[How To] Root HTC Desire X With All-In-One Toolkit (One Click Process)

  This guide will take you through the process of rooting the HTC Desire X In simple steps.. Credit to XDA  Developer hasoon2000 for  releasing another HTC toolkit for the Desire X. This is great news for future Desire X owners because it offers a number of features which are perfect for those just starting out. Some of the features include:


WARNING: I will advice you backup your important data before starting this process so that you can be on the safer side.

Disclaimer: Use this root guide at your own risk as i shall not be held responsible for any damage to your device as a result of misuse or negligence on your part. however if you follow the process judiciously, you would not have any problem with this guide.


1. Download the all-inone tool kit for the HTC Desire X here

2. download winrar.exe here

3. and of cousre you need a  pc for this

Features of The Tool Kit:

– Install HTC Drivers
– Unlock Bootloader (Must place Unlock_code.bin in the folder)
– Install Recoveries
User Provided Recoveries
User provided kernels
– Link to this thread (XDA)
– Link to PM me if you need a phone unlocked (XDA)
– Link to the One S Development thread (XDA)
– Boot Into Recovery
– Boot into Bootloader
– Relock Bootloader (must be in fastboot)
– APK Batch Installer (Credits to hamsteyr)
– Donate to me (Hasoon2000) -> Donating to yours truly for putting time into this!




The developers of the root kit says no plans for linux and mac users yet
Step 1. Download the toolkit DO NOT RENAME THE FOLDER
step 2. Install your  Download Winrar.
Step 3. Extract the contents of the toolkit you downloaded anywhere folder anywhere.
Step 4. Run the program the remaining part of the process is self explanatory.


  1. i like htc phones. desire x is a cheap phone. all in one toolkit helps a lot. good tutorial for rooting. thanks.

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