How To Renew Your Azsky Dongle & Where To Buy The Account

It is no longer news that azsky is deemed to be back. As we celebrate its revival, many out there are not able to use their own azsky dongles because it has expired. Initially, i said oi will not be involved in selling azsky service accounts until I receive official green light from azsky team. I have received a partial green light from azsky team to sell accounts, but there is a clause: you ust accept azsky performance as it is currently as work is still in progress, you should also realize that the online hours of azsky is more than its offline hours and, azsky currently strive not to freeze annoyingly or go off when there is an in important match. However, every dongle / iks decoder procurement still remains a risk. If you want to buy any dongle account or decoder, please always have it at the back of your mind that you are about taking a risk the only succor you have is that, azsky accounts are very cheap.

Azsky working at last

So if you need an azsky service account, you can contact me through my email as from Tomorrow Tuesday 14th – October – 2014. The contact medium still remains through my email or the site’s contact page. My email is INFO @ LEMMYMORGAN.COM.


IMPORTANT WARNINGS!!! Like i said earlier, azsky is not yet very stable, it still goes off at times. Please proceed with the purchase of the account by accepting all the liabilities and risks involved(the only succor is that, the price of the account is still the cheapest in the market). Secondly, please don’t buy the account from me, or through any other sources if you don’t have what it takes to renew the account yourself. In fact, you need to first go through the loading process from the links below and see if you can load it yourself, before attempting to buy the account. Furthermore, don’t use azsky flashtool repeatedly simply because you are not having successes recharging your dongle with azsky recharge tool. once azsky rechrge tool continually gives you M3 Random error, all you need to do is to continue using azsky recharge tool untill you are suceesful. Download and use only the updated software and tools as follows: Download latest flashtool here, download latest recharge tool v3.06 here, download all the software for your azzky dongles here(Note: translate the Chinese language on the software download page, to English using then download them)As at the time of publishing this articel, azsky recharge tool is not a one click process(WE ARE WAITING FOR AZSKY ENGINEERS TO TURN IT INTO A ONE-CLICK PROCESS OR CHANGING THE TOOLS ALTOGETHER) , you must be patient to succeed with azsky recharge tool to do the renewal, if you try it in the afternoon and it give you error, try it at night, bedtime, midnight, early in the morning e.t.c until you receive a success message. If you have any version of azsky recharge tool older than v3.06, please completely uninstall them before installing the latest version which is version 3.06. You should disable your antivirus software before using recharge tool, you should use a desktop computer running windows XP.



This question is very very pertinent. The account types still remains the same “16 digits recharge codes”, and the latest recharge tool still remains the azsky v3.06 recharge tool. Please if you have never renewed an azsky dongle before, don;t com to me until you know how to do it, or you have someone who can help you load it. I have already posted comprehensive tutorials that can even turn a novice into a guru when it comes to loading azsky service accounts. The loading instructions can be gotten from the links below:

Download Links and Tutorials:


  1. Master Lemmy, where can i buy the account code and how much it cost also pls how to fix the account code.

    • @sembi, you can always buy from me. Contact me through my email address info

      • Hi Lemmy
        I left the country in December 2014 and returned to the country last week and my Strong decoder SRT 4922 connected to my Azsky dongle doesnt pick up signals anymore but without the dongle it does.
        What do I do?
        Does the Azsky dongle still work with Strong to get dstv channels or do I update my Strong decoder and input the mtn worldwide key(did a bit of reading this afternoon.
        Your assistance is highly appreciated.

  2. Hi master Lemmy Happy New Year to you my sat Master, pls i would like to know if my account of Xmaster2 has expired how can i buy a new account pls advice me of what to do.

  3. Terrence Nchinda says:

    I succeeded on loading my AZSKY G6 but its blinking well but no channel is opening. Mr limmy what do i do with it before it can start working

  4. @ lemmy, pls I sent u a mail dis morning kindly respond. Tx

  5. hello lemmy, kudos to the work you doing. I mailed you last week that i would like to get the recharge code but i’m yet to get a response from you. Pls kindly reply the message i sent you. thanks

  6. my G1+ was working after renew it for 3 days and just stop working i have try it everyday till now using all network only blink green

  7. Hi lemmy my G1+ was working after renew it for 3 days and just Sunday
    afternoon it stop working i have try it everyday till now using all network only blink green

  8. @lemmy please i need the
    account my mail address thanks.

  9. pls mr lemmy, i will want to av ur phone number in my inbox. i want to av a chat. am a 1st timer in recharging my account

  10. myKuye9ja™ says:

    Sir Lemmy, how much is account

  11. in all sense, i wish to get a new account via you…..thanks

  12. hello mr lemmy, i have been a great fan of your site…..and thereby asking how i can recharge my G1+ account as apparently it has expired……please do reply. thanks

  13. Lemmy i do appreciate your explanation on Azsky, How much is it for the account i need to known because i will be needing more of dose account. please i want you to reply me on my email thank you.

  14. good afternoon mr lemmy, i must confess that u ar doin a good job.please i am have azsky G1+ and if i input sim inside the green light blinks continuously nonstop.and it not showing.please help me oooo

  15. Hi lemmy my G1+ was working and just Sunday afternoon it stop working i have try it everyday till now but it is not working pls what should i do.

  16. Hi lemmy, i and three of my friends just bought AZSKY G1 super that the dealer claimed in contains only 3 months account, but it just worked for two days and have stopped showing entirely. Both ligths are always locked on red despite using all network sim to check. this issue has continued for four days now. pls what could be the problem and solution to this. Thanks in anticipation of your response.

  17. can we still use the old account?, i bought one before it stopped working. thanks

  18. azsky down after first half of man u match

  19. Lemmy I loaded the new account successfully but it is yet to work 8.39pm

  20. Pls is azsky working?

  21. pls is azsky g1 online because sum1 told az is online but only on the 1 with blackberry charger port

  22. Hello Mr Lemmy, the flashtool error i got when i tried flashing my g1+ is this S_DL_MAUI_ FLASH ID NOT MATCHED WITH TARGET (5095). The flash id of maui bin is not matched to targets phone flash. Please how do i resolve this thanks

    • @kenny, please make sure you download the compatible flashtool, firmware for your dongle. don’t use g1 software for g1+ and vice verso. Download and extract the firmware related to your dongle

  23. azsky works nw. pls mr lemmy, how much is d renewal and does the HD channels show on HD decoders?

  24. Mr Lemmy please is Azsky working presently?

  25. Is there any news on strong decoders stablilty with tv1 cccam accounts?

  26. Goodday lemmy, pls I successfly flashed n recharge my azsky G6 dongle tru the recharge code that I bought from you. I even got the msg “recharge success” “writer server success” but yet my G6 decoder is yet to decrypt channels. I av changed the back button to twin and re scanned yet no station is coming up apart from the FTA

  27. pls how much is azsky g1 super account reply through email

  28. Pls i used the flash tool on my AZSKY G1+ put after going through the processes of flashing the dongle, it was only blinking red ligth (both) and now its totally off and the ligth is not even coming up when i connect to power..pls what do i do to revive the box back to work. thanks

  29. oga lemmy please sir, I want to confirmed something is it posible to load this new accounts into two dongle, or it will only work on the first dongle you load it on.

  30. pls mr i have been trying to load account in to my azsky but all i get is m3 get random error since yesterday

  31. oga lemmy, does azsky currently work now

  32. Good morning sir, my qast11g has nt worked since qsat came back….it does nt display days to expiry….it only says connection success even with my 3g modem…..what can i do sir thanks

  33. Sir what could be the problem if one gets the error message in flashing ones dongle after doing everything right….cos i am experiencing that…tnx

  34. Please sir my qasat 11g has not been working for some time now…it dosent display days to expire it will only say connection success even with my 3g modem…what could be the problem sir…tnx


  36. Emmypotter says:

    Oga lemmy, Pls how I my going to go with the setting inside the QQsat. Pls help me put some light to it.

  37. Mr lemmy good morning….i tried flashing my g1+ but got error. I checked the baudrate, com and also set disabled that fat but still all i got was error that d software not compatable with phone……pls what do i do thanks

  38. i can’t load my account pls help

  39. Emmypotter says:

    Oga lemmy, Pls is asky g1 work with Qsat 23G.
    Can it work?

  40. @joey, I ve successfully download the flash tools but unable to download load the recharge tool. Pls, kindly send the software to my box. Thanks.

  41. Pls, which networks are opening Azsky in Ghana?

  42. @edi k,if u av g1+ and qsat 13g+ d rs cable dat folo g1+ wil nt work.luk for g1 super rs cable to use wit it.dat is how i av bin using it at my end here and d stability is superb.

  43. @Lemmy, pls where do i get the software with which to flash my azsky g6 with it. Pls help me with the link. I have already downloaded the flash tool and the recharge tool.

  44. At what point do one insert sim card during the process of flashing and uploading AZSKY ACCOUNT? Is it during or after? Am sorry for the childish question, though vital to me.

  45. Hi lemmy,
    DO azksy open canal sat channels Too?

  46. ak 224540 says:

    Its says get real username success. But get account by user name failed. This is what o get when I try to upgrade. Pls what’s the solutions

  47. More channels already added on Azsky including bba, bba2, ss1 – 9,all mnet channels, all African magic channels and most specialist channels and are all almost 100% stable . Long live Azsky

  48. More channels already added on Azsky including bba, bba2, all mnet channels, all African magic channels and most specialist channels and are all almost 100% stable . Long live Azsky

  49. please de house, can someone help me with de rs cable to connect az sky to qsat. ? in ghana.

  50. Joseph Samuel says:

    how much is azsky account renewal? urgently pls

  51. @Lemmy, I have downloaded both the recharge and the flash tool for azsky on your website. I tried to flash my G6, but there is no “scatter file” in the folder of the flashTools, and because of that, I am unable to flash the azsky g6. Secondly, when recharging my azsky g6 with the azsky flash tools, i get this error, “M3 get random error….”. cant I recharge my azsky g6 without flashing it? and why this error? my laptop was able to detect the com port(11), and am fully connected to the internet, but to recharge it, it always gives this error, M3 get random error….
    Pls help me out.

    • @joey, you must download the software with which to flash your g6 separately. and yes, you must first flash your g6 before you can load your g6 account with recharge tool

  52. HI lemmy.
    Do ASKY open canal sat chanels too?

  53. hi bwana lemmy? how much is the price for azsky account for 6months? i have G6 and G1?

  54. pls Lemmy, is Azky working as of 11am today?

  55. Could you please list some of those stations that are currently on. Thanks

  56. sir I send you message that I need g1+ account you were asking me if I can load it I have loaded azsky account b4, and with your tutorial even a novice can do it so please send the amount to this email

  57. Pls lemmy, is AZ on?

  58. Hi Lemmy i had this problem few weeks ago, i bought qsat 23g and is having this problem showing service not available; and it doesn’t scan any tv channel, only HD without name will scan and it will be cracking without any picture please sir i need help here!

  59. Hello Lemmy, I want to buy dqiptv, how much is it and how do I pay. I want to know also can I use the Dqiptv account can on either of qsat 13 or speedhd. Thanks

    • @dozie, dqiptv is now very very useless. it opens close to nothing prium sports channels currently. Yes you can use it on q13g, but you can’t use it on speed hd s1

  60. Am using account, How would i know if my account has be banned

  61. eric judez says:

    nice post. but i wanted to download the software for the azsky boxes so that i can flash mine with the general flashtool. v5… but the posted software have no link to download dem. all of them. like the g1+,G1 super,g1 and the g6. please confirm and kindly provide me with the right link. or send them via email bcos i need to download them. via

  62. i notice of an error in the site you told us to go to of az software tools, it change to qsat downloading, please provide another site to download it, thanks

  63. pls sir lemmy is azsky working now

  64. sir lemmy i don’t know if is actually from my boxes ,it due come and go help pls

  65. Mrnin sir,hw much is the account for Azsky specifyin d period and hw cn I get 1….nid it

  66. oluwaseye oluwabunmi says:

    well thanks GOD for the life of lemmy , i pray he will surely succeeded in helping the less priviledge amen, i am an installer with almost six pieces of azg1plus dongle, and on seeing this post yesterday , i brought them all out and realised 2 out of 5 worked perfectly , so my advice or thought is that some az g1 series still have account on them , if you are lucky to have your on please try it with etisalat sim or any sim you wish but i try etuisalat in my area of ijebu in ogun state and it work fine, before you go for new accout try it very well and if it does not come up, look or account from lemmy or elsewhere, thanks again lemmy , i will update you on how i will get account on all other dongles, thanks so much

  67. george grant says:

    please sir, l have load tv1 acconut in srt 4922a with 3g modam and it aways freezing l cant watch even tow minite on it. help , any software or it general problem.

  68. is azsky working now? cos u said it was off yesterday

  69. Pls Mr Lemmy I want to buy cccam acct but I want to know if it is still working very well

  70. Pls sir, my AZsky go off since morning, is it general problem or d account as expired, cus is blink normal.

  71. pls lemmmy is azsky working,my g1 super is working since two weeks but today is off

  72. kaba edward says:

    i plug my 4922 decoder only to see it upgrading itself.After the upgrading i realised dat de nature of de all menu changed and i lost my option menu which is used to set my AZSKY.PLS LEMMY HOW DO I GET MY OPTION MENU BACK.

  73. pls azsky working today i need confirmation.

  74. Pls come to my rescure, i have a new box of azsky G1 super which i just activated today 14/10/2014 2:45pm its not unscramble any dxt8 . And i don’t know what the broblem look like. I had procured it before azsky went off some month back which i kept in my store. Am activated it for the first time since i has bought it

  75. pls Lemmy my azsky g1+ worked from morning till evening yesterday with no single freezing with airtel Ghana but it stopped in the evening and that was all
    I can’t remember the last time I recharged but am sure is within the six month

    how can we check its expiry date ?

  76. pls yoga Lemmy what about A+

  77. @lemmy. How much is azsky acct now,3 n 6months pls

  78. sir please I want to buy the account but I want to confirmed if this flashtool for this recharge code is different from the one we have being using before. because i have the old one that we actually used to load the first set of Azsky I want to know if there is another new flashtool or is the same before I buy the account.sir like how many channels is azsky opening now.

  79. @onos, it still works

  80. It is not wise to sell or buy something that is not working well. Desperation isn’t good. We are supposed too blank them until they get it right. Our stupidity is the reason tv1 and qsat have continued to rip us apart with high charges and poor service

  81. Hi lemmy want to know if Azsky dongle still works with srt 4663x and liberty star decoder. Pls answer me

  82. Please the flash tool I was told to enter scatter config file and there is nothing of such in my using a laptop with windows 7 much is your azsky account if I may ask

  83. sir lemmy what if I still ve an old account that i’ve not used do you think is gonna work tnx

  84. I’ve not been impressed for a whole 5hrs since I bought this so-called tv1 acc…its always been inconsistent….wit this expenzive cost, I don’t expect kind of disappointment

  85. Bros d link dat u gave for d tools renewer is not active pls check it. Tanks

  86. Am in for the account renewal. Will send you an email.Azsky has really withered the storm. Hopefully, they’ll get to shield themselves well enough this time. Lemme, Good job my brother from another mother.. Peace.

  87. Goodday lemmy, eva since I have being try 2 load an account into AZSky but it is not working. I don’t knw if u have load any one of recent. Pls let me knw

  88. Pls Mr lemmy, I ve not renew account on g1 super since I bought it. Is it necessary to update it wit the recharge tool before I buy new account? Pls, guide me. Thanks

  89. God bless u for ur wonderful work

  90. Pls@lemmy when the azsky accounts is out tomorrow let us now pls

  91. please is the azsky still working as at now?

  92. Wonderful. Azsky working and tv1 and qsat off. We are waiting for the account ooo

  93. good news…I can’t wait to order tomorrow

  94. prince gh says:

    Thanks for the updates. I have a new g3. I bought around march. But its not working. Any help

  95. dennis atawodi says:

    how much is the account and for how many months

  96. Hi Lemmy,
    How do I reveal “avartercam account” on a new Q23G.
    I have used 1512 under ‘setting’ but it never came out. But on Q15G 1512 works.
    Please assist.

  97. Pls what is d status of azsky now as @9:50am

  98. Mr morgan thanks 4dat info.infact az freezing is very minimal now imaging watch hausa channel 4 30min dis morning witout a single freez.Mr morgan,d last time i loaded an az acct was around feb or early march,y is it dat my acct has nt expire?

    • @felix because the last acculturation sold by Azsky comes with six months and 30days of grace making seven months. Your account will definitely expire dis month or early nov

  99. Thanks for the info, we pray to have total green light for the azsky to regain its lost glory.

  100. We have alredy taken so many risks for the past couple of months. I personally, also trust aszky more than qsat when it comes to stability. But we need dem to be bak to work 100%. Their tank oil is still half-filled. We want dem to be back fully, den we can go for the account. Please help us pass the message bak to the aszky engineers. Thanks.

  101. thanks lemmy but why is it that cccam now adays freez too much. is there any update

  102. creaturebaba says:

    pls check ur mail

  103. Does the account works with azsky G6?

  104. simokojunior says:

    Thanks for the great news, its high time that we start dusting our AZSKY decoders and start powering them back on.. Its a shame though cause people are now getting arrested in my country (Zambia) for re-selling IKS decoders especially Q-SAT..

  105. sir lemmy what if I still ve an old account that i’ve not used do you think is gonna work tnx

  106. Hi, pls will Azsky dongle work on Qsat 23g?

  107. This is a great news, though I saw and heard it on several forums but I told my friends that not until I see it on lemmy’s page, glad to hear this but my problem now is I don’t have strong 4663xii that I used b4 its demise, pls can qsat work with G1 and G1+ cos I have both? No rs 232 port at the back of my Q23g. Help me… Thanks

  108. Morning sir, dis is good news, pls mail us wit d new price so we wil knw hw many we start wit.

  109. good morning mr lemmy, i must confess that u ar doin a good job. pls, what is the current situation of A+ gold. any update on a+? thank u.

  110. Is qsat showin!
    mine is not comin.


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