a sudden they all stopped working. when I checked the settings it is highlighted and when I tried to on the WiFi it does refuse. pls I need your help. Thanks
    and God bless you all.

    • @ s.o if you have a copy of the bluetooth software then reinstall the software by removing the old one.mine did the same and by following this process I was able to get my bluetooth and WIfi hotspot back.

  44. Gosh tired of dis Qsat issues
    Connect to server please what is the way forward?

  45. guys hw do i track sports24 on canal plus since our queen is not connecting to server.

  46. happy sunday Oga lemmy kudos to you for your write ups and introduction to new updates on sat -comms. pls I have an issue with the installation of sport24 using q23. signal strength =54 -58% alters, while the quality is 53-54%,while in split second jumps to 0 and back. Atimes stable during the day,but from midnite the quality slide to zero till around 8am the next morning before stabilizes again.
    Oga lemmy and gurus in the house who have had such experience, pls advise me. thanks as I await your response.
    By the way my installer used a 90m dish, Euro -star LNB and scalar ring.

  47. @Geepee it does but you will not enjoy it at all because it will always buffer before it shows anything. Even on weak 3G network, you will be frustrated watching any content on it. It needs strong and stable 3G network for a flawless experience.

  48. LM always on new products n update without talking about the state of Qsat buying Qsat is a waste of money. Pop up with 3 or 5 Channels for 3 to 5days and go off for 2wks to one month what a waste those planning to Renew their accounts should use their money for something better any product from China have short lifespan

    • Pls bro, have you ever herd tht,Lemmy receives. Salary from qsat,he is just helping out, do you know the millions he could have made from these info he is dishing out.free of charge?If you must attack anybody, qsat must be the one.

  49. Pls Lemmy and good people in the house. Can ancloud p5 and the android box work with a 2g network

  50. King Willie says:

    Hi, thanks for the great work. I want to find out, do I installed the Appolo 7, 6 and 5.3 one at a time or only of them? I will appreciate if you can assist with this. I am having some challanges.

  51. hello pls anyone care too help me, sport 24 with q23. I installed it but it’s breaking. signal is 58% while quality hover btw 53 and 54%, some time it’s stable but at night the signal strength goes to 0%.pls gurus in the house help me. I use 90m dish with euromax lnb.

  52. About Kodi Proxy Setting
    launch kodi, then click system
    in the new interface, you will see appearance,video…..system……….click on system to take you to another interface
    in the new interface, you will see settings level at the bottom, click on it several times till you see settings level (Advance or Expert).
    you will now see internet access in the interface……
    click on internet access…..to input ur proxy

    To check sport channels schedules download
    live soccer tv app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.livesoccertv&paramLiveSoccerTV.TB
    or live sports tv or live football on

  53. @ogiduolu I was experiencing d same tin when I was watching d match btn Norwich n man city

  54. so,people are still using qsat?.Well,is their choice.I cant bear their fuck-up.

  55. hi lemmy, pls I was upgrading my q23 when power went off, and I have been trying to download the wake up sofrware but it keep telling me failed, maybe because its outdated, pls kindly assist me, God bless u real good

  56. It’s very interesting reading messages about qsat team from platformers here. The stark truth is that they are making money out of us. I believe strongly that this same team are those coming out with different options and giving them other names hence they don’t care much now about reviving our Queen of Sats. Remembered those days when there wasn’t any other option from this qsat team,a Little problem with the server was quickly rectified for us to continue watching live matches but what happens these days.
    So those who are running and buying those decoders and others should be careful else they will end up lamenting like how we qsat users are doing now.

    • @taf I don’t think you are fair to the Qsat team because if it were easy, other boxes decrypting dst* would still be doing so. Most of us complaining will likely to renew our code if it expires. This implies that, though most people hail powervu but their minds are still wishing that Qsat is working well. Powervu only has one sport channel, but Qsat has all the dst* premium channels. Please, let’s not be too quick to pass judgment on Qsat. If it comes back blazing you may be among those saying that the queen is back

  57. plz lemmy can you brief us on any qsat updates coz their connect to server message is becoming unbecoming

  58. Gud advance@dela

  59. ogidiolu says:

    who is experiencing a bit cracking on s24

  60. now we those who had been watching qsat even if some codes are not working has been hit by dis connect to server problem this is telling us that the figth is becoming tough for qsat team. We have to start looking for better alternative bcos qsat will never be stable like first. This is my opinion.

  61. @akin thanks i appreciate,pls update me when it become stable.

    • I’ll do that bro. As at the time I am sending this message it is still off but I am keeping faith. Qsat has done well all these years to decrypt dst*. They really deserve credit

  62. stephen davies says:

    None of the SS channels is working on kodi. but u can still see some live matches on sport365

  63. I installed appollos 7 only and saw ss channels but they are not working. It’s sad. Has anyone watched ss channels through kodi?

  64. pls is qsat back ?i have been experiencing connect to server for few days now


  66. Qsat off again




  70. if yu need installer for mtn sport24hd with 1meter/ scalar ring, call 08179363378 lagos

  71. Pls can anyone help me with BWTV POWER Vu KEY on mbc channels on 7 degree west

  72. Abdul Just input d frequency of d gtv sport + and twist your lnb small u get d signal

  73. francis munyigi says:

    thanks for the msg i appreciate


  75. Thanks Lemmy but after installing all the apolo wizard the SS channels came up but refused to show pls wat could be the problem

  76. @Ibrahim
    Nothing new my brother. The same slogan “connect to the server “. Ever since Qsat started going offline before their long holiday, some codes have constant of variation of going off. I don’t know if we have offended Qsat team. But others keep enjoying their own. Qsat team, please fix them for us. We all paid the same price for the codes. I believe Qsat users are damping Qsat gradually to other alternatives to avoid this frustration and disappointing services provided by the Qsat team.

  77. pls hse what is the current status of qsat. coz mine is not connecting to server.

  78. Mohammed tanko says:

    @mercy go to the transponder list and input the above frequency 12575v10999. If there is signal that means that you can get those channels if there is not, that means you have to adjust your dish so that quality will be between 85-90. By adjusting the dish use 12522v27000 to get the quality of 85-90…… Enjoy

  79. Dnoble_1 sport24 broadcast the Liverpool vs man utd yesterday and I watch it.

  80. @mercy go to system and restore to factory settings and you will be able to rescan channels.

  81. hello house pls help me out all channel on my qsat 23 deleted by mistake and it does not rescan back, batabase full show up pls house help me out

  82. mr lemmy kudos to you for all your great work may Almighty God bless you in return

  83. Hello, guys viewing sports24HD, pls who knows if sports24 broadcast the match between Liverpool and Man U yesterday?

    • assoumanou says:

      sports 24 did broadcast the europa league match between liverpool and Man U yesterday and the score was two-nil.

  84. Good work
    can some one in the house assist us with powervu software for Qsat 11g+ and 13g+

  85. Hello House,please do i need to get a professional installer to help me track the new multitv channels.I have blind scanned my decoder but am still getting the same old channels.Thanks

  86. ph resident can contact in advance for sport24 accessories as well installation as i will in ph at Easter to install for a client from akure. 08060291088

  87. Good news to ph residents: i will b visiting ph during easter from akure ondo state to install powervu for client using 1metre dish. Any resident in ph can take advantage of this unique opportunity- qsat and strong decoders upgrade, tracking of sport24, procument of scalar ring and original lnb. Get in touch now for your desired service in advance. I have installed in feb at my place in rumuodara so no doubting about my versatility. 08060291088

  88. Agyabeng says:

    Please I need installer to install the new channels on multitv for me because i have try but my signal is 84% and quality is 0% so any installer in Kumasi to do it for me. Should call 0244272819 /0209233090

  89. Isaac Sarpong, rescanning tv3 cannot solve the problem without bis key and tranponder inclusion. Please give the necessary information. Thanks.

  90. Qsat is off again hmm, was working very well yesterday with minimum freezing and breaking but it has gone off now.

  91. Can someone help me with tv3 code

    • assoumanou says:

      if you track tv3 and it’s scrambled you just need to enter the following biss code: 9E37794EB97F4A82; i’m at this moment watching programs on tv3. if you have difficulties in entering the biss , mail me at assoumanoub@gmail.com

  92. q sat off

  93. Waoh thanks lemmy God bless u… I really appreciate it…. But after da whole process those ss channels are not opening when ever I click on it.. It say something like loading local proxy and it won’t play.. I installed only Apollo 7…am using swift… Pls any help sir?

    • ss channels are not the only way of watching sports on kodi. just click on sportsdevil and you will find several addons to open and watch matches from.

  94. Please, can any one be of help to me? My tv3 has stopped working. Am I alone, or general problem?

  95. what do u need SS add-on for when all d sporting event u need is on sports devil

  96. Lemmy pls what can I do?I found it hard to install any thing I downloaded on my laptop.

  97. Mohammed tanko says:

    I have blind scan but is those I have listed are there…. Please give me the frequency……

  98. if you study how to enable all reliable addons on kodi its better than having cable or satellite tv. with kodi you have unlimited platforms to watch any live matches at any time of your pleasure even important leagues highlights matches. When you it comes to movies don’t go there, you watch what you pleases……

  99. Hi Lemmy, i did all other steps successfully. even the ares. but on installing the Appllo 7,6 and 5.2, it keeps telling me they are not a valid zip file. Any solution? thnks in advance.

  100. luckmore says:

    can kodi work with 2g and what is the data consumption like

  101. pls help my qsat13 with avatar account the sound is off for one week.
    And I upgraded my decoder with V8.1 software with no bug ( the one that gives sound) but it didn’t give sound on this decoder.

  102. pls only maximo 1 is opening on my q sat. cn sm one help me wit de rest

  103. @Mohammed tanko
    please the channels are more than what u have listed .because we have about three different frequencies there e.g 12575 v 10993, 11680 v 015131,etc.so just blind scan.thanks.

  104. Mohammed tanko says:

    House multitv has added the following channels… Metro TV, sports +, GTV government, Gtv life,Chrystal extra, Chrystal prime.
    Before one can get all this channels one has to adjust his signal to 85-90. This is the frequency and symbol rate 12575v10999.
    You don’t need to use the above frequency just use multitv frequency which is 12522v27000 and get a signal of 85-90.
    Now you can now enter the frequency which is 12575v10999 . thank you for reading….

  105. Donaldson says:

    I just tried it on my mobile phone and it works thanks for the info.

  106. Lookman Alabi says:

    LM, thanks for this beautiful add-on. I have installed the addon but my challenge is that are we to install all the Apollo Build 7, 6 and 5.6 or just any one of the Build?
    I installed Apollo Build 7 but cant see the SS channels.

  107. @prophet GH am using sypcam account

  108. Hi Lemmy. Thank you for this. What is the minimum internet bandwidth one needs in order to be able to watch iptv?

  109. Stephen Davies says:

    Trying to download the builds on ares apolo 7,6, and 5.2…. still on 7 and it’s over 400mb. On 9ja Internet and data plan downloading the 3 should be sometin ooo. Would one work without the rest???? because I can’t do anytin on my laptop as the downloading is going on or is dere a way to minimise the app on my laptop so i can be doing other stuff as downloading is going on….????

  110. Nice info Lemmy morgan, you will live long

  111. LM, million thanks for this info.
    I followed your guide but couldn’t get it work. I figured I have to configure the proxy settings in kodi in order to make it download the repository. I then checked the settings to see if there’s option for proxy settings, but not available on the version I downloaded from Kodi website. I installed it on Windows and Mac, same version (without Internet Access menu on system settings).

    Then I googled for Kodi proxy settings. I got this: http://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/System#Internet_access

    Apparently, the version in the above link is different from the version I downloaded from their website.

    I would be obliged if you could help me check it out and recommend a solution.

    Thank you.

  112. lemmy you are the best!!!!!!! thanx.

  113. Mohammed tanko says:

    Please I need an installer to install sports 24 for me…. Am in gushegu northern region please you can contact me on 0541134965 /0209817743.

  114. qsat blazing well but my
    concern is other codes that
    are not working now they
    should try to restore it quick
    bcos their days are equally
    running out.

  115. thank you for your good work.


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