How to Use your Dialpad as a joystick on Nokia S60V3 & S60V2 Phones with AJoy (Anti-Joystick) Symbian

Do you own a nokia symbian s60v3 or s6ov2 phone? if yes is your phone model the type that uses a joystick instead of a D-pad or a five way navigation key. If yes then you must have one time or the other experience your joystick malfunctioning infact joysticks on smartphones are pain in the ass this is because their disadvantages outweighed their advantages advantages the major disadvantages is that you cannot uses it consistently for a long time before it get stuck.Infact your joy stick will develop fault before any other component of your phone. aSo the purpose of this post is to enlighten those who are using a nokia symbian  (s60v3 e.g N73, 3250) and s60 (e.e 3230, n70) that are using joystick a way to to install an application that will enable them use their keypad to navigate their phone instead of the joystick.

This miniature freeware software was developed because of the nagging menace of Nokia N73 Joystick
The program is   for unlocked s60v3 phones but it works directly on s60v2 phones



AJoy Otherwise know as Anti Joystick -is a small but very useful
program that allows to move
joystick control of your
smartphone on to the numeric keypads:
2 – up 8 – down 4 – left 6 –
right, 5 – center. Enable or
disable interception of the keys,
made a long push on the call
key (green button).
Changes in the S60v3 version:
“Emulation now works in most
“Program is not visible in the
list of active tasks or Task manager.

Their are two versions of this application, one for nokia s60 users e.g nokia 3230 e.t.c
And one for nokia S60v3 phones e.g N73, 3250
Developer: _APTEM_
Language: English
Status: Freeware


JUST TYPE INTO GOOGLE THE FOLLOWING TERM ” download ajoy s60v3″ or if your device is a s60v2 then type “‘download Ajoy s60v2” you are done you will get the link

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