How To Install & Use MotioninJoy Gamepad Tool to Emulate Xbox 360 controller, Ps 3 Gamepad, & Logictech Gamepad on Pc

mOTIONJOY Gamepad_emulatorBefore i proceed i will like to eulogize my wonderful personal experience with motion joy. From my previous post, you should know by now that am an ardent game lover and due to my tight schedule i now prefer pc games over console games.. i have a logictech generic gamepad and an original playstation 3 keypad. my generic keypad worked well with most games except GTA IV, ASSASIN CREED III, CRISIS, & HITMAN ABSOLUTION the list may go on and on. i have posted how to work around that of GTA IV here. The reasons why i couldn’t play my favourite games is because most of all the games mentioned above are either not fully compatible with a non-xbox gamepad or they are not compatible with a non-xbox gamepad at all.

For example, without an xbox 360 controller for windows you cannot play GTA IV Series(however i have provider a solution to this in my previous post) Secondly without a non-xbox 360 gamepad, the option to use a gamepad in cyrsis will not even be usable.

This is where motionjoy comes in. It will simply convert your Generic gamepad to emulate the Microsoft xbox 360 game controller. This simply means as long as you have a good gamepad, you can easily use it to play a game originally designed for xbox.

Secondly with an xbox old game pad for console (with pc converter), or with original play station 2 gamepad(with pc converter) or with xbox 360 controller(wired or wireless) or with playstation 3 converter, you can easily play your favourite pc games via Motioninjoy.


For conveniece sake, i have named the action areas in my screenshot above based on the users preferences. By and large this tool is very easy to use and i will advice you to start it at first with internet connection so that it can auto update your drivers.

NO 1: Connected Game Controller(s) under it you will see the name of your connected device for me it was Generic game controller

From option 2 to 7 it means where you can select the kind of controller emulation you want as you can’t use two at the same time and i will advice you to use either otions 5, 6, or 7 which are playstation 3, Xbox 360 emulator and Custom. For a layman playstation 3 or xbox 360 with Xinput will suffice. after that if you are adventrous by running your hands on the various options under them.

Once you have choosen your preferred controller, minimize the tool and enjoy your game


What Then is MotioninJoy?

MotioninJoy is a driver, designed by a developer unconnected with Sony, intended to use all the features of the Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controllers on a PC running Windows.


MiJ supports:

  • Operating controller through USB or wirelessly through Bluetooth.
  • Supports 4 controllers simultaneously with 1 bluetooth adapter.
  • Fully functional SixAxis support.
  • DS3 Vibration support.
  • Emulate Xbox 360 controller for games that use X360 controllers(Games for Windows).
  • Full keyboard and mouse emulation–Remapping of buttons and axises to any button/axis or use as keyboard shortcuts and mouse.


Before you start this guide, make sure of the stuff below with your game:

  • If your game already supports joysticks, use the game’s control options to set up your controller with the game.
  • Some games require Xbox 360 controllers, namely popular FPS games, as that is all they are programmed to recognize. If you have one of these games try out the Xbox 360 controller emulator profile in the DS3 Tool.
    You can see what games we’ve noticed require a Xbox 360 controller in the x360 compatibility list, or you can check your game’s manual or control options to see if a Xbox 360 controller is mentioned.

Download it


PS3 Controller on PC Tutorial Video (emulate Xbox 360 Controller)




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