1. moussono says:

    my G1 dead afetr upgrate new firmawre. Now i cant use again. I try to recover but say : Flashtool error 4001

  2. adeadex55 says:

    Gud day mr lemmy,pls have been trying to load my new account on G1+,which i have followed the step
    correctedly.ones i upload the G1+ software and click on download and then connected my dongle and power it on…the percentage does not count.showing zero percent for more then 10min.even wen i disconnect the AC adaptor and reconnect its still the same thing….pls kindly help out.

  3. Greeting Mir LEMMY. I have been sending you massages on your email, and since then i have no heard any thing from you. I wanted to buy the account from you because you always give support any time that there is a problem. I waited for your reply and i never receive any reply, so i went and buy it from one dealer from Nigeria on line and i have been trying to load the one account that i buy from him and there is an information that the Account, sever is busy now. So i don’t know what that means. If you have any idea about this, you help me Mr LEMMY. I also need to know the cost one account now.

  4. greeting to mr LIMMY. Dos it mean that when i download flash tool for g1 and g1+ it will com with “50D_MOD_11B_BB.cfg” in it or do i have to download it after when i must have downloaded the flash tool? Thanks

  5. I want to buy account oh… how long will it take you to reply my messages in your emailbox.

  6. Please Mr Emma somebody gave me one of the AZ sky G1+ when connected it to my strong 4992 it couldt open the channels i don’t know either the account has expire or it has not have account at all. how will i know that the account has expire or not, how will i know it has not been upgraded before and lastly how can i get account for it and where please help me. you are my only hope thank you and may God gives you more wisdom to lean more and continuous helpings us thank you. my mail

  7. j’ai un decrypteur azsky adapter G1+

  8. slt les amis s’il vous plait ou trouve t-on les fichiers binaires pour le changement de compte?

  9. hello lemmy, am getting this error when I try to flash my G1 adapter. FLASHTOOL ERROR S_BROM_DOWNLOAD_DA_FAIL(2004)
    [H/W] failed to download DA to baseband chip’s internal SRAM or external RAM! Possible reasons

  10. Massa, I need a new service account. I am in Ghana. Where is your office? How do I get a new service account? How much?

  11. l format my azsky g1+ so it is not working

  12. have done it almost immediately still did not start to download. thinking of try it in another pc

  13. I have tried the steps above. but I have click the download button but it is still showing 0% waiting have unplug and plug. what could be wrong I need ur assistant pls.

  14. my box works only with mtn sim and plays few channels, what do you advise?

  15. Hi Morgan, please help. I bought the G1+ service account through you last thursday, loaded it and it only worked for that day and the next. Today makes 6 days that the channels are still scrambled, though the little thing still blinks orange and green, and the gprs status updates every 12 to 15 seconds.

    What do I need to do?

    • what type of decoder are you using? make sure you test it with another decoder. or maybe you are trying to watch a particular channel that is presently offline. please test it with another decoder and get back to me

  16. ivanmac says:

    Mr. Morgan my Chinese suppler sent me the software and new account, i did all the steps but still my G1 does not open the channels it just blinks orange and green am in Uganda, what should i do now ?

  17. elder okoi says:

    Good morning sir,I feel like getting a new g1+ account,so that it can come with full details cus the previous one could not work for keeps on telling me invalid scatter/ config, even after changing from my w7 and to xp it still the same message.the g1 is OK.I will call to inform you about the transaction by 7 pm when I will be back from work.

  18. Hello Brother,
    I downloaded the apnset and the rest but only the flash tool was able to open on my computer, what do i do to open the others?

  19. Salut mon azsky g1+ ne marche toujours pas SOS

  20. babalola says:

    do you mean i cannot get it work without getting back to the person i bought the adapter from.

    I bought the adapter at Oshodi and u knw that all these Ibo boys will never give you such secret. bcos it is what they use to make their own living.

    kindly assist me if there is anything u want me to do. if possible If I can change the acount to your type.
    Thank you

  21. Oga morgan, you need to correct something from d above write-up for d benefit of those who aint IT inclined. Your step 5 says:
    Clicks scatter/config file icon, from the window that opens, then locate the G1 Software folder that you have downloaded then open it and select“50D_MOD_11B_BB.cfg”then click open. ?This will automatically addbootloader,rom, and zimage to the window?

    addbootloader,rom, and zimage to the window is loaded when upgrading for G1 and NOT for G1 . Using d G1 software u uploaded doesn’t load d above files, but different files entirely. Please, explain this, many are really missing it.

    Another question is does d G1 account upgrade really need the setup files & procedure (IMEI number) you stated from step 9 and step 10?

    • g1+ software is used to load the files required to flash g1+ and it has a .cfg extension while the normal files that comes with flashtool is all that is required to get the flash files for G1 and the extension of the scatter file for G1 is .txt. all steps are necessary for g1 while of recent, the new g1+ account issued doesn’t come with an imei file. am not it inclined but i publish based on practicals not theory

  22. babalola says:

    Hello Mr. lemmy,

    Please kindly furnish me with your email as I am in need of the password for the G1+ file

    Thank you.

  23. good day lemmy,
    i friends g1 box displays aljazeera, supersports,trace,soundcity and virtually all scrambled channels on nilesat while my g1+ only displays only supersports and a few scrambled channels and since yesterday my g1+ has been displaying orange color meaning updating yet no channels i need a new account like g1.thanks in anticipation of a favorable response

  24. no channel is showing o. we are abt almost twenty people and we all just renewed our accounts. after the renewal, it was showing but 2 days now, with normal blinking yet no showing for all scramble channels. pls help. thanks

  25. mark billy says:

    Hi lemmy , my G1+ box just stopped working this afternoon ……..Think may be I need a new acct though its just about 2months old..I’ve just sent a mail to…..Boss pls I really need your help to get it running again***waiting for your reply***

  26. Mr Lemmy pls sorry to ask, is the “box” refer to as g1+ azky or decoder so that I won’t make any mistake. And also am hoping to get USB TO RS232 cable after which I will contact you about the service account via email. Also wat “com port” should I use for laptop? Thanks a lot for ur understanding.

    • my advice is that you use a desktop computer. Moreover, the box is distinguishable that is g1+ is clearly written on it.

      • Do u mean laptop will not work or some inconsistency, Cos most cafe owners here are too naive they don’t accept flash drives into their systems.

        • it will work but i don’t offer supports for laptop. you must know the port you want to use if you are using a laptop so don’t contact me to ask why a port is not working on your laptop

  27. how am i going to renew it? pls help me

  28. my x man gprs box still working fine but not showing showing chennels no more, but shows chennel before ( all supersport channels,africa magic ,discovery etc

  29. Ok thanks, some of those channels just came up: blitz, bbc k, mnet showcase, cnn and animal planet, still hoping for the rest to come up, thanks for everytin

  30. How do I get the password for the G1+ software to renew my G1+ dongle. I have purchase the account for renewal

  31. surelife says:

    Mr Morgan thank for your support so fa.if I say I’m not happy then am a lier,though I have disturbed you really because you are the only one that can put me through.pls I’m still having problem in extracting the G1+ software after you given me the password,the etraction could not be fully extracted and keep saying invalid password.pls what do I need to do to have this software extract in full.

    • the password start with “L” not “l” that is the mistake you have been making. use the Caps Lock of your computer

      • andrew moonga says:

        lemmy morgan i followed all the specified steps but have a problem loading the account using the moderm APN setting application it keeps on bringing the “communication fail, please check setting”
        what have i done wrong please help.

        • unplug the ac cord and plug it back then try again

          • andrew moonga says:

            when i select the com port(23 in my case) connected it tells me invalid port and when i select port 3 which is not my default port thats when it gives that error.

          • select all the ports one after the other. have already warned against using your modern laptops for this. you don’t need to own a desktop computer to use one. you can go to the cyber cafe or a computer buz center

  32. What about bba, the second channel

  33. What could be happening to mine, those channels u mentioned are not showing on mine

  34. ivanmac says:

    am in Uganda how could i pay for the G1 account because we dont have that bank can you accept payment through western union?

  35. Please nanaflex i need to confirm from you which channels are not showing now on your own, please reply, bcos the following channels are not showing on mine: ss blitz, africa magic entertainment, soundcity, cnn, trace, ss 1 maximo, bbc k,please comfirm for me if its general

  36. Bronian says:

    Sir, when i try to update an expired account i get this error when the first red bar reaches 100%:
    DA didn’t send response data to flash tool!
    [Hint] : if this secrue-usb end user download, please check DA is built correctly

    Pls help…

  37. I have sent you mail on request for the price of Azsky G1 account but haven’t seen your reply. kindly check you mail and reply.

  38. wallace says:

    How much is d account?

  39. Kenneth says:

    Hey guys my g1+ just started working after going off for two weeks, it feels soo good!

  40. Kenneth says:

    Boss good day now my G1 is working perfectly after you helped me with what to do but now I have some question which u are the only one I think can answer .
    Some time the light blinks green extra fast that I’ve not seen before and after that the device will go off before it come back on by itself is it normal? Because it was not like that previously ! And also my suppersports blitz is not coming is it general everywhere ?

  41. I think what Daniel is trying to say is that the zip folder ”” is encrypted with password. Kindly provide the password. Thanks…….

  42. Mr. Morgan, thanks for ur urgent reply to my request on G1+ Service Account payment and thank u also for ur assistance in making sure i did it myself with ur help on phone even after d purchase, my G1+ is up and running fine now even better than it was before. Thanks you my brother, May God bless u greatly.

  43. When I try unzipping the G1 winrar file it gives me a notice of ‘Enter password for the encripted file’. Why and what shld I do to get this password?

  44. paeffiong says:

    May u be richly blessed for alwys coming up wit up-to-date info


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