How to Use All SimCards With Azsky G1 & G1+ Gprs Adapter

This article will center on how you can activate your azsky g1 gprs dongle so that you will be able to use any simcard on it. By the way of information, i will like to say that a new batch of g1 has been produced and it is called Azsky G1+ Quad Band GPRS Adapter 850/900/1800/1900 MHz . This is an improved version over azsky g1 adapter. It now supports more simcards including wcdma sims. The previous one was tri band  and it supported less networks. So if what you have bought is Azsky g1+ you are good to go from the start without any special setting whatsoever. So grab yours now.

Azsky all simcards supports


If you buy one of the previous g1 gprs adapter dubbed G1 gprs adapter, you will discovered that you will find it difficult using any sim with it. This is not the case with the redesigned G1+ Gprs adapter which supports all kinds of network including glo, e.t.c out of the box. As   For the old version, for you to be able to use any simcard on it, complete the following process;

  • Download G1 Gprs apn loader Here
  •  Follow the instructions in the article on how to set the apn on g1
  • when you are  inputting the settings, make sure you type “” Password: “web” Username: “web
  • Once this is done, try all the simcards at your disposal e.g MTN, Etisalat and airtel
  • Tested and working as a the time of compiling the.



  1. @Olaide
    Master, Please how can I use G1 adaptor for strong decoder?

  2. where can I buy AZ sky G1 super GPRS adaptor here in Zambia?

  3. Pls oga lemmy hw can i track NSS 7 22W

  4. IB Jagaba says:

    well done lemmy, pls what is imei

  5. if the account as expired how can i reload

  6. Please How do I get across to you..lemmy Morgan??

  7. Well done, Lemmy Morgan!!!

  8. je suis au benin et j’aimerais savoir comment configure ton l’apn de mtn benin , moov benin et glo benin
    s’il vous plait

  9. hello sir my name is Reuben and im having a G+1 quad band GPRS adaptor, but im having problem to get it working i was reading your post and i follow your procedure but it still not working and my two light come red please can you help me how to fix this problem thank you

  10. i will like to know more about this product

  11. I want to get the account from you, how much will I pay and how do I make payment

  12. my g1 blinks normal but still display scrambled channel. what do I do pls

  13. TheGuildMaster says:

    Dear Lemmy thanks for all. Is it possible to use all simcards with azsky in Benin ? What are the settings?

  14. illiassou says:

    salut lemmy il faut m aider a installer azsky sur ma dreambox

  15. hi lemmy my g1 has stop taken any sim and i have load the apn loader but still does not accept any sim,is this means that the g1 has expired.

  16. lemmy i rily apreciate ur effort. Bt i would want to knw d current status of g1, since d green led light is on but has refused to work in nigeria.

  17. hi Lemmy,
    seems like asky G1 has stopped working. Mine is showing green LED but channel still scrambled. I hav used both mtn and airtel with no result.I dont know whether anyone is experiencing same.

  18. I am quite confused with word “All” sim cards because in current market there 5 SIM mobile phones available, so are we have to go with that or these adapter… If you mention how much SIM supports by azsky-g1-gprs adapter then it’s better for all of us..

    • all sims are supported in nigeria with the current g1+. And to the best of my knowledge g1 also work in ghana, zambia and some other african countries meaning same rule should apply to all since g1 is not made in Nigeria for Nigeria

  19. kindly keep up wid ur updates

  20. Onwe Ikechukwu joel says:

    Lemmy,you are too much! I really need to know you more and better! You have transformed me

  21. sundayakasdy says:

    Sir LemmyMorgan,
    its quit a great job you are doing.i have gone through your blogs and found nothing concerning A+( Aplus ).please kindly provide us with a comprehensive tutor on that dongle cus its giving me headache due to efficiency to get the APN loader suitable for it.thanks

  22. victor says:

    What is the led indicator to know if the azsky is working and do you know the price of the azsky G1+

  23. My friend removed Airtel sim card from my azsky g1 while it on power supply. Since then it stop accepting all Airtel sim cards. only red light is blinking. Please. What can I do? and what happened to my g1?

  24. hai Lemmy i bought a AZsky G2 and it was working very well,now starting from today in the morning the equipment stated giving me problems were by when i switching it on it just display AZsky2 enjoy and it goes off on the TV display but the equipment it self it doesn’t go off what could be the problem?

  25. The apn loader keeps giving me communicate error when i try setting the apn

  26. If you are in Zambia:-
    APN: internet
    Password: (blank)

    Tested by me, working and problem solved after Loading in APN in G1

  27. paeffiong says:

    Nice update I must confess. Mine woks wid both mtn and airtel

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