How to Upgrade Strong Decoder Software with a usb flash drive & frequently asked questions on all Strong decoders

original strong decoder     In this post i shall be passing out two information. The first one is on how to upgrade your strong decoder with USB flash drivec / Stick and the second info is on all frequently  asked questions on Strong decoders.

i. a strong decoder
ii. a virus free usb flash drive
iii. The original software for your decoder from strong official website HERE
iv. Make sure you have a stable electric power supply or supply or beta still use a generating set otherwise you may kill your decoder if their is a power failure

i. Copy the software you downloaded into your flash drive
ii. Now from your decoder remote controller press Menu>> USB>> Data transfer Choose the folder select the software and press OK. NOTE: BE SURE TO USE THE RIGHT SOFTWARE ELSE YOU’LL FRY YOUR DECODER
I Repeat  make sure you use a healthy generator. So that you dont have your decoder fried like mine if your power-goes off.

However if you fry your decoder, you can still wake it by reading my post here



I have compiled the list of all frequently asked questions on any strong decoders / receivers happy reading


All FAQs
How to modify a PIN Number?
I would like to know the price of a Strong product.
the stand-by indicator light doesn’t turn ON after connecting the power plug and/or turning the power switch on.
a “No Signal” or “Bad Signal” message appears on the screen.
the STB power is ON, but no picture and/or sound comes out.
the STB power is ON, but the RF Modulator does not work
the screen display is OK, but no sound comes out.
the remote control unit does not work properly.
I cannot download firmware via RS-232. Why does the serial port not work?
when and how should I download Software for my receiver?
I don’t know about the receivers. What’s different between FTA and CI?
what programs/services can I receive with my satellite receiver?
How to modify a PIN Number?
Press menu=> go to “System Settings” => “Security Setting” => enter the old password then go to “Current Password” and enter the old password, then type the new password under “New Password” then type again the new password under “Verify Password” Press “Exit” to exit menu
I would like to know the price of a Strong product.
Strong products are distributed through a network of distributors and dealers Contact for the distributor/dealer nearest to your location.
the stand-by indicator light doesn’t turn ON after connecting the power plug and/or turning the power switch on.
Please make sure that the plug is properly inserted into the socket and that the socket is switched on. If it is, unplug the power cord for about 30 seconds before plugging it back in. If the light does not come on, and the unit is not working, contact your local Strong dealer or point of sale
a “No Signal” or “Bad Signal” message appears on the screen.
This indicates no signal or a poor signal is being received. Please note that this may be normal under bad weather conditions (heavy rain or snow). If this is not the case, please press the MENU key on the remote control handset and check the ‘Signal Quality’. If there’s no signal graphic bar, check the antenna condition and the connection between the satellite dish and the receiver. Make sure that you have selected the correct satellite in the Menu. If the bar is present, please check the parameters settings via the Installation Menu.
the STB power is ON, but no picture and/or sound comes out.
Check the connection between the receiver and the TV set, making sure the connection cable(s) is(are) properly plugged in on both sides. If properly plugged in, try to reset your receiver by unplugging the power cord for about 30 seconds before plugging it back in. If that does not solve the problem, you may have to change the connection cables. Contact your local Strong dealer or point of sale.
the STB power is ON, but the RF Modulator does not work
Check the connections, and connect the unit’s RF-OUT to the TV set’s Antenna IN. Also check the RF output type and channel number in the System Menu. If still not working, try to reset your receiver by disconnecting the power plug for about 30 seconds and then reconnecting it. If still not working, please contact your local Strong dealer or point of sale.
the screen display is OK, but no sound comes out.
Please check the RCA and SCART connectors and check on both the TV set and the STB if “MUTE” mode is selected and if volume is at its lowest level. Also, check the audio track by pressing the AUDIO key
the remote control unit does not work properly.
Try replacing the batteries of your handset. If that does not solve the problem, the handset may require service
I cannot download firmware via RS-232. Why does the serial port not work?
Make sure the receiver is powered on. If so, you can check RS-232 with the Hyper Terminal Program in MS-Windows. Set the parameters of the serial port (COM1, COM2…) as 115kbps, 8 data bit and 1 stop bit, and XON/OFF none, then power off and on your receiver and check your Hyper Terminal. If any text is displayed on the Hyper Terminal, then the RS-232 cable is OK and so it may be that the PC port is damaged; try the download with another port (COM2, COM3…). If no text is displayed on the Hyper Terminal, try using another cable.
when and how should I download Software for my receiver?
If you wish to download new software, please visit our download area at If the software version available for your receiver is newer than the version that you are currently using (you can check your current version via your receiver’s menu), you should download the new version. If you are having problems with the latest software version, please contact our technical team directly
I don’t know about the receivers. What’s different between FTA and CI?
CI stands for Common Interface. It is a standard, agreed to by manufacturers of satellite receivers, to interface a digital receiver to a Conditional Access Module (CAM), where the purpose of the CAM is to decipher encrypted signals. There are various Conditional Access Systems and therefore different CAMs, such as Viaccess, Irdeto, Cryptoworks, Nagravision, Mediaguard, Conax… To view Pay-TV contents (referred to as “scrambled channels”) you need the appropriate CAM and an authorized access card (smart card) giving you access rights. FTA stands for Free To Air. FTA channels are unencrypted TV/Radio signals intended for everyone to receive.
what programs/services can I receive with my satellite receiver?
It depends on the geographical location of your receiving system. Daily updated, valuable information including signal beam, satellite footprint and other technical data is accessible online at and



  1. Hi lemmy, was blind scanning n the receiver suddenly stopped scanning. Presently it is not giving me quality and also strength sometimes as well.

  2. hi Lemmy! I fried my quality multitv decoder after trying to upgrade for tv3. I am in Ghana, pls how do wake it up? pls help me.

  3. Hi, am julio from cameroun, am having à pb with my strong mpeg 4 decoder, its all begins when i was about to leive from NTSC to PAL images. its stop showing vidéos, but am having audio well. so hw can i do to solve this pb?

  4. Hi Lemmy,

    Good day.
    Wish you the best of the best.
    Is there any software that can convert avatar 3 dongle to a FTA receiver?

    No pain no gain.



  5. Kenny Mvula says:

    Good evening Lemmy,

    I have a strong SRT 4930 decoder. I am in Zambia and recently all channels became scrambled and there are free to air channels. What could be the problem that has caused frr to air channels to disappear?



  6. Please lemmy, does the LAN port do same job as SR-232 port in terms of flashing with computer since some decoders has LAN port instead of SR-232. THANKS

  7. pls wat do I do to my decoder 4922A.whenever I blind scan, it hangs on d way but other Scanning works

  8. Hi Lemmy please i want to ask do we have any recent software to upgrade SRT 4669X11

  9. how long will it take the srt 4663 recever to upgrade after instilling the updates,

  10. Lemmy please help, I have SRT 4669xii here in Burkina Faso, the receiver automatically start upgrading and later went dead without showing anything on the screen. Whenever I put it on, I see light showing upgrading but never stop while showing nothing on the TV Screen, I have some softwares trying to use them to wake it but the USB port doesn’t give any ignition of accepting the USB, I tried to connect it to my computer to insteal the software directly but still not seeing the decorder on my computer for the installation. Lemmy, is there possibility to get it working again?


  11. musa ayuba says:

    @ lemmy I have two 4675 strong decoders dat just displays ——–(dash) I hav looked for the software but cant find,can u help wit where to download it pls,its very urgent,tanks.

    • @musa, if you need a software for strong decoders original, please download from official strong website. Or take your decoder to strong / mytv dealer

  12. Good Lenny can I used tv1 account on strong decoder?if yes can u please give me the tutorial. Thanks Lemmy for bbeen for us all the time

  13. i have a strong decoder with model SRT4675A that failed
    when upgrading using flash, the decoder is showing four (4) dot light
    on the screen when i start it ON and blinks three (3) times before it
    stopped. how can i flash or upgrade it through LAN port using my
    computer as it has no Rs232 port?
    Thanks and God Bless You

  14. what is my tv version ,what are the benefits and finally how to get one?

  15. Amie Amien says:

    I used your software to upgrade my strong 4669x and after booting I saw lock on the screen.I tried to unlock it by dialing 0000 and I later saw that the decoder was frozen although the lock was not there and all the channels was vanished.The decoder is now frozen.What should I do?

  16. Max Peace says:

    Pls Lemmy help me with this; i dont have smart card for my srt 4950, can i use my srt 4663x smart card on the 4950, secondly i have not recharged d 4663x card for four years now,will that be a problem.tnks

  17. plz help
    i reset my strong decorder 4922, and afterward have not been able to scan channels again

  18. sly yakubu says:

    I set the biss key for TV3 but after restart of the decoder, it request for the biss again, I set it again and it happens again. My decoder is srt do I solve this problem permanently .help me Please

  19. pls i have str 4330 can i upgrade to open the tv3

  20. Hi Lemmy I am from Lebanon

    Iam a user of two strong srt 4922 with different sat connected to them both have an independent cable from a quad sat LNB.
    Both have the same programs on Salon unit and kitchen unit . Salon is master unit and kitchen is slave unit .
    my problem :
    While scanning one of the satellite in the kitchen unit I found 1500 channels but when i try to access them it shows only 400????
    Can I used the channels already programmed in the Salon and transfer the informations via USB from the salon to the kitchen? how to do it step by step
    thank you in advance and best regards


  22. just interested in the. forum a new installer.& allways having challeges on the field.

  23. am benjamin from Ghana.. pls is it true that you can watch some of the dstv channels on the strong with the help of dstv software… if it is true then pls link the software to me for download… am having model srt 4669x

  24. i wanted to update my microbox but i dont know how to go about it. need your help

  25. Good morning sir, i was been able to get the rs 232 cable, and i wanted to rise a dead strong receiver SRT 4663X, when i visit the strong site to download its software i only saw SRT4663XV. My question is, can that work for my receiver. And the second is i connected the receiver to my system but when trying to connect, it is asking me to connet and turn ON my receiver and the receiver is dead but the problem is not a power problem. How do i go about it sir. Thank you sir.

  26. comfort musa says:

    my SRT4675A has a problem of software installation, and is giving me a message like this
    1. USB downloaded (Auto select)
    2. USB downloaded (Browser)
    3. reset
    4. quit

  27. Hi Lemmy,
    Tnx 4 ur assistance. My AZsky G1 GPRS ADAPTOR with one indicator was updated on the 25th of July, I used it for about one week and it stopped working thereafteron on 31st july 2013 but it blinks orange and green at a limited time and red at a very long time. Please what should I do at this time. Thanks very much

  28. Hi Lemmy,
    Tnx 4 ur assistance. My AZsky G1 GPRS ADAPTOR with one indicator was updated on the 25th of July, I used it for about one week and it stopped working thereafteron on 31st july 2013 but it blinks orange and green at a limited time and red light at a very a long time. Please what should I do at this time. Thanks very much

  29. Soundmind01 says:

    Good morning,the sat guru.What can I do to resolve the problem of no audio,no video on strong 4669X.The parameters are: Eutelsat W4W7,freq 12.277(H)SR11.199(11.300),60cm dish,Lagos.I have several channels in this position just writin no audio,no video.

  30. David Gunshot says:

    Pls i want u to help me reset my Redline TS3000 HD Decoder, because i tried installing some software to upgrade it but since then it just displays downloading from TS and does not allow you to go to your menu nor access any other thing on the decoder. Hope you will can help me. U can also reach me at Thank you very much

  31. Monday ezekiel says:

    I have srt 4329 decoder I don’t no how to upgrade it so that I can use a+

  32. How can i use my 4669xii for browing or did i need to add my blu ray dvd thank`s odion

  33. Gideon Ikyernum says:

    @Lemmy. Pls, Can I use MyTV SRT4669X Smart Card on SRT4669XII?

  34. Hi Morgan, i did the apn loader setting and my x-man only blinks red, can i use the apn loader settings you provided

  35. Hi Lemmy. I am so grateful to see u on net. Plz. Can u send d link of dis site to my mail to enable me communicate with u whenever i needs u. Cuz i got dis when i searching using google. Thanks

  36. abu michael says:

    pls lemmy, how can i download strong software for decorder 4922A, 4922/4669X, 4669xii,4669Z, 4330.

    am installer and am having defficulties in download of these.
    hope to here from you.

  37. pls lemmy how can i use a dstv smart card on my srong receiver 4663xv. Pls lemmy i kindly await ur reply.

  38. Hw can i upgrade strong 4922 to 4940 please?

  39. Hi Lemmy, i just bought SRT 4669XII and my friends ‘re saying that is not an original strong product and as a matter of fact i saw on d MYTV website that XII is not an original product. Am advise 2 return it 4 SRT4922, should i? Is it necessary? Thanks 4 ur concern!

  40. Hi Lemmy, is SRT 4669XII an original strong product or is SRT 4669xii d original one?

  41. pls how do i get ip settings for my strong decoder srt 4669z, i want to watch youtub,

  42. pls i av a strong decoder srt4675A it has a lan port. I also have a cable modem and a router, i av my card which i have subscrib. I want to connect it to internet via dis apparatus. Av read ur post on dat, but its quit different from wat i av in mind to do. i want to be browsing for free via my tv since av subscribe .. Pls here is my mobil numba 07031860785. Send me sms i will call u bak

  43. Hi Lemmy, I put a password to my STRONG SRT 3650 Digital Satellite Television Receiver and forgot. What can I do to retrive the password or better still clean in off the decoder?

  44. Hi Lemmy, I put a password on my STRONG SRT3650 decoder and forgot. What can I do?

  45. please am using srt 4669x it got fried when i tried to wake it the loader ask me to turn on my receiver what should i do?

  46. pls i tried to download strong srt 4669XII but cant find the software from the site. where can i get it from.

  47. @ lemmy u ar a don, will like to partner with you. Just send me an e-mail, i will reply. Am a student of federal polytechnic ado ekiti, am studing elect-elect engineering.

  48. I also have another Digital Satellite Receiver but don’t know how to update it via SDX(, please advice me too, tanx.

  49. Hello Lemmy, tanx 4 all your comments on d Blog, please, assist me on how I can upgrade my Liberty Star T3 by Satellite.

  50. hello lemmny, kindly assist. i am using a Xman GPRS box but it has not shown since yesterday. Is a general problem or what can i do. I also want to know if Xman GPRS and AzSKY G1 GPRS box are same tin.

  51. I have SRT 4663 strong receiver and I wish to upgrade it to either SRT 4940 or SRT 4675. How do I go about it?

  52. George C says:

    I have a Strong Decoder srt 4669XII which is acting up. The decoder DO NOT get pass the ‘the four – – – – ‘ when powered on. I heard a speculation that that indication denote viral account, and there is a script or tool to remove it. Please advise in this matter.

  53. hi lemmy how do i get the option menu back on my strong srt4669xii decoder the option menu is no longer there

  54. Chuzzy4real says:

    But sir, if i update my 4663x can it show joy tv and others

  55. Chuzzy4real says:

    Pls, solve my problem up there sir

  56. Chuzzy4real says:

    I made mistake i my frist comment pls, am using 4663x and ghana tv is showing but joy tv, joy sports and other on that frenquency are talk but not showing any picture and what it write on screen is “NO AUDIO OR VIDEO. Pls what is the cause and what can i do about it

  57. Chuzzy4real says:

    Thanks, pls, am using 4663x and ghana tv is showing but joy tv, joy sports and other on that frenquency is not showing. Pls what is the cause and what can i do about it.

  58. Chuzzy4real says:

    Pls, where can i get rs-232 cable.

  59. Chuzzy4real says:

    Pls How do u know that ur decorder is dead i.e signs to know?

  60. Ukoh Peter Ben says:

    Please my Decoder was showing OTA Download and later Upgrading, suddenly stop working. please what do i do?

  61. Richyboo says:

    Hi lemmy is your patch for 4922 also compartible with strong 4902 HD decoders as well. thank you

  62. can u send me frequencies and symbol rate of the world especially west Africa FTA
    and any help for srt 4669 fake decoders an in trouble cos i bought them for people any help

  63. Sorry, for disturbing please where can i get the tutorial for the 4922. Thank You

  64. Hello Lemmy, i just got a new receiver 4922A like two days ago in which the option tab was there under installation but just this night the option tab is not there any more. please what can i do have get it back and what is the code to get the PATCH ON on the receiver

  65. i have srt 4669xii but it blind not working

  66. Richyboo says:

    if I playback on my toshiba i-5 laptop it still keeps scratching but how do I download your patch software on your 4922 article

  67. Richyboo says:

    Hi Lemmy, thanks for granting me audience on your forum. I have a strong 4902 HD receiver but the problem is that whenever I playback a recorded HD match or movie on my pendrive, it keeps scratching but it wasn’t so when I was watching and recording it live. When I record SD programs it plays back smoothly as the original live program. why is the HD playback keeps scratching, any help?

    • the quality is too high for the present software installed on ur strong. play your match on your pc if u are not comfortable or download my patch software on my 4922 article. but i will advice you to let sleeping dogs lie

  68. Hi Lemmy, Sorry for troubling, i had the option tab in my SRT 4669X when i did the software upgrade but like two days ago the Option tab isnt there again. that is why i am trying to find out where i can get the software upgrade which i try strong website but its not there. Thank You

  69. please my srt4669xii want off after upgrading, what do i do?

  70. i mean the there isnt a download for srt 4669x on strong website for me to get their software upgrade and which is the lastest strong decode i can get in the market

  71. julius samwini says:

    Pls I downloaded the srt 4669 xii software from the strong website but when after updating it still remains dead. Pls what should I do again to wake up the decoder.

  72. please, what software can i use for my strong srt4669x so as to get this dstv free. its not on strong website

  73. Please my strong decoder SRT4669XII lost the options tab that enables me to add a dongle when it upgraded itself lastnite. What can I do to get back the options tab to enable me use my dongle debice.


  75. Lemmy,
    I want to know if liberty star t1 is still working ?

  76. Hi Lemmy,
    I need the site, software to upgrade/update my T5 which is connected to a Strong Mini Decoder. Please how do I go about it. Thankx

  77. jide adedeji says:

    i can no longer see multitv from Ghana. i am using srt 4669x decoder. what can i do?

  78. hi Lemmy merry xmass n happy new year i have a dstv card that works n now is working again i have installed d nw softwear still not working what can i do to for to work its the blue dstv card version

  79. i but str 3663x decoder from togo, it can work in ghana, the sound come but no video, we have check n changed the cable many times. what ts the cos, the say there is no astrab2ab on it

  80. aning francis says:

    pls sir, i am using strong decoder can i buy smart card and if yes where and how can i use it.

  81. pls am planning to get a strong decoder srt4669x decoder in nigeria what good stations can i get and do i need a two 90cm dish

    • strang decoder is a stand alone decoder and using it alone means you wish to watch only free sat or free to airstations.. example of free satellite include astrab2ab of multitv ghana and we have various free stations like ccctv mbc1, mbc2 zimbo rdv e.t.c

  82. goodday sir, i want to get a strong decoder SRT4669, but i already have SRT4652 strong decoder. Can i just upgrade the software/firmware? Or better still get a new SRT4669? Need your reply please. Thank you

  83. Thanks for the Reply.. Is there any different between SRT4669X and SRT 4669XII?

  84. pls i need your assitance on my strong decoder SRT 4669X i tried upgrading it but i cant find the software on there official websites, so i tried searching for another means
    But since i install it, it started showing the strong decoder screen saver on the screen, nothing came up.. Pls sir, Did i fry my Decoder? If i did , what is the solution, and is there any difference between SRT4669X and SRT 4669XII … Thanks

  85. my azsky has stoped working what could be wrong, meanwhile everything is in order.

  86. hello i like your comments. is it possible for me to upgrade 4669z decoder to 4940 with 4940 software?

  87. Hi Lemmy pls I want to track one of these 2 satellites, i.e 68.5E Intelsat and NSS7 22W but
    1. which of them has more channels generally and
    2.which of them has more sports channels (how many)
    3. which of them has more HD channels (how many). Thank you

  88. Hi Lemmy, yes I have but I just wanted to be sure myself that’s why I asked

  89. Hi Leemy, pls can u help me on how I can check the expiry date of my cccam subscription on my Strong 4902 HD decoder? thank you

  90. Oh sorry abt that I believe in u abt the fact that if u connect with one or two people in the business, they can let u in on the business, pls try it first coz I know that in Nigeria everything is possible. thank you

  91. Hi Leemy, I seriously think you should consider selling or reselling cccam accounts considering the number of people who ask u almost on a daily basis what do u figure?

  92. Hi Leemy pls do u know of any cccam account providers in Ghana or Nigeria with very good and stable accounts for dstv both in SD & HD?
    Also pls are all HD channels back on 900HD

    • yes those channels are back on for reliable cccam visit or get a trusted reseller to buy from i dont have any reseller that is trusted presently

  93. So if eg. I want to add sky cccam account to maybe dstv cccam account, that will not be possible?
    meaning i cannot insert 2 or more cccam account servers to watch on 900HD decoder?

  94. Hi Leemy, pls does 900 HD allow for addition of more cccam account servers to be inserted like strong HD decoder?

  95. And also, what advantage does Strong HD decoder have,if any, on the 900HD.thank u

  96. Hi Leemy, pls what is the difference b/n 900HD decoder and Strong HD decoder apart from the inbuilt cccam account/ dongle in,what’s more?

  97. Hi Leemy I asked whether i can buy a different cccam from u for my strong HD decoder in case this account doesn’t upgrade its server for a long time ? and
    Whether it is possible to buy T. Link external cccam account and use it for my strong HD decoder.
    Thank you

  98. daniel benieh says:

    i am in ghana and i need the liberty decoder

    • visit the right topic on and liberty decoders… we have those who sell liberty in ghana but i will advice you to buy the t3 or t1 noty t2 because the t2 got issues

  99. the channels I have are SS3, SS7, Mnet Action, Mnet Premier, Rai, maximo 1 & 2 and still no change up till this time

  100. thanks Leemy but
    1. Do you know of anybody in Nigeria having strong decoder with cccam account whose dstv channels are back? pls check on that for me coz I don’t understand why its the same channels I have since the dstv upgrade.
    2. Can i buy a different cccam from u in case this account doesn’t upgrade its server for a long time ?
    3. Can i buy a t. link HD cccam account and use it for my strong HD decoder?

    • some dstv channels are back on other standalone decoders e.g strong like 5 or 6 channels while all channels are back on decoders with cccam accounts. i think they will fix others too

  101. Leemy pls I checked but didn’t see hotbird and its frequency for tracking. any help?

  102. pls leemy, what is the frequency for tracking Hotbird. thank you

  103. Hi Leemy, I use a strong 4902 HD and yes I understand I have to tell an installer to do this but what I was asking is whether I will need another cccam account, also whether they are actually receivable in Ghana coz I ‘ve not heard of Hotbird in west africa . thank you

  104. Hi Lemmy pls be patient with me on these questions coz am a little confused here
    1. the satellite list on my decoder shows 13.0E Hotbird 13ABC but for intelsat they are many(43.1W Intelsat 11/ Ku and 68.5E Intelsat 7,10/ K) so pls which is it?
    2. Apart from buying Diseqc Switch, coaxial cables, do i need to buy 2 dishes (1 for hotbird and 1 for intelsat) , which other items do I need to buy in addition?
    3. Do I need another cccam account for my decoder?
    4. How do I tell my satellite technician to go abt the tracking . Do I give him the satellite names and ask him to track specifically them?
    5. I don’t doubt your technical expertise in satellite technology but I just need your confirmation of sorts as to whether I can really receive these 2 satellites mentioned in addition to dstv and NSS 7. Pls kindly answer by question Nos if u don’t mind so that i can really follow you.Thank you very much

  105. coz I learnt these satellites are far away from Ghana

  106. Hi lemmy pls is it possilble to track nilesat,hotbird and intelsat with a 60cm or 90cm dish? thank you

  107. any other satellites to track apart from NSS 7 ?

  108. Hi Leemy please kindly tell me which other satellites I can receive with my strong 4902 HD decoder from Ghana with my current cccam account coz I have friend currently enjoying NSS 7 W with another type of strong decoder with the same cccam account and another dish abt 60cm. please explain further. thank you

  109. thank u lemmy appreciated

  110. Hi Lemmy something interesting happened to my decoder last week when I tried to upgrade my strong 4902 HD decoder coz it kept freezing whenever I tried to edit some of the channel names so I upgraded to the latest software and the problem has stopped since even though it is dangerous to be doing these upgrades. But I had new satellites names added to the existing ones and on 19.2E ASTRA 1HKRLMC and 13.0E HOTBIRD 13ABC, these satellites were preloaded with so many channels like sky sports 1-11+ HD, sky select 1-9, sky sports calcio HD 1-9, Eurosport HD 1-2, canal + full package and so many channels and thats why I asked the question abt sky sports UK. Please what is your tick on this coz I don’t understand how these channels appeared without scanning them and by the way I use 60cm dish so how come. thank you

    • you should know that strong decoders and even most decoders are not designed to work only in africa. So what that decoder is trying to tell you is that it has the capacity to open sky HD if and only if all parameters are set right

  111. Thanks lemmy, am now very much relieved with the explanation u’ve given me. As you said I will be patient with them to finish their own upgrade but I just hope they are aware that their server is down.thank you
    But I would like you to help me with the following Questions;
    1. Is it possible to track sky sports UK from my base here in Ghana and if so please what are the requirements?
    2. What kind of satellite dish should I have in order to watch sky sports UK package in my country Ghana; is it normal dish or motorized dish because I really love sky sports and will really love to have their package
    3. What kind of account do I need to have? Thank you

  112. Hi Lemmy, thanks very much 4 your prompt response. I didn’t expect it this soon. This shows you are very committed to your site and you treat all members with decorum. Thank you once again but what I want to ask is; who is responsible for the server upgrade? is it the cccam account company or strong manufacturing company. thank you

    • dstv did their upgtade which affected all these accounts… so the owners of these cccam accounts, must do their own server upgrade to counter that of dstv in other to open all dstv channels

  113. Hi lemmy please I am in ghana and have strong 4902 HD decoder with cccam account since june, 2012 but ever since the dstv upgrade almost all my dstv channels have been off. I only have ss3,mnet action, and mnet premier. I contacted the dealer and he attributed it to the upgrade and promised by 1st October all channels will be back but today is 12th and still no signs of the other channels. I want to know what could be the problem coz my other friends with liberty star have theirs working; could it be difference in decoders or accounts or what ? please let me understand. thank you

    • different tales for different folks. liberty is working but not very stable and you are not the only one affected. i will advice you to be patient i dont think their is anything wrong with the account but they can upgrade their server to make it work so be patient

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