Many of us already have an idea of what this article entails. I mean, we all know that you can attempt to use on lnb to get two separate but close satellite degrees(for example 28e and 36e). You can also use at least two separate lnb on on lnb holder to get two separate satellite position.

4-in-1 lnbf holder


We all know that a 1 meter dish can successfully track eutelsat 9e, 60cm dish can track either of 28e, 1e or 5e. This article is going to focus on how you can track 9e, 5e. This article will briefly illustrate how you can track four close and not too close satellites using a well designed LNB holder and a 1 meter dish. The satellite in question are: Astra 2e/2f/2g at 28.2e, eUTELSAT 16A at 16e, Eutelsat 9B at 9.0e, Astra 4A/SES-5 at 5.0e

NOTE: Please if you are not an installer, do not try this yourself unless you have unlimited time to get this sorted for the service of a professional satellite installer to help you get it done. It is not as easy as it seems but its 100% possible.


  1. You need the frequencies for all this position which you can get either on this site or on For example , the frequency to track 5e is (12379 H 27500).
  2. You need to get the service of a satellite installer except you are one yourself.
  3. You need the special well-designed 4 ways / 4in1 lnb holder(mostly available in Lagos Nigeria. You can also get it from big strong dealers) Alternatively, you can have a shrewd welder help you construct it.
  4. Then Track and enjoy. The picture after tracking will look like the one below:

four in one sat on 1 meter dish4-in-1 lnbf holder


This is not a close-end process. I mean you can come up with your own improvisation like 5 lnb older(this will be only on a bigger dish than 1 meter though) and so on. Secondly, you should be aware that tracking this satellite is not a per-requisite for unscrambling the scrambled channels on them you can only watch the fta channels on them or use special accounts / devices to watch the scrambled channels on them. Some of the channels watchable with special account are startimes on 5e and Afn(powervu) /9e non-sports with cccam


  1. sani zamzam says:

    i have one miter i need mbc acction at nilsat

  2. pls Lemmy can i track 9e with 1m dish in ghana

  3. strongracetech says:

    How can I get the 4in 1 lnb holder

  4. i need 2.4m dish fairly used

  5. ABUJA RESIDENTS CAN CONTACT 08064662957 FOR INSTALLATIONS; MBC(Nilesat) on 1meter/ 90cm, AFN(9e) on 1meter, SPORTSHD 24 on 1.8meter and other FTAs.

  6. D'Dcrox says:

    Good work Mr. lemmy

  7. Pls Aminu in which side of the sport24 lnb that is the primary( 57° east) are you going to put the sony lnb (68°east) .
    And pls are you going to get this channels on sony, if you combine the lnb (cnn,Al jazeera,Discovery channels,HBO,sony channels)

  8. @aminu,thank u.i will try it today

  9. @pstkay, track sport24 wit dis freq 3800V20000 first as primary at 57E, den add 4147V9246 or blinds can, wen u are done attach 2 lnb for Sony package wit freq 4064H19850 and blindscan or add 3900H22222 u are done.

  10. @aminu,pls post the freq for sport24hd & sony i hav 2.4m dish.thanks

  11. totopic says:
  12. Oga lemmy Please do you have price idea of 3.6meter dish? or willing to sell or have/know someone who is ready to sell.

  13. @Lemmymorgan,Please do any body have price idea of 3.6meter dish? or willing to sell or have/know someone who is ready to sell.

  14. Please do any body have price idea of 3.6meter dish? or willing to sell or have/know someone who is ready to sell.

  15. iyke moller says:

    Can one track sports 24HD and. Sony package with 1.8m dish,

  16. @kingsley, YES track sport24 first at 57 deg E, then attach Sony package at 68 deg E, wit 2.4m dish.

  17. @kingsley, YES track sport24 first at 57deg E, then attach Sony package at 68 deg E.

  18. Kodos to this honest house,really am impressed…! Pls I need more enlightenment, can Sony package be track together with Sport 24 at 68.5e position?

  19. Emmanuel says:

    I fried may QUALITY Qc-001 with CA plus series software. after the upgrade the massage given is TP Locking, any help as to how to restore it?

  20. Pls house, were in ghana can i get official startimes decoder n subscriptions to buy?

  21. Lemmy can you correct that drawing above, 28°e cannot come between 16° e and 9° e it should be at the end

  22. hajjsaeed says:

    Please I need satellites finder device to buy from Ghana anyone with it should please contact me with the price and how to get it. thank you +233248401728

  23. oga lemmy i really appreciate all your contribution on sat world and i believe God will continue to strengthen u amen.sir love if u av updated the freq and symbol rate just to back it up it will av been most delighting.i hope u consider i suggestion.

  24. iyke moller says:

    I would like to know d price of all the GSKY models so that I can make a choice thanks.

  25. MBC w 11’559.v 27500
    11.474 v27500

  26. Contact Dontel communications Limited. Block C 24-12 Arena army market Bolade Oshodi Lagos.
    For the 4way LNB holder. Both wholesale and retailers. Price so cheap.
    Call/whatsapp: +2347032416719

  27. price tv on on multi tv

  28. where 9 east can’t be track with 1 meter dish, which of the lnb will be use as your primary

  29. qsat is dead just like startimes.

  30. Are you friends with I read this on his blog a month ago.

    • Jeffrey says:

      You necessarily do not need to tell us cos you never shared the information with anyone here before how.

  31. APOSTLE says:

    pls any info on startime ccam.

  32. Hello qsat only open channels on 11671 on 22 W

  33. Pls our oga I need frequency for Mbc west plssssssssss

  34. Eniola Adedire says:

    What are the prerequisites for watching HBO channels as FTA please….

  35. Thanks for updates but pls provide us the frequency and the symbol pls

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