How you can easily install and use BlueStacks App Player on PC

This is a guide to getting yourself started with bluestack app. In one of my previous articles i listed some methods by which you can run an android app on your windows computer  or even Mac. Join me today as if walk you through how you can play your favorite games or run your favorite android apps on pc.

bluestack app on windows

   For sure, absolutely every Android user thinks about which will be more convenient, installing on your tablet or smartphone of any application, system utility or “heavy” game, or testing it first on your computer.
Of course, you can install the Android SDK, JDK, create a virtual device … But on it, will you run the hardware that is demanding ” hardware “?
Another solution may be Android x86, however, this variant is not suitable for ” mere mortals ” users, since this is, in fact, a separate OS.
     And here comes to the rescue a new program for the PC, the so-called application player – BlueStacks App Player.
This program is almost a full-fledged emulator of the Android operating system and provides a correct environment for running ARM-applications for the Android OS on a computer with a Windows or Mac operating system.
So, what can BlueStacks know?
The first thing to note is the ability to install various launchers. This can not but rejoice, because in the beginning the program has only a search string and a set of applications, and after installing the launcher, the entire interface of Android becomes available. And, you can work with the interface in full-screen mode.
Examples of working with ADW Launcher:

bluestack app on pc 2

how to use bluestack player on windows

     The second is that the number of installed applications is unlimited here, and the cloud from developers allows you to synchronize all data, programs and games between your mobile device and PC.
The main advantage of BlueStacks App Player is the reproduction of the most ” heavy ” 3D games (THD including).
Management here is also well thought out: the accelerometer here will be replaced by arrows on the keyboard, and all other tasks lie on the mouse.

Praise deserves and convenient work with applications. To install the program or game, you do not need to place the apk-file in the virtual SD-card, and then install it with a special utility. You just need to open the Android application file Bluestacks App Installer.
It should also be noted that the user of BlueStacks is fully available all the settings of the operating system Android .
There are additional options here, such as the Qwerty keyboard settings, as well as the program settings: language, regional settings and application display options.

Well, and finally talk about working with Google Play.
This program allows you to use the application store from Google as if you are using it from your Android device, not the PC. Yes, it’s not surprising, because BlueStacks App Player is defined by the market as a normal device (only in our case, virtual).

In general, the developers have done an excellent job, giving users such a high-quality product as BlueStacks App Player. For now, the program is free, as it is at the stage …

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