How to renew the Service account of Ur Azsky Xman/ Xtrem/ G1 and G1+

I know many ears will be already itching to hear this. Well i always get my priorities right before i pass out any information. If you are using xman or xtrem by now you must have discovered that it has completely stopped working. I also learnt some azsky g1 plus has stopped working completely while some azsky g1 are working intermittently. The only confirmed tale is that am yet to receive any report that any g1+ has stopped working so therefore if you have a g1 box that has not being working at all for at least three days, and it is blinking normal green and you have tried all available simcards that hitherto worked on it, I can declare that your azsky g1 has expired (same with g1+).

The account renewal method available will last for 6months just like avatar 2 and it cost from #3000 – # 5000 depending on the availability and who is selling. the account can be used and valid for only one of the boxes listed above.

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how to renew azsky products

Therefore this post will help you get back on track on your Xtrem box, Xman box, G1 and G1+ If yours has actually stopped working. you must know that or let me say you must be double sure that your g1 has completely stopped working before you request for account renewal.Like i said earlier no xman or xtrem boxes are currently working so it is a must to renew xtrem and xman. The following gprs dongle are from the same manufacturers and therefore you can use the same service account with anyone of them.on’t misinterpret me, am not saying if you own all the above mention boxes you can use one account one them, if you try that your account will be banned and you will have to buy another one. What am saying is that, you can use the account available for any of the above listed boxes.

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To be able to do this successfully, you need to read my article and download Download APN Loader / Editor for Azsky G1 Gprs Dongle (With the How to Use Instructions). This is the loader that you can use to load the service account you buy. make sure you read and understand the instructions in that artilce and avoid changing anything under or inside the apn settings unless you need to.

  • Download the loader above
  • Buy the account from your installer(Or contact me on ray4 only if you cannot find a place to buy it)
  • Load it into your box
  • continue enjoying Azsky dongle for the next six months

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  1. i want to know maybe az g1+ is still working

  2. BEN (engr) says:

    please sir, my AZ SKY G1+ is not showing station again, and befor dstv hack the account it was showing but now when orders are showing my dongle is not showing,
    please sir what could be the problem

    thanks for your co-operation
    S/N0:- QPH13330031430
    dongle AZSKY G1+ Quad Band GPRS Adapter 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    my Decoder is Strong 4922A

  3. Trying to renew my azsky adapter
    I keep having this message: ” the account, the server is busy.”
    Pls I need ur assistance.

  4. Pls i want to buy G1 and G1+ account renewer?

  5. sorry maybe i am using the wrong language.what i mean by freezing is that the channels keep scrambling.i used the azsky g1 super with a strong 4329 and it did not work smoothly and i used strong 4669xii and it worked well before all the complaints i am telling u started.i hope this answers your question

  6. thanks oga Lemmy, for your prompt response,i must admit you are doing a great job.your site has taught me alot in having to choose a reliable dongle after having choosed A+ and discovered later their accounts are not renewable yet.
    i changed the sim as you said and now it shows with constant freezing.At times it will freeze forever and show scramble channel, needing to disconnect the adapter and connect before the channels start to show but sometimes it will still not show and can start to show after hours alone but with constant freezing.i took it to a friend to compare with his, whether it is a general prob. and his shows without any freezing.we exchanged sim cards again, rs232 cable, adapter and his still responded normally but mine still keeps freezing.could my problem be hardware or software related? i bought it is just four days.
    thanks again and may your knowledge keep increasing

  7. good day oga lemmy, my azsky g1 supper comes on with both LEDs red without any of them blinking. i have disconnected and connected several times to no avail.wat cud be d problem sir

  8. j’ai un dongle azsky G1. qui ne marche plus. comment faire pour qu’il decrypte a nouveau les chaines?

    le voyant rouge est continuellement allumer . et ou payer le new account for G1?

  9. auwal sparrow says:

    hello oga lemmy good day sir, i was already open new service account last month but my g1 box blink green then
    red then not blink orange i have used glo,mtn and airtel all the lines stil the same for the fast ten days, what would i do for now.
    thank you waiting for replay sir.

  10. please oga Lemmy i just registered my azsky G1 with a new account following the procedure you gave ie using the flashtool and the account setting v1.3_G1 after that the azsky g1 is no more blinking but steady with red light only. please help me

  11. I bought an azsky g1 + module on the market. I would like to subscribe to an account. How can I do?

  12. Bocra bunda says:

    Salu le genie je sui au congo rdc mon gprs cloglote rouge depuis longtemps j’ai chargé l apn en respectant votre configuration mais toujours le clignotant rouge qu’est-ce que je peux faire

  13. fresheprince88 says:

    how do i get the G1+ ACCOUNT mine has expaired i would love for us to talk on phone here is my number flash me then i call you thanks 08034428742

  14. fresheprince88 says:

    gud day sir i have G1+ how do i get the account mine has stop working, if i can get ur contact i would call you

  15. Salut et merci beaucoup pour l’aide que vous apportez à tous mon problème à moi est que depuis que j’ai acheté mon AZSKY G1+ il n’a fonctionner que pour 24 h SOS

  16. pls lemmy i have gi and is now blinking green light normal but it could not open any challen

  17. please kindly help us with the loader for azsky 1+,thanks in anticipation of a favorable response.

  18. Jomeakpos says:

    Pls, kindly assist me my azsky g2 dongle is down. the data light is green and login light blinking red

  19. Mr lemmy how do I have a stable connection on my azsky g2 . Just got it about a week now and mostly works fine from morning till about 6pm but it’s terrible in the evening . And it hasn’t been stable for the last couple of days . Any advice on how to enjoy a stable connection will be deeply appreciated . . And also I want to know if the data light blinks green like it should and still have scrambled channels is it a network , server or satellite problem ?

  20. boss can i use the mtn Nigeria apn as i am in Ghana for my g1

  21. Hi lemmy,
    I’m waiting my new account for G1

  22. Hi bros,my str4669x11 is displaying LNBF,pls any assistance from u?

  23. mustapha says:

    good day oga lemmy pls i want to find out is it posible to use any other acct on expired xmen apart from the one from the manufactural, can it work? pls i need your response urgently.

  24. hello….i have A+ A plus,that i am selling,am in ghana,contact me and have it,it works perfectly and smoothly,if you want to enjoy 90 minutes of uninterrupted view of your channels.then it is the right product for you,0209626099.

  25. ohior dennis says:

    mne G1 is not working but it is blinking well;what will do to make it working again?

  26. Hello, the green and orange light of my x man is working but i still get scrambled channel, does it mean my account has expired, and i have already updated the firmware of my decoder

  27. moussono says:

    DEar, i need firmware for G2 combo. mine stop starting and i think it is software problem. Need flash and flasher for G2

  28. Aboumousa says:

    Hi Lemmy,
    My g1 kept on blinking Green/Red intermittently and sometimes it will work.What can i do to have uninterrupted watch. I need to know about urgent cos i dnt want to miss the champions league final

  29. Hello house, I have a problem with my strong decoder SRT 4669X. It stop working with my avatar so d dstv station are no longer showing bt d multi tv is still working on it and the avatar is not blinkin d green light as it normally blink wen d dongleis workin perfectly and I have tried re-installing d software bt its still not workin and I av test d avatar wit other decoderand it works wit dem … I need ur help house d serial numba is G12471220647

  30. pls lemmy i have tried several time to contact u on ur email but it keeps telling me message failed,pls can u send me the price of the account through my mail .

  31. I have seen many post on green light blinking on g1 adapter. My G1 has been blinking red and orange since I got it and is very unstable, I would like to know if the non blinking green light is the reason for my g1 being unstable or it has expired.

    • your g1 is not expired as long as it is still opening scrambled channel even if it is for 5 or 10 minutes. irrespective of the light you think its blinking from the outset

  32. krissmato says:

    Lemmy how much is your price?

  33. Ik Bright says:

    Hi Lemmy G1 is back and is stable since Sunday. As regards the price for the accounts you said btw 3000 to 5000 but I heard else where that it will be sold for 2500 to 2800, another source said it will be sold for $10. So which is the true price

  34. illiassou says:

    I’m Niger and want to know how to use any sim in my azsky Niger and how to renew the account of those expired

  35. Hi lemmy, can srt4663X receiver works with g1 adapter?

  36. Oluwaseun Osewa says:

    Weldon sir.
    My G1 is about 3 months old (activated) The light blinked normal (red, green and orange) but no show at all. I used srt 4922 with the latest software 1.22. Has it expired?

  37. Bros good morning. Weldone for all your efforts.
    As I said yesterday morning that my G1 is just 3 months old (activated) and it has not been working since last Tuesday but last night all the blinking came to normal: red, green and orange blink normal now but the channels are not opening. Does it means it has expired? expecting your reply sir.

  38. penopere says:

    Lemmy, thank for all ur effort. My g1 was not working since last friday but it came up on Sunday (i watch Stoke Vs Spurs) but it was not stable. does that mean that the g1 has expired? and if so wat can i do to get the g1 renewed

  39. Adams Saulawa says:

    Thanks Lemmy for your enamous help and assistance.

  40. can it also work on G2

  41. samdavton says:

    Lemmy, Pls my azsky G1 has not been stable recently. I bought it 2weeks ago after waiting endlessly for hawk & avarta2 to return but to no avail. My dealer at Enugu said i need an account but information here seems to say that instability doesn’t imply expired account. How can i have my dongle stabilized? I stay in Afikpo, Ebonyi, Nigeria.

  42. please i want to know where i can renew my azsky account please

  43. Oluwaseun Osewa says:

    Wao mine is blinking red and occasionally green and it just 3 months I activated it. Does it means it has expired? If yes. I will prefer to buy from you. How soon can I get it and the mode of payment? Thanks

  44. luckyman says:

    Bros if i buy the account how do i load it into my X-Man G1?

  45. joachim says:

    I will love to renew my G1 account. Let me know how to. I am in Ghana.
    Regards to you Lemmy.

  46. pls Lemmy my G1 stopped working on sunday last week, it will open a channel but show scramble channel after like 30 seconds. then on Friday evening around 6 it came back to life and was working fine till 8pm now the red light is just blinking and i have tried all the sim card still the same does it mean it has expired?

  47. please can you tell me the server address,and port number for AZSKY G1
    I have the server account login user and password now, I just bought them.
    or do I leave them blank and load it ?

  48. paeffiong says:

    pla i wanna asl weda its possible to knw wen a particular gprs g1 wil expire

  49. emynem05 says:

    i sell accounts

  50. pls mr lemmy, how can i get the upgrade acccount? mine has stopped working since morning today, am at minna niger state

  51. pls lemmy will it be possible to buy the account from u while am in ghana?

  52. paeffiong says:

    Am realy impressed wid dis ur post bcos it has enlighten me.

    Som of my frens ar complaining dat dia gprs g1 hasnt been wokin for som days now, so wid dis post am gonna help dem out.

  53. poundzranty says:

    pls i have gprs g1 dongle is working but not stable as first it was so has it expired??im in ghana so is it possible i can buy the account from u whiles im in ghana??

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