How To Upgrade Your Dongles Or Decoders Via Laptop [ Using USB to Serial Cable]

This article will go down well with a lot of people. This is one area that will bring relief to many people out there. Most especially satellite installers who upgrade decoders / dongles among other things for a living. In my previous articles on upgrading / account renewal via pc, i always strongly recommend the use of  desktop computer. The reason is because modern computers don’t come with direct 9 pin serial port like a desktop computer or like old computers. To compound this issue, modern desktop computers now comes with a 9 pin serial port. In this article, i will introduced you with a modified and easier to use version of A USB to SERIAL ADAPTER. Before i have the guts to talk about this computer accessory, i made sure i tested it, and it works with my dell inspiron 15 64 bit laptop computer perfectly. I used it to renew an azsky G2 receiver. The joy of it is that, the improved version of the usb to serial cable now supports all windows versions as well as both 32 and 64 bits processors.

original usb to serial cable



Many of today’s new computers come “legacy-free”,which means they have no serial or parralel ports. “The BAFO BF-810”( As the namle of the one am using which i also recommend for all is called) will help you solve this problem by adding serial connectivity via a usb port. Now with “The BAFO BF-810”, you can connect all your legacy( I mean all your devices that comes with 9 pin serial ports like PDAs, cell phones, Digital camera, digital receiver, gprs dongles) to your new computer. In other words, you can easily use your laptop to renew your expired azsky accounts, expired a1= accounts, restore your dead strong decoder e.t.c.



This particular brand requires just one free USB Port of your computer, It requires Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, VAISTA, 7(32/64 bit) or windows 8. This model can also work with Macintosh OS 8.6 through In similar vein, when you open the package, you will see the following items: 1 BAFO BF-810, 1 usb cable,1 Cd Driver, user manual inside the CD.


Installation is very easy and it is more or less plug and play, as long as your computer drivers are updated. Once you connect the device, one end to your comport and the other end to the dongle, your computer will quickly detect it as a COM Port as shown below: in my case my computer assigned COM PORT26 to my as shown belowUSB to serial cable. this means i will have to use COM PORT26 for recharge tool and flashtool. However, you can detect your com port without opening flashtool by simply going through the following paths, right click on your computer>>properties>>device mananger>>POrts… as shown below:

how to locate a working com port



Recharging on a laptop computer has no difference from using a despot computer. I personally recharge mine using com26 as shown below:


RECHARGE SUCESS_using_laptopFor the tutorials on how to learn how to renew the accounts, please read this


  1. Innosaint says:

    Pls Lemmy, do I need to install the driver software of the CD plate that came with the BAFO cord on my labtop before I can use it? Just got one,your reply is very important thanks.

  2. Xcuse pls i bricked my qsat q13g how can i go about it

  3. Pls ao can I reactivate my azsky , it stopped showing since last month.I need ur assistance.

  4. Hi room, good news to all android mtk users, you can change ur IMEI number to a blackberry IMEI and subscribe to glo bb bis(which cost 1k=3gig) on it and browse!
    The better aspect of it is that u can share ur network to any other devices via wifi or hotspot. email me if ure interested

  5. how can i buy an account and also upgrade my decoder 4922A

  6. Gud evening sir. Sir God will continue to bless u for us and give u long life. Sir I used my hp window 7 today to update about 13 Azsky sucesfully today after reading ur doc above and follow the step thks


  8. Hi lemmy I wrote 2 mails above yesterday, five minutes after I wrote you I switched my Qsat avatarcam account off and used cccam only and the problem of rebooting stopped and that was why I sent you the second mail informing you that I solved the problem. Thanks

  9. @lemmy,How can I get fat channels on Sat plz

  10. hi Oga Lemmy,we have been enjoying all ur update .Can I use my laptop with windows 7 to flash and recharge my AZ sky.t

  11. @ Oga Lemmy, my Qsat and Azsky accounts has both expired. Pls, which one is the best dat I can go for that the rate of their down-time/off signals is d minimal?? I didnt enjoyed my Azsky at all. Im a Fan of Premier League. So, anytime , anyday, I’m for dst* channels. Pls, advise on d best one and how i can get it. I want to get it frm you. My e.mail is

  12. Segun Oladipo says:

    I have tried with Etisalat, MTN and Airtel, it is only mtn that stays and the data led blinks red at intervals What can i do

  13. Ibrahim Muritala says:

    Oga lemmy,
    I loaded some G1 super account and after loading it restarts itself.
    Pls any solution?

  14. pls what can i do. My azsky did t work wt 4663xii. Option is their evrytin is ok. Pls solution sir oga lemmy.

  15. tracksat communication says:

    Helllooo mr morgan
    I sent u a mail 3 times but no reply.pls I need azsky acct and d price I need like 5 or 10 pls less talk this is my mail

  16. Mr Lemmy good evening. I accidentally deleted all biss key entries. What danger does it pose to my Qsat? Can I recover the deleted pre-loaded biss?

  17. helo sir. I wnt 2 ask may b asky g6 acct has bin out.

  18. please sir is qsat working since yesterday my qsat refused to unscramble any dstv channel sir please is qsat off it show network connection success but wen am trying it activate my account sometimes if off by itself and load again, sometime it show connection fail, my my Oga any info.

  19. Segun Oladipo says:

    sorry, it will now repeat the whole process all over again

  20. Segun Oladipo says:

    Hello Lemmy, finally i have been able to load my azsky g1+ with d account i bought from you but now all it does is blink green rapidly, then it goes to red on signal led and data led before signal led becomes orange and the data led blinks red a bit fast. i have tried all the sims i have and it is still the same problem. what could be wrong

  21. pls oga lemmy, how will I know if my account has expired

  22. are the DST guys up to the horrible again?

  23. my Qsat is not working since the 5th, November. Pleasedoes anyone have info on whats going on?

  24. pls do u have idea of how much it cost?

  25. I would also love to purchase d Bafo Bf-810

  26. Pls i wanna purchase recharge card bt u aint replying my mails

  27. pls where can I get the “The
    BAFO BF-810″ ???

  28. Hello lemmy, Qsat is down since yesterday in the evening. What do we need to do.

  29. I just recharged my G6 and it was working when I left but it doesn’t show again instead I see a red exclamation mark with inscription “No signal(Tuner 0) showing on any station I put on. Do you have an idea on the problem.

  30. This article came a day late. I just recharged my G6 yesterday at alaba (friday) and the guy used a laptop to do it and the application used is the same as the pic displayed above.

  31. Weeeeeell done I salute your courage. I love this and I have been researching on this thank you for liberating me. Pls how much is the bafo bf-810 adapter?

  32. hi lemmy, when I put my qsat 23G on,
    it connects to the internet alright then
    comes the scrambled channel. stay on the
    screen for awhile and then reboot or restart
    again. my account is not due. it started doing
    this since yesterday. pls what is the problem n
    what should I do. thanks

  33. tanx lemmy for this important info which wil make our updates easier than before with little risk, am glad. pls is code 58xxx down too my went off yesday afternoon n has not been connecting to server, any news?

  34. kaba edward says:

    Are qsat off?

  35. where can we get this cable?

  36. As I write now at least I can talk for Ghana. Qsat is totally down even with CCCam account. you see connected, network connection success but no pictures. started yesterday 10 mins b4 the end of the Ghana/Nigeria friendly

  37. So now what about qsat, is there any solution ? Please.

  38. Hi lemmy! Was able to troubleshoot the problem by switching off avatarcam and using only cccam account.

  39. Azsky super n qsat not working or showing any channel from yesterday night.. As for qsat it can’t even connect to server… Illuminate me lemmy

  40. Innosaint says:

    Oga lemmy, how do we get this BAFO-cable? What is the cost? Even though there is partial downtime for dondles.

  41. Morning Lemmy, any news on code 42 and 46 ? Its hurt you know been offline, my code is 42 for Qsat 13G. Thanks once again.
    Please update me.

  42. Goodmorning lemmy! Please what could be the cause and solution to my qsat q23 g rebooting on its own every minute since this morning.your guide will be appreciated.

  43. @Lenny pls can u use dis device to connect an external hard disk to a computer? thnx

  44. Paeffiong says:

    Thanks for the update. You have made my day because of this timely update.

    What is the cost of this stuff

  45. Sir lemmy Infact you be chairman of all chair tnx for the new post

  46. my qsat and others around me is not working as at 07/11/14 and i wanna know if it is a general problem

  47. Thanks Lemmy, I have been looking 4 dis type of cable, cord or device, Becos I have HP laptop dat don’t have dat port but It is obvious na wit dis device I can use my Laptop 2 load account in my AZsky and A-plus. Pls lemmy I will lke 2 knw how much and how do I get it, I stay in Benin city. Thanks


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